This is set 4 years after the final battle. Severus survived but has trouble with his voice and throat. Harry is the DADA professor at Hogwarts—instated this year. Severus is the potions master and Minerva is the headmistress. This is September. Non-epilogue compliant.

It happened only once a month, the fifteenth to be exact. It was more of an inconvenience now more than anything. Severus Snape would lock his office door, climb atop the desk, and lay there. His pheromones would call as they always did, and no one would answer as they always didn't.

He had resigned himself to being unwanted.

An alpha can always choose whether they want an omega or not, and if they ever were entranced by his call—let's just say they changed their mind when they saw him.

It used to be just because he was a death eater. They would see the black skull on his skin and turn away, not desiring one that was already claimed by another- despite the claim being completely different. Now, it is due to no dominant being still unmated at his age, and no dominant wanting an older submissive. Power comes with age. There are not many wizards more powerful than him. Even less that are young enough to be unmated.

Severus sighed, trying to get himself comfortable on the desk. He never understood why he had to be presented like this, naked and open. It's not like anyone could see him, but it was still rather uncomfortable.

He stilled when he felt a strange warmth surround him and he groaned when he realized that a dominant had answered and was coming to seek him. He hated it. They would answer and his submissive would hope- it would yearn for a strong dominant, then they would take one look at him and leave.

The door was unlocked easily and pulled shut, surprising Severus. Usually the dominant blew it off its hinges in an effort to display his magic. It was a bit annoying actually.

"Hello, Severus," a familiar voice called.

He froze, wishing more than anything that he could be formally dressed and standing tall. He didn't need to give this man any reason to disrespect him. They had just become friends actually, forming an easy communication and mutual respect. Of course that would all be for naught now that he'd been seen like thsi

Harry Potter circled around to look at him spread out on the desk. His eyes darkened for a moment before he frowned concernedly.

"Well that doesn't look comfortable at all," he observed, bringing an arm around the man's back to bring him into a sitting position. "Let's get you somewhere softer, eh? Would you mind joining me in my quarters?"

Severus' submissive creature had already taken over, and he only mewled. Harry sighed as he looked into the man's eyes.

"I've never really been comfortable with the idea of mating someone before being able to see if they are actually interested."

Severus couldn't help the hope building in him for Harry to choose him, and his creature seemed desperate as well. He pulled his journal from the top desk drawer and practically shoved it at the man.

Harry frowned before flipping it open, gasping at what he read there.


The creature crooned, spreading his legs in invitation.

"You want me?" he wondered, his desire building when the older man made another slight noise and arched toward him.

Harry smiled, scooping the man up into his arms and casting an invisibility charm over them. He carried Severus to his own quarters, laying him gently upon his bed.

"I'm going to claim you as my submissive, Severus Snape."

There was liquid escaping his passage, his creature making sure he was lubricated and open for his mate. Harry dipped his fingers in anyway, feeling around the cavern before tasting his hand.

"You taste marvelous, my Severus."

He kissed the man softly before settling himself between his legs, watching as Severus' thighs quivered.

"I will love you properly when I know that you aren't in pain due to being unclaimed," Harry promised, rubbing the man's leg softly even as he slid into him and started a rough pace. They both came with a cry, and Severus immediately curled up into a ball.

"You will regret ever doing that, Harry," he whispered.

Harry shook his head, dragging the man to his chest and kissing his forehead.

"Of course I won't. You're mine now, Severus Snape. I will take care of you."

Severus shook his head, but sleep was dragging him under for his body to start adapting.

Harry just held him close and tucked him into bed, calling Kreacher to fetch him pain potions and a light snack for his mate.

Severus woke slowly, not being able to restrain the light groan at the soreness in his muscles. He felt a warm arm lift his back off of the bed and a cold vial touch his lips.

"I do not drink potions—"

"That you didn't make. I know, Severus." Harry adjusted him and held the vial up. "These are from the infirmary, so you are the one that made them. Drink up, pet. You must be hurting a great deal."

