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Chapter Four

New Moon 1-10

"Here it is, New Moon," Alice said appearing in the dining room seconds after she had left. "I wonder …."

"No, you're not reading the back this time," Edward said as he snatched the book out of her hand. "You'll just have to be surprised like the rest of us."

"Argh … I hate that," Alice groaned, she wasn't used to being surprised about anything.

"Good," Edward said smirking at her.

"Now that that's settled, I believe it's my turn to read," Jasper said, holding his hand out for the book.

"Just don't let her read the back," Edward sighed, knowing full well Jasper was likely to give her what she wanted.

"I won't," Jasper smiled.



Mentions with relentless uncaring force, they turned toward the end of everything:

"Why do these books have to start out so tense?" Edward groaned.

"To build suspense," Alice said, though she too looked worried. "But it can't be worse than what happened in the last books, so calm down."

"I'll try," Edward sighed.

Mentions in failing at this, she forfeited any desire to live:

"There's nothing worth that," Edward hissed.

"There's only one thing that I can think of that she would say that for," Alice said, looking nervously at Edward. "You must be in trouble."

"What kind of trouble can I be in that she could help me with?" Edward hissed back.

"I imagine that we'll just have to wait and see," Alice said, her voice annoyed for more than one reason.



Mentions Bella wishes that she wasn't the one exception to Edward's gift:

"I wish it could work like that," Edward said. "That she could let me hear her if she wanted to."

"Don't you wish you could hear her all the time," Emmett smirked.

"Of course," Edward said smiling back at his brother. "But I would take anything I could get just to hear her voice in my head."

Mentions Bella's dream becomes a nightmare:

"Is growing old really that bad?" Edward hissed.

"Not always," Alice said. "But when your boyfriend is going to stay young forever … it has got to be taxing."

"So, I'm going to be torturing her just by staying with her," Edward groaned, that odd glint back in his eyes.

"You're going to make her happy," Esme said. "Happier than she's ever been before or will ever be without you."

"Thanks," Edward smiled; it was hard not to listen when she put it that way.

Mentions Bella had to act excited about gifts she didn't want to get:

"She doesn't like gifts!" Alice nearly shouted, looking incredulous.

"Apparently not," Emmett smiled. "I wonder how that's going to play out."

"But … I want to give her things," Alice whined, and she looked at Edward. It appeared that he was having similar thoughts.

"That's why this should be interesting," Emmett laughed. "Like you'd ever listen to anyone."

"That's right, "Alice said immediately perking up, but Edward just frowned more… he couldn't say the same thing.

Bella's thoughts on staying with Edward forever as a human:

"But that's the best option for her," Edward said, convinced that he was right no matter how much Bella wanted the other option. "It is," he added, glaring at Alice.

"I already agreed that I wouldn't change her," Alice glared back. 'But that doesn't mean that I have to agree with you… especially when it's in my own head.'

"You're right," Edward sighed. "Sorry."

Bella thinks that being a vampire wasn't so terrible, at least not the way the Cullens did it:

"She has such an idealization of vampires," Edward said, shaking his head. "She has no idea how hard it is for us just to sit next to a human… the constant pain."

"Another thing you should tell her if she ever voices wanting to be a vampire after you meet her," Jasper said. "The more she knows, the less likely she'll want to be one of us."

"True, but I really hope it never comes up," Edward said. "Besides, I don't know if I want her to know how much I really have to suffer being around her."

Mentions watching Romeo and Juliet and Edward says humans have it easy they just need plant extracts to die:

Everyone was now looking at Edward incredulously.

"Do you think of that often?" Carlisle asked in a shaky voice, which wasn't like him at all. Esme was sitting by his side looking like she wanted to cry - the two of them, knowing more about suicide, than the others.

"I don't think about it at all," Edward said, looking just as shocked as everyone else.

"Oh," Carlisle said, letting out a breath.

Edward says it was something he had to think about once and then explains how Carlisle tried to kill himself:

"Are you out of your mind?" Alice said, turning on Edward. "First of all, you should never be thinking about that …"

"I'm not," Edward said, looking almost frightened himself.

"And second, how could you bring it up to her like this?" Alice asked. "Talk about your death like it's no big thing, when you know how much she cares about you!"

"Er …" Edward really didn't have anything to say about that.

"You're a complete idiot," Alice growled.

Edward says he thought about it when she nearly died:

"Aah," Edward said. "My thoughts of losing her was horrible then… and it would be worse for him … I can see where it would come to his mind …"

"Edward," Alice growled, not an angry growl but a painful one, and Edward's head snapped up to see his family looking terrified. "Is this what's going to happen … are you going to want to kill yourself when she dies?"

"I don't know," Edward answered truthfully. "Probably not … as long as it's not my fault."

'Are you just saying that to make us-' Alice thought, and then looked pointedly at Esme, who looked beside herself in despair. '-feel better?' His pointed stare made her think that it meant no … but it was hard to tell with Edward.

Edward says he would provoke the Volturi:

"You're really serious about this … or at least you will be in the future," Carlisle said.

