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"So... you're freaky demon-hunter-army-guys." Buffy observed brightly, trying to distract them. "What's that like?"

"Pretty cool." said one, and got slapped upside the head by his companion. "I mean, stand aside, civilian! We'll take care of this!"

Buffy glanced at Spike and was shocked. What the hell did they do to demons in there? He looked really... scared. And small, all hunched up on the ground. She frowned, finding herself not liking him like that. It was *Spike*! Much as she insulted and bitched about him, he was supposed to do the same to her! It was their thing they did! He didn't get scared, he was sarcastic and reckless, and, and- shouldn't be... dissected in some lab! If anyone dusted him, it was gonna be *her* dammit.

"Hey." she called to the nearest commando. He looked at her and she swiftly kicked him in the face, sending him flying and knocking him unconscious. While one was marveling at her superhuman strength the other shot Spike with an electric bolt of something from his gun that knocked him out immediately. She winced - it looked nasty. She yanked the weapon out of the guy's hands and bopped him over the head with it. Two down - this was too easy!

The last was fumbling with a walkie-talkie as Buffy approached him, probably going to call for back up. Too late - a couple of punches and a stomp on the transmitter was the end of that problem.

She reached over and pulled off his mask. "What the...?" She knew this guy! He was a student at SDU, like her! She didn't want to get into anything now, but tomorrow they were going to have a serious talk.

Spike was sprawled out on the ground, unmoving. The Slayer crouched over him and hit his cheek lightly in an attempt to revive him... eventually he groaned, stirring, and then all of a sudden his eyes burst open and he jerked up, expecting to be captured and restrained, heading back to the lab.

Buffy pressed her hands into his shoulders in an attempt to restrain him. "Spike!"

"I'm not going back th-" He faultered, blinking at her face, right in front of his. "Huh?" He noticed the incapacitated commandoes lying around them. "Wha...?"

Buffy smirked. "Articulate as ever, I see."

Spike looked at her, astonished. "You saved me." His voice turned accusing. "Why?"

She shrugged. "One of the mysteries of life." She made to stand up.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back so that their faces were mere inches away, glaring at each other. "Why?" he demanded again.

Buffy fidgeted. "Would you rather I hadn't? Just be grateful!"

He frowned a while longer, seeming to consider this. Eventually his expression softened and he took a deep breath. "Uh... thanks Slayer." he said gruffly, trying to avoid eye contact.

"Oh." She hadn't thought he'd really say anything. "Um, that's fine." she replied stiffly, feigning nonchalance. "You okay?" Not that she cared. Nope.

Spike shrugged. "Hey, it's no fun till someone get's hurt, right? I'll be fine."

Their eyes met and they smiled at each other somewhat awkwardly. He really did have nice blue eyes, Buffy thought, and then frowned at herself. No. No he didn't. Spike was frowning too, whether it was because he was also having thoughts remimiscent of their engagement or merely because she was frowning she did not know, but they pushed each other away at the same time and rose to their feet.


He nodded vaguely, scanning the area. "Yeah."

Was he looking for an escape route? Buffy rubbed her eyes tiredly, really having had enough. She sighed. "You gonna run off again? Cause I'm going back to Giles' right now, with or without you. Piss off someone else and you're on your own. I'm done."

Who knew how many other commandoes were out there roaming the streets, lying in wait for him? An unconscious one nearby groaned and Spike eyed him fearfully.

Buffy prodded the guy with a booted foot in satisfaction. "Posers. I was trying to kill you long before it was cool." She started to walk away.

"Ha ha." Spike replied dryly, casting one last nervous look behind before dashing to catch the Slayer up.

"They really scared you, huh?"

"What? Like hell!" he scoffed, trying not to remember the glaringly white cells or the screams of the other demons whose tests had been less successful...

Buffy studied him sidelong as they headed for home. "Spike, are you... whimpering?" she asked incredulously.

He muttered some lame excuse about "squeaky shoes" and strode ahead of her, clearly wanting to keep his manliness intact.

Buffy sniggered from behind him and he sighed. It was a lost cause.


When they arrived back at Giles' the lights were on, but there was a note saying he'd gone to bed and he hoped there hadn't been any problems. If only he knew, Buffy thought.

Spike flopped onto the couch and yawned hugely. Buffy collapsed next to him. "Go to your bath." she told him, flapping a hand in the appropriate direction.

"Make me."

"Urgh..." Not one of her finest comebacks, it must be said.

Neither party had the effort required to move, and soon fell asleep.


And so, the sight that greeted Giles the next morning of his Slayer's head tucked under the vampire's chin as they sprawled together, fast asleep on his couch was enough to make him dig out every single pair of glasses he owned and go on a polishing spree.







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