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Chapter Two

Twilight 7-14


Mentions Bella listens to a cd with complicated drum patterns and got past the blaring noise:

"So, she likes classics and this too," Edward smiled.

"You don't even know what it is," Alice pointed out.

"That doesn't really matter, the way she describes it, it has to be almost the opposite of Debussy," Edward shrugged.

"You're just happy that she likes music," Alice laughed.

"That might be it," Edward smiled.

Mentions Bella wanted to see the sun but Jacob was pulling her back:

"Oi, leave her alone you big dream jerk," Emmett said trying to sound threating, but he just sounded ridiculous, though it did cause Rosalie to smile for the first time since the car incident.

"You're such a dork," she said, still smiling.

Mentions Mike is calling out to Bella in her dream:

"Hm …." Alice said.

"What?" Edward said.

"I just had a thought, or at least a beginning of a thought," Alice smirked at him, though she did hate that she had to guard her thought process whenever she wanted to keep Edward from knowing everything.

"Well at least now we're both annoyed," Edward smirked back at her.

"I think everyone is annoyed actually," Jasper said - and he would know.

Mentions Jacob turns into a wolf in Bella's dream:

"Hmm … she made him a wolf," Carlisle said. "Does that mean she believes that's possible too or is she just working with the story she was just told?"

"I think it's more likely the latter, but who knows when it comes to Bella," Alice said.

Bella describes Edward when he steps out of the trees in the dream:

"My skin was glowing?" Edward said perplexed.

"It's got to be a coincidence," Jasper said. "She has no reason to know that vampires glow in the sun."

"It's just weird that she would describe it like that," Edward shuttered.

"Yeah." It seemed that everyone agreed.

After Bella wakes up from the dream:

"She has a very accurate dream," Carlisle said. "But I guess that's what I should expect from her."

"That dream really showed where everyone stood," Alice said, voicing her thought she had moments ago.

"What do you mean?" Edward asked glaring at his pixie sister.

"Well, Mike was off in the woods," Alice started to explain. "Meaning that she likes him enough to be in the dream, but he doesn't really matter that much. Jacob was more noticeable and very defensive of her, meaning she likes him more, but she still didn't listen to him."

"She should have," Edward said. "Anything to keep her away for the monster … that's what she sees me as."

"You think so do you?" Alice smirked.

"It was obvious in that dream I was looking to … well you know," Edward said, not able to say the words.

"Yes … but still," Alice said.

"What?" Edward asked.

She just smirked at him, then started to read again.

Mentions Bella starting her search on the computer about vampires:

"So, she's going to research us on the Internet," Carlisle said. "That's not really going to help her."

"Of course not, even if humans were observant enough to know about us, do you think the Volturi would allow something like that to get out on the Internet?" Edward scoffed.

"Of course not, but what is interesting is all the different myths that are about us on the Internet," Carlisle said.

"You said it 'Stregoni benefici'" Edward said as he smiled at his father.

Mentions the myth about the Danag that work with humans before sucking wound:

"I always wondered if that one was true," Carlisle said. "I've never met anyone that's like that."

"It sounds plausible," Edward shrugged his shoulders.

"If so," Carlisle went on. "Was the Danag like us, choosing not to hunt humans or was he made a vampire recently and it was just instinctual to kill the woman?"

"It almost seems the former is more likely, but I don't know Carlisle," Edward said thoughtfully, though his tone showed how impatient he was for the story to continue.

Mentions of Stregoni Benefici:

"Ah, she picked yours," Esme beamed.

"That's not shocking though, is it," Alice said. "It's the only one that portrays vampires in a good light, and she so desperately wants Edward to be good."

"And she also picked ones that happen to be true," Carlisle pointed out.

Mentions that the Stregoni Benefici was said to be mortal enemy of all evil vampires:

"The last part is not really true," Carlisle said.

"It can be," Esme said. "You would stand up to anyone, if you thought you could save a human's life."

"I guess you got me there," Carlisle beamed at his wife.

Mentions of the myths about vampires, the sun would burn them to cinder:

"Yeah, like it's that easy to kill us," Emmett said rolling his eyes.

"That's probably why they came up with that in the first place," Carlisle said. "Humans like to believe that they could have a chance against us, if they were faced with us … it makes them feel more comfortable."

Mentions Edward talks like a turn-of-the-century novel:

"That's a new one," Carlisle said. "Do we really talk like that?"

"I think we must," Edward said though his voice sounded a little distant - the moment of truth was just about to happen after all. "Sometimes you say something that's from your older days."

Mentions talking Edward's advice about if she was smart, she'd avoid him as much as possible:

"No," Emmett said.

"You do realize that you bet me that she would react badly to this don't you," Alice said.

"Oh crap," Emmett groaned; he never liked losing no matter how trivial it was. "But she has to stay with Eddy, it's too entertaining this way."

Bella thinks saving her was sheer reflexes:

"It must have been," Jasper said.

