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It had begun with the breaking of the great chasm, nearly one hundred thousand years ago. The Great War that had been fought of the ownership of the universe had been played out for thousand of years. The Planets had been involved in a all out war among races, the earth was the strong point for the Darkness and the Moon was the base that directed it attack against the evil that festered there.

It had all ended with the death of the first Serenity. By using her life force and the power that the moon held in and of itself she created the Silver Crystal. Her daughter, barely a hands breath over a two decades old took up her mother's life force and beat the enemy back in the Black gates. Using the gift her mother had created she forged the alliance of planets. Using the crystal she healed the destruction that had been left by the Darkness. Once the Kingdoms of the Planets had been purged she set her eyes to the earth and strove to heal it as well.

But it was not to be done.

The Crystal had drained her and she had not the strength to bear the weight of the Earth as well so she took a husband and bore a daughter. And the other Planets also bore children. The little Princess was given companions out of the many children that the Kings and Queens bore for her mother was fading from the constant energy she pore into the forging of the Kingdom.

Eventually she died at a young age for that line of Queens.

But the Princess had had time to grow and mature and did so with strength that had been forged out of the bonds that linked her to the other children of the planets. And when the time came the Daughters that had been raised with the Princess -now Queen- they to became Queens over their lands.

And so the tradition of the Senshi was created. And as each Royal family became tuned with their Royal Planet they learned to read the gifts that the Planets blessed them and they learned to harness the power that the First Serenity had forged. And as they grew in power so did there life spans. And they grew to be great.

But Earth was still left in darkness. And it festered until the Second Great War broke out. And it was a bitter battle that once again left the Universe in ravages, and it showed no signs of stopping until a Prince of a line long forgotten rose up and lead his people against the heart of the Darkness that festered. His name was Endymion and he wielded a great power in the shape of a Golden Crystal that was said to be the tears of the earth. And with this Second Crystal came great power to the lines of Earth until they struck the Darkness back and rose in the ranks of its Sister Planets.

Been the Darkness had only been driven back and it longed for the chance to take the crystals and hurl the lines of Serenity and Endymion into the darkness. And so it festered and waited until it gained the strength enough to launch its greatest attack on the creatures that it so hated. And it took the form of a woman and her wrath was terrible, and something happened that it did not expect. The form it choose longed for a companion and it longed for someone to share its darkness with, and when she laid her eyes onto the form of the Prince who had risen in his father and grandfathers place, who wielded the power of the Golden Crystal she longed for him.

But Serenity had also seen the Golden Prince and her heart also desired him, and he returned the longing with a fierceness that turned the Universe upside down. But the Darkness was enraged and did not allow the lovers to be together. And Endymion and Serenity drove the Darkness back again and they forged a gate, the Black gate, and it locked the Kingdom of Darkness in its pit. But the Universe had been once again pushed beyond its brink of coping and Endymion and Serenity where forced to push themselves apart.

They spent the long length of their lives longing for each other, but there people needed stability and not foreign alliances with other planets. Both married inside there own court and loved there spouses even if the large chunk of there souls where no longer with them. There Children carried on the lines forgetting about the Prince and Princess who had sworn to find each other some day in some way.

And the Moon and the Earth and all the planets that fell under their rule grew complacent. During the Great Alliance the Earth had taken the Outer Planets under its rule and Moon had take the Inner. The Universe had been so ravaged that the Planets had to be divided and so both the Earth and the Moon, with the greatest power sources, and been forced to take on the responsibility.

And they had.

But in the years of piece the rulers forgot the threat the Gate was to remind them of, of the Darkness that the Human Soul was capable of.

And as the Moon and Inner Planets celebrated the new birth of Royalty the Black Gates began to crack. By the time the Royal Princess had reached the Age of 10 they had been ripped open by forces that could not be contained. The Earth itself had only young heirs of 16 years and the control of the Outer Planets was last with the Earth as the Royal family's where slaughtered.

The Dark shadow then moved on to the one place it hated the most. The moon. It attacked with a brutality that shocked what was left of civilization. In a desperate move to protect the young Princess Serenity the Ruling Queen shattered the crystal into seven pieces and placing two of them into the Royal Children using it power to alter there looks so that they could be hidden in the wreckage of the Planets. The other three she sent to the last safe haven the Darkness could never touch. Pluto.

The Queen then used what little magic she had by her own right to seal the Secrets of the Senshi far from Beryl's seeking gaze and prayed that her daughter could use the keys she had left for her to someday be able to correct her mother's mistake.

And the Darkness spread until it had covered the entire Universe and Beryl ruled as the supreme master of all life. But her victory was an empty one, for although she now ruled what her black soul had always craved she could never posses the Silver Crystal for its bits where scattered across the universe, and the Golden Crystal had disappeared with the death of the old King.

The heirs to the Five thrones of earth had been presumed dead but the bodies had never been found. It was said that only the true High King of Earth could find the hidden power source that had added in driving her back once.