"It's a future that won't happen Carlisle," Edward said, sounding a little more convincing than he did a minute ago. "If I never endanger her like that … where she almost dies … I won't feel this way."

"And after seventy or so years, when Bella dies of natural causes … what then?" Carlisle asked. "You are already not willing to live without her and it's only been a few months …"

"Look," Edward sighed. "I don't know the future … But if I have those seventy odd years - happy years where she doesn't get hurt or threatened - they should be enough to make me happy."

"It seems like he means it," Jasper said, giving Edward a suspicious look.

"Ah," Alice said, suddenly smiling. "If Bella asked him to stay alive, made him promise to go on living after she dies, he would do it."

"You know, he could just lie to her," Jasper said.

"That's true," Alice sighed. Then another idea came to her mind, and she immediately thought, 'Edward, I promised that I wouldn't try to turn Bella because we all want her in your life - yes, I want her to be a part of my life too, but really, I know she will make your life better. That being said, it is easy to see that you would try to end your life once she was gone, so I have a proposition for you.'

"I'll listen," Edward said, making it seem like he was talking to everyone else, but Alice knew better.

'If I promise not to change Bella, you have to promise not to kill yourself after she dies,' Alice thought, and Edward frowned. 'I know what you're thinking- it doesn't take a mind reader to know that. I've already promised not to turn her, but that was before I knew that you would kill yourself when she was gone and that's just unacceptable. I might have suggested that you never meet her … but even now, it might be too late for you. I would hate to lose you in the end and not have you at least know the real joys of loving someone … someone that you can actually see and talk to. Besides, I don't want to lose Bella either … I want to know her for as long as possible. So, if you don't give me this option … then I'll have no choice but to try and change her.'

"I won't," Edward said looking angry … but it still looked like he was talking to the others.

The warning was clear … he wasn't going to let that happen no matter what. 'Do you think I want it to happen that way?' Alice screamed in her mind. 'If it comes to that, she won't even know what's coming … and even knowing that, she would still love you … that she would come to accept the change, but she would never be who she was to me. But even knowing this, it's still better than you killing yourself! Edward, I love you too much to lose you like this. Please, promise me you won't hurt yourself!"

"As long as Bella has her seventy odd years, I promise I won't hurt myself after she's gone," Edward said aloud, staring at Alice's eyes the whole time.

'Good, and Edward, I'll know if you ever change your mind,' Alice said, the threat behind the thoughts real. "Okay Jazz, you heard him, you can read again."

"Should I even bother asking?" Jasper asked, looking highly amused.

"Nope," Alice smiled, and the rest of the family seemed to take that to mean that Edward was going to do as he just said.

Edward continues talking about the Volturi and being bored of the prospect of being killed:

"Please stop talking about this," Esme said, it looked like she was in great pain just thinking about what was going to happen. "Edward, don't you realize how much these words are hurting us?"

"Yes," Edward sighed.

"It's worse for her," Esme said quietly. "As much as I love you… I know it's worse for her."

"I can't believe I'm such an idiot," Edward said, nearly growling… growling at his other self.

Mentions of Rosalie's feelings of Bella being an intruder to the Cullen family:

Edward was now glaring at Rosalie.

"I don't know her thoughts Edward," Rosalie said. "If I knew how much she cared about our family, I would be better."

"But you still don't like her," Edward said.

"You know I have reasons for that," Rosalie said, a little threat behind her words. "Mostly the fact that she wants to be a vampire when she could … It's not important."

"So, you're never going to like her," Edward sighed.

"I wouldn't say never," Rosalie said. "In a way I already like her … I don't know Edward."

"Okay," Edward sighed and then smiled. "As long as you keep an open mind, I'm happy."

Mentions of Jasper avoiding Bella after temporary obligation to protect her:

"It's okay love, you'll get used to it," Alice whispered to Jasper, seeing how he was looking a little down by this.

"I know," Jasper said. She didn't have to be a mind reader to know that he was depressed not only because he was staying away from Bella, but because he was incapable of being around a human … that he hadn't gotten over this yet.

"I'm still overprotective," Edward said. "That must be the reason …"

"Maybe," Jasper said, making it obvious that this subject was closed before he started to read again.

First reaction to paper cut and a single drop of blood:

The room got extremely quiet at that, and no one moved a muscle … everyone knew something terrible was about to happen - something in ways much worse than what happened at the end of the last book.

After a minute, it became clear that Jasper wasn't going to read. He couldn't. So, Alice took the book from his hands, taking his other hand in hers and squeezed it in hopes it would comfort him, and started to read.

Jasper slams into Edward trying to attack:

"I'm sorry …" Jasper said, his voice full of agony.

"Don't," Edward said. "It's me … I shouldn't have …"

Alice didn't like where he was going, didn't like where Jasper was at either, but knew that she should finish before she dealt with either one of them; it would just cause them to get agitated again if she did that now.

Mentions of six ravenous vampires looking at her:

"That's it," Alice said, putting the book down and everyone looked terrified.

"I can't ever be with her," Edward said and unlike the last time, he looked like he really meant it.

"No," Jasper said, his voice so full of self-disgust that it was even strong enough to make Edward look at him. "You can't do that … not because of me."

