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Chapter One


Bella Swan, this is the start of your new life, I think to myself as I stand in front of my new home, nervous yet excited at the thought of a new start in life. Not something most seventeen year olds would be thinking about, but tragedy can do that to a person. Make them rethink their entire life. I never had any plans to move away from Phoenix, or on burying my parents before their time.

No, I had made plans to graduate from high school and go to a nice college to get an English degree, maybe go into publishing of some kind after experiencing that crazy college life and eventually getting my own place and maybe one day finding the right guy and settling down and getting married. Maybe popping out a few kids, eventually.

But now here I am. A seventeen year old with a GED and emancipated because I am all that's left of my family. My parents died six months ago, but it seems like just yesterday. That drunk driver on New Years shattered everything I had ever planned for myself.

That's why I've moved to Forks. I need a fresh start, somewhere the memories can't pull me under and drown me in the pain of being alone. Plus something has pulled me here. What that is I couldn't say.

My new home is a small double story brown and green house in a quiet corner one block from Main Street, bordered by the forest on all sides except the front, which is nicely landscaped with bushes and a pristine walkway and lawn. A little old lady named Mrs. Jenkins is my landlady. She moved to Seattle to be closer to her only son and grandchildren and decided to rent her house out for a little pocket money and to put some back for her grandchildren's college education.

I found this place when I got online one day and just started looking for places to live. When I saw the town's name something inside me just said this would be my new home and so I called a realtor who in turn contacted one here and they set everything up for me. All the utilities were turned on yesterday, thanks to Mrs. Newton- the realtor here- so I don't have to worry about that.

It was relatively cheap considering, only $250 down and $200 a month. The house has recently been remodeled with an all new black shingle roof and HVAC as well as new flooring and such. I, of course, have to pay for the utilities but they shouldn't be too high since the electric work was redone and modernized and the furnace and water heater are brand new as well. It's move in ready, as Mrs. Jenkins left behind all the furniture and main appliances like the fridge and such, and within walking distance of every thing I will need.

Of course moving here meant selling everything in Phoenix, which wasn't a problem since my parents left everything to me in their Wills. My mom was a store manager at the local dollar store, she loved to interact with customers, and my dad was a State Trooper. They left me both of their cars, Dad's civilian vehicle is what they drove that night so it was totaled and the insurance gave me a payout for it since it wasn't their fault; and I'm now driving Mom's vehicle, after I changed the insurance and title to my name.

They also left me the house, which I sold with all the furniture and had a yard sale to sell everything else I didn't want to keep. They put Dad's pension in my name and Mom's 401k as well. They did this, according to my court appointed children's advocate, because they knew there was always a chance that they could be taken too soon and I would be left alone. Being a store manager had just as many dangers as being a cop when criminals where increasingly shooting people during robberies.

With all of my affairs taken care of in one form or another there was nothing to hold me in Phoenix any longer. I'll miss it of course. After all it was my home for all my life, but this fresh start is a good thing.

As per the first weekend of June, the trees around my house are lush and green. In fact everything in this state is green. Moving from one of the driest places in the country to one of the wettest would take some getting used to. I rubbed my chest, trying to gather the courage to walk in the front door.

I didn't know why, but my chest has had this ache- almost as if my heart is missing something other than my parents- since the day my parents died. That's the reason I chose this tiny little town. A pull to it. I guess you could call me a believer in signs, omens or whatever. My mom was of Irish descent and from it she learned that anything is possible.

I got that from her, the belief that anything can happen and most likely what happens happens for some reason we may never know. I definitely did not get my dad's logic. He's descended from an English family that goes all the way back to 17th century England. Believe me, I know. Eleventh grade science comes with a lovely project dealing with family trees.

I traced my dad's tree all the way back to some clergyman named Alfred Cullen and his son Carlisle. Funnily enough the old man supposedly believed in vampires and witches and stuff and hunted them down to kill them, which I'm sure led to many innocent deaths. Since those things don't exist.

Ugh. Enough of this standing around nonsense. It isn't productive and standing out here isn't going to stop the inevitable, the final step in putting the past behind me.

Grabbing a box from the trunk of my car I head to the front door, put the key in the door- which I picked up from Mrs. Newton on my way through to the house- and unlock the door. My hand hovers over the knob for a moment before I take in a deep breath and open it. After setting the box on the floor in the entry way I make my way around the house. As I look through the house I realize I made the right decision. This place is perfect!

