Chapter 2: Sirius Fights Back

If you are reading this for the second, or more, time, you will note that I made some changes. I never liked bits of this, so I changed them up a bit. Now Molly is only upset about the house elves for other reasons, then that they are bonded.


Sirius had once been a cruel man, he admitted that to himself, but Azkaban had cured him of that. Years of torture and guilt did that to a man. But now, he felt compassion for the tired old elf. He wondered if he could find more elves to help Kreacher. This house was huge, and it was disgusting. It really needed more than one old decrepit elf, who was on his last leg, to clean it. That and it might improve Kreacher's disposition if he had help.

With that in mind, he slammed his hand on the pedestal again, and said forcefully, "Magic hear my call. The House of Black seeks any free elf that wants a family to serve. Come to my voice and let me inspect you." He removed his hand and waited.

A few minutes later, ten elves popped into the room. One was wearing tea cozies as a hat, a large knitted jumper and had socks on its feet. One female was in a very sloppy and stained yellow sundress. If he looked closely, and he knew the stains were butterbeer, which he knew was bad for elves. Still, he'd hear her out. The rest were dressed in ratty pillowcases and didn't look at all well.

He pointed to the one in the tea cozy. "You, what did you do to be freed?"

"Dobby was freed from a cruel master by the Great Harry Potter. Dobby was hoping that if Harry Potter's dogfather took him in, then Dobby could serve around the Great Harry Potter. Dobby woulds love nothing more in life than to serve the Great Harry Potter," the now named Dobby said, bouncing on his spindly sock clad feet.

Sirius thought about that for a minute and then said, "Dobby, go to Harry and offer your services. Explain to him why you want to serve him. If he doesn't take you, come back to me, and I will bond with you and have you serve him as the heir of the House of Black." It would be nice birthday present.

Dobby popped away to #4 Privet Drive with the hope that his greatest wish would come true.

Sirius pointed to the elf in the dress. "You, what did you do to be freed?"

"Winky is not knowing, sir. Winky is following orders and then Master accuses Winky of using a wand, but Winky didn't. Winky was only following orders," she cried in earnest, putting her thin hands over her face.

"Winky?" the new Head asked kindly. He wondered who her last master was. "Who did you serve?"

"Winky was elf to Master Crouch and his son," she wailed in anguish, like it hurt her to remember.

That caught Sirius' attention. He hated that family with every fiber of his being. When he found out that both were dead, he did a little victory dance. Now he had a chance to spit on Senior's grave by taking in his elf. Hell yeah, he was going to snap that up. He didn't even care if she was a good elf.

He got a wicked grin on his face. "Winky," he said gently, making her stop wailing. "Do you wish to serve the House of Black?"

The elf looked like she was thinking hard. Her last master hated this man and his family, but they were gone, and she wanted to serve a family again. Her magic was getting weaker, and the drinking of Butterbeer was not helping. If this man was offering her a family… "Winky will serve the House of Black," she said decisively, as she perked up a little.

"Stand over there, and let me interview the rest of these elves," Sirius said as he pointed to the wall on the far side of the room. He was ecstatic, first Malfoy's old elf, now Crouch's. He wondered if there were anymore elves from Dark families.

The elf did as she was told, though she was itching to clean the old blood stains off. Her nose wrinkled and she made sure to stand clear of them. While she was waiting, she snapped her fingers and got rid of the yellow sundress. Instead she was wearing a comfortable tea towel. It was soft against her skin and brought her comfort to be wearing something familiar. She hated that dress.

Sirius talked to the other elves and found five more, three from Dark families, which made it all the better. After his talks, he felt would serve him well. They wouldn't give him knowledge of their old family, just why they were let go. Mostly due to downsizing, and death.

He took oaths from the six elves after sending the rest away. He just didn't need eleven elves, twelve if Dobby came back. He wouldn't know what to do with that many. After the house was cleaned, he only needed the ones he bonded with to keep it clean. Even then he would be hard-pressed to find them things to do.

He gave them the same orders he gave Kreacher once he had informed them that Kreacher was the head elf and that they were to take instructions from him.

The now invigorated man heaved a large sigh. He was starting to feel the extra boost of magic, and it was making him antsy. He left, warded and locked the room so no one could come in. As he was leaving the library, he waved his uncle's wand, and gave permission to the room to allow the kids access, but not the adults, except Moony. He felt that he would deny that privilege until the people in his house started respecting him.

"Dinky," he called one of the new elves, who quickly popped in, "I need you to ward the Dark books in here. The kids can come read, but I don't want them to hurt themselves. Just stick them to the shelves, and make sure they can't be removed."

"Dinky will do as Master orders," the thin elf said, bouncing up and down in his excitement that he had a family to serve. He too was dressed in a tea towel, but his was more toga style. It was adorned with the Black family emblem.

