Hello! I'm Jade. If you know who I am, welcome! Yes, I've made yet another Ben 10 crossover. I mean, I just have so many ideas that I had to bring them out of my head! I just wanna share them to the world, ya know? Anyway, this chapter is just an intro chapter so it's not too long. But the rest will be, trust me.

With that said, let's read!

The museum for the exhibit for the disbanded Overwatch organization is a sight to behold. Tons of holo vids, old weapons that are now exhibits and some statues of great heroes.

Even one kid in the museum is enjoying. However, his younger brother seems...bored. Or probably disappointed. But at what?

After the younger brother and his older brother finish watching a holo vid, the younger one says, "That was so cool! Remember in that one battle they had Sound Quake and he had like chest missiles?" After saying that, he started imitating the sounds of missiles. The two brothers walk away from the holo vid as they look around more in the exhibit.

"Who's your favorite?" the younger one asks his brother. "Mine's Fusionator. No no wait! Tracer!" He corrected himself. "She was like 'Cheers love! The cavalry's here!' Pew pew pew!" He says, trying to imitate a British accent and laser gun sounds.

However, his brother only sighed and walked away. The younger one pouted...but smiled again as soon as he saw where his brother went: an exhibit of a giant mechanical gauntlet in a glass case.

He ran to it and stared at it in awe. "That's Doom Fist's gauntlet!" He says as he leans on the glass. "Man...they say he could level a skyscraper..." He adds, referring to Doom Fist. When his older brother tried to walk away again, he follows again and started saying, "And remember when he was fighting! And Xcutioner beat him! And then he transformed and yelled, 'Humungousaur!' "

The older brother seems to have had enough and he just sighs. "That's only in the holo vids! Everyone knows that Overwatch got shut down...Half of them are just mercenaries now." He explained as if complaining.

The younger brother pouted at his brother and they start walking away...

...until they hear an explosion from a distance.

When they look back up on the glass ceiling...

...Diamondhead comes crashing down with Widowmaker on top of him, using him like a surf board. When they crash down through the ceiling, Diamondhead remained lying down on the grounf while Widowmaker fired her grapple hook at a higher vantage point and pulled herself towards that spot. Once in position, she starts firing her machine gun at Diamondhead, who just got back up.

Diamoandhead creates a diamond shield for him and blocks the bullets. However, he spots the kids and made his shield bigger, running over to the two brothers and blocked the shots to prevent them from getting shot. "So, want an autograph later?" Diamondhead joked as the bullets kept bouncing from his shield. "Alright. You kids need to run. We got this." He warned them as he made a hole through his shield and starts firimg diamond shards at Widowmaker, but she managed to dodge and kept firing at the Petrosapien.

The two brothers then just ran away and looked for cover. Diamondhead then suddenly turns back to a 27 year old Ben Tennyson, codename Xcutioner. Ben is wearing a black trenchcoat with neon green designs. He also has a visor made for scanning. Lastly, he has white gloves and black boots.

And he has a Proto Tool on his shoulder. "Time out already? Fine." Ben said to himself and takes his Proto Tool and split it in two, transforming one into an energy shield and one into a laser sword. He charged forward, blocking Widowmaker's bullets but before he could even get close, Reaper appears out of nowhere and suddenly starts shooting at Ben.

Reaper chuckled evily as Ben blocks his bullets from his dual shotguns. "You and I aren't done, Tennyson." Reaper mocked and kept firing.

"Oh, shut up!" Ben angrily replied and fused his two weapons back together to turn it into a rifle and starts firing at Reaper.

Meanwhile, Widowmaker mentally thanked Reaper for distracting Xcutioner. Now, she can focus on the real objective: Doom Fist's gauntlet. "There you are." Widowmaker says to herself as she focuses her sniper sight at the weapon.

"Psst. What'you looking at?"

Widowmaker heard a voice beside her and she jumps off her vantage point and starts firing...

...at Tracer. Widowmaker kept firing but Tracer just kept blinking away, dodging all her shots. While in mid air, Tracer brings out both of her twin blasters and also starts blasting away at the sniper.

The two ladies land as Widowmaker kept firing at Tracer, who just kept blinking and teleporting away, dodging all the shots. As the sniper focused on the teleporter, Reaper kept firing at Ben, who ducks to cover and transforms into Four Arms. Four Arms does his seismic clap to fire a shockwave of air at Reaper but the murderer turned into black smoke and dodged. As Tracer goes to cover, Four Arms leaped at Widowmaker and attempted to slam her, but she dodged, just as Reaper appears beside her and he starts firing grenades at the Tetramand. The explosions barely hurt his tough skin, but he was forced backwards toward Tracer's cover.

"Benny!" Tracer yelled at her teammate and she blinks onto Four Arm's two left hands and the alien threw Tracer at the enemy, causing Reaper and Widowmaker to split away from each other. "Wa-hoo!" Tracer yelled excitedly as she fires at Widowmaker, who shoots back. Tracer then uses both guns to fire one at Widowmaker and one at Reaper, who also fire back. But Reaper sensed Four Arms coming from behind. He turns back around and fires at the Tetramand.

"Die!" Reaper yelled at the alien as he kept firing his dual shotguns. Once out of ammo, he throws away his current pair and suddenly brings out a new pair of boomsticks and continued firing at Four Arms.

Four Arms kept blocking the bullets with his tough skin, but then he noticed Reaper is surrounding himself in black smoke again. "Yeeeessss..." Reaper creepily said and suddenly, he created a burst of smoke, covering the ground with a pool of smoke and he suddenly starts firing his guns everywhere.

While Four Arms managed to block all the bullets, Tracer tried blinking to dodge, but the device on her chest needs to recharge, forcing her to go behind cover as the dark suited murderer kept firing everywhere like a mad man.