At the front door I'm greeted with a staircase with built in shelves that leads to the loft/bonus room upstairs. So far the floors are a light polished wood. To the left is the entryway to the two smallest bedrooms. As I move towards it I notice on my right is the washer and dryer hidden behind sliding wood doors, good to know. The second guest bedroom, as I dub it, is straight ahead of me. It's decorated with a full size bed- covered in white and blue-, gray dresser, white side tables, walls a blue so light it looks gray and a window behind the bed. I love it.

Coming out of that bedroom I move to the right and there's a guest bathroom, also done in blue, gray and white. Then I head to the first guest bedroom. I see it's decorated with the same decor as the other guest bedroom with a small closet and a window next to the bed.

Done with these rooms I make my way into the living room. It also has wood flooring and straight ahead is a beautiful fireplace with built in shelves on either side- windows above and beside them- and a flatscreen tv above it. It has black leather furniture and dark wood coffee and side tables. Totally different than the decor in the guest bedrooms with its more modern look. Then to the left is the entrance to the kitchen/dining area.

There are two pantries, a small island and a built in bench and table. Through a door off the kitchen is a small screened in porch with rough wood flooring, a wicker rocking chair, two wood chairs and a couple of wood tables. There's a door that leads out into the back yard by way of a small brick patio with a nice patio table and chair set, grill and fire pit. Watching the sunsets and having barbecues will be the order of the day for the rest of the summer. I love grilling.

To the left is the doorway leading into the master bedroom. I head that way and walk into a beautifully decorated room with a queen size bed with a black base, white coverings and a green throw at the foot of the bed. Above it are three paintings that make me miss home, a desert scene with a wild horse in the middle painting. Next to the bed is a Winston window seat facing the backyard. It's walls are a beautifully done sage green.

There's a walk in closet done all in white with more shelves and cabinets than I'll probably ever use, and an en suite with sage green tiles and white painted walls, a claw foot tub that's rimmed to place toiletries on it and so deep I'm sure I'll fit in it with water up to my neck. The shower is just one of those detachable heads attached to the faucet of the tub.

Across from the tub are his and her sinks, they're white standalone ones with a mirror over each and a hand towel ring between them. The house is bigger than I expected for the price I'm paying in rent, but I can't complain. I move back through the house and onto the front porch to head back to my car to get more stuff.

I didn't really pay attention to the front porch at first. Even though I was staring at it a minute ago, I wasn't really seeing it. Now looking at it I see it has lovely wicker furniture with beige cushions and red throw pillows. As well as several potted plants that I hope I can keep alive, Mrs. Jenkins has been having a neighbor keep an eye on the house until someone rented it. That someone being me. It looks so comfy and I can't wait to sit out here and watch the sunrise.

I grab the rest of my stuff and bring it into the house, sitting everything in the entryway until I have it all brought inside. Then I grab my suitcases and head to the master bedroom and begin to unpack. As I do so I make a list of everything I'll need to purchase.

The bed is a queen so I'll need to remember that when I buy extra linens and such, thankfully my old bed was a full so I won't need more than one set of new linens for the guest beds. I brought my own pillows so I won't need those either, I'll switch mine for the one's already on the bed.

Once all my clothes are in the closet or chest of drawers, the photo of me with my parents- the last one we ever took together- sitting on top of it, I head into the kitchen to make a note of anything I may need there and unpack the two boxes of things I brought with me.

Just small appliances like a toaster and coffee maker are needed here, I brought plates, cups, utensils and cookware; and I'll need food of course. Once I'm done moving through the house unpacking and making my list I grab my purse and the keys to the house and car and I lock up and drive down to Main Street, finding a place to park by Newton's Olympic Outfitters.

Mrs. Newton was kind enough to point out a few places when I stopped by to get the house keys so I know that they're looking to hire extra help for the summer season.

I walk in and see a tall blond haired boy standing behind the counter helping a couple of men who look like they're going camping. I wait until he's done helping them and then walk up to the counter. He turns and faces me with an award winning smile on his face. He appears to be my age, I guess you could call him handsome with his classic all American boy features, so this is probably his summer job. It's Saturday so the place is fairly busy, so I get right to the point.

"Hello, my name is Bella Swan and I was sent here by Mrs. Newton. She said you guys were hiring."

"Yeah, Mom came by not two seconds ago and warned us you might be stopping by. Come on, I'll take you to Dad's office. I'm Mike by the way, Mike Newton," he says holding his hand out. I shake it and note that his hands are rough and calloused, which is probably a result of the hiking and whatnot that they seem to do a lot of here, evidenced by how busy this place is.

