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Before I ever wrote Eternal Sunrise (or this sequel A Prelude to Eternal Sunrise), I had done a reading the book fic having the Cullens read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn and then Bella and Jacob reading Midnight Sun (the twelve-chapter version). Those stories were all erased by the site because that type of story wasn't allowed. I agreed that it wasn't right to have the text of the actual book on the site and I never planned on posting those fics again. However, I have now decided to post a few chapters for each book that has the longer reactions the Cullen's had while they were reading the book (and a few of the one liner's that I liked). I have not included the text of the original book in this fic, I just described the part of the book I'm using (in bold) and then put in what I wrote.

I decided to post these chapters because it was through doing the reading the book fics that I got to understand the characters and how I would write them, which lead to how I wrote Eternal Sunrise. I wanted to show some of the important (and unimportant but longer) conversations I had in my old fics. After editing Twilight down, I realized that there are a lot of moments that are sort missed or not mentions because either I didn't write anything, or they were throwaway comments that didn't mean anything. I also realized that I made more comments (both for my original fics and for editing them now) in the later books because I became more comfortable with writing the characters.

I decided to post these on my pre-existing fics A Prelude to Eternal Sunrise because it is part of the of the sequel to that story and because right now FanFictions is not working right and I'm not sure I want to post any new stories at the moment.

Another thing that I'm not sure if I ever mentions when I originally posted the fics, but these are sort of in Alice's point of view. That is why Alice's are the only thoughts that are shown for Edward to hear, and the others are guessed at.

Chapter One

Twilight 1-6

December 25, 2004

It was a typical day in the rainy town of Forks – okay so maybe the house wasn't inside the borderline of the town but that doesn't matter. Alice was skipping around the room in inhuman speed replacing all the flowers and other perishables in the house, though it wasn't strictly necessary for them to keep up the appearance here; what person would come to their house to even notice this? – it was one way to keep busy. As she ran, she could hear Jasper and Emmett having a discussion about a wrestling match that Emmett had lost the other day – he was trying to goad Jasper in a rematch. Edward shook his head; he was sitting at the piano playing Esme's favorite song. Alice could tell from his smirk that Jasper must be feigning reluctance just to annoy Emmett and as she looked at her husband from her peripheral vision, she could easily see the signs on his face too. Though of course Emmett couldn't. Rosalie was sitting on the couch staring off into space – or more likely into the huge glass window admiring herself. Esme was in her study working, but like any other time Edward was playing – especially this song – there was a certain happy peacefulness coming for there. Carlisle wasn't home at the moment, though he was due back any minute; he was working at the hospital, always choosing to work late on the holidays – today was Christmas – so that his human coworkers could have the day off and spend the time with their families.

It was only five minutes later that he drove up and only three seconds after that that he came in the door carrying a box in his arms. He looked at the box a little oddly; there was no return address or anything like that on it.

"What's that?" Emmett asked.

"It's a box," Jasper teased his already frustrated brother. Emmett glared at him, but otherwise let it go, though the twinkle in his eyes told everyone that he was up to something.

"I doubt it's dangerous," Edward said now standing next to Carlisle, examining the box too and obviously picking up on his father's apprehension with it.

"It's only a box, open it already," Emmett said impatiently. "And then Jasper and I can …."

"I've already told you, I'm not giving you a rematch," Jasper said, his tone was annoyed, but Edward's mouth twitched in amusement.

Carlisle opened the box with some trepidation and pulled out four books. "'Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn,'" Carlisle read the name of each of the books. "I've never heard of them."

"They look like novels to me, they might even be romance novels," Emmett smirked. "Not your typical genre."

"Let's see," Alice said, picking up the first one and then turning to the back cover. She read it in less than a second and was quite intrigued to find out more about whoever it was that would fall in love with the … she instantly stopped that train of thought, as the vampire in question looked at her curiously, and she quickly ran to her room hiding the other three books before coming back down. "I think we should read these books together."

"Why?" several voices asked. No one was that interested in reading these books at all until that point.

"I think it might be interesting," Alice said with a nonchalant shrug though she was also translating the Star-Spangle Banner in Spanish to keep Edward from reading her mind.

Edward looked at her, not understanding why she was trying so hard to block him and curiosity was really starting to get to him. She knew he hated it when she kept things from him. "Fine."

"Good, I'll start," Alice beamed for a second before deciding to sit at the dining/conference table. Everyone else joined her, most of them mildly interested in the books now.



Mentions dying in place of someone you love:

"Yes, that is a good way to die," Edward said moving his glare from Alice long enough to look at all his family members, each looking like they had the same thought as him.

Alice frowned a little at his expression. 'You don't have more reason to die than any one of us Edward.' Edward sighed and his eyes shifted slightly to Jasper and back to Alice, a look that only Alice could interpret; she knew her brother the best seeing as they had to stick together because of their gifts. 'I know that you would happily give up your life for anyone of us, especially knowing that you wouldn't only be saving whoever it was, but you would be saving their mate too, but Edward … we all love you too. It would kill us if we lost you … If I lost you.' Yes, she definitely didn't want to lose her favorite brother. She took Edward's slightly rolling eyes as a 'whatever' and then went on reading with a frown.

Mentions moving to Forks:

"Forks?" several voices said, and Alice smirked, smugly gloating that she was right, before she went back to her translation – now in Russian.

"Does that mean that this person is talking about one of us?" Jasper questioned and his worried look was barely disguised – of anyone he was the most likely suspect.

"I don't think you have to worry," Alice said sweetly to her husband though she did give Edward a worried glance before reading on.


First Sight

Mentions Charlie:

"Charlie? Do you think that's Chief Swan?" Carlisle asked.

"That would make sense, his daughter Isabella is supposed to move here in a few weeks," Edward said.

"Keeping taps on her," Emmett smirked; he was constantly teasing Edward about his lack of mate – or any interest in the opposite sex.

"She's the center of most of the gossip in town," Edward was rolling his eyes, missing the smirk Alice was giving him.