"He would have saved her if he thought about it," Alice argued.

"Would he have?" Jasper raised his eyebrow. "I doubt he understood how he felt about her at the time … he just knew how … attractive her scent was and that he craved that. But his instincts must have told him that she was more …."

"You're right," Alice beamed at him.

Mentions in the dream Bella feared for Edward:

"What?" Edward said, snapping his head towards Alice - seeing as she was the one that was reading.

"Just as I thought," Alice said smugly. "You might have appeared as a monster, but it was still you that she cared about."

"She … I …." Edward said, looking more confused than ever.

Mentions Bella thinks it was easy to decide to keep seeing Edward:

"She shouldn't …." Edward started angrily.

"You can't change your heart Edward," Esme said, making him look into her eyes. "Right and wrong aren't important any more. She's listening to her heart and you should do the same."

"But …." Edward said.

"Once you do," Esme went on like there wasn't an interruption. "It will be so much better. Edward, just let yourself love her."

"Are you talking to me or the one in the book?" Edward said confused.

"I can't do anything for the Edward in the book," Esme sighed. "I'm telling you that you should let yourself love her."

"We've haven't even met …." Edward said. "Yes, I have to admit that I'm fascinated with her and she's a remarkable girl, but I'm not in love with her."

"Edward," Esme sighed. He was more in love with this girl they've been reading about than he realized and was already starting to change. "Please stop worrying about what could happen … and try to enjoy this and see where that leads you."

"Enjoy this?" Edward mused. "I'll try."

"She really does love you," Jasper said. "She should be terrified of you after what she learned."

"And I believe that means I win, Bella reacted wonderfully to the vampire question," Alice held out her hand and Emmett gave her the money pouting - though nowhere near as much as he normally would have - like he'd said before, he liked Bella reacting to Edward too much to be upset now.

Mentions that Mike was so happy to see her that she couldn't help but feel gratified:

"Yes, attention is nice," Rosalie said.

"Wow, that's the first positive thing you said this whole book," Alice teased.

"Whatever," Rosalie shrugged.

"I guess now that you know that she's not about to run through the town telling everyone what we are, you're happy," Alice continued.

"Not really, though not quite as upset," Rosalie admitted.

End of chapter:

"That's the end of the chapter," Alice said.

"Good, it's my turn then," Edward said reaching for the book, but it was gone before he got there.

"No, I decided that I want to read," Rosalie said, smirking at her brother. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not," Edward said, trying to look like he meant it.


Port Angeles

Bella says if I ran Tyler over with her truck, he would stop feeling guilty, that it might make amends:

"Does she really believe that's why he's trying to ask her out?" Emmett laughed.

"It appears so," Edward chuckled. "It so strange that she can't figure that out - it's so obvious - but she notices every slip I make."

"Obviously she is so obsessed with you that she can't see what's right in front of her face," Alice smiled.

Mentions Bella looking for a better bookstore wandering the streets:

"I don't like the sound of this," Edward said, tensing again.

"Neither do I," Rosalie said darkly before she continued to read.

Describing the man that talks to Bella when she first sees a group of four guys:

Though Rosalie hadn't changed the tone of her voice since she started reading, it was easy for everyone there to hear her anger growing with each word she read. Her hands also looked like she was about to flex, but she had enough control of herself not to destroy the book; she needed to know what happened here too much (almost as much as Edward did) to do that.

Mentions Bella notes that her followers aren't getting closer to her:

"They're leading her somewhere," Edward stated, gritting his teeth.

"Where are you, Edward?" Rosalie shouted. "You can't let this happen!"

"I…" Edward said looking angry and desperate. "I don't know."

Mentions Bella realizes she was being herded:

"You'd better rip their heads off Edward," Rosalie spat.

"Yes," Edward agreed, his tone harsh with anger.

Mentions Bella's thoughts about screaming:

"That won't matter anyways," Rosalie said gritting her teeth again.

"It might help me find her," Edward said.

"Why the hell haven't you shown up yet?" Rosalie asked, snapping her head at him fiercely. "You couldn't keep yourself away before and now…"

"I might not know she's in danger," Edward said looking panicky. "I can't hear her thoughts…."

"Just get there," Rosalie hissed and started reading again.

Mentions the guy talks and laughs at Bella's fear:

The hand that Rosalie wasn't using to hold the book was clenching a piece of wood (it was more like sawdust now) that was once part of her chair, and her words were coming out as hiss now.

After Edward arrives:

"Rip their heads off," Rosalie repeated.

"Rose, I don't think he'll be doing that with Bella right there," Emmett said.

"They need to pay for what they were going to do," Rose said angrily. "And Edward has plenty of practice killing bastards like these."

"I have to get her out of there, I'll go back later," Edward assured her.

"Edward," Esme said, looking torn. "You shouldn't…"

"They were going to… no I won't let them get away with this," Edward said with gritted teeth.

