'Yet Another Ranma as an Orochi Decendant fic'

Nodoka tilted her head slightly in thin amusement, as she watched the stone haired woman attempt to scamper backwards from her presence, as King simply looked away in disgust. The second ruler of the Yamazaki empire stopped her subordinate's attempt to escape with amused commentary, "Do you really think you'll get away?"

"I... it was your husband, he-" Emile attempted to explain, praying that something will suddenly provide adequate distraction to the redheaded woman to allow her escape, say a hydrogen bomb in their immediate vicinity.

Nodoka merely waved her off after taking a puff of her cigarette, "Relax, I'm aware of my husband's interference. In fact, it was expected."

The Capeoiresta paused, "Then... then you're not going to kill me?"

Nodoka took a second drag of her carcinogen, "No, I'm not, I guess."

Emile blinked, "Cripple?"

Nodoka paused, seeming to consider the option. King put her hand on her employer's shoulder, and subtly shook her head. With a sigh, Nodoka replied, "No, not even cripple."

"Cut my face?"

The red headed woman's face collapsed fully into the palm of her hand, "No, nor am I going to harm you in any way, unless you continue giving me ideas..."

Almost before they could blink, the gray haired woman quickly stood up at attention, knowing her newfound chance at life would be as fleeting as the next word to leave her lips. Nodoka nodded in satisfaction that they were finished with the first trade off, "I think we got our point across to that disgusting resemblance to a man, as well as my 'dearest'," Nodoka spoke of her husband with barely noticeable contempt, humor, and even less noticeable affection, "He'll do the job for me, and jump-start Genma into training Ranma in those amazing technique sets of his. If Genma refuses, well, my husband's the violent one of us." Mrs. Yamazaki chuckled, before tapping her cigarette's head into the ashtray next to her.

"I am... glad this plan of yours worked so well," Emile stated, beginning to relax slightly, though still refusing to drop her guard before the lioness.

"Now, onto other business," Nodoka changed the subject, standing up, and walking towards the thick curtained window, "It seems my son has found himself a paramour..."

Neither King nor Nodoka noticed the sour expression Emile developed.

Nabiki looked about the hall she stood in with no less than wondrous awe. This place was one of the most exorbitantly expensive lodges in Japan, much less Tokyo. She knew Ranma liked to blow wads like nobody's business, and had the funds to back it, but his lavishness still never ceased to amaze her.

Holding the dress that had been bought for her sister on hand, the middle Tendou sister raised her fist to knock on the elaborately embroidered door of the suit. For the umpteenth time since she volunteered to take the dress to her sister (having insisted to the chauffer that it was a very special dress that could only be handled by family members, thus gaining her a free ride in an opulent limousine that drove her across the main of the city, while she indulged in the refreshments and hor`dourves that were supplied by the galley of the limo) how unfair that Kasumi got such an opportunity stuffed right between her legs until she climaxed repeatedly.

"Why couldn't I be the one he got drunk and used?" Nabiki thought to herself.

"Used for what?"

Nabiki blinked, and found the door already opened, as her sister stood there in a bathrobe. She then squinted, "Kasumi, which one's you?"

The elder Tendou took in the way her sister was slightly swaying, and twisted her nose at the scent, "You've been drinking."

"Two bottles of Krug Clos!" Nabiki said, cheerfully, "Did you know the man in the limo with the funny accent just gives it away like it's absolutely free?"

"No, I wasn't aware of that, just as I was not aware you were allowed to drink," Kasumi chastised, as she pulled her sister into the suite.

"They also gave me these little sausages made from baby elephants!" Nabiki exclaimed, giddily, "I didn't know baby elephants were edible…"

"They served you elephant?" Kasumi nearly growled, before turning to look at Ranma, as he came down the stairs.

"What the hell you glaring at me for?" the youngest Yamazaki demanded, "I don't eat those damn things!" Nabiki nearly swallowed her tongue at the topless sociopath, wondering which would be more delicious, the money saturated sweat from his chest, or a plate full of endangered species served with ivory toothpicks. "I prefer the Alagoas Curassow pâté."

"Alagoas…" Kasumi attempted to place the name, before she remembered reading it in a National Geographic magazine a while back, "YOU'RE A HORRIBLE MONSTER AND YOU'LL BURN IN HELL!"

"Um…" Nabiki interrupted, finally figuring out how to use her tongue for something other than spontaneous erotic fantasies, "I brought your dress."

"Oh, yes," Kasumi gingerly took it from her sister, ignoring how Nabiki nearly toppled at the loss of its weight as counter balance, "We'll discuss your illegal intoxication later, sister."

"Don't worry about it, I'm paying for the shit," Ranma stated, "Not like she can afford the 350,000 Yen each bottle."

"That's beside the…" Kasumi paused, "How much?" Her voice cracked a bit as she requested Ranma confirm what he said.

Ranma waived the question off, "Hurry up and get ready, I'll tell the limo driver to take your sister back home."

"WAIT," Nabiki seemed to suddenly sober up, "Um, you're not gonna waste gas, are you? I mean, gas is expensive, you know?"

Both Ranma and Kasumi looked at Nabiki with non-plussed expressions.

"I mean, that is, you want to conserve… lower your ecological footprint!"

"Well, Pops always said we needed to be a greener crime syndicate," Ranma mused, causing Kasumi to roll her eyes.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me…"

"Now I see where your sister gets her mouth," Ranma responded, "Fine, you gonna come with us, then?"

Nabiki thought about it, and thought hard, but weighed her options, "Actually, I'm kind of feeling worn out from all that traveling. Mind if I nap in here for the time being?"

Ranma shrugged, and looked towards his date for the evening, "Do what you want. Come on old woman, we got reservations to make."

As the two went into separate rooms to prepare, Nabiki took in her surroundings, before her breath hiccupped, and she bucked slightly, "I think I peed a little…"