Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Harry Potter, its Rowling's and Warner's toy box. I'm merely playing in it. Also I own nothing to do with Buffy, we all know who's toy box that is and again I'm merely playing in it and getting it and the other intermingled. I'll put everything away when I'm finished, promise.

Note: I was halfway through the forth book when this idea came to me. Willow's words about Giles going all "Dumbledore" on her kept playing in my mind. So of course I checked out the crossover section and there were literally tons of fics like what I had in my head. I decided I wasn't going to write this. Therefore when I sat down that night to work on another fic this came out, within four hours time I had three chapters. Honestly I'm not entirely sure anyone will want another Willow goes to Hogworts to get healed fic so if its entirely too awful to bare let me know and I'll quit posting it. Other then that let me know if you do want me to continue. Spoilers are all of season six for Buffy and GoF for Harry Potter.

Warning: There will be male and female slash in this piece.