"Yes, you will," Carlisle said and both Edward and Rosalie's head snapped towards their father looking incredulously at him. "Bella - even knowing what they were planning on doing - wouldn't want you to do that."

"I…" Edward said still looking shock and then he frowned. "That's true."

"Edward!" Rosalie hissed.

"I don't know what I'll do," Edward said as he contemplated both his options.

Bella starts to ask how Edward knows to go to the restaurant but shakes her head:

"I guess I was listening in on their conversation," Edward said.

"Then why did it take you so long to get to Bella before?" Alice asked.

"I don't know," Edward sighed.

Edward mentions taking Bella to dinner:

"Carlisle's right, I've decided not to kill them," Edward sighed. "I have to be close to her if I want to control my impulse to do just that."

"You're useless," Rosalie growled.

Mentions Edward uses his silken, irresistible voice on Jessica and Angela and judging from their expression he's never used that before:

"I try not to use that unless I have to," Edward said. "And especially not around someone that obviously likes me."

"Then why have you tried to use it on Bella?" Jasper smirked.

"I don't think he realizes how much she likes him," Alice laughed.

"Besides, it doesn't work properly for her," Edward sighed.

Edward asks do you mind of I drive Bella home, that way you don't have to wait:

"I think Jessica would rather wait," Edward chuckled.

"And it might be safer for you if she did," Jasper said, laughing at Edward's confused expression. "Bella has a lot of things to ask you that you're not going to like."

"That's right," Edward sighed again. "This should be an interesting conversation."

Mentions Bella is not hungry after Jessica and Angela leave them to eat:

"Why did she wait until they were gone before she said that?" Edward said confused.

"Because she wanted to stay with you, duh," Emmett said rolling his eyes.

"Edward, you really should make her eat," Carlisle said. "After the shock she just went through she needs food and sugar in her system."

"She doesn't seem that shocked," Jasper commented. "At least that's not her forefront emotion."

Bella says that she feels safe with Edward and he looks displeased by that:

"Oh good, we get to see the moody vampire again," Emmett said.

"I think it'll be more like the yo-yo vampire," Jasper said. "His emotions should be all over the place during this conversation."

Bella asks why are you in Port Angeles:

"Stalking you, of course," Emmett said. "Do you think she would freak out about that?"

"No," Alice answered immediately. "She'll be pleased that he cares so much."

Edward says Next:

"Why didn't you just make something up?" Rosalie asked angrily. Apparently her anger towards this entire situation returned to her now that Bella wasn't going to suffer - in her opinion - the darkest fate imaginable.

"I must be trying to be honest with her," Edward smiled.

"Whatever," Rosalie hissed.

Edward says just one exception, hypothetically:

"Edward!" Rosalie growled again.

"She already seems to know," Edward shrugged. "Why not play along?"

Mentions if she should be bother that he was following her, instead she felt pleasure:

"Told you," Alice said smugly.

"I wonder if she'll ever have a normal human reaction," Edward mused.

After Edward admits it was harder to track her because he couldn't read her mind, he looks anxious:

"It's one thing to have guessed something, it's another to actually hear it," Edward said.

"She already knows you're a vampire… or is at least convinced enough that you are one and has decided to stay with you," Alice said. "This isn't going to make her run."

"I don't know any of that Alice," Edward huffed and Alice shrugged.

Edward describing trying to find Bella and then hearing the man:

"I heard them thinking about her," Edward said and he looked as furious as the book described.

"Don't let them get away with it then?" Rosalie commented knowing that Edward was more likely to listen to her when he was like this.

Edward growled, but otherwise stayed silent.

Edward mentioning how hard it was to leave those men alive:

"If she didn't know that you were a vampire at this point, she would have thought you were a psychopath," Alice said. "Talking about killing so easily."

"And how is being a vampire better than that?" Edward asked looking amused.

"Er… at least we have an excuse," Alice laughed.

End of chapter:

"That's it," Rosalie said.

"Good, now it's my turn to read," Edward said.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" Alice tease. "Given what's going to be the topic of conversation."

"I'll be fine," Edward said, shrugging. "I already know how she feels - all that's left is my reaction to it."



Bella asks why he thinks he can't read her mind:

"Because you're a freak," Emmett said.

"Hey," Edward growled at his brother. "There is nothing wrong with her."

"I meant that in the best way," Emmett shrugged.

"I don't think that can be taken in a good way," Edward said narrowing his eyes, but Emmett just shrugged again.

Bella calls herself a freak:

"Evidently she agrees with me," Emmett chuckled.

"She is not a freak," Edward hissed again. "I don't care if she think she is or not."

Bella says holy crow, slow down:

Edward started laughing hysterically at that and everyone looked at him oddly, even Emmett who had started laughing too.

"What so funny?" Esme asked looking worried.

"My driving skills," Edward choked out. "The thing she's afraid of is my driving skills."

"She has everything backwards," Emmett was able to get out before he joined Edward in hysteria.