"It's not because of you Jasper," Edward said. "It's me … our world … she doesn't belong here."

"Edward," Jasper said, the plea was obvious in his voice. "I'll figure a way to handle this …" he went on after a minute - he had obviously thought more arguments to Edward in the meantime - his voice was more determined than ever.

"We were all affected Jasper … anyone of us could have hurt her," Edward said; set in stone.

"I swear to you Edward, I will never let this happen," Jasper said, looking straight into Edward's eyes. "I won't hurt Bella."

"Jasper …" Edward said, faltering a little.

"And you don't have to worry about the others," Jasper said. "I'm the only one that acted …"

"But …" Edward tried to interrupt.

"And I will make sure that will never happen, even if I have to sit next to humans for hundreds of hours on end to get desensitized," Jasper said, still staring into Edward's eyes determinedly.

"Edward, please listen to him," Esme begged. "This family will not be the cause of any harm to Bella …"

"I'll think about it," Edward said, and that was the best they were going to get for now.



Bella tells Edward to go since she's bleeding:

"I don't want to leave her," Edward said.

"Do you think you're a danger?" Alice asked … the only one brave enough to do so.

"Not really," Edward said.

"Do you think you're in pain standing there?" Alice asked.

"Yes," Edward sighed. "She won't like that."

Mentions that the blood smelled worse for Edward:

"And yet I'm the one …." Jasper began.

"She's my world," Edward said. "I can't hurt her …."

"Besides, Edward has to constantly fight that part of him," Carlisle said in a knowledgeable voice. "He has a much tighter control on that part of himself than the rest of us …."

Bella says that she could clear a room when she was left with only Carlisle:

"Poor Bella," Esme said.

"Argh, she's actually blaming herself," Edward groaned.

"But that's Bella," Esme said. "She's always worried about everyone else; she must feel terrible about this."

"I won't be surprised if she apologizes to me for this," Jasper said, having a bemused smile.

"I wouldn't either," Edward was forced to admit. "But that doesn't make it right," he tacked on stubbornly.

Mentions Bella noticed that Carlisle has no reaction to her blood:

"Yeah, well, it did take me two hundred years to get that way," Carlisle chuckled.

"Do you think that we could get better at it too?" Alice asked.

"I think Edward will definitely find away," Carlisle smiled at him. "But I'm not sure about anyone else … It was more than just being around humans that made me like this … Knowing that if I wanted to be a doctor, I had to get used to being around blood …."

"Maybe you could show me what you went through … how you desensitized yourself," Jasper said, looking hopeful. "I know I'll never have your self-control, but I should be able to gain enough to be around Bella when she comes …."

"That's a great idea," Carlisle beamed.

"Yeah …." Edward grinned at his brother.

Carlisle asks could you take away his soul:

"Brilliant, Carlisle," Edward smiled at his dad. "Putting it that way will definitely stop her in her tracks. She wouldn't want anything to endanger me."

"But it's a little too late for you," Alice pointed. "I mean, you're already a vampire."

"But she can understand how I feel," Edward said, losing some of his excitement.

"And that might slow her down, but it won't stop her," Alice smiled. "Not that that matters now anyways."

Mentions Edward offers to take her home but there's something wrong in his eyes that he's trying to hide:

"Edward, what are you thinking?" Alice asked softly.

"Me or him?" Edward asked.

"Him … but you do seem the best one to ask to find out the answer to that," Alice said.

"I think you know what he is thinking," Edward said. "I can't hurt her like this again …."

"Don't do it," Alice said softly.

"I can't stop him," Edward sighed gravely.

Mentions that the last kiss had an edge to it that reminded her of their goodbye kiss:

"I really don't like the sound of that," Emmett frowned and turned to Edward.

"You're going to leave her, aren't you?" Esme asked in a small voice.

"I think so," Edward said. "But this isn't going to happen anyways."

"That's a good point," Alice said. 'And this way you could see how much you will hurt her if you ever think about leaving.'

"That was the end of the chapter," Carlisle said and handed the book to Rosalie.


The End

Mentions of Alice not being there at lunch:

"I'm not there!" Alice gasped.

"You're probably with me," Jasper said and she smiled at him; yes, she would be with him after something like that happened.

"It's not only you that's leaving, is it?" Alice asked, looking at Edward and going pale. "You're making us all leave."

"I don't know," Edward said. "But it seems that way."

"And I'm not there," Alice repeated sadly. "I don't even get to say goodbye."

Mentions Edward was indifferent when he said he'd come over:

"Edward, why are you putting her through all this?" Esme questioned. "It's hurting her more with you being there."

"You think I should leave?" Edward asked incredulously.

"Of course not," Esme said shaking her head at the ridiculous question. "But if you've already made up your mind … can't you see how much your indifference is hurting her?"

"Sorry," Edward bowed his head.

Edward asks if he could come over today:

"So, this is it," Edward said.