Mentions that Bella can see the sacrifice in her mom's eyes:

"She seems to be a very considerate girl," Esme said, smiling.

"Yes, very selfless for a human," Edward added.

Mentions Bella can't call him Charlie to his face:

"She should never call him that," Esme frowned.

"That she's barely seen. Their relationship must be strained," Edward said, and Alice smirked at his defense of the girl.

"Besides, imagine having to ride in a police car," Rosalie said, shuddering at the thought.

Mentions that Charlie seemed pleased that Bella would be moving in:

"Of course he is, he's her father," Esme said. "I couldn't imagine not seeing …"

Carlisle quickly wrapped his arms around her as she broke off her sentence; her eyes showed her despair as her thought went to a sadder memory.

Mentions Charlie was waiting by his police cruiser.

"Okay, this is a little creepy," Emmett said. "It starting to sound like this is real."

"I have a feeling it is," Alice smiled. "And I'm pretty sure we'll all be in it soon." She added this, smirking at Edward.

Edward gulped at her weird look, and judging by the look of wonder and hopefulness Esme was now giving him, he might have guessed where this was leading.

Mentions Bella only has a few bags:

"Hmph," Alice said.

"Alice you don't go anywhere with more than one bag either," Jasper pointed out.

"True," Alice said, knowing that he wouldn't understand – it was only because she would buy half a clothing store wherever she was going; this girl wouldn't have that option.

Mentions Billy Black:

There were frowns on everyone's faces by the mentioning of this. Carlisle rolled his eyes at his family's tension, wishing that they could put this animosity with the Quileute Indians behind them.

Mentions that everyone's grandparents when to school together:

"Yes, it is harder to fit in when you move into a small town," Esme said. "I hope this girl makes some friends."

"Judging by what everyone is thinking about her, she shouldn't be lonely for long," Edward said. "Though, I'm not sure she'll appreciate the attention. She seems a little shy."

Mentions that Bella doesn't relate to people period:

"Maybe she'll relate well with vampires," Emmett burst out laughing. However, everyone else in the room – besides Alice – tensed at that prospect, knowing how dangerous that was for everyone, including – especially – the girl.

Mentions no one is going to bite me:

Everyone chuckled at that.

"We'll try our hardest not to," Emmett laughed.

Mentions how the students managed to stare at Bella:

"Anything to observe the novelty in town," Edward sighed.

"And the girl doesn't even have the vampire characteristics that we do," Jasper sighed too. "It will take days, maybe weeks for them to lose interest in her." Jasper never was one for the spotlight so he could understand the girl's aversion to it better than anyone.

Bella wonders if it would be cheating if she re used her old essay:

"If so, I cheat all the time," Emmett said.

"What's the point in reusing stuff, it only takes two minutes longer to write something new," Edward said.

"With someone with infinite amount of time, I don't expect you to understand," Emmett answered wagging his eyebrow as his smile grew bigger at Edward's frown, and it was clear that he went further into the subject in his mind.

Mentions Bella hoping she wasn't paranoid:

"I don't think she's that lucky," Alice said. "People can be really rude."

"Like you wouldn't be just as annoying if you couldn't sit at the other end of the school and still hear her," Edward said and Alice stuck her tongue out at him.

Mentions that Eric showed Bella to her clearly marked class:

"It looks like she has at least one admirer," Emmett said.

"Like anyone would want that from Eric," Edward scoffed, uncommonly harsh.

"Edward, behave," Esme admonished.

"Sorry mom," Edward said, confused by himself. Alice was looking at her brother searchingly, barely able to keep her glee from showing – either on her face or in her thoughts.

Describes the girl that Bella was with as having curly dark hair:

"Jessica Stanley," Edward said barely able to repress a shudder – she had been particularly difficult to shake off and his mind reading skills were definitely a disadvantage while she was around.

"I haven't heard that name in a while," Esme smiled at Edward. His siblings had teased him mercilessly the first few months, when she was crushing on him.

"No, and she's really not a good friend," Edward frowned. "She's probably just after the extra attention."

Mentions seeing the Cullens for the first time and describing them ending with caught and held my attention:

"Oh no, this girl is going to notice our differences immediately," Carlisle said.

"Everyone does," Emmett shrugged, but Carlisle looked a little nervous about how she was going to react to his family.

Mentions bruises under their eyes and suffering from a sleepless night:

"Maybe a little," Emmett smirked.

Carlisle, Edward and now Jasper were all apprehensive at how much she noticed.

Mentions that wasn't why Bella couldn't look away:

"It's because of our beauty," Edward scoffed, he had to deal with that more than the others, because he got to hear what everyone thought as they first laid eyes on his family – and it didn't help that he was single.

Mentions Edward looks like the youngest:

"In one way I suppose I am," Edward said. "Though there really was only one person actually older than me there."

"Why did you look up, Eddy?" Emmett asked using the nickname that he knew Edward hated but couldn't say anything about it because of the bet he lost.

"Jessica likely thought my name," Edward shrugged. "Or maybe I tuned into the fact that the girl was thinking about the Cullens."

Jessica says I think Mrs. Cullen can't have kids:

Esme frowned at that and Carlisle squeezed her to him. As each of her 'children' smiled fondly at her, she couldn't help smiling back at them.

Mentions it seems like Edwards glance held unmet expectation:

"I wonder what that was about?" Edward mused.

"So you're assuming she's right in her observation," Alice said.

"Er … I guess I am," Edward said. "She has been quite accurate with the other things, so I assumed she would be right about this. Though, it might not be the case."

Mention that Edward is still staring at Bella with a slightly frustrated expression:

"Seriously, what is that about?" Edward said – probably looking a lot like he was described in the book. "Even if she's wrong about my expression – why am I looking at her at all?"

"Maybe, you don't like her observations," Jasper suggested.

"Or you're just not use to someone so considerate of others," Alice piped in. "She is an usual human."

"Maybe," Edward sighed.

Mentions Edward's hostile and furious stare in biology class:

"What?" several voices said, none louder than Edward's.

