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Italics- the grandmother is narrating.

You will know if youve ever watched the movie. This is only the beginning of the movie. The first few minutes that she is narrating.

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There was a time, not very long ago, where we lived in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and and grand parties. The year was nineteen hundred and sixteen and my son Kizashi was the King of Imperial Sound. . .

We follow an older woman, dressed in an extravagant gown, as she picks up a small object and puts it in her bag. She walks out of her room, out the door and into a carriage. Soon the carriage passes through big gates and into the biggest yard of the palace. She steps out, bows to the door man and steps into the palace. She keeps walking until she's walking across a row of chairs and stands in front of it before sitting.

"Hello darling!" She says, waving a hand to one of her granddaughters as she sees her dancing with her father and mother.

The little girl, hair as pink as cherry blossoms and eyes as green as the purest emerald, looks up and waves erratically to her grandmother before continuing her dance, which consisted of jumping up and down in circles, with her father as her mother stands to the side happily watching them and occasionally moving.

. . .We were celebrating the three hundred anniversary of our family rule. . .

King Kizashi picks up his daughter and gently twirls her in the air as they laugh. "Oh papa!" You hear coming from the young child.

. . .And that night no star burned brighter than that of our sweet Sakura, my youngest grand daughter. She begged me not to return to Konoha so I had a very special gift made to her, to make the desperation easier for both of us. . .

Sakura, done dancing with her father, runs up the stairs past where her older sisters were sitting in a row of chairs before their grandmother. In her hand she has a drawing and readily gives it to her grandmother as she reaches her with a wide smile on her face. You can see her grandmother receiving it with the same smile. As she puts it away, the older woman pulls out the object from earlier. From behind them you see a young boy around the same age as our young Sakura, maybe a year older, with black hair, that has a tint of blue, that sticks out from the back and black eyes. He's eating a tomato as he looks at the interaction between the older woman and the young girl.

The older woman shows Sakura the trinket she brought with her and you can see on young Sakura's face the excitement and glee.

"For me?" She asks her grandmother, "is it a jewelry box?"

The young boy from earlier steps a little closer failing to see on older man coming up behind him. This man has the same hair and eyes as our young boy, yet the only difference was his hair was in a low ponytail and dressed in a tux fit for royalty, while the young boy was dressed as a servant.

"Sasuke," said the man picking him up and placing him over his shoulder. Sasuke, dropping his tomato grunts in surprise and starts to put up a fight only to give up in the end. "This is where you have been," the young man states, "father and mother have been looking all over the place for you, young man."

"Let me go!" Says the boy.

"No!" The young man says sternly. "I mean look at you little brother. What would our parents say if they found you dressed like this? You are the young prince of Imperial Konoha, you are supposed to be dressed for the occasion."

"But Itachi," whines young Sasuke, "I dressed like this so I can hide from all of the fangirls. Even if we are here as guests the still flock to me like a bee to a bee hive. I don't want to be around them."

"I know, little brother, I know." Says Itachi. "But still, you must change immediately before mother and father sees and scolds you once again. I will cover for you. Now quickly, go get changed and meet me back here. And," Itachi says as he watched his little brother leave, "don't disappear again or I'll be forced to send Kakashi after you foolish little brother."

Once that is said, said boy leaves to go change unnoticed by young Sakura and her grandmother. As young Sakura continues to look at the trinket her grandmother holds, the older woman pulls out a necklace she has on.

"Look," whispers the grandmother as she connects the necklace to the trinket and turns the necklace piece.

Soon it opens and starts playing music and you can see that the two figurines dancing in the middle are young Sakura's parents.

"Ah!" Exclaims the child, "it plays or lullaby."

"You can play it at night before you go to sleep and pretend that it's me singing." She tells Sakura. Soon she starts to sing soon followed by young Sakura.

"On the wind, cross the sea

Hear this song and remember

Soon you'll be, home to me

Once upon a December. . ."

"Read what it says," she instructs the child when they're done.

Sakura takes the necklace, scrunched her eyes and read the engraving, "Together in Konoha." She looks at her grandmothers and beams, "Really!? Oh, grandmama!" And she hugs her grandmother dearly.

. . .But we would never be together in Konoha. For a dark shadow had descended upon the House of the Harunos. His name was Orochimaru, who we thought was a holy man, but he was a fraud! Power mad and dangerous. . .

"How dare you return to the palace!" Exclaims Kizashi.

"What? But I am your confident!" Claims Orochimaru with indifference.

"Confident!?" Shouts the king. "Your are nothing but a traitor. . .a snake! Out of my palace!"

"Do you really think you can banish the great Orochimaru? By the unholy powers invested in me I banish you. . .with a curse!" Many gasps were heard among the guests there.

In a dark corner you can see Itachi with two older people, a man and a woman. The man looks about the same as him, but with shorter hair and the woman has delicate features and kind eyes. There were scowls on both mens faces.

"Son, where is Sasuke?" Asked the older man concerned that he has yet to see his younger son of ten years.

"I found him earlier and sent him to change father," states Itachi "I found him in some. . .inappropriate clothing, you could say. He should be here soon."

"Dear," starts the woman, "if this gets out of hand you must help our old friend. God knows what that traitorous man can do."

"Of course Mikoto," says the older man, "I wasn't planning on standing in the sidelines, but first we must find Sasuke. Kakashi?"

Out steps another figure from the shadows. "Yes King Fugaku?"

