The heroes soon face down Martin, who was an alien in a gigantic robot battle suit.

"Okay, does someone wanna call foul on this, because I dont even think this is even fair!" Indigo said.

"Deal with it sister. This is a competition of killing. There's no such thing as fair." Kreese said.

"Destructible targets found!" Martin said.

"Outta the way guys." Sonic said stepping up with Mega Man. "Giant Robots are sort of our specialty."

"Well, if both think you can handle it?" Hope said as the group stepped back.

"Smart call by Sonic, both him and The Blue Bomber have fought dozens of robots in the past." Howard said.

"That may be true, but they've never fought anything like this before." Kreese said.

Sonic and Mega Man both knew what they were doing as Martin fired his weapons. They dodged and hit all over the mech.

"Wow. This guy may be the 2nd ranked fighter, but he's terrible at fighting." Sonic said.

"Tell me about it. Between us, you'd think Eggman and Wily put up better fights?" Mega Man said.

"At least we only have to fight one of them and not both of them." Sonic said.

Martin then powered up a laser.

"And now to end this. Crash Salvo!" Mega Man said firing tons of crash bombs.

"Beast Frenzy!" Sonic shouted

"Slash Claw!" Mega Man shouted.

"Sonic Rush!" Sonic shouted.

"And…. Mega Sonic Buster!" they both shouted striking the robot at the exact same time. Martin's robot sparked, then blew up.

"Amazing! Sonic and Mega Man are the best team ever!" Howard said.

"I know. And now they've earned the right to fight against Subject 0. And speaking of, we have with us in the booth, the maker of Subject 0, Amadeus Flux himself." Kreese said.

"Thanks Kreese, Howard. Glad to be here. If you have any questions about my creature, feel free to ask me." Flux said.

"Flux. You shouldve stayed in Impel Down." Hope said.

"Well, I have a Shichibukai on my team." Flux said. "Now, to you heroes, you can't win against my creature. I have created the ultimate killing machine. I made him special. A mixture of Mewtwo's DNA, a large dosage of the Shadow Drug and raising it on violence, death and bloodshed, you get to Subject 0, as I have officially named him, Shadow Mewtwo." Flux said.

"We'd better prepare for the worst." Jexi said.

The heroes made it to the final stage and checked their Weapons, gear and health before approaching the final ring where they saw Shadow Mewtwo standing.

Flux then appeared on the screen. "Now, before we get to the fight, I have a special offer." Flux grinned. "If I win, I get all the Mega Stones you've recently collected. But if you win, I give you this." Flux said pointing to a large suit of armor.

"Alphonse!" Edward shouted.

"Nice right? I scooped him off the streets while cleaning up after my project. I'll give him back if you manage to beat him. Like that will ever happen." Flux laughed as the screen cut out.

The heroes then got into position as they selected Jexi, Hope and Jack to go into the ring. Shadow Mewtwo just stayed silent as he rose his hand up, making large dark crystals rise from the ground, surrounding the arena and darkening the sky with an eerie purple.

"This is it! The battle of battles, the fight to end it all! " Howard said.

"You said it. Three of the best verses a creature designed only to kill, Shadow Mewtwo." Kreese said.

"This is a Mathematical Match that surpassed all!" Howard said.

"For the last time…. NOBODY SAID THERE'D BE MATH!" Kreese said. "I. Blame. Our. Schools~!"

"Enough of this banter! It is time for our fight to begin." Mewtwo declared. "I am Shadow Mewtwo, and I will teach you the meaning of Pain!"

"Bring it on!" the three shouted as the three got ready.

(Cue Song: Guile's SF4 Theme)

Shadow Mewtwo began by breaking off pieces of the crystals and threw them right at the three. Jack sliced them in half with his chainsaw, he then ran towards the creature before being lifted up and tossed back at Jexi and Hope.

"Ultimate Color Wave!" Jexi shouted sending out a wave at Mewtwo, who only suffered very minimal damage.

"As long as we keep our distance, we can beat this guy." Jexi said.

"That won't cut it… I want to use Golden God Mode, but…" Hope said.

"Grav said that mode is only in one in a hundred Color Fighters. There's no guarantee you can even have that mode." Jexi said.

"No. He also said if you use it too much, it'll kill within minutes." Hope said.

"We can't depend on that mode for everything. All we can do is fight with our own power." Jexi said.

"Wait, that's it! Jexi, when mewtwo fires a move, Use element change to absorb it. That'll get you on par with him." Hope said.

