A/N: I THINK I got this idea off something I saw on Pixiv? Probably, I practically live there.

In case anyone is wondering, this is going off Laslow's Revelations ending if he marries Corrin. Only in this case, it's Xander. Yes I'm doing it.


"Lord Xander, with all due respect, you suck at this."

Xander winced at his retainer's brutal honesty, keeping his gaze glued to their feet as Laslow attempted to guide them through the steps. His grip tightened slightly on the other man's hands.

"You say that to your lord so casually." He commented. Laslow gave a short laugh.

"I'm just being honest, your majesty. Just like you told me to." He could practically see the sweet smile on Laslow's face, and probably would if he would look up.

But he wouldn't. Because mixed in with that sweetness was sure to be that familiar teasing Laslow only allowed when they were alone.

Which was now, conveniently enough.

"The ball is in two days, please focus." Laslow asked softly, tugging on his hands. Xander sighed, and he felt the other male shift, probably frowning at him. "It's to celebrate your brother's wedding. Bear with me."

Xander nodded, then slumped his shoulders and leaned down to press his forehead to the top of Laslow's. He sighed again.

"Just give me a minute." He said, taking a deep breath. He allowed his eyes to crack open slightly, catching a small smile on Laslow's face before the shorter pulled away an inch, bumping his forehead against Xander's.

"With your dancing skills, I don't think we can afford a minute." He chuckled. He then looked at their entwined hands, then to the one wrapped loosely around his middle, frowning. "And for Naga's sake, put your hand in the right place."

Xander didn't have time to question the foreign swear as his left hand was grabbed and repositioned at the shorter male's lower back, Laslow stepping forward so that the prince's whole arm wrapped around him and leaving less than an inch between them.

"Like that." He said, and Xander could see the pleased smile clearly now. He fought to keep a straight face. Instead, he cleared his throat and straightened his back.

Seeing this, Laslow nodded, placing a hand on the blonde's shoulder.

"Now, follow along. Step once, twice, turn..."

The dancer directed him slowly, allowing Xander to process each step. He hummed along with the movement, a song Xander thought sounded familiar but couldn't quite place.

"Something from your homeland?" He asked, stumbling slightly as he narrowly avoided stepping on Laslow's feet - something he learned the dancer did not appreciate. Said male nodded distractedly, eyes closed.

"Two steps back, and turn with three." He continued, tilting his head to the right. Xander nodded, though the grey-haired male's eyes were still closed, and tightened the arm around Laslow's waist slightly. He took two steps before his ankle bumped against his retainer's, and Laslow cracked an eye open, giving him an amused smile. "I may have been distracted, but I felt that."

Xander sighed a third time that night, smiling warily.

"From the top."


A/N: I was gonna throw in some things about Soleil and Siegbert, but I just couldn't find a place to add them in. Originally it was going to be a lot more humorous, with Camilla walking in on their practice and Laslow telling her how bad a dancer Xander was, but again, I couldn't find a place for her to appear. The pairing might have been a little vague, especially since I said it was supposed to be the same as if Laslow married Corrin in Revelations, but think of it however you want at this point.

(I'll admit, after the note at the top, I did run to Pixiv to see if I had that image bookmarked. I did.)