"Yeah, now that you've tortured her slowly over the last few days you can finally be done with her," Alice said harshly. "Seriously Edward, why did you bother staying that long …"

"It must be hard for me to leave," Edward said, looking pained. "And I must not have realized how much it was hurting her …"

Edwards says that he doesn't want her to come with him:

"Liar," Emmett said.

"It's not a lie," Edward said, so softly that even they had trouble hearing it.

"It is," Emmett said. "You want her to be with you forever… there's no point in denying it …"

"I want her to be safe …" Edward said a little louder than before.

"I know," Emmett sighed. "That's why we must have left … we all want her to be safe."

Edward says it's like I never existed:

"What makes you think that's what she wants?" Alice asked.

"It will help her move on faster," Edward said.

"Do you honestly think that she can move on?" Alice nearly shouted, glaring daggers at her brother.

"She's human …" Edward started … his voice doubtful, but the words still angered Alice beyond belief.

She reacted so fast that he didn't even see it coming. She smacked the back of his head (luckily for the dining room table, he was able to stop himself before he hit it because it would have been smashed into a thousand pieces if he had). "You idiot, can't you see that you've changed her as much as she's changed you? Don't you know that she won't be able to survive this anymore than you will? She loves you Edward, and you leaving is not going to change that!" Alice shouted at him.

"I know," Edward looked up at her with all the pain and agony he'd been feeling since they read about the party and Alice took it all in for the first time.

"Edward," Alice said her face and voice softened. "It's okay …"

"He doesn't get it," Edward explained as he pointed at the book, his expression looked more painful than ever. "He doesn't know her thoughts so he can't understand …."

"It's okay Edward," Alice repeated, this time sitting next to him and placing a hand on his shoulder. "This isn't real, remember … this will never happen. You're not going to leave her or cause her this pain …"

"Right," Edward said, looking slightly modified by that. "I'm not him … I could never leave her."

"Especially after you read this, after we finish this book," Emmett said.

"Right," Edward said, and that odd look returned to his eyes. "Maybe I shouldn't …"

"Not that again," Alice said annoyed. "We've been through this and it's time you made up your mind to never even think about that again."

"I don't think I can do that," Edward said, almost managing a smile. Her reminder that he wasn't going to cause his Bella - the one that hadn't come to Forks yet - pain was making him come back to - well, not life, but you know what I mean.

"Edward," Alice groaned, but she too was less gloomy than before. "You're not going to allow Bella to be hurt by any wandering vampires and we all promised that not one of us is going to hurt Bella. Jasper is even going to take lessons from Carlisle to learn how to tolerate being around humans easier, so you have nothing to worry about here."

"What about future wanders that we haven't read about?" Edward question trying to remain gloomy, but she could see through that.

"We'll take extra precautions when I see them coming," Alice said. "You're really lucky you have me here, you know?"

"I know," Edward said and smiled. "Okay, I won't think about it … for now."

"Argh," Alice said, knowing that he was only adding the last part to annoy her, and she couldn't help but be annoyed by it.

"How come you're able to react so rationally here, but in the book, you're doing the stupidest thing ever?" Emmett asked, grinning fully this time.

"One, I know her thoughts here," Edward half sighed, half groaned. "Two, I have your guarantee that nothing is going to happen to her …"

"We probably came up with the same argument in the book too," Jasper said, sounding more emotional than before. "I know I would have. I would have promised you anything to keep you or Bella from being hurt."

"That's true, and brings me to my final point," Edward said. "As much as she has completely changed me here, it is so much more powerful in these books. And everything is new and overpowering …"

"And don't forget that Eddy is too stubborn to back down if he thinks he's right," Emmett added after Edward paused a moment to gather his thoughts.

"There is that too," Edward allowed.

"Let's get on with the reading then," Emmett said.

"And Edward, don't let the next chapters get you down too much," Jasper said. "Just remember that you're not going to let this happen …"

"And take it as a new incentive to never leave her in our time," Alice added.

Edward says that time heals all wounds for her kind:

"Ssshh …" Alice hissed.

"It's not going to happen," Jasper reminded her.

"I know, but that still just pisses me off," Alice said glaring at Edward, who too looked like he went back to the angst that he was in before … well, not that bad, but it was still there.

"So much for not letting it get you down," Jasper muttered.

Bella says Alice isn't coming back:

"She loves me too … enough to notice even when she's going through this," Alice said, almost smiling, but the thought was a sad one as well.

"That just means it will hurt her too," Edward pointed out.

"I know," Alice sighed, looking depressed now. 'Did you have to say that?'

"Sorry," Edward sighed.

Mentions Bella getting found by Sam:

"A wolf," Rosalie hissed.

"Uley, that was one of the wolves that we met," Carlisle muttered in a thoughtful voice.

"What is it?" Edward asked.

"It's just a theory right now," Carlisle said, and from the frown that stayed on Edward's face, he wasn't going to share it with him.

Mentions of Charlie's face hardening:

"I don't think Charlie is going to like you anymore," Alice said. "When you come back, that is."

"What makes you think I'm coming back?" Edward asked.

"Like you can stay away from her," Alice scoffed. 'Even knowing it's for her own good, you'll come to check on her at the very least, and when you see her like this ….'

"I guess you're right," Edward said.