But a lone seer had warned Beryl before her death of her impending doom. She had warned her to kill all the Royal Children because if just one had lived then one day she would fall.

But instead of one ten lived. The Royal Princess of the Moon, and her inner court, all altered beyond recognition all changed in face and form. All carrying a power far greater than even the blessings of the Planets.

The Five Princes of Earth, rulers of the Outer Realms, all breathed as well. And they roamed in a pack that traveled with more knowledge than simple ten-year-old children left with only vague memories of power. They had also heard the legend of the Seer and they sought the Princess and her court even as Beryl did.


Mamoru paced the short length of his room; rooms that he had been forced to hold secret councils in for close the ten years. No more a child of Sixteen but a man of twenty, a man who was the mirror image of the beloved father that had been killed in the vindictive hands of a witch.

He had been forced to give up the name Mamoru just as his four companions had been forced to change theirs. They could give Beryl nothing to track them by, for ten years had not softened her memory.

She still-hunted, in the darker corners of the world, for any sign of them. Any print they could have left. She never truly believed that they had died, no matter what attention had been given to the details.

Just as she refused to believe in the death of the final piece of her undoing.


"You know one day I would like my searches to take me somewhere clean, where I can bath and dress properly, where I do not have to worry if my rags have been beaten enough to look authentic. I prefer to worry about weather or not my outfit has been pressed enough to look authentic." Jason complained as he threw himself into an old wooden chair that had seen more abuse than any other item in the small room.

"But then we would not be able to hear all about it when you get back." Zachary commented as he closed to ancient texts he was trying to decipher in annoyance.

"You would be gone the entire night with some pretty Lady and never come home."

Jason shrugged unrepentedly. "At least the Ladies can appreciated my good looks even if you four cannot." At 6"2 and blond with eyes the color of dark sky he caught the attention of many of women. Even with his hair darkened with mud and his shoulders stooped with that of a bent man he was still imposing.

"Get over it." Nathan commented form the corner where he was stretched out. He long legs where thrown onto the table with a pose of boredom.

"Did you find anything?" Kris demanded in his lower tones as he too look up from a script.

"Nothing we don't know. This one was apparently at the final battle though. He was one of the guards that defended the castle from attacks. He says the Queen did shatter he crystal and all he can remember is the fragments heading into the little Princess and then the rest just flat out disappearing. He says that when after that there was some bright color show and they where just gone. There was no evidence of any kind that they had been there." Jason shrugged. "Nothing new there."

Kris sighed. "So even after ten years we have no place to look."

Zach held up his hand. "I am not sure about that. I have been studying all the ancient texts that have survived the wars and I think I may have found a clue."

The men all dropped in the similar poses that Nathan had.

" The Inner Senshi are bound to the planets in a similar way the Endymion is. We to are bound but more to Endymion that any particular planet, since our power comes from him, earth, and the outer planet we will one day had jurisdiction over."

"But the Inner Princess are bound directly to there Planets and then to the Princess. They gather their energy straight form whichever planet it is that they are bound to. When Serenity unleashed the crystal and gave her daughter and each of the four guardians a fragment she bound them more tightly to the moon than any have been before. She also increased their power tenfold. Even if the Princess should collected the fragments there will always be an echo of that power in them so they will always be much stronger then they should have been. I have also found evidence to support the fact that each Princess was sent back to her own planet because only by being on there home soil could they control the after affects of having a fragment of the Silver Crystal in them."

"But where would the Princess have gone?" Kris questioned easily, his brain processing that information.

"Because of the binding that the Crystal would give them I would say that she got dragged into on the portals. Whichever Senshi had the closets piece of Crystal, of the most attraction to her fragment, she would have been pulled in with her. I would place a lot of money on the fact that the Senshi are all on their home planets."

"But how are we going to track them. Everyone says that the crystals altered their appearance. They no longer look like what they wold have." Mamoru demanded.

"Well we have half the Golden Crystal right?" Zach questioned. They all nodded in agreement. The other half was sealed somewhere in the Castle Beryl now ruled from.

"Well the energy should be similar to that of the Silver. If we look for residue that anything that powerful leaves behind by using our knowledge of the Golden Crystal then we should be able to track them."


Mina stood hidden in the darker shadows of the temple, her simple beggars dress hiding every inch of her figure from prying eyes of the men who sought more than she was willing to give out. Behind her she felt only the slightest stirring telling her that Usagi was right behind her.

Since the fall of the Royal family some ten years before the crown city of Venus, Erodon, named after the first high King Eros, had fallen into shambles. The once golden temple was now dull and the every lit golden torch had long since given out.

"Mina, how much longer?" Usagi hissed her voice low with a tenseness that most women of 20 never held. Or at least that they used to never hold, not even babies seemed to wilt under the sun.

"As soon as I make sure that the guards are no longer chasing us." Mina hissed right back, her pale blue eyes scanning the crowds around them. Her thick dirty blond hair was pulled into a tight bun at the nape of her neck.