"Edward Cullen, how dare you look at her like that!" Esme reprimanded. "You were raised better than that!"

"Sorry Mom," Edward said, knowing that would soften her expression. "I don't understand why I would be looking at her like that."

"We know you're thirsty, the girl said our eyes were dark," Jasper said.

"But this is Edward," Emmett said incredulously. "The only one that has more self-control than him is Carlisle."

Mentions of Edward's eyes:

"See," Jasper said. "It must have been a few weeks or more since he's hunted."

"But he still shouldn't be looking at her like that," Esme said worryingly.

Mentions of Edward smelling something bad:

"She obviously smells good," Emmett said. "I wonder how appealing she is to you?"

"Enough," Edward said warily. "It looks like it's taking all my will power to stop myself from pouncing on her."

Mentions of Edward leaving the room too fast:

"You're moving too fast," Rosalie said.

"Do you think it would've been better if I'd stayed there longer?" Edward said harshly. "It's not only that girl's life that's in danger in that room."

"Edward, you could never do something like that," Esme said immediately, voice full of conviction.

"She's going to say something about this to someone," Rosalie pointed out. "After the deadly stares you've been giving her."

"Honestly, I don't think she is," Carlisle said. "She doesn't seem the type to confides in people too much."

"Whatever," Rosalie shrugged.

Mikes says I've never seen Edward act like that:

"Idiot, did he have to say that," Edward said.

"Yes, it would be better if she thought you were some kind of psycho that always glares at everyone," Emmett teased.

"Yes, it would," Edward agreed seriously.

Mike says I sat by you, I would have talked to you:

"Another admirer," Alice said and added in her thoughts, 'You might have competition.'

"That's not funny," Edward said, glaring at Alice, but she just shrugged. The others were confused, but no one asked what they'd missed.

Mentions of Forks being Bella's own personal hell on Earth:

"Perhaps it would have been safer for her if she hadn't come here then," Edward said still wary.

"You're not going to hurt her Edward," Esme said confidently.

"Yeah, once you've hunted, you'll be fine," Jasper said, the corner of his eyes portraying that he was thinking something else – likely thinking it would have been worse if it had been him.

"I don't know about that," Edward said, looking like he was answering both Jasper's statement and his thoughts.

Mentions Edward trying to get out of Biology class:

"Why?" Emmett asked again.

"She must smell unbearably good," Jasper said.

"My thoughts exactly," Edward said. "I don't think a hunting trip will help me."

"Um," Carlisle said thoughtfully.

"What is that?" Edward asked in response to his father's thought.

"It's when a human's blood sings to you more potently than any others," Carlisle said. "It's said to be a rare gift …."

"Gift," Edward scoffed. "She's an innocent girl …" he shuddered at the end, as it was evident that his thoughts became bleaker.

"I know, son," Carlisle sighed. "I'm sorry …"

"I can't believe you left," Emmett said. "I couldn't …"

"But it's not shocking that Edward was able to, with his self-discipline and all," Esme said looking proudly at her son.

"I guess we'll see," Edward sighed.

Mentions the door opens and swirls Bella's hair around her face:

"Just my luck," Edward frowned again.

"It looks like this girl is not very lucky either," Emmett commented.

"I'm not so sure," Alice said. "If someone had to find her blood irresistible, the best would be Edward."

"I still wouldn't call that good luck," Edward growled.

"No, not good," Alice said. "But not the worst."


Open Book

Mentions the next day was better and worse:

"Who wants to bet that Edward has something to do with that?" Emmett smirked.

"No that's too easy," Jasper said, smirking at Edward too. "You have to bet on if he's the reason why it's better, or why it's worse."

"You're right," Emmett said thoughtfully. "I bet it's …"

"Stop," Edward growl fiercely and his brothers heeded his warning – this time.

Mentions it was worse because Edward wasn't at school:

"See Eddy, you're in there," Emmett smirked at him again.

"You left," Esme said sadly.

"Maybe I'm just not going to school," Edward said convincingly.

'You know that you would feel the need to really leave,' Alice thought; Edward's expression couldn't fool her.

Mentions Edward didn't come to school and as time passed she grew more tense:

"She's definitely thinking about you a lot," Emmett continued to tease.

"I gave her a death glare, of course I'm on her mind," Edward snapped.

"I'm not sure that's why she's thinking about you," Emmett smirked.

Mentions it was excessive for the Cullens to have both looks and money:

"We only have so much money because of this little annoyance," Emmett said trying to rub Alice's hair but she ducked him easily.

"It's why we keep her," Edward added smirking at his favorite sister.

Mentions Charlie's defense of the Cullens:

"Wow, I never knew Charlie felt that way about us," Edward said, looking surprised, as everyone else in the room.

"He's a kind man," Esme beamed, appreciating what he said about her family.

"Though he's not right about us not causing any trouble," Emmett said amused.

"What's wrong Edward?" Alice asked, noticing that he was frowning.

"It's just that Charlie isn't exactly like I thought he was," Edward said, still frowning. "I wouldn't have guessed he would react like this from hearing his thoughts."

Mentions the length of Charlie's speech:

"That's true, that is a stronger reaction then what's normal," Jasper said thoughtfully.

"He is close to the Quileutes, I would imagine he hears more … complaints than most," Carlisle said.

"True," Jasper said, nodding his head in agreement – that would make sense.

Mentions that Beaches should be hot and dry:

"I wonder if there is anything in Forks that she likes," Jasper mused.

"Nothing yet," Alice smirked.

"But maybe Eddy will come around," Emmett teased.

"That wouldn't be a good thing for her," Edward said. "It won't happen."

"Don't be so sure," Emmett said. "There has to be a reason why we got these books and it would makes sense that we … meaning you, will have a lot to do in them."

Edward glared at him, and the logic that he couldn't help but see in his brother's words.

Mentions that Bella can't suppress the worry that she was the reason why Edward was not at school:

"Why is she so worried about that?" Rosalie asked, sounding bored with the book and the girl. "What does it matter if it's her fault or not?"