The older man drank the potion, relaxing when the pain faded marginally before stiffening.


"I know that you don't remember."

Severus turned to face him, his chest pulling and his mind calling, Alpha.

Severus gaped at him.

"You- You claimed me?"

Harry smiled at him.

"I did. I figured we could talk today and work things out. We didn't talk much last night, which is good since we'd just have to repeat the conversation."

Severus nodded.

Harry crawled over him, concerned at how much he was shaking.

The man flinched and Harry pressed his mouth to the claiming mark on his neck.

"Calm, little one. I am not going to hurt you."

Severus spread his legs, mewling softly as he pushed up toward his dominant.

Harry nodded his understanding of the pressing heat, knowing that it was causing his little mate much discomfort. He leaned in to kiss the man, knowing that he would remember this time and wanting to make it a good experience.

Severus made a noise of disappointment when Harry left his mouth, but it was soon replaced by a moan when his dominant started mouthing his right nipple, flicking the other bud with his thumb. The larger young man's other hand was massaging the insides of the submissive's thighs, loving the soft feel of his skin and the natural lubrication spilling onto his fingers.

He pushed the legs up harshly, pressing his lips to the man's pucker and sucking fiercely. Severus keened in pleasure, arching up as Harry's tongue wiggled its way inside him.

Harry moved, using his fingers instead as he came up to kiss his mate again.

"Do you taste yourself on me, pet?" he questioned, watching Severus' eyes go wide and him nod his head enthusiastically.

"Don't you taste delightful?"

Severus keened again, pushing his arse against the pressure he could feel resting on him. Harry laughed, pushing in with no resistance. The heat tended to do that.

Harry made his strokes long and sure, but he had to speed up when Severus started moaning. It was a light noise, but it was there and it was beautiful.

When they finished, Harry took a moment to gaze at his new mate. Severus was spread out underneath him, sweaty and flushed and slightly smaller than himself. He knew that when his body adapted to his dominant that Severus would become slightly shorter, mainly because Harry could only grow so much in one night. There was cum dribbling out of his entrance and Harry smirked, pushing the man's legs up to move his fingers inside the hole. Severus whined and Harry released him, kissing the older man softly before lifting him up.

"Shower, then we will eat."

Severus struggled with the ability to hide his emotions, his creature not wanting to shield him from his alpha. He failed and curled toward Harry, surprised when Harry only tightened his hold in response.

"I won't leave, little one," he said. "I promise."


"Kreacher!" Harry called, noting his mate's small flinch when the crack of his arrival was heard. He lowered his voice. "Fetch us a spot of breakfast."

The elf bowed before disappearing.

Harry leaned forward, pushing Severus' chin up with his fingers.

"You called to me before," Harry admitted. "But I did not come because you were not ready. You did not trust me, and I had yet to be trained."

He sighed.

"I did not realize that it was you who had been calling until recently however, or I would've trained faster. Your magic, Severus; it was far more tempting than any of the others."

Severus looked up at him sharply, a question in his eyes.

"I felt the call of many, answered only three. I left two of those behind… as they were not right."

The smooth as velvet voice was raspy when he questioned, "But me?"

Harry smiled, brushing the man's cheek with his thumb.

"You are perfect. Exactly what- or who- I was looking for."

Severus looked down in confusion. Surely Potter had just settled for him?

Breakfast appeared before him, and Harry stood to pour their tea.

"We need to talk about what we both want, rules that we have, stuff like that. I'd like to finish the conversation before your next wave but… if not, that is okay. We will finish it by tonight."

Severus looked up at Harry wonderingly, and Harry just shrugged.


"What do I call you?"

Harry crinkled his eyebrows.

"Severus, we have been friends for a while now. You can call me whatever you wish, except Potter. I won't have that."

Severus blushed and dipped his head, confused and disappointed though he did not know why.

Harry knelt by him.