"Nice to meet you."

He stops in front of a closed door with a sign that reads office and gives it a sharp rap. I hear a male voice call for us to enter and Mike opens the door and motions me inside. His father looks up and I can see just who Mike looks like. Both men are blond with the same square jaw and height. Where Mike's eyes are his mothers blue, Mr. Newton's are green.

"Dad this is Bella, the girl Mom told us about."

"Ah yes, hello there Bella. Karen tells me that you just moved here and that you're 17, with a GED and emancipated. Do you mind me asking how that came about? Here have a seat." And he points to one of two chairs in front of his desk.

"Well my parents died in a car accident six months ago and I just couldn't live in the foster home they had put me in, so I worked hard got my GED and emancipated and took care of my parents and my affairs and moved up here." Mike's mouth is hanging open in surprise while Mr. Newton is nodding his head in understanding.

"I'm sorry about your parents. So I can offer you a full time job, but you may need to supplement it. We're fairly busy during the summer but the winter months lag, so you'll probably need that second job because I usually close a couple of days during the week then so you won't work as often. Is that ok with you?"

"Yes." Mike walks out of the office at the ding of a bell I assume they placed on the counter for when a customer needs help and Mr. Newton, or Ted as he's asked me to call him, and I continue our discussion and I fill out all the necessary paperwork and am told I can start Monday as they're closed Sundays.

After that I head to the mercantile store pointed out to me by Karen Newton and get the linens and housewares items I'll need. As I'm walking I get the strangest sense that I'm being watched, which probably wouldn't be unusual as a stranger in a small town, except it feels as if this person is familiar.

I pause and look around me and catch a glimpse of a girl, small and pixy like with black hair standing three buildings away from me on the other side of the street. She's looking at me so intently, I can't help but stare back. It's strange that she seems so familiar.

From here I can see her skin is very pale, she's skinny and well dressed. After a minute or two of our staring contest she turns and walks away. I shrug my shoulders, guess she got enough of looking at the new girl.

I hit the Post Office and set up mail service, let the Sheriff's Department know that I'm living at the Jenkins place and that I'm legally emancipated and won't be attending classes at the high school in the fall, when my parents died I was only a junior so this coming school year would have been my senior year.

After that I head to the grocery store and get the rest of what I need, as well as that second job Ted told me to get as they are looking for a part time cashier.

I head back to my car and home and begin to unload my purchases. After I have everything set up and put away I decide to head out walking and explore the rest of town. There's a library, which I go into and get a card. As well as the diner I saw coming into town where I stop and grab lunch, and an art gallery which is full of beautiful paintings of the ocean and surrounding area.

I meet a number of people along the way and discover just how fast news travels in a small town. It seems Mrs. Newton was busy. Everyone knows there's a new girl in town and they're all very friendly and welcoming. I've been asked if I'd like to join a book club, some of the local teenagers- which are apparently friends with Mike Newton- invite me to a bonfire Friday night, which I accept in order to make some friends. So far, moving to Forks has turned out to be the right decision. I think I'll like my new life here.


As I had seen a long time ago, the girl was finally here. I have watched her since the day she was born, she is important to our world after all. The mate of Major Whitlock was bound to have a powerful gift and my masters where determined to ensure she was kept safe at all costs.

I wished I had been able to tell her about her parents deaths, but like most things that had been part of the grand design. My gift allows me to see the future, but I'm not allowed to interfere unless absolutely necessary; and while tragic, the deaths of the Swans were the only way Bella would ever move to Forks and meet her mate.

I didn't know how she had endured, or Jasper for that matter, being apart from her mate for so long. The only thing I could think of to explain it was that she's a human and therefore the bond wasn't as strong as if she had been a vampire. Either way it didn't matter now. Everything was falling into place and the time was coming for me to introduce myself to the Cullens and to Bella.

I'm sure she recognized me a little, it hadn't been easy to not be spotted at least once or twice in the seventeen years I had been watching her. But she wouldn't know for sure and I wasn't allowed to tell her exactly who I was until after the Cullens revealed their secret to her.

Of course the brothers have allowed this caveat in order to let my vision come to fruition. Powers were getting ready to move against them, they only needed one more player and he would be joining them soon. We needed Major Whitlock and his mate on our side. The vision I had had when I was in that asylum, before being turned into a vampire, had had little meaning to me at the time. Then Dante had saved me from the tracker, James, and I knew what it all meant. The brothers would soon have to fight to maintain control of our world. If they lost, we all did. Vampires, humans and the guardians.