The city of Varrigan, home to a lot of things, but most recently, the Death Watch Game, a killing competition where the baddest and weirdest characters assemble from the ranks, fight and compete for who is number one.

On TV, the heroes were watching as these competitions went on. "So this is where you wanted to go next?" Jexi asked Hope.

"Yeah. I know we dont kill, but this city needs us. Who's to say we break that rule once?"

"Hope, we just kill the monsters, these are living people." Jexi said.

"Does this look like what people do for a living?" Hope asked showing the screen. Thousands of gangs were brawling on the island, leaving blood to splatter on the ground.

"Okay, here's the situation." Hope said relieving the screen. "A group of people called the Organizers released a deadly virus into the city. Luckily, as long as we don't touch the corpses, we'll be fine."

"Guys, something's happening on screen." Rainbow said.

"We here at Death Watch are thrilled to hear that some new competitors have joined us: three of them from three different pokemon guilds. From the Ghost Party guild: Gengar! From the Team AWD: Weavile and from the new guild: Red Lizard Reborn: Charizard!" a sponsor said.

"Aw, no." Hope said.

"Gengar again. Didn't we finish stuff with him back on Hyrule?" Sakura asked.

"And worse, Weavile's decided to show her face once more." Nami said.

"It gets worse. The fish course chef, he ducked out because of three guilds joining in." Sanji said reading a letter.

"Does that mean we're… entering the tournament? I dont wanna kill people!" Fluttershy said.

"We aren't going to. We'll just beat them down like usual. Besides, those three mentioned don't kill either." Jexi said.

"Let's just hope someone down there can help us."

"We now report to another new sponsor: the Universal Villains leader, Amadeus Flux." another sponsor said.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Hope said.

On a screen appeared Flux. "Attention viewers. I the great Amadeus Flux am not only sponsoring, but entering a competitor of my own." he said pointing to a shadowed cage. "It doesn't have an official name, but you can call it Subject 0. Through science, I actually made a living killing machine. So, here's an offer. If you can kill him, I'll give you a slot on my team." Flux said as the creature growled.

"Okay, we are so entering the tourney!" Jexi said turning red for a bit before Hope splashed him with water.

"I agree, but can you do it without getting mad again?" Hope said.

"Hope, I only did that because of a war. This isn't gonna be like last time." Jexi said.

"Let's hope so. Prepare for landing." Hope said.

The Star Speeder landed and cloaked, the heroes getting off. They then saw the entrance to Deathwatch/

"I'm guessing we have to beat that guy to get our own sponsor." Natsu said pointing to a guy dressed like a biker.

"Outta the way, kid." said a voice. Standing behind Natsu was another biker, but he smoked a cigar and had a mechanical arm and aviator goggles.

"Hey watch it buddy! I'm gonna kick that guys ass first!" Natsu shouted.

The man shoved him aside, came up to the other biker, and knocked him out with one punch.

"Okay, who exactly are you?" the sponsor asked him.

"The names Jack and I happen to be looking for a sponsor too." he said.

"Ah. Then you can call me XIII. I suspect you all are entering? Well, I can sponsor you all at once, if you like."

"Seriously? You sure?" Knuckles asked.

"Of course. Now, I suppose you want to discuss fees." XIII said.

"No thanks. We aren't there for the money." Jexi said.

"I can see that in your eyes. Seeing as how I see P1 contestants, the champion of Furious Fists, and the human who conquered a kingdom." XIII said. "You just come for the fighting, yes?"

"Yup. Open er up!" Zoro said.

"All right, but remember, once you go in there, the only way out is to win." XIII warned as the gate opened for them.

"Hope you guys are ready, cause this competition aint no joke." Jack said.

Meanwhile above the skies of the city, the Dark Cruiser flew across the sky. "Okay. Drop the cage!" Flux shouted.

The door below the cage opened as it fell into the city. "Go go go!" Flux shouted as they flew out of the world to watch from a distance. The cage shattered open to reveal a creature with black skin, cat like features, a yellow crystal on its left shoulder and its tail tip. One of the Death Watch contestants approached it. "Well, what have we here? Another fre-." he began before finding his head deattached from his body.

"I am no freak. I am an abomination of science itself. But, you can call me, subject 0." it said crushing the competitors head.