A/N: That was the final chapter, guys. I've finally laid my baby to rest and I must admit I was trying to delay this moment. I didn't want to end this - not yet but that's the way it goes. Now I know how J.K. Rowling will feel when she finally finishes her series. Emotional, but with a sense of satisfaction. I hope you liked the last two chapters. Yes, despite the fact that I've made you cry (even a little) because of all the twists and turns in my story I do believe in happy endings. And this is as happy and as romantic as I can get. Ahh...life.

I've enjoyed every moment of this fic - from writing and updating to reading all your reviews, especially those who have kept tabs on it since "Do You Think About Me?" I thank you with all my heart. I'll be writing other fics, though but I'm a little afraid that I might not do anything better than this. After all, there's only so much Harry & Hermione stories I can do without sounding so redundant. And you'd be bored because you're already familiar with my style of writing. But I'm trying to think up of some more situations for them though. I might (notice the emphasis on *might*) go for a Draco fic or a Ron fic - but not a Ron-Hermione one, mind you. Maybe a Ron and me fic? Hahaha...keep dreaming, D.O.!

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So if I find myself in your city/country and I might be in desperate need for a tour guide, I just might log onto ff.net and say "Hey, I'm here at...Wow, it's really cool here, but I think I'm lost..." that sort of thing. If you're French, Indian, Italian, Spanish, from NYC or Michigan, you're welcome to take part in my brilliant thesis (ahem! Ahem! Cough, cough...). Bring your gal pals! I'll waste loads of film on you. :)

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Anyhow, I'm drafting my next fic whose title I am torn between calling it, "We Could Always Pretend" or "If I Could Make You Love Me". My best friend says I should go with the former, but I like the sound of the latter. I'm trying to do a romantic-comedy for fan fiction - complete with soundtrack. FF.net should seriously consider acquiring a multimedia supporter for all those songfics and people like me who dream of attaching music to their stories. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

I'm planning on putting up the first two chapters of my new fic just in time for Valentine's Day - and it'll go on from there. Again - thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ALL for reading and reviewing "As If We Never Said Goodbye." I am eternally indebted to you.


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