Bella is talking about getting her new theory from the beach:

"I didn't pick up on the fact the Quileute would be there," Edward said a little disappointed in himself.

"You must have thought they never would have told her," Carlisle said. "You probably didn't realize that there was more danger that the kids would tell someone, then one of the elders - who would never had said anything."

Bella says no, nothing fit, most of it was kind of silly and then …:

"What? What?" Emmett said for Edward made a long pause knowing how impatient his brother could be. "Edward, read the damn book."

"Fine," Edward said, his mouth pulled thin in amusement.

When Bella says 'it didn't matter' and Edward's reactions and says it didn't matter:

"Why are you so mad, she is accepting you?" Esme said.

"It doesn't matter," Edward said. "It just sounds so … I don't know, like she's resigned to die or something."

Edward says you haven't asked me the most important questions yet:

"You would think of food, wouldn't you?" Alice said.

"It's what we are," Edward said. "And how was I supposed to know that the pup had already told her that we are 'vegetarians'?"

Bella asks why he hunts animals and not people:

"Isn't that obvious," Edward said. "I don't want to be a monster. I want to be someone my father can be proud of."

"You would have made the same choice without me, Edward," Carlisle said without any doubt in his voice. "I know that you struggled with this in your … er youth … but with your gifts, you would have developed your own aversion to that lifestyle without me."

"I would have agree with that Edward," Jasper said. "Your gift is so much stronger than mine in that sense and I even got an aversion."

"Maybe … but Carlisle still prevented me from slaughtering any innocent people at least," Edward said. "I doubt I would've had the control to even bother listening to people when I was a newborn."

"You're welcome for that," Carlisle said smiling; he already knew how bad and sickened Edward felt about killing the despicable people that he had when he was in his 'rebellious' stage and how much worse it would have been if he had killed innocent people.

"Thank you," Edward said full of meaning.

Edward mentions it's harder to resist more than others:

"Like it is with her," Edward said.

"I really can't believe that you're this close to her all the time if her scent was that strong," Emmett said looking at him skeptically. "I doubt it's that bad."

"I'm sure you're wrong," Edward said.

"It's just that his love is stronger," Esme said positively beaming. "Like her love seems to be stronger then her instincts, it appears that so is Edward's."

Bella says but you're not hungry now:

"How would she know that?" Edward asked.

"By the color of your eyes, of course," Emmett said slowly.

"But how would she know that my eye color has anything to do with my hunger," Edward said.

"Er... we'll find out in a couple lines," Emmett shrugged.

Bella says your eyes, I notice that people are crabbier when they're hungry:

"Ah yes the crabbiness, I should have guessed," Emmett laughed.

After Edward tries to make Bella understand that he's not safe:

"Edward stop," Esme sighed. "I know you want to save her, but I think it's too late for that."

"That's not helping," Edward said.

"Maybe not, but I hope your book-self sees that soon and stops torturing the both of you," Esme said.

Bella thinks that she might be going into shock after all:

"It sort of sounds like she is," Carlisle said. "I wonder if your presence was the reason why she didn't before … she did say she felt safe with you after all."

"No, I think it has more to do with her getting all excited by him breathing on her," Alice laughed. "That's when she started acting funny."

Mentions About three things I was absolutely positive:

"Oh, this was what was on the back of the book," Alice smiled.

"The reason why you thought we would all be interested in reading this," Emmett said expectantly.

After reading the reasons:

"I can't believe this is finally happening," Esme beamed at Edward - she must think that he had finally found his mate.

"I see how that would peak your interest," Emmett laughed.

"That was the end of the chapter," Edward said.

"Good, that means it's my turn," Emmett took the book.



Mentions it was foggy and dark and absolutely perfect:

"Wow, one day with you Eddy and she's changed her outlook on the world," Emmett smirked.

Mentions the outfit that Edward was wearing and how it clung to his perfectly muscled chest:

"I think I can see a blush," Alice said, teasing her brother.

"You know that's not possible," Edward said, struggling to keep his voice even.

"That's why it's so amazing," Alice commented.

Edward says that he's breaking all the rules now:

"Edward?" Rosalie said guardedly.

"Yes," Edward answered warily.

"Do you think that your book self is still battling with your nature?" Rosalie asked.

"Judging by the warning I'm still giving I would have to say yes," Edward sighed knowing what was coming.

"Then why are you going public with this girl when you're not sure how it's going to end?" Rosalie said in a deadly cold voice, made worse because she was being so rational about it.

"Edward's not going to hurt Bella," Esme said fiercely.

"He could, all it takes is one second to slip," Rosalie carried on. "And if he is still fighting with himself he is even more likely to hurt her because he knows it's a possibility. You're putting the family at risk again."

"You're right," Edward looked down again. "I'm sorry … I can't seem to be able to help myself when it comes to her."

"Well, at least I get to drive my car," Rosalie ended on a happier note, knowing her argument was validated, but it didn't really matter.

