The next month passed by quickly, with what spare time I had that wasn't taken up by studies or-heh- homework, being devoted to studying the Star Wars movies. I poured over every detail from the Originals, amazed by the accuracy of the portrayals. Sure, there were a few things off, and not everyone who played their characters looked like the real thing, but it was very close.

Overall, I learned a lot of details about the Clone Wars and a few bits of the Galactic Civil War that I didn't know. Order 66 horrified me, showing that there truly was no length the Emperor would have gone to in order to gain power. Just as well that he was dead, rotting in whatever version of hell that Force users went to.

My 'graduation day' was rapidly approaching. I assumed I was to be given a rank and a ship to command, but I didn't know what rank or ship I would get.

The day before I graduated, I left my mark on the Academy, setting out with three red cans of paint, a outline, a plate of metal, and several self-sealing stem bolts.

The next day, people gathered around a wall on the Pike building. Painted in dark red, a large Alliance Starbird stood proudly. Beneath it was a plaque, kept in place by four stem bolts, reading 'For all those who died fighting for a free galaxy.'

"Congratulations, Mister Antilles." Admiral Janeway said, handing me a small case. "You passed from Starfleet Academy with flying colors. You should be proud."

I smiled. "Thank you ma'am."

She turned to her console. I was back in her office again on ESD, receiving my rank and command apart from everyone else, because of the accelerated training course I took.

"You now have the rank of Commander." She informed. I snorted. She shot me an inquisitive look and and I chuckled.

"Sorry ma'am, it's just that I was a Commander on my side for the longest time."

She smiled. "In two days, you are to report to shipyard 21A to take command of the Exeter-class refit Skywalker."

My mouth dropped open for a moment, then I burst out laughing. Quickly managing to control myself, I apologised to Janeway. "Sorry ma'am, I just have a very good friend that is named Skywalker."

The Admiral shook her head. "Why do I get the feeling that you'll go on to cause us trouble?"

I flashed her a grin. "Admiral, that's a given for a Rogue."

She scoffed, smiling. "Put those rank pins on and get out of my office." She made a shooing gesture.

I beat a hasty retreat, fixing the rank pins to my collar and smiling as I headed for the tailor.

Fallen into another galaxy.

'-We destroy the sun-'

'-Drop the shields-'

'-I am the dark side-"

'-Of the Enterprise-'

Fallen into another life.

'-I know you are here, Vitiate-'

'-Those that stand in our way will not watch-'

'-The weak shall perish-'

'-Do-ro'ik vong pratte-'

Fallen into a chance to shake the universes.

I was out of bed and on the floor before I could even begin to process what happened.

Shaking my head, I pounded the floor with a fist.

"What is going on?" I muttered to myself.

I had been having these strange, realistic dreams for the past month, off and on, and I was getting flashes of random events that seemed to have no context.

I sat up and thought. Luke had told me how Force visions felt like. He said they were surreal, realistic, but vague and hard to identify what really happened.

But there was that voice! That voice that seemed to dominate the vision.

Was I destined to save this galaxy?

Shaking my head again, I disentangled myself from the bedsheets, grabbed a shot of espresso to jolt me awake and started dressing myself into my uniform.

Time to get started.

"Captain's Log, Stardate… I don't know, I'm still getting used to the dating system here. So, apparently, I've got to do these things every now and again, catalog the things that happen on the vessel. Well… The Skywalker launched today. She's a nice looking ship, Exeter-class, a modernization of the old Constitution-class everyone seems to love. She's not nearly as big as most cruisers back home, but she could certainly fight them easily. Um… Oh, yeah, turns out that Lieutenant Tallasa Pjoh, the Andorian from the Repulse, ended up getting a promotion and she got assigned as my first officer! Heh… I see Admiral Janeway's hand in this. Speaking of Janeway, we were assigned a simple patrol in main Federation space so Command can see if I'm any good with commanding a ship."

I paused, watching the stars streak by as we cruised at warp.

"I miss home. I miss my friends. Tycho, Corran, Luke, Mirax, Iella… I know well that Mirax would kick my ass if I sat around and moped, so I might as well do my best."

"Bridge to Captain." I heard Commander Phoj's voice come through.

I reached for a comlink, then remembered my combadge. "Antilles here.

"Captain, you're needed on the bridge."

"Copy that. On my way." I hit the combadge again to close the connection.

I stood up to leave, then remembered the recording was still running. "I miss you guys. I'll find a way back, I'll promise you that. End log."

I strode toward the nearest turbolift and called it, waiting til the lift arrived. When I did, I called out for the bridge and let the doors slide shut.

I had no idea what adventures I would face, or how they would change them, but I would face them with a head held high. I would always find a place as long as there were people to be saved.

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