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Their kiss played over and over in her head. His red hair being hidden from her view by her's, so brown and tame. The contrary of Hermione's bushy and unmanageable mound of hair. His strong arms coming up to grasp Lavender around the waist while she clung with all her might to his neck.




More hurt.

Hermione had to get out. She couldn't stand watching it repeat in front of her and being engraved in her head. It seemed as if nothing else existed to her, except from them together in the center of the Gryffindor common room.

She had to get out.



Boiling in her veins.

Forcing her into action.

She tore her eyes from the scene that was bringing bile to her throat.

Tore her eyes from them.



And half stumbled, half ran, out of the portrait hole. She thought she heard Harry's voice behind her, calling out her name, but she didn't care. Didn't care about anything except getting away from them.



All over again.

She stepped out into the corridor and started running blindly, trying to put the most distance between herself and the boy she thought reciprocated her feelings. The only thing she heard were her erratic footsteps leading her in a direction that she wasn't choosing. She was on autopilot, going who knows where, but going and that's all that counted for the moment. She started to feel tears filling her eyes, threatening to overflow. So she let them. Her adrenaline was slowly running out, leaving her feeling breathless. But that feeling was nothing compared to the hole she felt somewhere in her chest. She collapsed, crying on the floor next to a wall. She realized that she had sent herself to the Astronomy tower. It was a starry night outside, the kind that was perfect for star-gazing. But Hermione never star-gazed. She thought that action was more suitable for the weaker minded folk, those who believed in divination. Lavender believed in divination. She burst into even heavier sobs, her whole body wracking in effort to free herself from her pain. Ron! Ron! Ron...

She had started questioning her feelings for him after the Battle at the Ministry, last year. He had been pretty badly injured by the brains in the time room which had scared her greatly. Then, this year, whenever Ron would say something nice to her, it would make her day. But, she didn't know how to make her feelings known to him. Her parents, thought obviously in love, weren't prone to PDA and flirting wasn't something you learnt in a textbook.

And now it was probably too late! Hermione tried and failed to calm the flow of tears that seems to be never ending.

Minutes turned into hours as she sat there crying. Slowly, her tears calmed and she drifted off into a troubled sleep.