It wasn't a riddle that the Blackram were bad in battle.

But it was the strength in numbers that made them so annoying. Anywhere you looked, Blackram littered the beach, fighting off Bamboo guards. Letting out a sigh as the Blade Master wiped her brow from the sweat as she collected more extract from the crabs. Pleased with the amount, she went to the healing house and gave the healer the extract.

"This is more than enough! Thank you!" He thanked the Blade Master.

"It's no trouble. I just hope that Gwak Chi recovers soon." She said as she turned to exit the house. She took one last look at the wounded soldier and went outside. She remembered she had to deliver those pearls to that narcissistic woman. Taking the usual route, she delivered the pearls as the woman was (still) checking herself out on her mirror. Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she turned her head and saw a girl the same height as her, pink hair curled elegantly on her right shoulder with a childish face; big, indigo eyes, pink lips with a noticeable pink dusting her cheeks. From the corner of the Blade Master's eye, she saw a book that had the title 'Investigations for the Smart.'

"Excuse me, but could you direct me towards Captain Dochun's house?" She asked in an innocent voice.

The white-haired swordmaster blinked. "Its... Just behind you." She answered, pointing behind the shoulder of the pinkette. She face-palmed when she saw the house.

She muttered something under her breath before turning to the white-haired woman. "Thank you so much, um..."

"You may call me Yué." She said.

"Right. Thank you so much!" She ran off. The Blade Master now known as Yué Xuannu saw her bangle. That meant the girl was a Force Master.

Yué huffed as she sprinted on ahead to her next destination; the Bamboo Lookout. After sprinting across the bridge and under the stone arc, she met a Blackram guard right in-front of her. Before she could draw her sword, a strong 'Meow!' and the scent of vines made the guard fall face-first to the ground. She looked up to see who did it but saw no one.

"Uh... Down here, lady." A mature voice rang out.

She looked down and saw possibly the second shortest person she had ever met (the first one is Hajoon). He had pale blue hair swept to one side with a pair of round cat paired with a striped tail. He had oval eyes and a staff was strapped to his back. What he wore though... Was interesting. It looked like he made it by himself, especially the staff.

"Thank you, young sir." Yué said.

The Lyn Summoner flimched a little from the 'young' but shook it off. "Don't mention it, lady. I'm just doing what I'm being told to." With that, he called for his Familiar as he ran off to defeat more soldiers. Yué ran-off to her own business.

What she didn't know was that the two people she had met will be the best companions she will ever have.

Hello everyone! So I stared a fanfic about me and my friends' adventure in the mmorpg known as Blade and Soul created by ncsoft. Its a Korean fantasy game and I think you guys would like it. Amd regarding the "Legends of Pokemon" story, I gave it to nightshroud96 for him/her to continue so don't report him/her for copying the story. I do not own Blade and Soul.