"She doesn't like to be the cause of anyone's pain," Esme said.

"Yeah, she cares more about others, unlike some people," Edward said, looking pointedly at his sister.

Rosalie growled at him but didn't say anything.

Mentions of Forks library:

"Good luck finding something there," Edward scoffed.

"Maybe we should donate some books there," Carlisle said – he would do anything to advance the thirst for knowledge and there could be more people like this girl that would benefit from a broader selection there.

Mentions all the Cullens are at lunch and Bella thinks I shouldn't have to run away:

"Hm …" Edward said, his eyes were a little amused.

"What's so funny?" Esme said looking at her son's expression.

"It's just – well, I think that I ran away for the girl … I mean that's why I was absent," Edward said. "It's funny to hear that's what she wanted to do too."

"You're just focusing on that because you don't want to think of yourself as a coward, right?" Jasper asked looking amused too.

"Maybe a little," Edward said, both amused and annoyed.

Mentions Bella contemplating violence if Jessica didn't look away from Edward:

"I doubt that this … Bella … would use violence on anyone," Emmett laughed, "nor would it harm them anyway, even if she tried."

"You've decided to use her name," Edward said, Emmett was the first to say it.

"I figured that it was about time, she is the main character in this story after all," Emmett shrugged.

Edward introduces himself to Bella:

"That's much more polite," Esme sighed. "The way you acted last time she must have thought you were raised by wolves."

"Instead of the vampires that I really was raised by," Edward laughed.

"I'd much rather be raised by vampires than wolves," Emmett said scrunching his nose.

Mentions Bella's reaction to the use of her full name:

"We already know her name now… er and not just because we're reading this book," Emmett chuckled.

"Hm … But doesn't everyone call her Isabella?" Jasper said.

"Yeah," Emmett shrugged. "But she corrected everyone, and I'm sure people have been talking about her since then … he could have 'picked it up anywhere."

Mentions Edward letting the subject drop:

"That's odd," Carlisle said. "You don't normally slip like that."

"I know, but Emmett's excuse is a valid one, I could have heard her name by other means than just mind reading," Edward said warily.

"True, but then why did you just let it drop?" Carlisle said raising his eyebrow. "I'm sure you heard it through the students minds and didn't realize where she was coming from."

"Don't know," Edward shrugged.

Mentions the electric current that passed through us when Edward touched Bella's hand:

"That's interesting," Carlisle said raising his eyebrow. "I've never heard of something like that happening before. I wonder if you felt it too, or if it was just her."

"I don't know," Edward said. "I wonder what it means."

Mentions that Edward was careful not to touch Bella's skin again:

"Maybe I did feel it too," Edward wondered.

"Or you noticed an adverse reaction to it," Carlisle supplied.

Mentions the inexplicable look of frustration in Edward's eyes:

"You are not glaring at her again are you," Esme said uncommonly harsh.

"It said frustration," Edward said. "There's something about her that I don't get … But I don't understand why I would even care – what with her smelling so good to me I would think I wouldn't want any interaction with her besides what was necessary to throw her off my case." He added the last part because of Esme's glare.

Mentions of contacts:

"Oh dear, she noticed the difference in the color of your eyes," Esme said.

"Why was she even looking at that," Jasper said exasperated. "Humans don't usually look into our eyes."

"I don't think Bella's your average human," Alice said. "Besides, he was giving her a death glare last time … it's not hard to imagine that she would remember that."

"I guess," Jasper shrugged.

Mentions he seemed puzzled by my unexpected question:

"Puzzled again," Carlisle said warily.

"It's worth Bella coming here if she manages to shock Eddy," Emmett smiled. "I just wish I could have seen it."

Edward says no:

"That's not the right answer," Jasper sighed.

"She wasn't thinking about the reason behind the question, how was I supposed to know?" Edward said frustrated.

Bella asks why does it matter to you:

"I hear you; Eddy is really annoying when he's smug like that," Emmett said.

"But her question is valid, why do you care?" Jasper asked.

"I don't know," Edward said. "I've never been one for small talk."

Edward says I find you very difficult to read:

"What does that mean?" Carlisle said.

"I don't know," Edward said looking almost alarmed.

After mentions of being a good reader, and saying usually:

"You're really confusing me here, Edward," Carlisle said furrowing his eyebrows. "Both in your actions and in your words."

"You and me both Carlisle," Edward said. "But I would imagine the smile at least is to make Bella understand – instinctively – to stay away from me."

"Yes, but the other part," Carlisle said still frowning. "It seems like you could be referring to your gift, but why and how still eludes me."



Mentions Bella was aware that Edward and her weren't in the same league:

"I don't think she's right about the last one," Edward said.

"So, you think she's in your league, huh Eddy?" Emmett waggled his eyebrows.

"Hardly, I just meant that she's obviously thinks that I'm better and from what we've learned from her I doubt that's true," Edward shrugged.

"What's that supposed to mean, Edward you're a wonderful person," Esme said, but Edward just shrugged again.

Mentions is getting more attentions from boys than she's used to:

Rosalie scoffed at that.

"I bet it's the clumsiness thing, who doesn't like a good damsel in distress," Emmett laughed.

"It's probably got something to do with the novelty thing," Edward said. "Half the boys here are highly anticipating her arrival."

"There is no other explanation needed besides who she is," Esme said, frowning at her sons. "She's a lovely girl."

Mentions the van was heading towards Bella and being hit from a different direction than what she was expecting:

"That better not be you," Rosalie said glaring at Edward.

"Wh-," Edward said looking confused, but before he could even get the words out he changed his mind. "What are you going to do if it is?"

"You're going to expose us all," Rosalie shouted.

Edward didn't respond - he looked like he was thinking about everything that was going to happen and knew that he would save that girl.

After the description of everything Bella had seen in the crash:

"This is not good," Edward said, and if it had been possible, he would have paled at that - though it wasn't.

"Not good, you've ruined everything," Rosalie growled again. "And all for some stupid girl."