Usagi smaller frame was pressed as far against the wall as she mange, her own pale eyes scanning as well. Her fall of ash colored hair was also pulled into a tight bun and the women looked around searching for the guards that searched for them.

To live on the street you lived like rat. Steeling what was edible and learning how to keep men and boys with the nastier thoughts in their heads beaten back. If anyone attempted to rough handle either woman they would have received a nasty shock.

Both were skilled in hand to hand combat, years of training that a old man had offered when they had stumbled onto his door step some seven years ago beaten and bloody. Both had been fast learners and learned everything he could teach them before he died.

Mina favored a sword if she could get her hands on one, but Usagi liked to use a simple pairing knife, discovering that her small size and quick wrists made her very good at fast moves.

But right now they were trying to conceal the bread they had stolen and avoid the guards. When Minako had decided they had given up the chase both woman moved along the Temple till they came to a place where they could eat the slightly stale loaf in peace.

"You know Mina," Usagi said around a mouthful, " Its getting harder to find something to barrow without having to worry about putting someone else in debt."

Mina nodded. "What can we do? Beryl and her hordes or dark armies only care for themselves and only wish to devour each of these kingdoms one by one. There is very little that we can do."

Usagi sighed and fiddled with a strand of ash colored hair, its paleness a shade to dark to be silver, but to light to be gray. " I know. It's just that I have this feeling that we should be DONIG something about it, you know?"

Mina nodded her head slowly, her eyes distant. In her mind she could see her mother, blond and tall with eyes the color or dark sapphires. She could also see her mother dancing with a tall blond man there dresses rich with color and jewels.

Whoever her mother had been she had been important and she could do something about the situation.

"I know Usagi."


A figure quickly bolted down the street as the echoing footsteps followed. Rei put on an extra burst of speed that sent her coffee colored hair flying behind her and her long legs to stretch to her limit.

Sometimes being a decoy sucked.

She could hear the Dark Soldiers cursing behind her and she smirked. She had been running this route, in the ruins, since she was a child of 12. These morons who thought themselves so smart where suck idiots.

Never chase a native of the Martian ruins through the ruins.

It should have been rule one in the guide book but someone forgot to enlighten the assholes behind it, and all she had to do was keep far enough ahead of them to lead them into the trap.

There they would get what they deserved.

There had been massive reports of beating and raping in this part of town, and no nice girl would be caught out on the streets at this late hour, much less on this side of the Temple.

But nice was never a word that she used in referring to herself. She liked the words bitch, cold and determined. With the Dark armies taking more and more control and stealing lives the way people stole food was disgusting.

And Rei, the only one left of the Royal bloodline, would do every tiny thing she could to stop it.

It was a fluke she knew a fluke that she remembered when Serenity had done everything to protect them, even making them forget. But she simple had not counted on a single aspect of the power of the Martian planet. The Senshi of Mars was also a priestess, and with that came dreams.

And with dreams came memories.

It took time, but Rei remember everything to having a fragment of the Silver Crystal embedded in herself, the reason her coloring and form had been altered. She knew, in a half sense sort or way, that once her Princess gained control of the shards then she would be returned to the Princess she had once been.

But until then she had soldiers to kill and plans to destroy. Every day she was one step closer to finding the others. But until then she could take the time to ambush some rapping bastards.


Ami sighed as she closed the book in front of her. Tutoring may have given her the money she needed to stay alive, but honestly. Some of these children could be absolute brats.

Running a hand through her black hair that she kept cropped close Ami allowed her dark blue eyes to slide shut. Her face was to pale, her freckles too stark to be cute, but that was okay.

She may have been slightly above the status of beggar but that did not mean she got the protection of the upper class, or the wives of soldiers, did. She pities the beautiful girls she did not envy them.

Sighing Ami dismissed the children who where paying absolutely no attention to the fact that she was teaching them the past of the planet they would day supposedly help rule.

Ami was someone who never took much stock on what other people thought but she knew somehow that the future was going to take a dramatic change for the better soon.

She knew it with the core of her bones that something was coming. She had no idea what or where, but she knew it was looking for her and that it would be there soon.


Lita leaned down and allowed the simple tears to poor from her toffee colored gaze as she was forced to bury one more person she had loved. It was becoming a random thing for her to do.

Maybe she should just start going and collecting bodies and burying them because of it could be become an art them she was doing a damn good job perfecting it.

Tossing back her shoulder length dark brown hair she stretched her six-foot frame and watched the harsh winds slowly toss the clumps of dirt around. The dried and dead petals from flowers that had died many days ago fluttered by her feet with something of a melancholy air.

Raising her toffee colored eyes to the heavens. One day she would win against this force. But until then her tears would always be silent.

A simple reminder that everything had slipped through her fingertips never to return.


Pluto stood still in the Temple that she had been forced to lock herself in for the past ten years. Two simple crystals danced in front of her, their bright colors mocking her in an endless manner.

Closing her dark garnet eyes she sighed.

Wherever the Princess was, she was going to have to fight this on her own.