'Another story' you ask? 'But she hasn't finished the other one yet', you might add. Sadly, yes... you see, I got this idea in my head and it wouldn't go away until I had it written. Then I thought I'd wait to post this until I finished 'Paint the Sky with Stars', but I knew I probably wouldn't write more of it without knowing if it was worth continuing. So, here it is. However, I will finish that other story. it's almost done actually, so if you read that one, don't panic. I won't forget it!

A note: I've only seen the first 92 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh. I saw no indication in those episodes that Yami could live outside of the puzzle on his own. Granted, that might have changed in the 40 or so episodes I still haven't seen, but for now, I'm going to assume that Yami can't exist outside of the puzzle without Yugi. This note will make sense when you've read the chapter, I hope!

So, on with the story! Enjoy!


No Kinen Ni is Japanese for In Memory Of (or so my Japanese-English dictionary says)

Chapter 1: In the Dark of Night

He stood on the balcony of his room, surveying the beautiful city that surrounded his palace. In the distance, he could see Kufu's pyramid as it shone bright and regal in the afternoon sun. The hot breeze drifted through the buildings, calm and undisturbed. It played with his hair, making his golden bangs softly beat against his face. The breeze swirled his royal robe around his lithe body, making the silky fabric flow as if it were liquid.

'One day, I will build my own monument so that future pharaohs will gaze upon it just as I gaze upon the Great Pyramid now.'

He was young; he knew that he had plenty of time to build his empire. He'd only been pharaoh for a year, but already had accomplished great things. His kingdom was prospering and at peace with the neighboring empires. His subjects were loyal and his empire was running smoothly. Nothing could go wrong.


'I will not let him destroy my empire, my country,' the pharaoh thought as he stood facing his once loyal high priest. 'I will not let him destroy the world.'

He could feel his control on his magician slowly diminishing, but he knew that he could not give up. The magician was the only thing standing between the dragon in front of him and complete destruction. He had no choice but to continue to fight on.

The shadow games had gotten out of hand in the past few months, and the pharaoh knew that he was the only one powerful enough to put a stop to it. His high priest wanted to control the world, but if things worked out, all he would have control over was his own miserable existence in shadows.

"This ends here and now. Magician, retreat!"

He focused on his opponent and the dragon he controlled. He could see the confusion on the high priest's face; confusion which quickly turned to hatred and anticipation. No doubt the priest thought that he was defenseless now without the magician. Pharaoh paid the priest no more attention. Instead, he took a hold of the golden puzzle that hung around his neck and slowly took it off. He held it up in his hands and began to chant. As the invocation neared its end, the pharaoh could feel reality dimming. It felt as if he were being sucked into a black well that he had no control over. He had known that it would happen, but it still hadn't prepared him for how it would actually feel.

Finally, the invocation was finished. Reality completely disappeared around him and the last thing he saw was the puzzle falling to the ground and shattering into pieces.


Yami jerked awake.

He looked around, fully expecting to see the royal palace, but instead found himself looking at the walls of his soul room. He hadn't been sleeping, merely meditating. The memories had been unexpected, but not surprising. They were two of the very few memories that he had of his past life. It was how he knew where he came from and what he had done to deserve being trapped inside the Millennium Puzzle.

He knew that what he had done all those years ago had been necessary to save his kingdom, but it still made him nostalgic for his life as it had been then. He'd been young and full of promise, eager to lead his people into whatever was in store for them. It still pained him that he'd been denied the chance.

Yami didn't really know what he was supposed to do now. What was his life for now? Was it even a life? Technically, he wasn't really alive, he was a spirit. As a spirit, what was he supposed to do? Yes, it was important for him to regain the rest of his memories, but he didn't know how he was supposed to do that. What was he supposed to do once he remembered everything about who he had been? He couldn't go back to Egypt and regain his kingdom because Egypt as he knew it wasn't even there anymore. Yugi had told him that.

What about Yugi? Yami had pledged his loyalty and protection to Yugi when he had put the puzzle together. He didn't regret having done that. Yami would gladly stay at Yugi's side and make sure that he was safe. However, was that all his life was going to be about now?

Blind panic rushed through Yami, making him quickly stand from where he'd been sitting on the floor. He glanced around his soul room again, expecting the source of his fear to become apparent to him. Nothing was there, however. The desperation and blinding fear intensified, but Yami wasn't sure why that was. His thoughts didn't justify those feelings and he wouldn't be feeling this way unless...


Those must be Yugi's feelings he was experiencing. How could that be? Yugi was asleep in his bed. At least that's where Yami had last seen him.

Without another thought, Yami willed himself out of the puzzle. It took effort, but he could do it when he knew that Yugi would be the only one around to see him. What he saw as soon as he materialized besides Yugi's desk made his blood boil.

A large man was pinning Yugi to his bed. He had a cloth pressed over Yugi's mouth and nose, but Yami could still hear Yugi's desperate cries. Yugi had his hands wrapped around the man's wrist, but the much smaller teen was not able to pry the man's hand away from his face. Yugi's legs were being pinned to his bed by the man's right knee, while the man's free hand was keeping Yugi's head from moving.