"She's not stupid," Edward growled back reflexively.

"No, if she was maybe she wouldn't have noticed you juggling the van," Rosalie hissed. "It's much worse that she has enough intelligence to spot everything that you did."

"Calm down Rosalie," Carlisle said in a soothing voice. "Edward did the right thing saving the girl, though I wish she hadn't noticed everything."

"But …." Rosalie said looking incredulously at her father.

"I'm proud of you, Edward," Esme said before Rosalie could say anymore. It was obvious that she was pleased that the girl wasn't hurt, and again she was giving her son a calculated look.

"Whatever," Rosalie grunted, crossing her arms in frustration, but didn't say anything else.

Mentions the other Cullens' reactions to the crash:

"Of course not," Rosalie said.

"I guess we know which one was 'fury'," Emmett chuckled at his wife, causing her to switch her glare to him for a second before returning to Edward.

"She even notices our reaction and that fuels her suspicions," Jasper muttered.

Tyler says Bella I'm so sorry:

"I think she might get another admirer out of this deal," Emmett smirked. "Are you up for more competition?"

"Shut up," Edward growled.

Edward says no blood, no foul:

"Wait, I thought she said Tyler was bleeding," Emmett said looking shock.

"He was," Edward said.

"And you're able to handle yourself, I'm impressed," Carlisle said beaming at his son. "Though, I believe that proves that she is your la tua cantante, her scent must be stronger than even a open wound."

After Bella confronts Edward and tells him everything she noticed in the crash:

"That's … were you shocked by that?" Jasper asked.

"I might have been," Edward said in the tone he used when he was about to state a theory he had come up with.

"Why would you be shocked though?" Emmett said. "Bella has been thinking about this since the accident."

"I know," Edward said. "But - I'm not sure about this - but I have a feeling that I can't read her mind."

There was a second of silence before Emmett said in disbelief: "What?"

"But you hear everyone," Jasper said shock too. "What makes you think that you can't read her mind?"

"It's just the way I react to her sometimes," Edward said. "I should be able to know where she is coming from but I'm often surprised."

"Plus, there was that part when she says that she was like an open book, but you said she was difficult to read," Carlisle added, it looked like he had come up with the same conclusion as Edward.

"I thought the statement that he must be a good reader," Alice said smiling at her brother. "That you said 'usually' was more of a giveaway."

"Imagine that … there's someone Eddy can't read," Emmett laughed.

"This is not funny, it just makes the situation more difficult if that's true," Rosalie said critically.

"I guess that's true, but you've got to admit that it would be ironic if Edward fell for the one girl that he couldn't read the mind of," Emmett shrugged - trying his hardest not to laughed … and not seceding.

"No one is falling for anyone," Edward said abruptly glaring at his brother.

'Come on Edward, even you must have notice that your book self is acting peculiar and you … well, you've been saying some odd things as we've been reading,' Alice thought at her brother who just switched his glare to her.

Edward says nobody will believe that, you know:

"I think she might get another admirer out of this deal," Emmett smirked. "Are you up for more competition?"

"Shut up," Edward growled.

After Bella says I'm not going to tell anyone, Edward is surprised:

"Actually, it's not that surprising," Edward said smiling. "It goes with her character … not that I know that yet."

'See what I mean Edward,' Alice thought amusingly and Edward frowned again.

Edward says can't you just thank me and get over it:

"You know you probably could have said something like 'to keep my family and me safe' and she would have let it go more readily," Alice pointed out.

"You do have a point, but like I said, I don't think I've picked up on that side of her yet," Edward said. "I wouldn't want to confirm it so outright."

Edward says I hope you enjoy disappointment:

"I don't like this," Jasper said. "Something tells me she's not going to be disappointed for very long."

"You think she'll figure it out," Edward said worried.

"Come on Edward, she is smart, observant, seen you do incredible things, intrigued by everything about you and is too stubborn to let anything go," Jasper said. "She'll have you figured out in no time."

"You are an idiot," Rosalie voiced after a few seconds of silence as everyone processed the information.

Bella asks why did you even bother:

"My sentiments exactly," Rosalie muttered.

"She's worth bothering for," Edward snapped reflexively.

Edward says I don't know:

"Typical clueless male," Alice muttered smirking.

"Yeah Eddy, it's because you loooove her," Emmett added.

"Oh, I hope you're right," Esme said hopefully.

Mentions that was the first night that Bella dreamed of Edward Cullen:

"Aw, I wonder what she dreams about," Alice teased.

"That's the end of the chapter," Emmett said almost disappointed - he too wanted to hear the dream … more ammunition to tease his brother with.

"I think I'd like to read next, if that's okay with everyone else," Esme said.

"Sure," Emmett shrugged and handed her the book.



Mentions Edward walking away from Bella and she couldn't catch him in her dream:

"Aw … she doesn't want to be ignored by you," Alice laughed.

"Which is likely what I'm going to do. Either that or leave again," Edward sighed.

Mentions Bella thinks that Edward regretted saving her:

"No, Edward would never think that," Esme said.

"He never should have saved her," Rosalie pointed out, still glaring at Edward.

"Even if he thought he should have never saved her he would never regret his decision to do it," Esme said confidently.

"Even if he wasn't in love with her," Alice added teasingly.

"Shut up Alice," Edward said, gritting his teeth, as Esme began reading again with a smile.

Mentions that Mike would talk to Bella at her table in Biology class every day, ignoring Edward like Edward ignored them:

"I don't think you'll be liking…" Alice started in a teasing voice, but liking was too strong of a word. "Tolerating Mike much longer."

"What would I care if he likes the girl," Edward said off-handedly.

"We'll see how much you care," Alice said knowingly.

Mentions Jessica calls Bella so she can ask Mike to the girl's choice dance:

"A dance," Emmett said laughing and everyone looked at him oddly, until the corner of Edward's mouth twitched trying to prevent himself from laughing too. "Just imagine Bella dancing," he added out loud for everyone's benefit.