Jessica says Even better, he must like you and Bella says I think so, but it's hard to tell:

"Hard to tell," Edward said incredulously.

"That's... that's just too funny," Emmett choked out laughing.

"Again, unable to grasp what's right in front of her," Jasper joined in on the laughter.

Jessica says he's unbelievably gorgeous, as if that excuses any flaws and in Jessica's book it probably did:

"But apparently not in Bella's," Edward said with trepidation.

"You might be in trouble then," Emmett smirked. "You really needed beauty to offset your flaws."

"I do," Edward agreed grinning. "But she's already seen most of them and is still okay with it, so I think I'm fine."

Bella says too much, more than he likes me:

"She is underestimating my feelings again," Edward sighed.

"You're just confusing her all the time, I'm sure she'll see how much you care soon enough," Esme said.

Bella thinks she cares more about Edward, and he says you're wrong and she says you can't know that:

"But it is true," Edward said confidently.

"She feels strongly about you Edward," Alice said.

"I know, and probably more strongly than the other me knows about," Edward allowed. "But to compare a human's love to a vampire's …."

"Don't forget that she doesn't fit into the human category so easily," Alice said. "I'm not saying that your love isn't stronger, but Edward, don't underestimate her love for you just because she's a human."

"I'll keep that in mind," Edward smirked.

Bella notes 'the obvious' as in their appearance:

"Argh, stop caring about appearances, it's not important to me," Edward said.

"Obviously," Rosalie said.

"W … ," Edward started to say looking angry until he switched tracks and looked like he was about to laugh. Rosalie was now glaring at him and looking … was that embarrassed?

"What did I miss?" Emmett asked, but neither of them answered him, the threat on Rosalie's face was obvious to everyone in the room that Edward shouldn't talk.

"Nothing," Edward said, still chuckling.

Bella says there's nothing more fun than an irritated grizzly bear:

"Exactly!" Emmett laughed loudly. "Bella really understands me."

"I think she was being sarcastic," Edward smirked.

Bella says how do you hunt a bear without weapons:

"Come on, she's seen how fast, strong and unbreakable we are," Emmett scoffed. "It shouldn't be that hard to picture."

"But she still has her human concept of things," Carlisle said. "It must be hard to imagine something that seems so human to be able to fight wild animals."

Edward explains Emmett hunting style and it causes a shiver to go down Bella's spine:

"Thanks Edward," Emmett said put out. "You're making her afraid of me."

"I just told the truth," Edward shrugged.

"But it's going to be harder for her to like me now when she comes around," Emmett pouted.

Bella asks is Edward hunting something she might get to see:

"Never," Edward said looking stern and terrified.

"That really wouldn't be good," Carlisle said. "Even if her blood wasn't so appealing to you... any human that close would be too appealing."



Mentions watching then video in Biology and feeling the electricity:

"Er … what?" Emmett question.

"That electric thing again," Carlisle said. "Like the first time you touched her. I wonder what's going on there."

"What I really want to know is if Edward feels it too?" Alice asked.

Bella thoughts about the electric current coming from Edward:

"So, you're the cause of this occurrence," Carlisle said.

"Naturally," Edward said, almost smirking.

"I wonder if what you're feeling is the same?" Carlisle said.

"We get it, you've said that enough," Emmett said impatiently.

"Sorry," Carlisle chuckled. "What I meant was, I wish we could know how Edward was feeling right now, because it might feel different to him. For instance, it could feel like an electric hum flowing through his body, peacefully making him aware of her …."

"Oh, I get it," Emmett nodded his head and looked at Rosalie.

"You think that's it," Esme said positively beaming. "Even though she's a human."

"It said that the electricity is coming from Edward," Carlisle said. "When a vampire finds their mate an electric current runs through them to make them realize the importance of the other. It varies with each pair of course, sometimes it's obvious and other times it takes a long time to really feel the electricity and understand what it means, but everyone that I've spoken to that has a mate has told me about the spark."

"So, you think she's, my mate?" Edward said, for some reason looking shocked about this.

'Edward you've already realized you're in love with her, at least the you in the book has, why are you so shocked about finding out she's your mate?' Alice thought exasperated.

"It seems more real that way," Edward answered. "More unavoidable too."

Mike says he looks at you like you're something to eat:

Edward groaned miserably at that.

"You're not going to do that," Esme said to cheer up her son.

"Maybe not, but it's so obvious that even this guy can see it," Edward said looking depressed.

Mentions that Bella choked back the hysteria that threatened to explode:

"Is she laughing at that?" Edward said indignantly.

"It looks like it," Alice said. "But to be fair, she probably doesn't think it's funny ... just possibility ..."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better," Edward glared at his sister.

Bella thoughts on the other Cullens knowing that she knew Edward was a vampire:

"If we didn't know before lunch we definitely know now," Emmett said.

"Do you think that Edward didn't tell us?" Jasper asked.