"If you two are done. I shall finish you. Shadow Ball!" Shadow Mewtwo shouted firing a giant ball of darkness.

"Guess its all or nothing." Jexi said as he began absorbing the move. "Element Change: Darkness!" he shouted.

A dark aura surrounded Jexi as he now wore dark clothing and his hair was now pitch black.

"The darkness of a dark being in a dark world, very fitting." Jexi grinned evilly. "Ultimate Color Black Sphere!" Jexi shouted firing a dark sphere at Mewtwo, pushing him back before appearing above him. "Ultimate Color Black Dropkick!" he shouted kicking Mewtwo to the ground.

"Ultimate Color Blue Strike!" Hope said punching Mewtwo. The three then came up to him, who was dazed.


"Wrong!" Mewtwo shouted pushing the three against the crystal. "It seems I was wrong to hold back against you humans. Now its time to go all out." he said as a dark sphere surrounded Shadow Mewtwo. Out of it came the same creature but more muscular with a stronger build.

"Oh, now they've done it. They've pushed the ultimate killer into using his Destroyer mode otherwise known as Mega Shadow Mewtwo X." Flux shouted.

"Now do we use Golden God mode?" Hope asked Jexi.

"Shut the hell up, you peace loving hope giver!" Jexi shouted while smiling evilly.

Hope then realized something, flashing back to all the times element change was used.

"Everytime he switches out elements, he switches out personalities too." Hope realized. "That's why when he used Water mode, he seemed so calm."

"You know, I always did hate those stupid ideas of yours. Enraging Juvia, entering this stupid tournament, I just wanna rip your stupid head clean off." he said smiling evilly.

"Jexi, youre not thinking straight! Snap out of it, Man!" Hope shouted.

"It would seem he has inhaled some of the Shadow Drug that was within my Shadow Ball." Shadow Mewtwo said. "It can have this affect on humans who are not use to darkness."

Jexi then laughed. "I have all this power… so why cant I be a little evil? First, I'll kill that stupid Hope and Jack, then I'm coming for the champ." he said as he lunged at Hope.

Hope then glowed golden. "What? But thats… you cant be able to use that mode!"

"I don't know if this is a gift or a temporary power up. But I'm going to use every bit of it to save you!" Hope shouted as he and Jexi began to exchange blows as Shadow Mewtwo and Jack did the same.

"With one move, this shall end!" Shadow Mewtwo said. "Dark Psystrike!" he shouted as dark balls of psychic energy began to form.

"I will end all of this!" he added as the psychic balls of energy hit the three, but doing minimal damage on Hope.

"No one wants you around, I'm not letting it end here." Hope said gathering energy. "I will use every last bit of this gift to save you all. This will be the last Death Watch Game." Hope said. "Golden God's Shining Purifier!" he shouted as a column of light shined down as it overtook the whole arena. When the light died down, Hope was back to normal as he saw Jexi normal and unconscious as he noticed Shadow Mewtwo starting to fade.

(end song)

"You're fading away." Hope said.

"I suppose...this is what happens when you are a being of pure darkness." Shadow Mewtwo said. "All my life, I was told to only kill. Hope user, please tell me. If I were to have met you before all this, would there have been a chance for salvation?" he asked Hope.

"Yes. Go and be reborn." Hope said as Mewtwo disappeared.

Jexi then opened his eyes. "Did… we win?"

"Yeah. We did." Hope said.

"Well folks, I have no clue what just happened here, but I can see clear as day that Jack and his posse of heroes have just won Death Watch!" Howard shouted as Flux dropped off Alphonse.

"Here's your prize." he said in anger. "You just pushed back ten years worth of work. I need a vacation." Flux said walking off.

"Hope, about those things I said… I… I dont think making Juvia angry anymore is a good idea." Jexi said.

"I promise I'll stop for reals this time. I'm just glad to have you back." Hope said.\

Jack then began to leave. "Hey, where are you going? Dont you wanna join us?"

"I'll pass. Not really my style. Besides, I go where the road takes me." Jack said walking off.

A letter then dropped down from above.

"It's an invitation to a train ride. The Molentary Express." Jexi read.

"The Molentary Express? That's suppose to be the worlds most luxurious train. A cruise ship on rails." Sunset said.

"Well then, guess we're going there next. Besides, how often do we ride on a train?" Jexi asked smiling.

To be continued in...Dimensional Heroes Legends: The Diabolical Box.

By Hope and Jexi