"Little one," he whispered, making Severus smile lightly before he could hide it. "That also means that you can refer to me as dominant if you wish, or sir. I won't allow master, as I know some dominants require. But anything else that you are comfortable with, I will be as well."

Severus sighed in relief.

"This is my top question, Severus, and one that you can answer however you wish."

Severus looked at him in mild curiosity.

"Do you want to stay here?"

Severus gaped at him, shocking Harry when tears filled his eyes. The creature wasn't allowing him to shield his emotions from his alpha during his heat, but he couldn't find it in him to care when it caused Harry to bring the man into his lap and hold him close.

"You don't have to if you do not want to, pet. I would like to build a relationship with you, but if you are not ready I understand. I only ask because it would be easier to protect you that way, but I won't make you—"

"Shut up, you blithering idiot," Severus snapped not as harshly as he would've liked, pushing himself into Harry as he lowered his voice back to a comfortable volume. "I would very much like to… stay."

Harry held him tightly to himself summoning the house elf.

"I would like you to bring me Severus' potions for his throat."

Severus pulled back to look at him in confusion.

"You are hurting, little one. It slipped my mind, but we can get that taken care of quickly."

Severus nodded before stilling, his eyes fuzzing.


The man bowed his head, resting his hands on his alpha's chest.

Kreacher appeared with the vial, prompting Harry to unstopper it and hold it to his submissive's lips.

"Drink," he ordered.

Once he was done, Harry vanished their clothing, not surprised in the least to find Severus wet and aching.

"I should've known we wouldn't get much time to talk before it hit again," Harry mumbled.

He sighed softly, reaching under the man to caress his entrance, feeling the liquid spill onto his fingers. He pulled the smaller male forward, setting him on his arousal.

"Look at you," he whispered. Severus' head was thrown back, and he was rolling his hips for more friction. "Fuck yourself on my cock, Severus, and look at me when you do it."

Severus immediately rose, using his knees to propel him up before letting gravity pull him down. He let out pretty moans every time he dropped, his hole sucking Harry's large prick into him.

"You are so beautiful," Harry whispered, surprised when Severus released onto his chest and kept bouncing. The drive of the heat would stop when Severus had reached completion, so that meant that he was doing this simply because he wanted Harry to as well.

The older man's neck was thrown back, and he seemed to adore the way Harry would continuously brush over his overstimulated insides. Harry came, his essence leaking from Severus onto his thighs.

Harry cast a quick scourgify, collecting the tired man into his arms.

"You're going to drain me dry," Harry chuckled. "I may just have to just satisfy you next time. Is that alright?"

Severus frowned.

"I don't know how my creature will take it," he admitted, letting himself feel vulnerable in his nakedness, but cared for with Harry's embrace. "I think it should be fine."

Harry nodded, deciding to keep his hold on his lovely mate just as it was.

"Where were we—you were agreeing to stay?"

Severus nodded.

"You could move your things here if you wished, or you could move just what you wanted to and keep your own space down in the dungeons as a personal area if you would like."

Severus let his fingers play with the light dusting of hair on Harry's chest as he thought.

"What would you prefer, sir?"

Harry smiled, softly running his fingers through Severus' hair.

"I would prefer you to be comfortable, my own."

He took a deep breath.

"Then I will move all my personal belongings, but leave the potions lab and keep the furniture and dishware set up so that I can have that private space… if that's alright with you."

Harry kissed his mate's hair.

"I think that's the best idea. That way, if you want time away from me, or just quiet time away from everyone, you have that space to yourself."

Severus burrowed closer.

"So I have eyes brighter than emeralds, eh Sev?" Harry mentioned after a moment of silence. "And you hate how I make you feel so warm?"

Severus' eyes widened and he whimpered, pressing close.

"Oh, baby don't be embarrassed," Harry soothed, rubbing his back. "I'm not being mean. I think it's adorable. I also think it's rather cute that you pulled it out to show me when your creature wouldn't let you speak."