Mentions Jessica wasn't her usual gushing self:

"Mike turned her down, hoping Bella would ask him," Emmett shook his head. "He'll be waiting a long time for that to happen even if she did like dancing… She is obsessed with Eddy."

Mike says I told her I had to think about it:

"Coward, stringing another girl along in case his first choice doesn't want him," Edward said, shaking his head.

"Your tolerance is waning," Alice smirked and Edward frowned.

Bella says I'm going to Seattle that Saturday:

"That will be seen as a lie," Alice said.

"I don't think it's a lie," Edward said smiling. "I have a feeling she's now planning on going there that weekend."

Mentions Edward is staring at Bella, curiously, with an edge of frustration:

"I think you're jealous," Emmett laughed.

"And frustrated that you can't read her," Jasper added in a teasing voice.

"Dying to know the reason behind her rejection of your rival," Alice added.

"Shut up," Edward growled at his siblings.

After Edward says trust me, Bella narrows her eyes:

"Bad choice of words," Alice said. "You haven't earned her trust yet."

"I don't want to earn her trust," Edward said stubbornly, frowning at the book like he's trying to will his future self just to stay away from her.

Edward says you don't know anything:

"How could she think that anyway?" Edward asked, frowning.

"Well, you did save her life and then completely ignored her for a month, not even looking in her direction," Alice said. "It's an almost logical conclusion."

After Tyler starts asking her about the dance Bella thinks this couldn't be happening:

"I can see why you want to watch this," Emmett said. "It's rather entertaining."

"Something tells me that Edward wants to hear this for another reason than entertainment," Alice smirked.

"I know," Emmett agreed immediately. "But that doesn't mean that he won't find it entertaining."

Bella asks do you have a multiple personality disorder:

"Your emotions do seem to be all over the place," Carlisle said smiling at his son.

"Yeah, you're hardly recognizable as the Edward we all know and lo… tolerate," Emmett laughed.

Edward asking Bella about the day of the spring dance …

"You're asking her to the dance?" Emmett said incredulously.

"Why are you so shocked, he obviously likes her?" Jasper said.

"I really do, don't I?" Edward sighed in resignation.

"But I doubt you'll asked her to the dance," Alice said. "You're too smart for that."

Edward offers to give her a ride to Seattle:

"Oh no," Edward face fell. "I can't be alone with her."

"Don't Edward, I'm sure you'll be a gentleman," Esme smiled.

"But…" Edward protested.

"I'm sure you won't bite her," Alice said trying to tease, but it was too serious of a subject. "Don't worry Edward."

The end of the chapter:

"That's the end of the chapter," Esme said.

"It appears that I've completely fallen for her," Edward said, lowering his head.

"I can't wait till she gets here," Esme said excitedly, it wasn't a secret that she wanted Edward to find someone and that she was worried by the fact that he hadn't yet.

"Mom- I…" Edward tried to say, looking uncomfortable. "I don't think it's a good thing…"

"Nonsense Edward," Esme said. "Falling in love is the best - and you deserve that."

"But…" Edward tried to protest again but was interrupted.

"Oh," Alice said. "I just had an idea - I'll be back in a second - don't read without me," she added as she ran out of the house towards Forks.

"I suppose I'll read next," Alice heard Jasper say - he was making sure no one would start reading before she got back.


Blood Type

Alice ran as fast as she could to the tiny two-story house with the police cruiser parked in front. She quickly picked up the key from its hiding place under the eave, and once inside, made her way to the mantle. She could hear the snores coming from Charlie, who had fallen asleep on the couch watching some sporting event - seeing as the program was now a highlight show. She only glanced at him before returning to her goal - looking at all the pictures on the mantle of the girl that they had been reading about.

She wasn't noticeably attractive, though by no means unattractive - however there was something about her kind face and open expression, even in the picture, that was appealing. Alice smiled at it, wishing that she could take the most recent picture, but knowing that Charlie might notice if it was gone - if he was anywhere near as observant as his daughter seemed to be. She did however, grab a piece of paper and a pen and started drawing the girl - she was now in the kitchen, but had no need to look at the picture again - the girl's face was committed to memory. She only bothered doing this because she wanted Esme to see the girl that would steal Edward's heart.

As soon as she was finished - it only took one minute for the entire process to take place - she ran back home.

When she got home, everyone was where she left them and Edward asked, "What was that about Alice?"

"I just thought that we should get to see what Bella looks like, if we're going to read her story," Alice said showing them the hand drawn picture that looked exactly like the one that she had just seen. "Sorry I didn't have time to make it better."

"That's all right," Esme beamed, reaching out her hand to take the picture and study the girl's face. "She's lovely, such open eyes… don't you think Edward?"

"Um," Edward said, looking at the picture, intently.

"What's the matter Edward?" Esme asked.

"It's just that I've had a younger picture in my head of the girl, from some of the town people's memories," Edward said, shrugging.

"What do you think?" Esme asked again, but still didn't get an answer, though the fond smile in the corner of Edward's mouth made it seem like he approved.

"Thanks, shortie, for the picture, but can we please start reading again?" Emmett said impatiently.

"I supposed we'd better go on Jazz," Alice smiled.

Bella repeats confused I'm giving up:

"Aren't we all confused?" Jasper said puzzled. "I've known you for decades and you're not making any sense here."

"That's because you've never known him when he's in love," Alice said. "Apparently he'll become a confusing, mumbling idiot when it happens," she added teasingly.

Edward explains what giving up means:

"That's outrageous, how could I have such a devil-may-care attitude about this," Edward said, fury burning up in him.

"You probably don't have much of a choice, son," Carlisle said soothingly. "No one can control those kinds of feelings."

Bella asks if they are friends now and Edward says friends and Bella says or not:

"Come on Bella, can't you see that he wants to be more than just your friend?" Emmett said. "I think it's rather obvious."

"That's because you've known Edward for years," Alice said. "From her point of view … it's sketchy at best."

Edward says I'm warning you that I'm not a good friend for you:

"See what I mean," Alice said, giving Edward an incredulous look. "It's like you're trying to make her stay away from you and keep her near you at the same time. It must be frustrating for her."