"Who knows when it comes to Eddy and Bella," Emmett laughed. "And I'm not sure if it would be better or worse if he told us before now."

"Yeah, at least this way you can't yell at me right away," Edward said amused. "You can't let your rage out with so many witnesses."

"All I have to say is that you'd better have told us before that or you will regret it," Rosalie said threateningly, and Edward heeded her warning - not that he could do anything about it now.

Mentions Bella tries to keep her expression under control, give nothing away:

"That's annoying," Edward said. "How am I supposed to know what she's thinking if she doesn't react?"

"I think that's the point," Alice laughed.

"I know," Edward said. "But... it's still annoying."

Edward says tomorrow it's my turn:

"Good, it's about time I get to learn more about her," Edward said pleased, obviously wanting to learn everything about her as soon as he could.

Edward asks, what's your favorite color:

"Such a simple question," Emmett sighed. "That's not interesting."

"He must be trying to make her feel comfortable before he asked the big questions," Alice said knowingly.

"No, I want to know everything about her," Edward said confidently. "Though Alice is probably right too."

Bella says it changes from day to day:

"Not such a simple answer," Emmett chuckled. "She can even manage to make that boring question somewhat entertaining."

After Bella's rant about everything being too green here Edward says brown is warm as he sweeps her hair:

"That was smooth bro," Emmett said, punching Edward on the arm.

Mentions Edward asked her question all through lunch:

"Argh, she's not going to say them in this book," Edward groaned. "I want to hear it."

"Ha, is little Eddy having a tantrum," Emmett cooed.

"Shut up," Edward growled harshly.

Mentions that some questions made her blush, like when he asked her what her favorite gemstone was, and she blurted out topaz:

"Why would that make her blush?" Edward asked confused.

After a second Alice started to laugh and blurted out, "It's the color of your - well our - eyes after we hunt."

"Oh," Edward smiled ridiculously.

Edward asks what kind of flowers do you prefer, but there was no answer to that in the book:

"It could at least tell me the flower," Edward groaned again.

"Too bad bro," Jasper chuckled.

Mentions it's twilight and that it's the safest time of day for them, the easiest time but also the saddest:

"Er... I don't think it's the saddest," Edward said confused by what his book self just said.

"I guess she made you think differently about that son," Carlisle smiled. "With her around, time has meaning for you again."

"I guess," Edward said thoughtfully.



Edward says Alice is the most supportive:

"Wait... does that mean I'm not supportive?" Emmett frowned.

"Apparently," Edward said.

Edward says the others are incredulous, for the most part:

"I must not have realized how funny she is," Emmett said still frowning. "But why are you so supportive, Shortie?"

"It seems that Bella is important to Edward, I must have seen the outcome of that and wanted it to happen," Alice said. "I bet Bella will be my friend, too."

"Of course, you will," Emmett said still frowning a little. "Bella's awesome."

"I bet she'll like you too Em," Alice said sweetly and Emmett smiled. "And Jazz, don't even worry about it, I'm sure you'll be friends too."

"I'm not sure about that," Jasper said, smiling at the fact that his wife knew him so well. He then frowned, "she seems like a good person to be around … a good climate too, but … I'm not sure I can …."

"Or that Eddy would let you," Emmett added, noticing how depressed Jasper was becoming. "Don't worry Jazz, I'm sure it will all work out."

"Honestly, I really hope it does," Jasper said a little more hopeful and then continued to read.

Edward says you're not like anyone I've ever known, you fascinate me:

"That makes your feelings sound washy," Alice frowned. "Like once you figure her out, you'll lose interest."

"Then I'll never lose interest, because I'm not going to figure her out," Edward answered cheekily, but his eyes were guarded, probably hoping his sister wasn't right about this.

Mentions Edward's words made me feel like a science experiment:

"Told you," Alice said sadly, not gloating this time.

"Damn," Edward gritted his teeth.

Mentions Rosalie turned to glare at Bella with dark, cold eyes:

Edward growled; it wasn't just her glaring at Bella, she had also stopped him from explaining himself and Bella would now remain upset.

Describes Alices ending with elfin face:

"Elfin face," Emmett laughed. "Maybe I should call you Elfie instead of Shortie."

"Does my face really look like an elf?" Alice asked Jasper, ignoring Emmett's comment (the only chance she had to make him not use that nickname was act like it didn't bother her).

"Maybe a little," Jasper smiled.

"A mischievous elf," Edward added laughing.

Bella thoughts on making things safer for Edward if things went wrong:

"What is she getting at?" Edward said, narrowing his eyes.

"It sounds like she is going to try to protect our family," Rosalie said looking incredulous, but still kept her frosty exterior. "At least one of you is."

After Bella told Mike that Edward would be out of town that weekend:

"Are you happy now, she is protecting our family?" Edward spat at Rosalie who was looking increasingly shocked.

"Yes, I am," Rosalie admitted, but was still too stubborn to say how amazed she was.