"OCTOBER," Alice read and then turned the page frowning when she noticed that it only had one word on it.



Edward cringed every time that Alice (still frowning) turned the page, marking another month that Bella most likely did nothing.


"Oh, that poor girl," Esme sighed as Carlisle laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"We stayed away for that long?" Jasper asked.

"I made a promise. We must have kept it," Edward replied gravely.

Waking Up

Mentions Bella is talking with Charlie, and she asks you want me to see a shrink:

"I'd like to hear that," Emmett suddenly laughed. "'You see, doc, I'm so depressed because my vampire boyfriend left me and took his whole family with him.'"

"She can't say that," Alice said.

"The shrink wouldn't believe her anyway," Emmett shrugged.

"Then they'll think she's crazy," Alice said and that subject was now very sore to her after what she learned in the last book.

Mentions of clawing out the stereo from the dashboard:

"She removed the stereo," Emmett pouted. "But that was a gift."

"Obviously, she didn't want to be reminded of us," Alice said sadly. "She's trying to numb herself from noticing things like that."

"But the stereo …." Emmett continued to pout.

Jessica asks why Bella left the movie:

"I think anyone would be scared realizing that they resembled a zombie," Rosalie said.

"Though, if they really were that bad, they wouldn't have realized it," Edward said in an almost hopeful voice.

"I don't think she would have if it wasn't for Charlie making her more aware today," Alice pointed out and Edward bowed his head.

Mentions Bella hears Edward's voice tell her to stop and the description of the voice:

"Er … is that my voice?" Edward asked confused.

"It sounds like it," Alice said. "That's how she always seems to describe your voice like anyways."

"Am I there?" Edward asked hopefully.

"I think that she's just hearing voices," Emmett laughed. "Maybe you have driven her to insanity."

Mentions Bella thinks that it would be stupid to encourage the hallucinations:

"But she's going to do it anyways," Emmett laughed.

"I'm not going to like this book," Edward groaned.

"I thought you'd already figured that out," Alice said.

"I did," Edward said. "But I didn't realize before that she would be putting herself in danger … danger! And just to hear my voice … I'm really not going to like this book."



Mike describes see a 'bear' the as taller than Bella on all fours:

"Hmm…" Carlisle said thoughtfully. "That sounds like one of the wolves."

"It really does," Edward agreed. "But we haven't seen any of them here this time around."

"No, but that doesn't mean they're not here," Carlisle sighed. "They don't trust us … they might be hiding that fact from us."

"I guess," Edward shrugged. "But it doesn't really matter, does it?"

"I guess not," Carlisle admitted. "I just think that maybe the person that found Bella in the woods, Sam Uley, if I'm not mistaken, might have been a werewolf."

"What makes you think that?" Edward questioned.

"It mentioned an animal sound being near her right before she was found," Carlisle said. "It's just a theory."

Mentions Bella remembers 'it will be as if I'd never existed' and how those words ripped the hole wide open:

"Idiot," Alice muttered. "How you thought that saying that would help is beyond me."

"I thought she would get over me faster …" Edward sighed. "I didn't know she would try to hold on so tightly …"

"Normal human boyfriends don't just vanish from sight, taking all evidence of their existence with them," Alice scolded.

Bella thinks that sometimes kismet happens:

"Argh," Edward groaned.

"What's wrong?" Jasper asked.

"She's calling it kismet," Edward said. "She's found something reckless."

Mentions of Motorcycles:

"Motorcycles?" Edward groaned.

"Motorcycles!" Emmett laughed hysterically. "I would never have thought that …"

"It's not funny," Edward growled. "They're dangerous."

"I think that's the point," Emmett laughed harder, and he wasn't the only one who was laughing at this. It was just so hard to picture Bella on a motorcycle.

Mentions of Jacob Black:

"Oooww, I sense another thought that you're not going to like coming to her," Alice said in the fake fortuneteller's voice she sometimes uses.

"Yeah, like Bella spending time with the pup," Emmett added smirking. "I'm sure you're just going to love that, Eddy."

"Shut up," Edward groaned.

Mentions Bella was pleased to see Jacob:

"See, told you, you wouldn't like this," Emmett laughed because Edward was now frowning at the book.

"I wouldn't say I hate it though," Edward said. "It's good that she's feeling something."

Jacob says they'll be sneaky:

"Argh," Edward said. "You're right, this friendship is going to be really annoying. Especially since I both hate every minute of it but am happy that she's feeling slightly better."

"I'm glad to hear that," Emmett said, slapping Edward's back and grinning broadly.



Mentions of Quil and Embry being unusual names:

"Yeah, those names are really unusual," Emmett laughed.

"Like your name is usual," Alice smirked.

"It was when I was born," Emmett pouted. "And it's coming back in style now, you just wait and see. Besides, it's not as bad as Carlisle or Esme or … er …." he added but cut himself off there.

"I prefer my name to be uncommon," Rosalie said haughtily knowing what he was going to say. "It makes me more distinguished."

Bella describes Jacob as a perpetually happy person, and she was eager to see him:

"She does need a warm person right now," Edward muttered to himself. "I just wish it didn't have to be him."

