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Chapter 13: A Promise of Eternity

Harry woke to find his Severus firmly wrapped around his cock, sucking enthusiastically and without reservation. His first thought was surprisingly one of pride, pride that the man had enough confidence to initiate such a thing without speaking to him first; his second one was fucking hell, that man had a nice mouth.

He yanked the man up by his hair to thrust his tongue into said lovely mouth, bringing his hand around to play with his opening. Severus remained dedicated, grinding down on the hand that was massaging his perineum.

"Please, dominant. Please," the man moaned, practically undulating above him.

Harry could sense the beginnings of a heat, and he was grateful for the spill of liquid that was leaking out onto his cock.

Severus didn't wait for Harry to tell him what to do, the look in his eyes and the pat he gave to his pale arse was enough. Severus rose on his knees and turned away from Harry before sinking down on his erection in one fluid motion.

He keened as he bounced, his dick bobbing up and down with every hit. Harry let his hands idly tweak his nipples and hold his hips, his mate bringing them both off with remarkable speed.

Severus released with a loud keen, happily falling forward to press his face into the mattress when Harry lifted to find his own completion, rubbing frantically at Severus' stimulated insides and pounding onto his already swollen nub.

"Too much," Severus cried out, sobbing his release again as Harry emptied inside him.

They rested for a few minutes without words before Harry smirked at his submissive, carrying him to the bath.

"Happy yule to you as well, my love."


Severus leaned back against the couch cushions as Harry presented him with his gifts, pushing all the other gifts from colleagues and even some of Harry's friends aside to focus on the three boxes in front of him.

The largest one held a series of journals, three already filled with his own inventions and changed potions. Harry would not let him open the other two.

He gasped when Harry opened the middle box, rising to his knees to kneel as he was taught and bow his head.

"Please, sir."

Harry kissed his forehead before settling the leather collar around his neck, removing his clothing with a silent charm.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered reverently, taking in the picture of his submissive.

Severus smiled a genuine, whole smile.

Harry brought the next box into his hands after bringing Severus to his feet, resuming his mate's previous position.

"Every day for the rest of our lives, I will be honored to have you on your knees for me," Severus blushed in pleasure. "You are my love and my life, and every day for the rest of our lives, I will be honored to treat you like the prince you are, to go to my knees for you."

Severus wrinkled his nose in confusion before gasping when Harry popped open the box. Inside there was a feminine band with the potter crest engraved into it, marking the wearer as Lady Potter.

"Harry— "

"Will you, my Severus, not only be my submissive for all time, but also be my equal partner for all eternity?"

The potion's master nodded his head, speechless, a sob breaking from him when the Potter family magic hugged him in welcome.

"Mother magic approves of this match," Harry said, smiled gently at his mate. He gathered the man into his arms, feeling at home pressed up against him.

"I cannot wait to see you walk to me and take my name, to carry it and my child, to be mine for all of time."

Severus blushed.

"I have always been yours for all eternity, Harry. I just did not know it."