After Bella tells her dad that she was staying home this weekend:

Rosalie groaned at that.

"What is it babe?" Emmett asked.

"Oh, she's just finding it harder to hate Bella now, Rose is actually impressed by her," Edward smirked, causing Rosalie to growl at him. "And I am fine with you directing all your anger at me," he added seemingly answering her thoughts.

Mentions Bella had no choice but to have faith that Edward's desire to keep her safe was stronger than other desire and how much her life was about him now:

"Hm … she seems to have changed almost as much as you have," Carlisle said.

"How can you tell, we don't really know her?" Edward said.

"No, I guess we don't really, but still, it seems like she has changed almost as irrevocably as we do when we meet our mate," Carlisle said. "I guess what I'm saying is, that it seems to have gone beyond the human constrictions of love."

Edward's reaction to Bella trying to protect him and his family while they're hiking:

"Of course, it is," Edward nearly groaned, getting angry about this all over again.

"Edward, did it ever occur to you that her complete trust in you might help you to control yourself?" Alice asked.

"No," Edward said looking at her thoughtfully. "Do you really think that will work?"

"I'm sure we'll find out," Alice said. "But it couldn't hurt."

Mentions the enigma of Edward in the sunlight, that he'd promised to illustrate today:

"Why so nervous Eddy, she's taken everything else in strides?" Emmett grinned, but he was serious this time.

"You know how I feel about how we look in the sun," Edward sighed.

"You really don't have anything to worry about," Emmett said kindly.

Mentions Edward takes a deep breath and then steps out into the midday sun:

Jasper stopped there, the corner of his lips twitching.

"And then what happened?" Emmett said impatiently.

"Don't know, that was the end of the chapter," Jasper smirked broadly as both his brothers glared at him.

"I better start reading quickly then," Carlisle said taking the book.



Mentions Bella couldn't get use to Edward in the sunlight:

"Damn," Edward muttered dejectedly.

"She didn't say it was bad, just shocking," Alice pointed out.

"She can't get used to it," Edward hissed.

"It could still be in a good way," Alice shrugged.

Bella thinks Edward glittered like crystal:

"See, it seems like she likes it," Alice said and Edward did look like he had more hope than before, but obviously he was waiting to for her to say or think it before he was going to relax.

Bella thinks Edward was spectacular:

"See," Alice said again.

"Yeah, I think I do," Edward smiled.

Edward says tell me what you're thinking, it's strange for me, not knowing:

"I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that," Edward said.

"And it will be worse the closer you get to her," Alice smirked evilly at him. "Always wondering what she's thinking and never getting to know."

"Hmph," Edward huffed in annoyance.

Mentions Bella leans closer to Edward and inhales:

"That's not fair, she gets to enjoy my scent when hers tortures me," Edward pouted.

"You might like the scent too," Carlisle said. "It'll cause the venom to come and burn your throat, but the scent itself is likely highly appealing to you."

"So tortured happiness, my favorite kind," Edward chuckled darkly.

Mentions Edward's eyes are dark in shadows his expression unreadable:

"She was too close again," Edward said closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. "I was hoping that would have been over with."

"Edward, I think after today everything will be okay," Esme said. "Like Bella said in the last chapter, as soon as you make it through today everything will become easier."

"If I make it through today," Edward said through gritted teeth.

Edward explains and shows how different vampires are having circled the meadow in half a second:

"What are you doing you idiot?" Alice said incredulously.

"I… I don't know what I'm doing," Edward said, looking just as incredulous as Alice.

"You're terrifying her," Esme said, scowling at Edward.

Edward says how easily frustrated I am:

Edward and Emmett chuckled at that.

"I really can't wait till she gets here," Emmett said. "Eddy needs a little frustration in his life."

Mentions it was hard to keep up, his sudden mood changes left me a step behind:

"Tell me about it," Jasper said. "And I don't even have to deal with what the book Edward's going through... that's got to be a lot worse. And you used to be such a levelheaded vampire."

"Shut up," Edward growled.

Edward talks about how Bella's blood affects him, and she asks is there no hope:

"There's hope," Emmett answered before Edward could become more depressed than he was already. "Edward's a lot stronger than me in that department… seeing as she still alive at this point in time. Besides, I didn't and couldn't have cared for those girls like Eddy care's about Bella."

"Thanks Em," Edward said relaxing a little.

Edward explains how Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper reacted after he saved her life by wanting to take care of her:

"We did not," Emmett gasped.

"I don't think you really cared about that," Rosalie said to her crazed looking husband. "You were probably just supporting me… You wouldn't care either way."

"Gee that makes me feel better," Emmett muttered.

"Me on the other hand," Jasper said looking thoroughly depressed. "I didn't even think of that before - I guess it's because I was sure she wouldn't have told - but I would do anything to protect our family… I wondered what stopped me."

"I must have told you that I wouldn't have allowed that," Edward said.

Jasper looked at him calculative, "I'm not sure that would be enough."

