A Bamboo guard swiftly punched the zombie across the beach.

"Thank you!" Miki exclaimed. He replied with a grunt. She used her ice magic to freeze some zombies and finished them with an ice ball.

"Miki! Kill the ones that are congested. Kreivier, you're with me!" She heard Yue yell. Willing her chi, she created a heatwave that burnt the zombies around her area. Keeping the rhythm, she blasted fireballs on corrupted pigs and crabs. Running backwards, she ran to the safest place there is which was on top of a hill. She saw Yue and opened her mouth to greet her but the Blade Master ran past her.

"What made her hurry?" Miki asked Kreivier.

"Jinsoyun." Was all he said.

Miki's eyes widened. "Lead the way."

Following the Lyn, they sprinted to cave entrance inside a broken house. The whole cave reeked of corrupted chi, the sounds of metal clashing with rocks can be heard further in. They ran, glancing at the carcasses of the monsters that once lived. Reaching the end of the cave, they saw their partner, kneeling down as a black and purple flower rose from her body.

"YUE!" Miki went to reach out but stopped when a giant monster rose from the ground. It raised its claw to crush Yue...

But it never came.

Dochun had just arrived in time to counter the claw. "Jiyan! Pull yourself together!"

Miki readied an ice ball. "Petals!"

Kreivier waved his staff as petals scattered around the monster. It was confused and Miki took that chance to freeze it.

"Yue!" The woman staggered but readied her sword and slashed the monster in light speed. The frozen monster fell into pieces as Yue sheathed her sword on her back. She groaned and fell to her knees again.

"Yue!" Kreivier exclaimed. He went to her side and helped her up. "Are you alright? Do you need a tonic?"

Yue grimaced. "I'm fine."

"Miki walked up to the two. "Have you seen...?"

Her face says it all. She wasn't able to stop Jinsoyun. Miki sighed and put her shoulder underneath Yue's arm and placed her arm over Miki's shoulder. "Let's get you patched up."

"This place is teeming with dark chi." Dochun said. "This cave is connected to another world, but that's a different story. Right now the monsters are blocking the way back. Come, let's make a path of fire!" He gave the flamethrower to the only stable warrior. Which was Kreivier.

"Oh... I'm gonna enjoy THIS!" He smirked which made the girls shudder in surprise. He pressed the trigger and fire erupted from it. He laughed maniacally as he charged forward. The girls followed slowly.

"We should never have this discussion ever again, should we?"


"Is he still shooting the crabs?"

"Yes he is."

Yue chewed the last of her meat dumpling and stood up. "How are you feeling?"

"Much better." Yue looked down. "I... let her get away. I'm-"

"Shh... Don't say anything. You have nothing to apologize for. We're still too weak on our training and that's the perfect excuse to get stronger. So chin up."

Despite Miki's words, Yue still looked glum about the ordeal. Deciding not to press further, she stood up and dusted the sand off her clothes. "Stay here. I'm gonna go fetch Kreivier and try to stop his crustacean genocide." Miki walked to the beach and waited for Kreivier to waste his ammo. Taking her chance, she grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the guy who sent the quest. She grabbed the rewards and let go of the Lyn.

She saw Yue walk down the hill. "We're needed at the lookout up ahead. Are you guys ready to go?"

"Yeah as long as the crab murderer doesn't blow off again." Miki glared at Kreivier.

"It was fun while it lasted!" Kreivier argued back.

Yue shook her head. "Never mind that. Let's go."

She left quickly, leaving the two to look at each other in worry for their friend. They decided to be quiet about the current issue and tried to catch up to her.