Yami took a step forward, but stopped. What could he do? He couldn't interact with material things unless he had control of Yugi's body. Technically, he could do it, but not effectively in his spirit form. He couldn't tackle the man to get him off Yugi, but perhaps he could use his shadow powers to distract him.

He concentrated and quickly brought his hand up, aiming the power at the man. He released the power, and watched as the man stumbled and then fell, letting go of Yugi in the process.

"Grandpa!" Yugi shouted as soon as the cloth was removed from his mouth.

Yami watched Yugi get up from his bed and stumble to remain upright. He looked drugged, and Yami realized that the cloth the man had over Yugi's mouth must have been laced with some kind of drug. Yugi took a few steps towards Yami, to the table where the Millennium Puzzle rested. Yugi would have to put it on in order for Yami to take over his body and deal with the attacker. Yami took a step towards Yugi, and watched as Yugi swayed and dropped to his knees.

"I'm dizzy," he whispered as he struggled to get back to his feet. "I can't stand up." Yugi glanced up at Yami, and the spirit could see the fear and desperation reflected in Yugi's eyes.

Out of the corner of his eye, Yami saw the man get up. He advanced towards Yugi and Yami again blasted him with power. It didn't work quite as well this time, because the man simply stumbled, before resuming his journey to Yugi. Yami realized that in his spirit form, he had limited resources to draw from. Yugi would have to put on the puzzle for him to fully draw on his power.

"Grandpa, help me!" Yugi shouted again, much softer this time.

He was on his feet, but he wasn't able to walk very far. The man easily overpowered him again and covered his mouth and nose with the cloth. Yugi was looking right at Yami, and Yami could see the struggle going on in Yugi's head. The young man wanted to stay awake and coherent, but the drug on the cloth was winning out.

Finally, Yugi's eyes rolled up into his head and he collapsed into the man's arms.

"It's about time, you little brat," the man said.

Yami stepped up to the man and tried to pry his hands away from Yugi's body, but his hands went right through the man's arms. He felt desperate and helpless. What good was he as a protector if he was about to watch Yugi being abducted without being able to do anything about it?

His thoughts were interrupted when Solomon Moto entered Yugi's room.

"What the hell?" the elderly man said as he saw the man carrying his now unconscious grandson. Yami watched the surprise, horror, and then anger rush through Solomon's face, hoping that the elder man would be able to do something.

Suddenly, Solomon rushed the man, sending them both crashing into the nearest wall. Yugi's books went tumbling to the floor, making a racket that Yami was sure could be heard at the neighbor's house. Solomon tried to pry Yugi from the man's grasp, but the man was stronger and younger than the elderly grandfather. The man effortlessly overpowered Solomon, sending him stumbling out of the room. The man went after him, and Yami followed. Yami then heard a loud cry, followed by a series of loud thumps.

"That's what you get for messing with me old man," the man that carried Yugi said, laughing cruelly.

Yami stepped up to the man, noting that he was dark haired and pale skinned. Yami couldn't see the man's eyes, but he had no doubt that he'd see nothing but satisfaction in them. With dread, he looked around the man and realized that they were at the top of the stairwell. Below, illuminated by the single lamp that had been left on in the living room, Yami could see Solomon Moto's broken body. The elderly man lay quietly, unconscious. His left leg was bent at an awkward angle, as was one of his arms.

The attacker descended the stairs, carrying Yugi in his arms. Yami followed him, unable to do more than watch. Suddenly, he got an idea. It was a long shot, but it was better than nothing.


He shouted the name as loud as he could with his mental voice, hoping that the same link that allowed him to contact Yugi would allow him to contact the other spirit.

After what seemed like forever, the other spirit finally answered.

**Pharaoh, is that you? What the hell are you doing using my link?**

*I don't have time for games, Bakura, let me talk to Ryou*

**What? Why?**

Yami wanted to reach through the link and strangle Bakura, but he didn't have time. He was now downstairs, following the man as he walked towards the back of the Moto residence.

*Not that you'd care, but Yugi is in trouble and I need Ryou's help. Now stop wasting my time and let me talk to him!!*

Bakura must have sensed the desperation in his mental voice, because he vacated the link. A short while later, a very sleepy Ryou came through the link.

**Yami, what's wrong?**

*Call the police, Ryou. Send them to Yugi's house. Do it now.*

**What happened?**

*Someone broke in, drugged Yugi and is now taking off with him. Mr. Moto was pushed down the stairs and could be dead. Get the police, now!*

**Okay, Yami. I'll call them and be right over**

Yami didn't wait for anything else. He had reached the back door to the house, where the man had already exited. He stepped outside in time to see a dark colored car speed out of the alley that ran behind the Moto's house. He didn't get a chance to see anything more. He tried to go after it, but he could feel his tether to the puzzle pulling at him. If he went any further, it would snap him back by force, which was never a good thing to experience. He couldn't quit now, though.

He took off at a run and got about ten feet before he was forcefully pulled back into the puzzle. He landed with a thud on the floor of his soul room, spent. He tried to get up and will himself back out, but found that he couldn't move. His vision started to waver, until nothing but a pinpoint of light remained.

His last thought as consciousness left him was that he hoped that he wouldn't be too late to help Yugi.


So, is this a keeper, or shall I just stick to writing my other one? Thanks for reading!