Edward asks what are you thinking:

"Well, that's that question answered isn't it," Edward said, frustrated; he'd never once had to ask that question since becoming a vampire.

"Awesome, there's someone out there that you can't hear," Emmett said.

"I wonder if that's the reason why you like her," Alice mused.

"I don't think so," Edward said, not looking at her or his mother, but there was something about the way he said it that made them both smile.

"Well, it's a good thing for her," Emmett said. "It's deadly annoying having you in my head all the time."

"I didn't think that you really cared," Edward said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, most of the time I don't," Emmett said frowning. "But you always use it to cheat … I wish we could just have a fair fight …."

"No, he's right," Alice said. "You're lucky you can't hear her thoughts; she wouldn't like that."

Mentions Bella thinking about her theory of what Edward is:

"That's so lame, I thought she would've come up with something better than that," Emmett scoffed.

"And Bruce Wayne doesn't have superpowers, he is just really rich," Jasper said.

"Well, Edward is rich, so I guess he's more like Bruce Wayne," Emmett said. "Then again Peter Parker is stronger and more agile than humans."

"You seem to think her ideas are better than you said," Edward pointed out, annoyed.

"Nah, but I kind of see where she's coming from now," Emmett shrugged. "She's still way off."

Edward says 'Except for you' when talking about reading people:

"Oh great, Edward, why don't you just tell her that you can read minds too?" Rosalie spat.

"Am I doing that?" Edward said, looking puzzled.

"Maybe," Emmett shrugged. "I wouldn't put it past Bella to notice that too."

Edward says what if I'm the bad guy:

"You are not the bad guy Edward, you've never been the bad guy," Esme said sternly.

"I've m …." Edward started to say but Esme cut him off - she would never let him get away with thinking badly of himself.

"You're a good man and I will not let you berate yourself," Esme said and her tone was final.

Bella's response of 'Oh':

"Now you've made her think you're some kind of villain," Esme said, now really glaring at her son. "Are you happy now?"

"Er …." Edward said, looking stunned. "I don't know."

Bella says I don't believe you're bad:

"Good," Esme said, letting out a breath and then smiled. "You're just lucky that she's so perceptive."

"Yes," Edward said, still looking stunned.

Bella further explaining her thoughts on him not being bad:

"Obviously her instincts have been dulled," Jasper said. "That's the only explanation for her not running from you now."

"But dulled by what?" Alice said smirking. "What would be strong enough to dull her survival instincts?"

"It would have to be something that was even stronger than them," Jasper said, picking up where she was headed immediately. "I can only think of one thing."

"Same here," Alice beamed at him. "What about you Edward, can you think of anything?"

Edward gulped, but he still looked stunned and didn't answer.

Bella's reaction to blood:

"She's afraid of blood." Emmett couldn't prevent himself from laughing.

"And apparently not even her own." Carlisle chuckled too; in fact everyone seem to be laughing now. "I'm not sure she could even see the blood."

Mentions Bella breathing through her mouth:

"Is she trying not to smell?" Edward asked, cocking his head to the side, looking confused.

"It seems that way," Jasper said thoughtfully. "You don't think – she – can - smell the blood, do you?" he went on slowly, the idea was ridiculous, but still, there was something odd going on here.

"It wouldn't surprise me if she did, at least to some extent," Edward said.

Mentions Edward appears when Mike is taking Bella to the nurse:

"What are you doing Edward … what if she was bleeding?" Rosalie hissed. "You knew they were blood testing! Don't you have any idea how dangerous that would have been if she was bleeding?"

"I …." Edward said paling, or at least he would of if he could- it was obvious he hadn't been thinking about that at all. "I was probably holding my breath …." he added anyway sounding more hopeful then confident.

Edward says about Mike, he absolutely loathes me:

"I see there's no love lost there," Alice teased.

"I can only imagine what I have to endure, listening to his thoughts when it comes to Bella," Edward frowned.

Bella says blood smells like rust and salt:

"No, it doesn't," Emmett scoffed. "It smells so much better than that."

"Hm … I always wondered what blood would smell like to humans," Carlisle said. "I'm still not sure if it's true, but I always thought that those were the likely smells, what with the components of blood …."

Bella asks Clair de Lune:

"She knows Debussy," Edward said looking pleasantly surprised.

"Interesting, I didn't think any kids listened to classical music anymore," Carlisle said. "It's a shame."

Bella says her mom looks a lot like me, but she's prettier:

"Did you see a picture of her too?" Edward asked Alice.

"Yes," Alice said and then brought the picture of Charlie and Renee's wedding to the front of her mind so Edward could see it.

"I don't think Bella is right about this one," Edward said, after comparing the pictures in his mind.

"Neither do I," Alice agreed.

Mentions Bella thinks it was obvious that he loved his 'parents' by the way he spoke of them:

Esme and Carlisle were now both beaming at their son.

Edward for his part looked a little flustered and didn't look either of them in the eye.


Scary Stories

Mentions there's teenagers from the reservation when they come back from the tide pool:

"Oh great the wolves are there," Rosalie hissed.

"They're not wolves, they're just their descendants," Carlisle corrected and Rosalie just shrugged.

'Are you thinking what I'm thinking Edward?' Alice thought when she noticed his scowl. 'Do you think that one of them is going to tell Bella about us?' He nodded infinitesimally and she sighed, and then shrugged.

Describes Jacob:

"You'd better watch out Eddy, it sounds like she might like this one," Emmett teased and Edward's eyes narrowed involuntarily.

Mentions that Jacob's sister is married and she's only a year older than Bella:

"That's not so odd," Edward said.

"It is for this time," Alice pointed out. "People don't usually start settling down until they're thirty nowadays."

"You do know talking like that makes you sound like an old lady, don't you?" Edward smirked.

"Well I am," Alice shrugged.

After Bella and Jacob interaction together and how she's laughing and joking:

"She does like him," Alice said, still teasing, but a little more serious now. "He'll be your main competition."

