Devilman Lady Fan Fiction.

Prologue: Darkness. All Jun could see was Darkness. In that Darkness she thought she heard a voice call her name. It seemed to come from all directions. She felt a strange, eerie sensation, the likes of which she had never felt before. "Is this what it is like to feel a presence," she thought.
"Jun...." She recognised the voice.
"Kasumi, where are you," she shouted, but no reply. She looked around. Up above her was a dark shape, which she could only just see. She recognised this shape, a shadow of the person she cared for most.
"Kasumi, what's happening?" she asked in a frightened voice. The shadow changed, it started to form the real three-dimensional shape of Kasumi. She opened her eyes. In them there was nothing but blackness.
"Why do you deny evolution, companion?" It wasn't Kasumi's voice, but an emotionless drawl, almost like shadow personified.
"Who are you?" Jun shouted in a shaky voice, as the noise of the shadow robbed her of any courage she had. She could not feel her powers, as if they weren't there.
"I am the one who will finally give you what you deserve - a living nightmare for those you have killed. I will make her feel the pain that you have inflicted on others, and you can watch. Not tonight, but at a time of my choosing. But what I will do is give you a preview of what to expect."
Jun could not find a voice to reply with, as she watched a monster, a horrific creature that was in her imagination, descend, and tear the shape of Kasumi apart. She saw herself do it. The image of Devilman, and the ghastly smile on her face as she destroyed Kasumi. She couldn't take this. Finally she screamed.