"I told you not to," Alice said.

Jasper's head snapped to her. "Maybe."

"No maybes… I saw that she was going to be my friend and I asked you not to hurt her," Alice smiled confidently, that's the way things always worked for her (as soon as she had a vision like that, she took it as reality just waiting to happen).

"You know I could never do anything once you asked me not to," Jasper smiled, happier than he could have guessed that he didn't hurt this girl.

Edward says the thought of you still white cold:

"Do you mean dead?" Alice asked.

"Of course," Edward answered, looking confused by the question which had such an obvious answer.

"It almost sounds like you're describing us," Alice went on. "Like you're afraid of her becoming a vampire."

"I don't want that either," Edward said shivering.

"But, it's the only logical…" Alice began.

"No!" Edward shouted. "She stays human and that's final. I will not endanger her soul."

Edward says he wants to show her how he travels in the forest:

"You're going to run with her?" Alice said.

"Yeah, why not?" Edward said, he was smiling just at the idea of being so free with her… running was his favorite thing after all.

"You've seen how she's reacted to you're driving," Alice smirked.

"Oh," Edward sighed.

Bella's response to the kiss:

"Oh great," Edward groaned and Emmett cheered.

"She can't control herself with you," Emmett laughed.

"Just what I needed," Edward sighed, but he was sort of smiling too at just the idea of doing that.


"That's all she's going to say," Edward grumbled. "After putting herself in danger like that."

Edward is pleased with himself for his control:

Edward really smiled now; he was afraid that he wouldn't have been able to be this close to her because of her scent.


Mind over Matter

Edward says Carlisle has always been the most humane, most compassionate, I doubt you could find his equal throughout history:

"Thanks son, but I doubt that's true," Carlisle said, looking like he should have been blushing.

Edward rolled his eyes but didn't say anything.

Mentions Rosalie carried Emmet back to Carlisle to be changed:

"Difficult, but worth it," Rosalie smiled at her husband.

"Yes, I can really see that now," Edward smiled too.

Edward says she saw something in his face that made her strong enough:

"More like in his curls," Rosalie smiled sadly at the thought of her friend's baby and how that reminder had saved Emmett that day.

Bella asks if Alice came from another family like Jasper:

"No, I don't know where I came from," Alice said. "And I'm not sure I want to find out."

"I still don't understand how you can feel that way," Esme sighed.

"I'm happy the way things are now," Alice shrugged. "I don't need to know the past."

Mentions Edward looks chagrin after he admits that she talks in her sleep:

"Why are you chagrined? You're the one that's invading her privacy?" Rosalie asked.

"What if she asked me to stop?" Edward said. "I just learned that she talked in her sleep, and I already don't want to give it up."

"So you think you would listen to her if she asked?" Alice said doubtfully.

"With something like this, I would have to, wouldn't I," Edward sighed.

'It would amaze me if you're able to,' Alice thought smirking.

Bella says Charlie things I'm sneaking out and Edward says oh:

"Have you not picked up on that," Jasper said. "Maybe she was wrong."

"I'm not sure that's true," Edward sighed. "I don't think I read Charlie as easily as I do most people. Like I said before he's more… opinionated than I thought. I think I just pick up the tangents of his thoughts instead of the exact words. Though I expect that it will become easier the more time I spend around him."

Edward says I'm fairly sure I'll be able to leave:

"Stop talking about leaving you idiot," Alice grumbled. "You've heard how much it hurts her when you mention that."

"Sorry," Edward said defiantly. "But her safety is more important than anything else."

"Whatever," Alice said still glaring at him.

Edward says you were sleeping, you said my name, the feeling that course through me then was unnerving, staggering, I knew I could no longer ignore you:

"That must have been the moment," Edward said.

"What moment?" Esme asked knowingly.

"I really changed after that day," Edward said. "I couldn't stay away from her anymore... I think that's when I realized how I felt."

Bella asks why can you read minds, and Alice can see the future, why does that happen:

"Good question, I really like how curious and intuitive she is," Carlisle smiled.

"You aren't going to give us your opinion on why some vampires have gifts?" Edward asked, almost smirking at his father.

"I imagine you're about to say what I think," Carlisle shrugged. "I was trying to save everyone from hearing me go through it, but if you want to...

"No that's okay," Edward chuckled.

Bella asks so were did this all start, I mean, Carlisle changed you, and someone must have changed him, and so on:

"A very deep question," Carlisle said seeming more pleased the longer the conversation went on. "She really would be a good addition to the family."

Edward snapped his head towards his father, looking shocked and pleased by what he heard.

Bella asks do you find me attractive, in that way, at all:

"I have no doubt about that," Edward said.

"And why is that Eddy, you've never even met her," Emmett asked waggling his eyebrows. "Have you been having ungentlemanly thoughts?"

"No!" Edward said, and he definitely would have been blushing if he could.

'Come on Edward, you must have been thinking of her in some way,' Alice thought.