Nodding his head to the elf, Sirius made his way down the stairs and could already see the efforts that the elves were making. The walls were brighter, the brass oil lamps glimmered, and there were no cobwebs in the corners. The pictures were cleaner, and he could now see who was in them. The wallpaper was washed and looked like it needed to be replaced.

He wandered further down the hall and soon came across his mother's painting. Its now clean curtains were open, and she was looking down the scrubbed hall with distaste. The look on her face made it seem that she was not happy with the new elves. Probably because they didn't listen to her. Not even her Kreacher.

"Hello, Mother," he sneered at the crazed woman, who had just opened her mouth to start screeching.

"Disappointment," she sneered back, hate in her painted eyes.

"I've come to tell you; I've reclaimed the House of Black and now I will finally see you off this wall. Don't worry, I'm not going to destroy you, I'm going to put you in your old room, lock you in the portrait frame and visit you often to tell you how the House is doing," he said with a smirk, loving the confused and angry look on her face. "The only entertainment you will have is the hippogriff. Have fun," he laughed, it would do her good to be locked up in that room with only Buckbeak for company.

He really needed to find a way to free the poor beast.

"I disowned you, you little bastard," she whispered disbelievingly. "You can't be the Head of the House. I won't allow it," she finished, almost at a yell.

"I hate to tell you this, Mother, but you're dead. You have no power. Kreacher is mine now and will no longer follow your orders." The joy he felt when she looked at him in horror was petty at best, but long had he wanted to put her in her place. Now, he would finally get his revenge for the horrible childhood she had given him. "Kreacher," he called.

"Master has called Kreacher?" the old elf asked, once more bowing deeply. His pillowcase was clean and had the family emblem on it as well.

"Yes, I did. I want this painting removed. If you feel it would be too painful for you to do it, then have one of the other elves do it. Have her put in her old room, make sure she can't leave. I want her kept there and undisturbed. Don't talk to her; that's an order, Kreacher," he stated gruffly.

"Yes, Master," the old elf replied, doing his best not to look at Walburga. It was hard, she had been his only company for many years. Crazy though she is, he still felt the pull to listen to her.

"Also, I want the elf heads moved to her room as well. They would be more honored there," Sirius ordered more gently. He knew it would be hard on Kreacher, and if he didn't want the elf to turn on him, he'd give him the option.

"Roper," Kreacher called.

"Roper is being needed?" the youngish elf asked as he popped in.

"Master is wanting this painting removed. It is to be placed, with the elf heads, in the master bedroom. Make sure it is not being leaving that room," Kreacher said in a strained voice.

"Roper will be doing this right now," the young elf said, snapping his fingers and popping away with them.

Sirius turned to Kreacher and knelt down to look in his eyes. "Kreacher, I know that was hard on you, and I am sorry I had to do that, but it is for your own good. She was not kind to you. You must understand that."

"Master is too kind to Kreacher." And with a snap of his fingers, he popped away.

Sirius stood and continued his trek down the stairs and into the kitchen. He sat at the table and looked around. Elves were fast workers; he hadn't seen the kitchen so clean since he was a lad.

Molly was sitting at the table, fuming. She looked at Sirius and exploded, flinching from the stinging she was getting from the wards. "Sirius Black, just what is going on around here? Some strange elf came into the kitchen and informs me that I was no longer needed! She forced me to leave. How dare you bring elves here. Dumbledore won't like it. You have no right to put the Order at risk!" she yelled at him from across the table.

Sirius sat calmly and let her yell. "No right? No right? This is my house. If I want to bond with elves to get it clean, that is my right," he stated, cocking his head to the side and looked at her like she was an ignorant kid.

"You are putting the children at risk. You don't know the loyalty of those elves. What if they go back to their old family as a spy?" Molly screamed, and then winced as the wards gave her an extra hard sting as a warning.

"What are you talking about? Elves can't betray their masters," he said looking at her as if she was speaking Greek.

"You will send those elves away. Give them clothes and get rid of them," she demanded, standing and putting her fist on her hips, flitching when the wards stung her.

"Molly, I am not your child. This is not your house. You are here, only because the Headmaster needs you here, and at my reluctant invitation. You cannot order me around as if this was your home. How would you feel if I came to your house and started demanding that you and your family to bond with elves and dirty up your house, because I didn't feel comfortable there?" Sirius said calmly, yet firmly, to the mother of the Weasley family.

"Why would anyone do that? That doesn't make sense at all and is completely beside the point. Those elves could be spies, and I won't have it," Molly said, confused and angry. "You just wait until Dumbledore gets here. He will set you right," she threatened him, slumping down in her chair as if that settled it, and got stung again, only this time harder. She all but jumped out of her chair again.

