Young Justice and Justice League Crossover

Chapter 1

An: Just saying this in the first chapter so I don't have to say it for every single one I don't own young justice or justice league, that's pretty obvious. If I did I would be writing fanfiction about it.

"There is something that we need to discuss about one of our founding league members," Batman announced to the Justice League founders sitting at the table in the conference room.

There sat Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, and Flash. Superman was on a deep space mission and wasn't able to attend the meeting. Flash sat nervously in his chair as Batman glared in his direction. The rest of the league members sitting there could tell that something was wrong. "One of the people among us has not been telling the truth about their past," Batman intensified his glare at Flash as he said this.

Hawkgirl sank in her chair. She felt terrible after betraying the League, but she was confused. Flash was the first one to welcome her back to the League and seemed to be only one that had fully trusted her again, but what could he of all people be hiding?

"Let me tell you some information that I had recently acquired," his gaze was still fully focused on him. "Over eight years ago there was an accident with a forensic scientist named Barry Allen. He was struck by lightning." Everyone in the room saw the look on Flash's face when the name was mentioned. He looked like he wanted to run out of the conference room. Batman continued, "Not long after that his nephew was also struck by lightning. As a result, both of them died from the shock of the lightning bolts. Barry Allen's nephew was Wally West, and he died at the age of 15. Eight years ago was also when Flash was first spotted in Central City one month after his death." By now everyone's gaze was on the Flash.

Green Lantern decided to speak, "But that's not possible you said-"

Batman cut him off, "During the Thanagarian invasion I did say that Flash is Wally West. I knew that because his DNA was a match, but at the time I didn't know the real Wally West was dead. Flash do you have something that you wish to tell us?"

"Um..." Flash mumbled having the founders of the Justice League glaring at him waiting for an answer. "I'm really from-"

The blaring alarm of the watchtower went off stopping Flash from finishing his sentence, and the computer announced, "Warning unknown energy impulse detected."

"We're not done here," Batman glared at Flash and looked at the computer to find the source of the impulse. Flash flinched at the word impulse. It reminded him of...

Suddenly a flash of light blinded the league. After it faded three figures were unconscious on the ground. There was a black haired woman in a orange and black suit, a black haired man in a black suit with a blue bird symbol on his chest, and the youngest of the three, was red headed boy in a red and yellow costume. Batman glared at him again he knew he was hiding something, but before he could say anything he sped off.

Batman and the other founding league members carried the unidentified teenagers into the infirmary to treat their injuries. The rest of the league was informed about the unexpected visitors that had arrived, but no one else knew who they were. Batman decided to interrogate them as soon as they woke up, and the dark haired boy that was dressed in black was the first.

Nightwing slowly awoke to Batman staring at him like he was the strangest thing in the world. He was in an infirmary, his wrists were tied to the bed he was lying in. Green Lantern, John Stewart, guarded the door. Kid Falsh and Tigris were with him, but they were also restrained and unconscious. The room was quiet as Batman stared at him. But something was different about the way Batman was observing him. It was almost like he didn't trust him.

"Who are you?" Batman asked breaking the silence.

"What do you mean 'who are you?'" Nightwing said, annoyed.

By the squinting glare that Batman gave him Nightwing definitely knew something was wrong. He only did that when he was analyzing someone.

"I'm asking who you are." Batman clarified.

"So you don't recognize me is what you are saying? You trained me when I was nine years old and now you somehow don't remember me?" Nightwing was losing his patience with him.

"Where did you come from?" The fact that unconscious strangers teleported inside the watchtower was unnerving. He wasn't sure if they were a threat.

No answer.

"Who are the people you arrived with?" Batman was annoyed he wasn't getting any answers from him. The fact that he recognized him was strange because he had never seen him before.

"We're the team. You know, the covert team of young superheroes that works alongside the Justice League. Warning you in advance, since you clearly don't remember us, don't call us sidekicks."

"The league never had a team like that."

"Okay this is just getting irritating. We're not getting anywhere."

Beside him Kid Flash started to stir. Soon he was wide-eyed as he stared at Batman in surprise and asked "What is going on?"

"You are in the Watchtower, and we need to know how you and your friends got here.

Do you have a Flash fixation or something?" Green Lantern asked, looking at Kid Flash.

"No, I'm Kid Flash," no reaction came from Green Lantern and Batman.

"Kid... Who?" Green Lantern smirked. He couldn't wait for Wally to get a load of this.

"Kid Flash! You know grandson of Barry Allen, The Flash?"

"Barry Allen as the Flash? That's not who the Flash is," Batman knew Wally wasn't telling the truth about something and these mysterious strangers might help him figure it out.

"That explains it! Barry might not be the Flash here, but he is in our world." Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. "The reason you don't remember the team is because this is a different dimension." Nightwing exclaimed. "And the reason you don't recognize Kid Flash is because there aren't any sidekicks here yet. It's not time travel because you don't have Barry as the Flash."

"That would explain it." Batman said, buying into his theory. He looked at the unconcious black haired woman. "You said you work with the Justice League before right?"

"Yeah, why would it be anything else?" Nightwing replied.

"Never mind," Batman said dismissively. "We will have to figure out how to get you back to your dimension, but for now I suggest to stay in the infirmary. I will introduce you... Or rather reintroduce you to some of the members of the Justice League later."

"Okay," Kid Flash said before Batman exited the room. As soon as the coast was clear, Kid Flash and Nightwing got out of the restraints and went over to Tigris, but to their surprise Batman came back and said, "Stay here and don't try anything." He gave them another glare before saying to Nightwing, "You never told me who you are."

"I'm Nightwing," he replied. Batman left going over the information he got from them in his head. He knew he would have to talk to Flash about them.