"Hurry and find Sasuke before this gets out of hand."

"Yes your majesty."

Their attention was drawn back to the evil man as he continued, "Mark my words. . .you and your family will all die on that fortnight. I will not rest until I see the end of the Haruno line. . .forever!"

Soon with a green glow, he was gone. Disappeared into thin air as the grand chandelier fell from above.

. . .Consumed in his hatred against Kizashi, Orochimaru sold his soul for the power to destroy them. . .

"Go and fulfill your duty. Seal the fate of the King and his family. . .once and for all." With that little ghouls came out of the cydrilical container he had in his hand.

. . .From that moment on the sparkle and happiness was soon transformed into a flame of unhappiness that will soon destroy our lives forever. . .

Shouts of fear were soon heard as Kizashi and the Uchiha family rushed to get everyone out.

"My music box!" Shouted young Sakura as she remembered that she left the little device in her room.

"Sakura! Come back!" Shouted her grandmother as she fought against the current of bodies as she followed the young child.

Soon both of them were in Sakura's room. The older woman quickly shut the door and walked briskly to the young girl's side. Both gasped in fear as they heard a loud boom. From behind a door to a secret passageway opened and a head peeked out. Soon Sasuke stepped out quickly to help both females.

"Quick! This way!" He instructed as he pulled them both by their clothes and into the passage way.

Sakura dropped her music box as she was pushed in, "My music box!"

But it was too late for her to get it for the secret door was closed by young Sasuke himself. Soon the bedroom door was opened and men with guns stepped in.

"Where are they?" Asked one of the men.

Sasuke tried to fight them off, but he quickly got overpowered and was knocked out, the little music box right next to him. Before anymore damage could be done, Itachi stepped in and knocked them all out. He picked up his brother and the music box and quickly fled the room to meet up with his family. Unfortunately, the fates of the King, his wife, daughters and only son were sealed with their blood scattered over the walls and floors. Once he reached his family he quickly explained to his father the situation.

"We must return quickly to Konoha." Said the King. "From there we will contact her Imperial Highness and decide on the further action to take. Orochimaru will be stopped, but that young girl must be saved first!"

With that they all agreed and quickly left for Konoha. Out in the snowfall we see young Sakura fleeing with her grandmother to the train station, planning on catching the next train to Konoha.


"Keep up with me little one."

Above them is Orochimaru standing on the bridge. He soon jumps down to tackle the little girl. Both female gasps and start to fight him off. Before he can do anymore damage soon and body steps in and hold him off.

"Go!" Exclaims Kakashi as he fights Orochimaru, but doesn't do much damage since the ice soon begins to crack and Orochimaru starts to go under.

Kakashi quickly helps the females escape further before they too get thrown into the freezing cold water. Soon they arrive to the station, but they run as fast as they can for the train is leaving. The older woman is soon pulled into the train as she turns around to help her granddaughter on.


"Hold on to my hand, sweetheart," she exclaims as she grabs Sakura's hand. The man next to her tries to help, but isn't able to grab onto young Sakura. "Don't let go Sakura, don't let go!"

But unfortunate for them, fate had other plans. Young Sakura's hand slip from her grandmother and she ends up tumbling into the platform and hits her head going unconscious.

"Sakura!" Shouts the grandmother, but it is too late. The train is too far away from her.

The older woman looks on in dismay as she sees the small speck that's left to see of where the young girl lays. . .unconscious.

. . .So many lives were destroyed that night. What has always been was now gone forever. My beloved Sakura, my young grandchild. . .I never saw her again.

A week later word has gotten to the Imperial King Fugaku that the older woman arrived to Konoha, but without the child.

"What do you mean she's not here!?" Explained the King.

"As it is said your majesty." Nervously explained a servant. "She arrived no less than a week ago, but without the young princess. Witnesses say that her hand slipped and the young girl fell and was left behind."

"Well we must find her! Immediately!" Shouted the King. "We will not rest until she is found and put back onto that throne. She is the last of her family. We must not let her die."

With that said the servant set out to fulfill his majesty's command. Soon there were teams made and sent to look for the young princess. Years went by and the search kept coming up fruitless. Many of the King's advisors told him to give in, but he didn't listen to them. He knew that his family would keep looking. It was the last thing he would do for his old friend, and that was to watch and protect the girl. . .once she was found.

"Dear," Mikoto said, "you know, once Sasuke turns sixteen send him and Naruto to look for the girl. They'll most likely find her. Of course we won't accept the money her Imperialness is offering, but I feel that it's the most we can do for right now."

Fugaku didn't say anything for a moment. He was thinking over what she said. "You're right. Once he's sixteen, we'll give him this assignment. He's watched her and will know better than any soldier we can send."

"I accept." They turned around to see their youngest and oldest together at the doorway of the throne room. "I will not fail father. She is too important and too kind to be out in a cruel world alone."

"Are you sure you don't have a crush on her little brother?" Teased Itachi.

"Shut up!" Mumbled Sasuke, trying to hide a blush coming on.

"Alright. In six years, Sasuke, you will head out with Naruto to find the girl. Befriend her at any costs if she's found. Even the slightest of resemblance or if you think it's her help. Even if you have to hold auditions and pretend you're in it for the money. . .do it. We owe this to her family."

With that they came into an agreement. Determination was found on young Sasuke's face as he swore to himself to find her. With that the adventure begins.

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