Servine; Hello and welcome to this story that is NOT a Fanfiction. This is the official Nocturne of Recollection translated script. I just wanted people to know that this radio drama exited, because I love it and one of my stories use this.

So I really don't own any of script. Enjoy.

Summary of Chapter 1

-Begins with a girl being attacked by a vampire

-Cut to recap of events of Symphony of the Night

-Introduces Lyudmil, Alucard's former servant, who was exiled for freeing Lisa

-Alucard is now living with Maria, after she ran off after him at the end of SOTN


Alucard, Maria, Richter, Lyudmil, Cyril, Alexis, Magnus, Imp


Scene 1

Dialogue between Alexis and Cyril (2 vampire hunters)

Cyril, I'm sure it's in this town.

Cyril: You're right. Look! The colour of the potion has changed.

Alexis: The red colour looks ominous… looks like the vampire is indeed in this town. Is it really just the two of us in doing this?

Cyril: If you're scared, let's go back.

Alexis: Hmmph, I'm not scared. In fact it's scary if I let you go alone.

Cyril: Alexis, I'm not the one who has a problem with this.

Alexis: Alright! I heard that your father has entrusted the Belmont clan to attack the vampires.

Cyril: haha, hmmph, those folks don't know the details, my father must be out of his mind.

Alexis: That's right, and I also heard rumors that the vampire hunter Richter is thinking of joining Dracula!

Cyril: Seems like the Belmont clan isn't that powerful after all. Now they have to depend on us to do the job!

Alexis: Yeah, yeah you're still as long-winded as ever.

Cyril: Haha, it's still early, let's search for more clues. I must kill the vampire with my bare hands! I must not let others suffer as my sister did!

(Maria is shopping for groceries)

Maria: hmm…do I still need to buy anything else?

Seller: Hey, that lady over there, how about getting some tomatoes, they're delicious when ripe!

Maria: Looks yummy, I'll get these.

Seller: come again!

Old lady: Hey girl, how about these cherries, they're good for cherry wine and cherry pie! They say the way through a man's heart is through his stomach.

Maria: Really? OK, I'll get some! Haha, won't Alucard be pleased? (Imagines Alucard saying: 'this isn't necessary'.) Sigh, we've been living together for a year, I wish Alucard would confide in me….forget it, no use getting upset over this. The sun is setting, I have to go to the post office, better be going soon.

Maria to postman: Hi! Do I have mail?

Postman: Yes, don't know when it was delivered. Here it is!

Maria: Hmm? It's from Richter. I've received an emergency call from him earlier on, I wonder what's happened?

Postman: Is that from your boyfriend? Haha, the mails are always from that same person.

The letter from Richter says:

"I hope all is well, Maria. I don't have time to explain in detail about the emergency situation over here. I have been hired to hunt down a vampire.

Maria (reading the letter): A vampire?!

"(continued) It is still too early to say much, but ever since that incident about the teenage girl being killed by a vampire, similar events have been occurring in your town. My client's daughter has also met the same fate. It's not that I'm suspecting Alucard, it's just that such incidents have been happening so frequently…we can't rule out the possibility that he is unable to curb his instincts. Please contact me if anything strange happens near Alucard." (end of letter)"

Maria: Alucard…no, that's not possible! Why would he attack the humans…. But, if it's not him, it means that there is another vampire prowling the town. I have to let Alucard know about this!

Maria: I sense something evil!

Alexis: Hey! Cyril!

Cyril: I'm very sure that it's nearby. Alexis!

Maria: Who are you?

Cyril: I should ask you that. What are you doing in this deserted place?

Alexis: Better get away from here as soon as you can. It seems like the creature of the night has appeared.

Cyril: Argh! Damn! The demon-killing potion (?) has stopped reacting.

Alexis: It must have sensed our presence, and escaped.

Maria: What on earth are you two doing?

Cyril: We're vampire hunters.

Maria: ...vampire hunters?

Alexis: It's very dangerous in this town. For your own safety, lady, don't hang around by yourself.

Cyril: Let's hurry, Alexis. We must lure the vampire out.

Maria: I wonder who these people are…they don't look like Belmonts. But they seem to have sensed that evil presence I felt just now. I feel it again! It's so near…where is it? Stop hiding, show yourself!

(Magnus appears)

Magnus: Hahaha…

Maria: *gasp*

Magnus: Not bad, you can sense my presence, Maria Renard.

Maria: Who are you! Those black wings….

Magnus: Aren't they beautiful, these wings, these claws and sharp teeth? All proof that I am a creature of the night.

Maria: So you're the one who has been attacking the humans in this town.

Magnus: Hmmph! Why would Magnus the incubus suck blood..what rubbish!

Maria: Incubus?

Magnus: Humans are foolish and ugly. You humans merely exist for us to kill for amusement. It isn't really necessary to drink your blood.

Maria: Enough talk.

Magnus: So this is the one who can control the four celestial beasts?

Maria: Pretty smart observation, but I have no time for that.

Magnus: Oh? Hahaha, don't tell me Adrian has been subdued by this woman?

Maria: Adrian?

Magnus: Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes. I know you'd rather call him Alucard.

Maria: You know Alucard?

Magnus: Know? He betrayed his own father Dracula, if only I could use these claws to rend him limb from limb and rip out his innards…hahaha…wouldn't that be fun.

Maria: !

Magnus: Haha, would you fight me to protect Alucard? How pathetic is this thing called human love.

Maria: How dare you!

Magnus: Not as pathetic as you, a vampire hunter spending her life with Alucard, how ironic is that.

Maria: …

Magnus: Think about it, Maria, why would a vampire keep a human at his side?

Maria: What exactly is your point?

Magnus: You're young, lively, and beautiful…that pure untainted body, that fair and slender neck…hahaha…I can picture it, tonight he will lust after your blood… heh heh, Maria, haven't you noticed it already?

Maria: …

Magnus: He appears so gentlemanly in front of you, but don't you ever wonder what he's secretly thinking of?

Maria:It's true that Alucard doesn't tell me what's in his mind, but…

Magnus: I have ever seen with my own eyes, Alucard attacking humans and drinking their blood, Maria.

Maria: How could you say that!

Magnus: He has finally succumbed to his basic instincts and become like Dracula.

Maria: Shut up! Stop all this nonsense!

Magnus: A vampire only has to taste human blood once…the feeling is so glorious that it will be impossible for him to control his desires.

Maria: Do you really think I will believe you?!

Magnus: Hehehaha, you look pale, Maria. Which part of you is afraid of Alucard?

Maria: !

Magnus: If you don't believe me, let him reveal his true colours then!

Maria: Argh, my head hurts.

(Maria gets a vision)

Girl (image) : Help! Release me!

Alucard (image): Keep still, this will be quick. Let me quench my thirst with your blood…

Alucard (image): Ha…hahaha…yes, this is what I have been desiring…there's no need to deny it anymore.

Maria: What was that?!

Magnus: The girls in this town won't be enough for Alucard. He'll eventually sink his fangs into the tender veins of your neck and taste the sweetness…

Maria: Enough! Summon Four celestial beasts! Phoenix!

Magnus: So this is the phoenix…

Maria: You shall be its food.

Magnus: I don't intend to fight you here. I just wanted to tell you the truth.

Maria: Hold it there!

Magnus (disappearing): We shall meet again, Maria! Hahahaha…