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Chapter One:

The atmosphere around #4 Privet drive was ominous. The rain fell in steady sheets and the wind whipped the tree branches back and forth nearly breaking them in two. It was almost as if Mother Nature herself was protesting the occurrences that happened only a scant thirty minutes ago.

Harry laid flat on his back staring at the ceiling. As painful as the position was, he just couldn't find the energy to do anything about it. It had taken the last of his reserves to pull himself up of the floor where his uncle had left him after one his latest "discussions". As far back as Harry could remember, the Dursley's had been cruel and verbally abusive but they had never resorted to physical violence. Well, to be completely honest, Harry admitted to himself, his uncle Vernon had smacked him a few times but had never hit him with the rage and violence that he had used ever since Harry had returned home a week ago after his 4th year in Hogwarts.

Uncle Vernon had been still harboring anger about the ton tongue toffee incident from last summer. As soon as Harry had stepped off the train last week and saw the look in his uncle's eyes, he knew he was in trouble. At the last minute, he had decided to send most of his prized possessions home with his best friend Ron. Harry also sent Hedwig home with the Weasleys so that she did not have to suffer along with Harry. As happy as he was to have spared his pet owl he really missed her. Harry had never felt as alone as he did right at that moment.

Harry slowly elevated his head enough to look down at his battered body. He realized that he was in serious trouble. He had a feeling some of his ribs were broken and that he was losing a lot of blood from various injuries to his body. Harry took all of this in with almost a feeling of relief. He knew that the Dursley's had no intention of letting him return to school and with that knowledge was almost thankful that he may not survive the night. Weakened by blood loss Harry finally slipped into oblivion.

Just as Harry's body relaxed into the deep sleep of the unconscious, a small white body barreled through the cracks in the bars of the window (The Dursley's had put the bars back on the window after his daring escape two summers ago) and launched itself at the small, still body. The snowy white owl began to nip at his master's ear trying desperately to wake the boy. After a few fruitless minutes, the owl quickly tore a piece of blood soaked material from the boy's shirt and flew away into the raging storm.

Professor Snape and the Headmaster had been walking around the lake without saying a word. The older wizard knew that Severus needed the time to pull himself together. Dumbledore let his thoughts wonder and considered his relationship to the young man standing beside him. The two had a strong bond that dated back over twenty years ago. flashback Dumbledore sat back with a sigh. That went better then he had expected, he mused to himself. Just the day before Salazar Snape had requested a meeting with the headmaster regarding his nine year old son Severus. Dumbledore had sent a message back granting a meeting for today at three. He had suspected what the meeting was going to be about and as usual, he guessed correctly. Salazar was adamant that his son was ready to enter Hogwarts this year. Normally, the child had to be eleven before being invited to attend but after some testing, Dumbledore had to admit the boy was well advanced for his age and would have no problem with the classes. The headmaster had promised to owl his decision within two days time and had ushered the father and son out of his office.

Dumbledore had heard rumors about an evil powerful wizard beginning to acquire a lot of power and knew that Salazar was one of his most advent supporters. He needed to give some thought as to whether or not having this man's child at his school was an acceptable risk. But in actuality, he knew the minute he met Severus that he would allow him to attend. He thought back to the meeting from two hours ago with a slight smile on his face and his ever present twinkle in his eye. At precisely three there had been a knock on his door, and at the answer of "enter" a rather tall severe looking gentleman had entered with a small boy trailing behind. The boy had slightly curly dark black hair and the deepest brown eyes Dumbledore had ever seen. The headmaster could sense a lot of anger coming from a child so young but at one look at his eyes could also sense a vulnerability about him. end flashback Dumbledore smiled as he remembered the instant fondness he had felt towards the boy since that meeting. Over the years, Severus had begun to trust him and to open up to him. During his seventh year, Dumbledore had learned what the boy's life had been like at home and had refused to allow Severus to return to his father's manor after the end of the school year. Although, Snape had graduated from school he was still only sixteen. He had petitioned the Ministry of Magic and had been granted temporary custody of the boy until he reached the legal age of eighteen. Only a select few knew that before Severus turned eighteen he had overheard a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix and learned of the raging battle with Voldemort. Determined to do something to help the man he regarded as more of a father than Salazar, he had snuck out of the house and became a death eater so that he could be a spy. Albus was devastated when he learned what Severus had done. He loved the boy as the son he never had and would be lost if something ever happened to him. But with the dark mark on his forearm there was little else to be done other than to help prepare the boy for the meetings with Voldemort and to try and keep him as safe as possible.

The increase shivering at his side pulled him from his thoughts and refocused him back to the present. Snape had just returned from a meeting with Voldemort and as usual, he was currently trying to wrestle with the after effects of the crucio curse. It always took at least a half hour in Dumbledore's presence to calm him enough to be able to give his report. Knowing that Severus was ready he finally spoke "Are you alright child?"

Not for the first time, Snape was regretting ever becoming a spy. He had enough of the pain and suffering that he was forced to watch and was tired of the constant pain inflicted on him by Voldemort. For some reason the dark lord enjoyed torturing him and would often inflict the crucio curse. The only time Snape felt safe and content was in the presence of the older wizard next to him. At times like this, Severus wanting nothing more than to have Dumbledore enfold him in his arms and to promise that everything would be all right. Embarrassed by these thoughts and for being so weak, Snape drew his customary anger around him like a shield and snapped out "I fine headmaster, and I am not a child!!" When he glanced up at Dumbledore, he noticed the friendly blue eyes harden a little and saw his mentor cross his arms giving him a look he knew all too well. With a sigh and a slight slump of his shoulders Snape apologized "I'm sorry Albus. I am okay. It is nothing more than the customary after effects of the curse."

They continued to walk a few minutes in silence. After a few minutes Snape decided to look up and check to see if there was any anger or disappointment in the older wizard's eyes but instead he found concern. He also realized that the headmaster was quite aware that there was more being left unsaid. Damn him for being so perceptive he thought snidely to himself. He knew that Dumbledore would not let it drop until he told everything so he might as well spit it out. "I think he knows" he whispered quietly.

"What!!" Dumbledore yelled. "How? You mean to tell me Voldemort knows you are a spy? That's it, I absolutely forbid you to go back. Your spying days are over Severus!" Dumbledore said with a look on his face just daring Severus to argue with him.

If Albus was waiting for an argument, he wasn't disappointed. "What?" Snape snarled with a look of incredibility on his face. "You can't forbid me to go. I am an adult and can continue for as long as I feel it is necessary. I'm not sure if he knows, I only suspect. It is too good of an opportunity for information to pass up." Snape responded with defiance. Seeing the storm clouds forming in Dumbledore's eyes, he decided to try a different tactic. "Please Albus, I need to do this." He pleaded.

Before Dumbledore could continue his argument he noticed a snowy white owl approaching them. The owl wearily perched on the headmaster's shoulder and dropped something into his hand. Dumbledore looked down at the bloody material he was now holding. At first a look of confusion crossed both of the wizards' faces until realization sunk in. "Harry!" Albus yelled at the same time Snape yelled "Potter." Both were aware that the owl belonged to Harry Potter and that something must be wrong.

Before grabbing a hold of Severus's arm, he looked him in the eye and firmly stated, "We are not done with this conversation." and with that they both apparated.

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