Chapter 6

Jun felt a shock emanate through her body. She opened her eyes to find Asuka looking down at her.

"Asuka, we've been tricked. It's hiding somewhere..."

"Yes, I know Jun. I've had a call from Yamazaki, saying they've spotted it, but I've ordered everybody to wait until we get there."

"It's absorbing power from the electric cables. I think it wants to go Giga!"

"Then we need to get there quickly, come on!"

"Do you have anything to report, Soldier?" Yamazaki said.

"No sir..." Just as the young man spoke, the power lines above him started going wild above his head.

"Get out the way," Yamazaki screamed, knocking the soldier out of the way just before a pole smashed into the ground where they were standing.

"It's making its move. We just need to contain it until Hunter J gets here."

Asuka and Jun dived into Asuka's car and drove towards the creature's location.

"How far away is it, Asuka?"

"Not far, a few street away. You'd better be ready to go Giga if you're going to beat this thing."

"Don't worry about that; just get us there before more people are hurt."

They saw the creature in the distance. It was growing, and they could all see it. It was like a blue skinned iguana, but it had three bulbous red eyes. It was a horrific site, and it was growing. The car swerved to a stop.

"Are you ready, Jun?" Asuka asked urgently.

"I think so. Wish me luck."

"You, don't need it Jun, you've proven that."

Jun walked forward, first transforming into Devilman. She knew every time she went Giga it robbed her of her humanity, that it was making her more and more a monstrous, but it was the only way to stop other monsters that triggered their Giga effect. Asuka watched her as she moved to confront the creature. She wanted to witness the power of the Giga effect herself. It was the key to these creatures power. They would not have needed Jun were it not for that power. Electric flashes surrounded Jun as the Giga effect took hold. She started growing and mutating, her skin turning green and incredibly muscular; her eyes became solid yellow as she lost yet more of herself in the immense power. But she could control it, and she enforced that control on her body. The creature ahead had finished growing and eyed her with a cold three-eyed stare. Jun did not hesitate, running forward as fast as her gigantic legs would carry her. The army had done the smart thing and retreated to a safe distance and closing the area to civilians. Asuka knew the Devil Beast problem could not be kept secret forever, but she intended for people to find out on her terms. Jun grappled with the creature, and found it to be strong, but not quite in her league. She lifted the creature off its feet and then slammed it hard on the ground. Asuka joined up with Yamazaki.

"Jun should have it under control now," she said to him.

"You'd better hope so, for your sake," he replied. Asuka said nothing more. The creature, moving away from Jun, uprooted a telegraph pole and used it to net her in power cables. Then it used its electric field to send high voltage shocks through Jun. She howled in pain, but wasn't going to give up that easily. She also had an electric field, and used it to reverse the current. The insulating wooden pole that the creature was holding meant it did not get electrocuted, but then Jun flew through the air, cutting the power cables that entangled her with her wings, and wrapped the creature in them as she flew past. The shocks burned the creature to a crisp.

"That's impressive Jun, you're starting to show them what you're made of," Asuka said. Jun simply roared as another victory against the Devil Beasts was now secured.

Jun couldn't remember the rest of that night, only waking up the following morning. She was woken up by somebody coming in. It must be Kasumi. She pulled herself out of bed.

"Hey Jun, how are you?"

"Fine, Kasumi." Jun remembered how the creature threatened Kasumi. What if other creatures knew about her, what would she do? She would protect her, with her life if necessary.

"Are you sure you don't remember anything about the night your parents were killed, Kasumi?" Kasumi thought back, recalling a series of hazy images, a giant rat, her mother with maggots filling her eyes and mouth and the appearance of a creature who seemed to want to help her.

"No, Jun, I don't remember anything," she said.

"Well, Kasumi, just be careful about who you hang about with, will you do that for me?"

"I will Jun, if you want me to. I'm going to get some lunch, okay."

"Is it that late? I'd better get dressed now."

"Okay Jun, I'll see you later." Kasumi left the room, leaving Jun to get dressed. Jun hoped that Kasumi would never be put in danger, but deep within her mind she knew it was inevitable. By then, she would need to be ready. That night and every night after that she would have nightmares, for the creature was not the cause of them. Asuka knew that they were caused by hunger, a hunger for blood, and that one day, Jun may try to kill them all. She would be ready for that day. A beast was a beast, and that would haunt Jun for the rest of her life.