"Or he'll be there to pick her up if you should run off on her," Emmett laughed.

Lauren says it was too bad none of the Cullens were invited to the beach today:

"Oh, crap," Emmett said, eyes going wide. Most of his family had the same reaction. "Don't say it."

Sam says the Cullens don't come here:

"He said it," Emmett sighed. "To a normal person that would be nothing …."

"But to Bella … it's just going to make her more curious about us," Edward carried on with his brother's thought.

"The Quileutes know what we are," Jasper said.

"And this generation doesn't believe in the stories," Carlisle added.

"The stupid wolves are going to tell her everything," Rosalie said letting out a fierce growl. "We should rip those dogs head off, we'll have every right to in a few months it seems."

"Rosalie you know we can't do that," Carlisle sighed.

Rosalie continued to seethe dangerously for the next two minutes and Emmett tried to calm her down. During that time Edwards mouth pulled into a smile.

"What's got you so happy Edward?" Jasper asked trying to keep his voice down, but there really was no point.

"I guess I'm just happy I wasn't the one to tell Bella," Edward laughed relieved. "I was afraid Rose would of wreck one of my cars when that happened."

"Edward," Rosalie growled. "Don't you dare think that I'll let you slide for this - you might not have told her but it's still all your fault …."

"I know," Edward said trying to look stoic. "I'm sorry for everything … but you can't blame me for this."

"Watch me," Rosalie huffed and then sat back down in her chair crossing her arms. She knew what he was doing with that apology, she had seen him do it too many times not to realize it - that didn't mean it didn't make her relax just enough for them to be able to continue to read.

Bella takes that to mean the Cullens weren't allowed; they were prohibited:

"Well, we are," Edward said, almost cheerfully, he must really have been worried about his cars before this. However, the next second his shoulder slumped, and he looked anxious.

"What is it this time?" Jasper said and then muttered almost to himself. "Man, I'm really going to enjoy the emotional roller coaster you're going to put me through soon."

"She's going to know!" Edward exclaimed. "She's going to be terrified of me."

"Oh, Edward, I'm sure she's going to understand," Esme said convincingly.

"How could she?" Edward slumped even farther. "Though it's good that she figures it out now … she'll be able to live a normal life in peace."

"I really wouldn't count her out yet," Alice smiled. "I think she'll surprise you."

"Do you know that for a fact?" Edward said.

"No, I've no idea how this is going to end," Alice said sounding both annoyed and excited. "I won't be having any visions about what's going to come in these books seeing as there are no decision to be made, but still, I know I'm right."

"Care to make a wager on that," Emmett said. "I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to bet against you fairly."

"Name your terms," Alice said just as confidently as she did when she did have a vision.

"We'll keep it light this time, four hundred dollars," Emmett said.

"Done," Alice said.

Mentions Bella is going to flirt with Jacob to get the information she wants:

"Yes, this will be entertaining," Emmett laughed out right, and Edward did look amused even though he was still dreading what was to come.

Mentions that Bella tries to imitate Edward looking up from underneath his eyelashes:

"She's using you as a reference to flirt with another boy," Alice pointed out laughing.

Mentions Bella tries not to look like an idiot as she fluttered her eyelids:

"I can only see her doing it like an idiot," Emmett said. "I'm so glad you showed us that picture Alice, there's so much more details knowing what she really looks like."

Mentions Bella worries that Jacob would be disgusted by her flirting but he was flattered:

"Of course, he would be, she's got admirers without even trying," Edward said. "Poor Jacob, he doesn't stand a chance."

"Well, that poor Jacob is about to tell her all about us, so I really wouldn't feel that sorry for him," Rosalie hissed - which affectively put an end to Edward's good mood.

"Stories about the cold ones":

"And here it comes," Emmett smirked.

"I wonder how bad it's going to be," Edward said, suddenly even more worried than before. "It's got to be worse than telling her myself, the wolf isn't going to portray us nicely."

"It might have been worth a car," Alice suggested.

Edward looked at her and sighed, "It just might."

Jacob mentions his great-grandfather meeting the Cullens:

"It's kind of amusing that Ephraim's descendant is the one that breaks the treaty," Carlisle said looking indeed amused.

"Why aren't any of you taking this seriously?" Rosalie growled.

"Two reasons," Carlisle said deciding it was best to answer her question. "First of all, none of this happened yet so we could prevent this if need be," he must have said this one first knowing that it would appease Rosalie most. "And Second, I think Alice is right … Bella isn't going to react like a normal human does. I'm sure everything will be all right."

Jacob mentions they prey on animals instead:

"Actually, he's not portraying us so bad," Edward said almost hopefully. "She might not be disgusted with me … though she should be."

"Seriously bro, get a grip of yourself," Jasper said.

"Sorry," Edward sighed.

Jacob says your people call them vampires:

"And now she knows," Alice said. "I was wondering how she figured it out."

"You knew she would," Edward snapped his head towards her.

"Yep," Alice said and opened her mind to him.

"Argh … that's what was on the back of the book," Edward groaned. "You could have warned me."

"And ruin my fun," Alice said, shaking her head at his ridiculous statement.

Mentions that Bella likes Jacob, and that they could easily be friends:

"Geez relax Eddy," Emmett said trying to hide his laughter as Edward glared at the book. "She just wants to be his friend."

End of chapter:

"That's the end of the chapter," Carlisle said. "Er … Rosalie do you want to read."

"Are you kidding me?" Rosalie scoffed.

"Come on babe, it'll be fun," Emmett said.

"There's nothing fun about this," Rosalie shook her head.

"It would be dangerous to put the book in her hands right now anyways," Edward said. "She's likely to rip it apart with the state she's in."

"Oh, never mind then," Emmett said - he wouldn't want his new means of entertainment to be destroyed so quickly. "Are you going to read, bro?"

"I don't think I can handle it either right now," Edward shook his head.

"Yeah, he's too anguished to see how Bella is going to react to this news," Alice smirked. "I'll read."

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