Now Sirius was getting annoyed. "You won't have it? You won't have it?" he spat, his voice rising. "How dare you threaten me in my own house?" he hissed as his hands balled up into fists. He held back on the need to slam them. Instead he placed them on the table and leaned into her space.

She tilted away from the man she just angered, confusion showing on her face, as if he didn't react as predicted.

"I can kick the lot of you out in minute, and you would have to fend for yourselves. I can remove you and keep your children and husband here, where they would be safe. It is a good thing for you I am not a vindictive man," he threatened in a harsh whisper, giving in and slamming his fists on the table. "But by Merlin, woman, you will follow the rules of this house!" he finally gave in his need to yell.

Molly huffed and folded her arms across her chest a look of disbelief on her face.

"You will keep your tongue, or I will ban you to your room," Sirius continued as he leaned forward more to make sure she understood what he was saying. He looked her straight in the eyes and narrowed his dangerously. "Then I will only let you out for meals and the loo. Maybe then you will know how Harry feels. But you don't care about that do you?" he snarled.

She looked at him with wide eyes, like a skeleton in her closet had just been revealed.

"Oh yes, I know all about how the twins and Ron had to rescue Harry. But you didn't believe them, did you? You took Dumbledore's word that all was well, even with the bars they pulled off his window still attached to the car," he said, his face contorting to show she was pushing him to his limit. "I could further this by locking you in a closet, and only letting you out to cook meals. You don't hold the high ground here, Molly."

She glared at him and opened her mouth to yell, but he cut her off.

"Listen to me, Molly Weasley, I have had enough of your nagging, and bossing everyone around. You will leave Harry alone and he will sleep where I say he will. I may not be able to do much for the Order, but I will be in command of this house," he said, again slamming his fists on the table again, making the teacups rattle.

She opened her mouth again, and was getting red in the face, though from embarrassment or anger, Sirius didn't care.

"No! I'm talking and you will sit there and shut the hell up. Do you feel the wards stinging you? They are teaching you manners. For all the harping you do on the children about manners, you seem to have very few. It will just keep getting worse the more you argue with me, then the house will evict you. Do you want that?"

Molly snorted, but otherwise remained quiet. The last few times she spoke she had gotten stung enough to welt.

At the moment, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione came running into the room to see who was yelling. It was comical the way they fell on top of one another trying to be first through the door.

"Sit down everyone," Sirius said, gesturing to the chairs around the table.

The kids saw Molly sitting at the table, still fuming, and looked around with various expressions on their faces, mostly confusion. They all took seats and looked back and forth between the two adults.

Sirius saw their looks of trepidation and tried to ease the tense atmosphere. "I want to let you know that you will no longer have to clean this house." He smiled, taking the bite out of what he still had to say.

The teens looked relieved, some slumping in their chairs, and others giving a small cheer. This was not an easy house to clean, and all of them had been hurt by the creatures that inhabited the place. Though, Fred and George would have to figure out how to get their ingredients if they couldn't sneak them by cleaning.

"Things are going to be different around here, kids" the new Head said, sitting back in his chair and relaxing. His legs stretched forward and crossed at the ankles. His arms casually rested on his stomach; fingers laced.

"How?" came the question from Hermione.

"Well, first off, there are now seven house elves cleaning the house. Stop," he said, holding his hand up at Hermione as she opened her mouth to tell him off. "If you start yelling at me, the house will sting you. If you continue, after so many warnings, you will be evicted. I don't want that to happen."

"But…" she started, only to stop when he glared at her.

"I know what you think about elves. Harry told me. I know that you feel it's slavery, but you do not have any right to impose your false beliefs on me," Sirius stated firmly, and then softened his face and tried to look kindly at the girl who reminded him so much of Lily in her desire to know everything.

"They're not false," she grumbled, folding her arms across her chest.

"Yes, they are," came the rebuttal. "Hermione, you should research so you will understand the nature of house elves. I asked each and every one of them if they wanted to bond. I did not take any by force. Most broke out in tears, happy to be serving a family again," he said gently to her.

"But…" she said again, only to stop with he shook his head.

"I sent the elf named Dobby to Harry to see if Harry wants to bond with him," the man informed her strongly. "It is Dobby's greatest desire to be bonded with Harry. If they do, you will respect that. If you cannot, then keep your opinions to yourself while you are in this house."

Hermione quieted with a mulish expression. She didn't want to be attacked by the wards, and she certainly didn't want to be evicted; she had nowhere else to go. When the Order all but kidnapped her, her parents said they were still going out of the country on vacation. She sat, disgruntled. It was not often that she was told she couldn't voice her opinion. Her parents always told her to speak out on what was bothering her.