Tracer prepared her twin guns as she waits for her device to recharge...

...until she noticed that the same kids from earlier are beside her. They seem to have taken cover here first. "Uhhh...Don't worry, loves! Cavalry's 'ere!" Tracer reassured the brothers, with the younger brother gasping and smiling at her words. She said the thing!

Meanwhile, Reaper ceased his death blossom as Four Arms ran at him. Reaper started firing at his opponent again. Although Four Arms managed to blockt them all, when he tries to crush Reaper with his strength, Reaper disappeared into smoke as Four Arms turns back to human, tripping over as some sort of locket falls from his person.

The locket opens on it's own, with the picture inside being his 17 year old self and Mercy, as if they're mother and child.

Tracer saw Ben trip. She rolls her eyes. "Really, mate?" She complained. "The big guy would've won this faster." She adds, referring to Winston.

Meanwhile, Widowmaker breaks the glass of the case that's holding Doom Fist's gauntlet. To the victor go the spoils.

As Reaper approaches the tired Ben, he aims his guns at him. Then Reaper noticed the locket. Evil is petty. Reaper just steps on the locket, breaking the part that's meant to close. Ben saw that.

He's not too happy about it.

He slaps down the Omnitrix symbol angrily and turns onto Humungousaur. The giant lizard roars at Reaper.

Reaper may have pissed himself.

Humungousaur grabs Reaper and attacks. Widowmaker was almost close to getting the gauntlet, but Ben's sudden transformation caused her to be alarmed and aim her gun at the beast.

And just in time, Tracer's device is fully charged. "Yeah!" She cheered as she goes back to the fight.

Meanwhile, the big brother looks around in thought... and gets an idea. It may be a stupid one, but he just hopes this idea can help at least. "Stay here." He warns his younger brother.

As Tracer distracts Reaper by constantly teleporting and blinking away while they attempt to shoot each other, Humungousaur roars and charges at Reaper again.

Widowmaker attempts to assist by firing her machine gun at the heroes. But she just realized that Reaper is playing bait. She stops firing and just looks back at the gauntlet and–


It's gone.

Unknown to her, the older brother is holding the gauntlet, hiding behind where the gauntlet originally was.

Back to the fight, Reaper kept firing at the duo, but Tracer blinks behind Reaper as she fires at the murderer, who turns around and shoots back, but is too distracted by her as Humungousaur grabs him and slams him into the ground. Humungousaur then attempts to stomp on Reaper, but he disappears into smoke. Humungousaur looks under his foot and sees that Reaper is gone.

Meanwhile, Widowmaker slowly walks as she remains cautious. Where did their objective go?

The older brother can see Widowmaker from his cover and ducks even further to prevent himself from being seen. But then another idea comes to his mind as he looks at the gauntlet in his arms.

"Watch out!" The younger brother yells, causing Widowmaker to search for the source of the voice until...


Widowmaker looks at her right and the older brother suddenly punches her in the face, Doom Fist's gauntlet on his arm. The gauntlet gave him enough power to cause a huge shockwave that sends Widowmaker flying. But the shockwave also sent him backward, landing on his back. The gauntlet is now broken as it falls off the older brother's arm. He looks at his only means of self defense become broken. Uh oh.

Widowmaker aims her machine gun at the kid, ready to exterminate him. However, Ben suddenly drops in front of her with his twin Proto Tools transformed into two shields. "You doing anything tonight?" Ben teased his opponent. Widowmaker actually blushed and fires her machine gun angrily at Ben, who blocks the bullets.

However, Tracer appears in front of her and kicks Widowmaker's rifle into the air. Then, Tracer blinked to the rifle in mid air and grabs it, using it against Widowmaker herself as she starts firing the machine gun while Widowmaker backflips to dodge the shots.

Once she landlands, she fires her grapple hook into the ceiling and pulls herself upward. Just in time, Reaper appears again and also holds on to the grapple hook, escaping with Widowmaker.

After the criminals escaped, Ben and Tracer look up...

...and then at each other. "You let them escape!" Ben yells at his partner.

"Me? You let them bloody escape! I was busy trying to shoot them!" Tracer yells back.


Both brunettes look at the two brothers, with the older one handing over the broken gauntlet. Tracer takes it and smiles at the two. Even Ben smiles at them. "You remind me of myself when I was younger." Ben says to the older brother. "You be cool, kay?" Ben asks as he offers a fist bump.

The older brother looks at Ben's fist...and fist bumps with him.

"You know...The world could always use more heroes." Tracer says, smiling. She gives off a signature salute while Ben gives a signature thumbs up. Ben and Tracer puts the gauntlet back on it's case.

"Last one to catch them gets to clean Winston's toilet!" Ben challenged Tracer as he turns into XLR8 and zooms away to chase the two criminals.

"Oh you bloody cheater!" Tracer yells at her partner as she blinks away, chasing him.

The two brothers look at each other in confusion...

...and then the younger one yells, "That was awesome!"

And then he hugs his brother in excitement. The older brother was surprised at first...then hugs back his little brother while smiling.

Heroes Never Die Opening Theme song!

(By JT Machinima and Andrea Storm)

The Overwatch is comin', bad guys best start runnin', The Overwatch is comin', better pick your side! The Overwatch is comin', bad guys best start runnin', The Overwatch is comin', Heroes never die!

OVERWATCH, is back in town, if you're not a hero, don't stick around! Jump in the fight, and don't be shy, cause if you're with us, you know a Hero never dies!

OVERWATCH, is back in town, if you're not a hero, don't stick around! Jump in the fight, and don't be shy, cause if you're with us, you know a Hero never dies!

To be continued...