Severus hissed.

"I could not let you leave."

Harry rocked as Severus clung to him, not understanding.

"Why? I would've come back next month. I would have talked this out with you beforehand, most likely."

Severus shook his head.

"Too many leave. I couldn't do it again."

Harry closed his eyes slowly, realizing their age difference.

"You've presented yourself every month since your seventeenth birthday?"

Severus nodded, feeling his eyes burn at the repeated rejection. No dominant had wanted him and not felt a desire to bring him great harm. Not one. Until Harry.

Harry hummed, letting Severus relax back into his hold.

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart. If I had known of my heritage, I would've trained before my coming of age and claimed you the moment I heard your call."

The younger man stood, bringing them both up to stand only to chuckle when Severus did not release him.

"Your heat should end in just a moment. Looks like we got lucky. Your lust only hit three times."

Severus nodded again, looking morose.

Harry released him to lift his chin, pressing a kiss to his mouth.

"Of course, my little one, I only say that because I lack the stamina to keep up with a submissive in a frenzied heat. I adore you and your body, and I am surely blessed to have been able to express that."

Severus didn't look like he knew whether to believe him or not.

"Are we to not—um—are you to leave me untouched outside of my heat?" he questioned softly,

Harry laughed, pulling a shirt on over Severus' head.

"I can assure you that I would be most disappointed in that turn of events," he gasped before turning serious. "Unless, of course, you are uncomfortable. I can wait to indulge in you outside of your heat if you are not ready. I will not pressure you, luv."

The potion's master smiled, looking down at his decidedly muggle attire.

"Harry Potter," he exclaimed aghast, "What on earth do you have me wearing?"

Harry laughed again, dusting invisible lint off of his shoulder.

"I want you to be comfortable. Neither one of our clothes will fit us today, as our adaptations have made you smaller and me somewhat larger. You're wearing clothing of my own from about two years ago. I had this set aside already for my growth. I'll take you shopping today after we talk to Minnie of course."

Severus startled at that.

"Minerva! What, why? Why would we need to do that?"

Harry backed up in confusion.

"To tell her we are moving you to my rooms… Are you alright?"

Severus' heat had just ended though, and hiding his emotions came naturally once again.

"Of course."

Harry narrowed his eyes and moved towards him, reminding himself to remain calm and comforting rather than harsh.

"Severus," he whispered, leaning down to drop his words into his ear, "little one."

Severus seemed to become boneless, the tenseness floating out of him.

"My own, do not hide from me. Here it is just us. Here you will not be judged."

There was silence within the room for a long minute, and Severus took the time to really notice his surroundings. Harry's room was not red like he had suspected, but a light blue, and his sheets and accenting décor was a soft grey. Harry came closer to him during his inspection, pulling him against a sturdy chest and enclosing him inside his arms.

"I have told no one besides Albus of my heritage," he admitted in a breath. "I have told no one that I am a submissive."

Harry cooed, and he was ashamed to melt at the sound.

"Do not be ashamed of what you are, my own," Harry assured him. "There is nothing wrong. This does not make you weak, Severus. Just as this does not make me strong."

Severus' submissive rushed to reassure Harry.

"But you are strong, dominant. You are!"

Harry chuckled, noting that though he was not in heat any longer, Severus wasn't completely repressing his nature, around him at the least.

"I am strong, but not because I am your dominant. I am strong because I have worked hard to be, trained to be, and have witnessed enough to be. You are strong, because you have worked hard to be, witnessed enough to be, and more than proved it."

Severus nodded and Harry figured that he was done with words.

"Are you ready to go talk to the headmistress now?" he questioned. "She will surely be curious as the pulse of power that went through his castle in the night."

"What time is it, Harry?" he questioned.

"Why, it is just past eight. About time for breakfast don't you think? I can treat you to anything you want after our discussion."

And Severus Snape blushed, because no one had ever offered something so kind as to let him choose anything.