"If it was someone else you would have been just as jealous of that person," Esme pointed out, smiling.

"I guess you have a point there," Edward admitted after a second of thought.

"Hmm," Carlisle said thoughtfully.

"What?" Emmett asked as Edward started to look thoughtful too after he obviously read Carlisle's mind.

"It's just that in a lot of ways Jacob is the opposite of Edward," Carlisle said.

"Yeah, he's warm, friendly, juvenile, and is able to fix a motorcycle," Emmett laughed. "Whereas Eddy's a cold, grumpy know-it-all that wouldn't even know how to change the oil in a bike."

"That's not exactly what I meant," Carlisle frowned as Edward glared at his brother. "I just thought it was interesting that she would find comfort in someone that was so different to Edward, and wondered why that was."

Mentions of Sam being in Bella's dream while she's lost in the woods and how his shape would shiver whenever she wasn't looking directly at him:

"Hmmm… that's interesting," Carlisle said.

"It's a dream," Edward said. "It doesn't mean anything."

"True … and yet, she has very interesting dreams," Carlisle noted. "I still think it's possible that Sam might be a werewolf."

"And subconsciously she knows that?" Edward asked, looking skeptical.

"I don't know about that," Carlisle chuckled. "It's just an interesting dream."



Bella says she wants to hear Edward's voice again:

"That's right … embrace the insanity," Emmett laughed.

"That's not good for her," Edward frowned.

"It woke her out of her numbness," Alice said shrugging. "It might not exactly be healthy, but at least she's not a zombie."

"You have a point," Edward sighed.

Bella wonders if Déjà vu was the key:

"Do you think she's right?" Edward asked.

"I don't know," Carlisle said. "The other incident was familiar, but I don't know if that was the key."

"What else could it be?" Edward asked thoughtfully. "Hm … maybe the fear … she was in danger and somehow conjured my voice to try and protect her …."

"That's a good theory," Carlisle smiled.

"Yeah, the only problem is that your voice only seems to be egging her on, not stopping her from doing something dangerous," Emmett laughed.

"Ssssfff …." Edward hissed.

Mentions Bella visits the Cullen's house, but nothing happened:

"Then it must have been the fear or danger that did it," Carlisle deduced.

"Great," Edward groaned as if she needed any more reasons to do dangerous and reckless things.

Mentions Bella and Jacob make plans for their week and study twice a week and be reckless every other day:

Emmett laughed.

"She seems almost like a teenager when she's with him," Carlisle mused.

"She is a teenager," Edward said.

"I know, but she hardly acts it," Carlisle said. "It's nice though, don't you think, that she can be a little carefree …."

"Yeah," Edward sighed, looking conflicted again.

Mentions watching a group of cliff divers and Jacob mentions one of them was Sam:

"Sam," Carlisle sighed.

Edward head snapped towards him and said, "you think they're all werewolves!"

"It is quite a height, it might be useful having extraordinary strength," Carlisle reasoned. "And you know the wolves' temperature runs hotter than the average human … the cold wouldn't affect them the same."

"But four?" Edward asked. "That's more than last time."

"I don't know," Carlisle sighed.

Jacob explains about Sam and the others and how the council meets with them:

"It looks like you are right," Edward groaned. "If he's meeting with the council, he must be a werewolf …."

"Actually, I believe it would make him the chief of their tribe, if I understand their command structure correctly," Carlisle chuckled.

Mentions that Sam treats Jacob special and pays more attention to him:

"Sssssfffff …." Edward said. "They think he's going to be a werewolf!"

"It might not happen," Carlisle said in his soothing voice.

"But if it does … she needs him to be there for her," Edward said desperately. "I want to be there, but I'm not, so she needs this guy. If he turns … she'll be hurt again."

Bella thinks that she doesn't relate to people so easily, not human beings:

"That's it, he's a werewolf," Emmett burst out laughing.

Edward dropped his head in defeat - he obviously agreed with Emmett.

Jacob talks about no one being paler than her except … then he trails off:

"The Cullens," Emmett smirked.

"He knows not to bring us up," Edward sighed.

"I didn't think it was possible," Jasper said. "But you're even more conflicted in this book than you were in the last."

"Sorry," Edward grinned. "It's just that he knows her … I don't like that, but at the same time, I'm happy that she's not getting hurt more than she already is."

"I know," Jasper said. "It's just hard to manage your rage and confliction at the same time."



Mentions Bella starting her motorcycle lessons and it's the first time she hears Edwards voice again:

"Ah, she can hear you," Emmett laughed. "And she's got you just right too, Eddy."

"Which, unfortunately, will only encourage her to continue this," Edward groaned.

"Speak for yourself - I think this is brilliant!" Emmett continued to laugh disregarding (as always) Edward's scowl.

Edward's voice asks do you want to kill yourself:

"I would think that, wouldn't I," Edward mused darkly. "If I didn't know her motives behind this."

"Probably," Alice laughed.

"And it's funny that, even in her head, she makes it, so you don't know what she's thinking," Jasper pointed out, laughing.

