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Lord Elrond paced his study ignoring his friend Glorfindels words. He retook his seat across from Glorfindel and tried in vain to study the chessboard in front of him to decide his next move. Suddenly a pain filled scream sounded through Elrond's home, and Elrond himself leapt to his feet bolting for the door.

"Oh no you don't!" Glorfindel exclaimed as he leapt from his seat to take hold of Elrond and tried to force him away from the door with all his might.

But Elrond would stand for this no longer; he would not be a prisoner in his own house. He turned quick as lightning and ran to the other side of the study to grab a sword off the wall. He unsheathed the sword and turned on his friend, bringing the blade to Glorfindels neck height as he walked towards him with deadly intent in his eyes. "Stand aside Glorfindel, or I shall skewer you upon my sword without hesitation" snarled the usually calm Lord Elrond.

In a last attempt to bring some logic into the situation Glorfindel spoke in the calmest voice he could muster with a sword being aimed at his throat "You know that this is not your battle Elrond, there is nothing you can do." Glorfindel swallowed hard as his lord and friends eyes seemed to take on a mad sort of gleam in their gray depths.

"I will not stay here and do nothing!" Elrond shouted as he advanced upon his supposed friend, until the blade of his sword was right at Glorfindels throat.

They stared at one another for a moment before Glorfindel gave in and held out his hands in a passive position. "As you wish my lord but I will not be held responsible for whatever havoc you cause."

With that said Elrond lowered his sword and Glorfindel stepped aside. Elrond threw his sword down so he could make use of both his hands, for Glorfindel was not the only thing blocking the door. A heavy table with two chests on top of it also blocked the door, Elrond pushed it all aside when another pain-ridden cry filled the air and rushed from the room.

Glorfindel merely watched as his friend ran so foolishly into this battle, "Valar help him," he said aloud shaking his head.

Elrond ran up the stairs as quickly as he could, knocking various people over in the process, the screams of pain were becoming more frequent the closer he got. Just as reached the doorway that would lead him to his quarry the screams stopped and a new voice cried out into the night. Elrond flung open the door to see shocked mid wives crowded around his wife who was beaming holding a small bundle. Celebrian looked up and smiled at him, "Tolo si Mel Nin, welcome our new daughter to the world." (Come here, my love) And with those few whispered words Elrond was brought to tears.

Three years later

"Ada, Ada, wake up Ada!" a loud child's voice coming from such a small child was the first thing to be heard in the house of Elrond that morning. Currently that small child was sitting on the lord of the house's chest tapping him lightly on the forehead with her small hands. "ADA WAKE UP!" she cried, despite the fact he had already done so with a slight jerk.

"Ai, I am awake Liane, you may stop shouting now." Elrond groggily replied to his little daughter with a hint of a smile on his face.

Liane intern smiled back at him with her most innocent smile and kissed him lightly on the nose before deftly leaping out of his reach so that he could not tickle her. She ran to the other side of the room and hid behind the windows silk drapes, where she was clearly visible.

Lord Elrond exchanged a fond smile with his wife and got out of bed. "Where did she go? Celebrian my darling have you seen Liane? I cannot seem to find her anywhere!" He exclaimed walking around the room with an expression of feigned confusion on his face "She must be very smart to elude me indeed!" this statement was answered by a fit of giggles from behind the curtains. "Well this is just awful!" Elrond said throwing his hands in the air "We shall have to eat breakfast without her, and of all the days to miss breakfast but on the very day we had decided to serve desserts for breakfast. Oh well, I guess she'll just have to have some lembas bread later."

Celebrian shot him smile and chuckled, Elrond knew how to handle Liane so well, and to prove that very fact Liane threw the silk curtains aside and ran to her father.

"I am here Ada! You did not see me! You are so silly!" Liane giggled and rubbed her face against her father's robe because it always smelled just like him. "Come on Ada let's go have breakfast!" she said bouncing up and down in her excitement to have dessert for breakfast.

Celebrian came over to her husband's side and bent down to speak to Liane "We will, but first you must get all washed up and put on clean clothes and brush your hair" at this Liane looked almost horrified.

So it was with a small evil grin she countered her mother's words by saying "But amme I am to small too do that all by myself. I think it would be best if we just went to breakfast now," she said smiling broadly at her cleverness.

But the Lady Celebrian was not to be outdone "Oh of course you are too young to do that all on your own! How silly of me to think so, well we shall just have to get one of your brothers to help you."

Liane gapped at her mother, how after she had just outsmarted Ada when she hid, could she possibly think that she couldn't do something on her own? "I can do it! And I don't need stupid Elladan or Elrohir to help me!" She scoffed indignantly back her mother.

"Oh really" Celebrian continued her ruse "Well you must indeed show your brothers how well you can do those things then" she added with a smile.