"Second off, Mother's portrait has been removed. Lastly, you can all access the library now, so you will have something to do. There are books you cannot read. You won't even be able to take them off the shelf. Also, I will inform the house elves that you will be responsible for your own rooms," he said, trying to lighten the mood.

Hermione bounced in her chair but kept silent. The Weasley children were wary; they were expecting their mum to blow at any minute. They could see the redness of her face. She was very angry.

"Look," Sirius said, running his hand over his face, "I don't want to come across as a hardass. I just want you to understand that this is my house, and you are my guests. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are as comfortable as I can. If you need something, let me know, and I will do what I can to help. However, I will not put up with being treated as a child that broke the rules. Every single one of you knows the hell I've been through these past fourteen years."

There were guilty faces all around, bar Molly. For some reason, they kept forgetting what Sirius had been through. It was probably because he only showed the carefree side of himself and not the torn man he had become.

"It has taken its toll, I agree, but I am not a kid that needs to be taken to task." He once more looked at the fuming Mrs. Weasley.

"You have always been an irresponsible man," she finally snapped, standing so fast her chair clattered behind her. Her body flinched but she ignored the stinging. "In all the time I've known you, you have never taken anything seriously. You cause disorder in all the Order meetings, always fighting the Headmaster and Severus. Dumbledore is a great man, and you should do as he says and not argue with him," Molly argued passionately. "Severus has made up for whatever sin you have probably falsely labeled him with. He is very important to the Order, yet, all you do is fight with him. You are nothing but an adult child sulking over a lost toy."

"Molly," he said, looking to her in ire, "you didn't know me until a couple of months ago. You only have the word of others that knew me before I was sent to Azkaban. How the hell could you make such an opinion of me? Freedom is not a toy. You should feel lucky that you have yours."

The teens' heads swiveled back and forth between the two bickering adults, not daring to say a word and interrupt the only entertainment they've had since they got here.

"If you had taken Harry from that house and never gone after Pettigrew, then you would not have been put in Azkaban. That shows just how irresponsible you are," she said in self-righteousness anger, reaching down and jerking her chair up. When it was righted, she thumped down on it.

"I did try and take Harry, I was denied. On the orders of the very man you so adore. So, blame him," he spat back, still upset over the fact that his godson had been taken from his arms. "Besides, that was fourteen years ago. I've been punished for that. Are you telling me that when you were younger you did everything right and nothing you did caused harm to anyone? I find your reasoning stupid to a major degree," Sirius snarled at her, standing up from the table and glaring at her for her audacity.

"You still haven't changed. I've seen the jokes you make of the Order meetings, and I see how you argue with everyone. Now you're being all bossy and commanding at the Order Headquarters. These are not the signs of a responsible man. Those are the signs of the rebellious teen that everyone claims you are," she rebutted, still smarting that the wards were finding her truth to be offensive enough to keep stinging her. She was going to talk to Dumbledore about this. Maybe he could do something about Black.

"Molly," he paused and gritted his teeth, looking at the teens watching them, and then continued, "I am a prisoner here, and I can do nothing but offer my house as refuge. If I think something I say will help the war effort, then I am going to say it. Dumbledore is not a god. He can be wrong, and if no one tells him so, he will continue not to seek our opinions and only demand servitude. Dumbledore is a great wizard, and I respect him, but, like you, he treats me and—hell—everyone else like children. We are adults and entitled to voice our different opinions, without being sent to our rooms like bad little tykes."

"If you didn't act like one, no one would treat you like one," she snarled back and then jumped when the wards got her extra hard.

He flexed his head to the side to relieve some of the stress in his shoulders, trying to calm down before the wards kicked everyone out. "I will remind Dumbledore, like I did you, that this is my house, and I will be treated with respect. You can think on that. Talk to your husband—maybe he can get it through that thick head of yours that you are not in charge." And with that, he left the room before he did something foolish.

Finally reaching his room, he sighed and relaxed. It had been a trying day, and it was not over yet. He still needed to confront Dumbledore, and he needed to speak to Harry. The poor boy was probably going crazy with all the magic forced on to him, not to mention the crazy house elf that wanted to bond with him. That gave him an idea.

Quickly he sat and wrote to his godson all that he had done that day and what to expect in the future. When he finished, he called Winky.

"Winky," he said when she popped in, "can you feel where Dobby is?"

"Winky is knowing where Dobby is," she answered.

"Take this letter to him and have him give it to Harry Potter," he requested kindly.

"Winky will be doing this right away," she said, taking the letter and popping away.

Sirius sighed, finally he would be able to do something productive. Maybe, just maybe, it will help. Only time will tell.


It has always bothered me that in OoTP Molly completely takes over Grimmuald Place. If that was my house, I would have booted her out so fast that her head would have spun. Really, it was just plain rude. So, in this fic, we're going to borrow the clichéd Black Family Magic and slap Molly down.