Mentions Bella loses control of the bike and crashed:

"She'll be okay," Carlisle said. "She's still thinking straight."

"Thinking straight!?" Edward hissed – it appeared that she was okay enough for him to get angry again. "You call this thinking straight?"

"I only meant that her thoughts are clear," Carlisle sighed.

"She shouldn't be out there riding that stupid bike," Edward continued to growl.

Jacob says that there's blood gushing from her forehead:

"Then get her a freaking helmet, you mutt," Edward shouted.

"Calm down, Edward," Jasper soothed, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"It's the least he could do," Edward said, trying to stay mad but it really was no use with Jasper holding onto him like that.

Bella thinks about being needlessly reckless and it makes her feel less pathetic now that they both broke the promises:

"This is all my fault," Edward groaned.

"What gave you that clue?" Alice scoffed.

"That was the stupidest promise I've ever made," Edward continued.

"Yeah, almost as stupid as your decision to leave in the first place," Alice snapped.

Mentions places that Edward's presence would be stamped somewhere:

"Our meadow," Edward said.

"It's already 'our meadow' is it?" Emmett laughed.

"I'm not so sure if it's a good idea that she goes there," Jasper said. "It would likely be like the house all over again."

Jacob asks if she knew where they started from:

"I don't like that at all," Edward hissed.

'Don't want the pup in your meadow,' Alice thought, smiling.

"No," Edward growled his agreement.


Third Wheel

Bella mentions that she no longer heard Edward's voice riding her bike:

"There – are you happy now?" Jasper asked.

"You would think," Edward said, looking tense. "But she's just going to find something else that's dangerous … and it could be much worse."

Mentions Bella invites Mike to the movies saying they get a group together and he suggests Angela and Ben or Eric and Katie:

"Trying for a double-date situation?" Emmett laughed.

"I don't know why he thinks he still has a chance," Edward hissed. "She's obviously trying to avoid it appearing like a date."

"But she's asking him," Alice said. "Besides, seeing as you're still jealous of him … he can still hope."

Bella notices that Jacob had grown and that he looks older than even a month ago:

"You know, I've been thinking that the rapid growth might be a sign of becoming a werewolf," Carlisle mused. "I have no point of reference for that, but it seems like Jacob is growing at an unprecedented rate."

"We don't know that he's a werewolf," Edward countered, although his voice indicated that he was unsure.

"I don't think he is one … yet," Carlisle said. "I think the rapid growth spurt is an indicator."

"That doesn't really make me feel any better," Edward grumbled.

Jacob asks questions about how Bella likes him, better than the other guys she's around now and Bella is afraid how he would react to her feelings and be hurt by that and avoid her:

Edward was suddenly glaring at that.

"What is it?" Jasper asked.

"He could use that … her need … to make her stay with him," Edward growled.

"Edward, I think he really cares about her," Esme said soothingly. "I know you don't like that either … but he's not going to force her, in any sense of the word, to be with him."

"Right," Edward said – looking enraged that he had to trust the mutt so much.

Jacob promises that he won't ever let Bella down and she could always count on him:

Edward groaned, "He is a good friend …."

"And you hate him for it," Emmett laughed.

'If he's a werewolf … he's going to have to break that promise,' Alice thought to Edward.

"No, I don't think so," Edward said with a blank face – he must have been feeling too many emotions at once, judging by the look on Jasper's face.

Bella says she already counts on Jacob and then thinks that she should have lied to him because the truth was going to hurt him:

"Who cares about that mutt?" Rosalie scoffed.

"I don't know if I care," Edward said," but I know that I don't want anything to happen to him … even something like that …."

"Why?" Rosalie looked at him like he had gone crazy.

"Did you hear? It will hurt her if he's hurt," Edward said. "I don't want that … but I don't know what else she could do."

Mentions Bella calls Jacob and Billy tells her that he's not feeling well and not to come to visit:

"So, does everyone else think that he's a werewolf now … I mean, for real?" Emmett asked.

"Yes," Carlisle agreed.

"Only Bella could become best friends with a werewolf," Emmett laughed. "She's like a magnet for the supernatural."

"She can't be with him anymore," Edward groaned. "She was doing better, but this will just make everything worse."

"She'll figure it out and they'll still be friends," Emmett waved his hand impatiently.

"It's not safe for her to be near them," Edward said. "Werewolves are volatile … it's too dangerous."

"That will just make Bella happier," Emmett point out, laughing.

"Argh," Edward groaned at his logic.


The Meadow

Mentions Charlie thinks Bella is spending so much time with Jacob and not her other friends:

"Hmm … that is true, isn't it?" Jasper noted. "She seems to do that."

"What?" Emmett asked.

"Last year, she was completely obsessed with Edward and after he brought her over, she became friends with us," Jasper explained. "After what happened at the beginning of this book," he paused, not wanting to mention the party or Edward's departure, "everyone she really related to left."

"And that's what she's doing in this book too," Alice said, nodding her head in agreement. "With the wolf, everything depends on that relationship and if something happens …." She cut off after she looked at Edward, who was looking worse than ever.