"Fine I will then, and I'll be cleaner and more well dressed than ever" Liane told her mother in haughty tone before sweeping out of the room in a royal manner.

"Oh well played Mel Nin, well played indeed" chuckled Elrond before placing a kiss upon his wife's forehead. They both chortled happily as they began to ready themselves for the morning meal.

Liane had indeed shown her brothers how well she could take care of herself. Both brothers and Liane arrived slightly late; Liane looking very smug wearing mismatched clothes, her hair in a braid that was fast coming undone with a few soap bubbles dangling from her left ear. Elladan was looking tired and slightly disgruntled as he flopped down in his chair, Elrohir on the other had was looking highly amused as he lifted Liane into her chair.

Liane sat between her brothers looking like she was going to burst from excitement, until that is, breakfast was served. Liane looked at the contents of the table shocked; there wasn't a dessert to be found! She quickly looked to her father, he shrugged innocently but she could see mirth in his eyes and soon realized her folly. But just because she knew she was wrong didn't mean she was going to admit it, so she simply choose to ignore it.

Breakfast went as it always did, the adults talked to one another and occasionally Liane would say something. But today and for the past week it was different, Liane's grandparents Galadriel and Celeborn were there, visiting. They had come from their realm to discuss some sort of politics. The leaders of the other realms where scheduled to arrive later in the week.

This had slightly miffed Liane as now all her family didn't seem to have any time for her, but she hadn't complained. She had just continued to amuse herself in the library. It was an odd pass time for anyone her age but Liane was unusually bright for her age and seemed to soak up knowledge like dry earth soaked up water. She already spoke Quenya, Sindarin and the Common Tongue.

After breakfast Liane excused herself and headed straight for the library. She pulled down a large tomb and tottered to the window seat. Once settled she became fully emerged in the book and did not see or hear her father come in.

It wasn't until he was standing right behind her, and in so doing cast a shadow across her book, that she noticed him. "Hello Ada! Have you come to read with me?" Liane asked this in a would be casual voice but it was the hope in her beautiful blue eyes that gave her away.

Elrond sighed as he looked into his favorite child's young eyes, he had been neglecting her of late what with all the preparations for the coming guests. It truly pained him to do so, for he loved her so deeply. After he had sailed to Valinor and reunited with his wife they had been so happy, but it felt as though something was missing. That something had been Liane. It had been many ages since he had been with Celebrian and neither he nor his wife had expected a child, nor that it would be such a wondrous child.

Elrond began to apologize to Liane when Glorfindel burst into the library looking extremely agitated. Elrond walked quickly towards him and they began speaking in hushed tones so as not to upset Liane.

Elrond nodded and began to walk from the room when Liane called out. "Ada? Where are you going?" she asked slightly frightened, she had never seen her father like this before.

"I am just going to help with some of our guests" Elrond lied quickly "Do not worry I shall be back soon, you just stay here and read"

Elrond turned to go but Liane ran over to him and clutched him about the knees "But you have not said goodbye yet Ada." It had become customary whenever Elrond went somewhere without her she would sit upon his lap and lovingly trace his facial features with her hands. It began after a nightmare she'd had a nightmare last year where she was sitting with a man calling him father but he was not her father. Elrond enjoyed this tradition as much as Liane, her small fingers would trace his eyebrows, proceeding down the bridge of his nose then to his cheekbones up to his temples and then down once more to his jaw.

           "I do not have time for your foolish games Liane!" Elrond scolded in a slightly harsher voice than he meant to. He regretted his words instantly at the hurt look on Liane's face as she released him, but he had no time to dwell on this. Something far more important had happened he could apologize and explain to her later. Not now though, and so Elrond left the library with Glorfindel.

Liane stood there long after her father had left "Why had he been so mean" she thought to herself "Doesn't he love me anymore?" Tears streamed down her pale cheeks falling to the floor, she wiped them away hastily and breathed deeply. "Well if he doesn't, I'll find someone who does," she declared strongly to the empty room.

On later inspection though no one who Liane thought might love her was to be found or they were all too busy and no time for her.

Liane sat upon a bench in the gardens staring morosely into a small pond as she kicked rocks into the pond getting madder and madder with each splash. "If they don't want to be around me then I don't want be around them!" she thought angrily.

She hopped off her perch on the bench and headed for the forest thinking to hide and live in it forever. Her pace quickened until she was running, angry tears streaked her face as she ran. Uncaring of where she was going Liane did not see the small ditch up ahead of her. Where there should have been ground there was none and she fell head fist into the ditch.

To most falling into the ditch would have been a small matter but Liane was just three years old and she fell hard bumping her head on a rock when she landed, rendering her unconscious. A few strands of her hair and a piece of fabric from her clothes were torn on a protruding tree root near the ditch.

Liane lay there unconscious and alone, but not for long, someone passed her by and picked her up. But this person was no elf and did not belong in Valinor nor were his intentions for the small girl good.