Mentions Bella hiking to find the meadow alone and it seems creepier today:

"She really shouldn't be there alone," Edward said, worried.

"I think she would like it better that way," Jasper offered. "If she finds the meadow, which I'm sure she does given the chapter title, then she would prefer to be alone."

"And be hurt all the more by it," Edward said.

Mentions there was a figure stepping out of the trees into the meadow:

Edward tensed at this … in fact, everyone tensed at this, thinking about the vampire that could be in the area.

Mentions the figure's utter stillness and had pallid skin and she felt piercing hope:

"Hope!" Edward hissed, utterly in pain.

"That it would be you," Alice said, looking pain too.

Bella says 'Laurent':

"Laurent!" several people exclaimed.

"Maybe … he did go to Tanya's …." Esme said hopefully, but the panic was still evident in her voice.

"Then why is he there?" Jasper asked, clearly not liking this at all.

"Just read … please," Alice pleaded. She was reaching her breaking point and needed to know what was going to happen, a feeling that she was not used to having – seeing as she always knew what was going to happen.

Laurent mentions that he found the Cullen place empty and that they moved on:

"Was he looking for us?" Esme asked, hopeful again … even more than before. "Maybe that's why he's there and …."

"I don't think it's like that," Jasper said, looking thoughtful – his mind going over every detail like it always did in situations like this.

"What is it?" Alice asked.

"No …." Edward disagreed, looking at Jasper in shock. "It can't be that."

"We'll see," Jasper sighed. "I hope I'm wrong too."

"What is it?" Alice asked again, but Jasper just shook his head – he didn't want to say it out loud.

Laurent says she won't be happy about this:

"Damn," Jasper said.

"What?" Emmett asked.

"Victoria … she's after Bella," Jasper said.

"What?!" several people shouted and then looked at Edward. He was still frozen, and even his eyes were now lifeless.

Laurant says about me killing you:

At that Esme got up and wrapped her arms around the Edward statue – he didn't move or acknowledge her at all – he was beyond pain now, realizing that everything about his decision to leave had been wrong.

Laurant calls Bella mouthwatering:

The growl that came from Edward was unexpected and all the louder because of it. The blame and pain seem to be taking a backstage as the rage broke through at those words. It looked like he was planning on going to find James' coven now and kill each and every one of them … which wasn't a bad idea at all.

He got up and started pacing the room as he gritted his teeth, his hands balled into fists at his sides. It was obvious to everyone watching him that he was beyond frustrated that he couldn't do anything, which was only made worse by the fact that even his book self wouldn't be there to help.

Laurent says that Edward would have no reason to think it was him (that killed Bella), even if he cared enough to investigate:

"I would figure it out and kill you for this!" Edward shouted.

Alice bowed her head as she thought of what the book Edward had said in the first chapter … about suicide and thought that might not be true ….

"He would not live!" Edward shouted.

Mentions Laurent pauses and then starts slowly backing away from Bella:

"What is it?" Emmett asked confused by this reaction.

"IT'S THE WEREWOLVES!" Edward shouted – his complete relief and elation evident all over his face.

"YES!" several people cheered.

"I guess they finally have a use," Rosalie muttered, though she was looking just as relieved as everyone else.

"I guess this will make it even harder for you to hate the pup," Emmett laughed.

"Who cares! She's okay," Edward said almost buoyantly. "I'll have a chance to make this up to her …."

"Er … isn't this all irrelevant anyways?" Emmett questioned. "I mean, you know that you're never going to leave her in real life, so this will never happen."

"And you waited until now to bring that up," Edward hissed as he remembered that fact.

"I just thought of it," Emmett shrugged.

"I will never be able to hear about Bella in a dangerous situation and not be worried about her," Edward admitted. "It doesn't matter if it will never happen like this. I don't like knowing that she'll be hurt by anything."

"I think this pain is good for you," Jasper offered.

"Geez … thanks Jazz," Edward grumbled.

"I have to say this now, seeing as you're so relieved at the moment and are probably going to go back to despair soon enough," Jasper said and Edward made a face at that. "What you're going through … it's going to make it easier when you do meet her."

"Because I'm already changed for her," Edward said, looking thoughtful.

"Yes," Jasper agreed.

Edward's voice says don't move an inch:

"Hmmm … I'm not sure you would have said that one," Carlisle mused, cocking his head to the side. "You would know that the wolf wouldn't hurt her. Especially not with a vampire right in front of them."

"But she doesn't know that … and it's just a voice in her head telling her what she thought I would say," Edward said. "And if I didn't know what the wolves were … I might have said that."

"Good point," Carlisle agreed, nodding his head. "I just got used to the voice saying exactly what you would say, I guess," he added, looking amused.

Mentions Bella's thoughts on Laurent being the one that came looking for her:

"No, I don't think good old Laurent will be making it out of the forest," Emmett said, grinning.

"Yeah, the wolves will catch him in a second," Edward said.

"They're that fast?" Alice asked, raising an eyebrow – she and Jasper have never seen the werewolves before.

"Yes, in general they're faster than most vampires, but not stronger," Edward said. "They'll definitely catch him."