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The buzzing sound of machine was starting to fray my nerves. I was sitting quietly at my seat, watching the passing scenery at the monitor with ultimate boredom. It was navy blue, almost black out there. The stars merrily twinkled in the far away galaxy, pretty and yet uncaring about what I'm gonna do. Nothing new.

I drummed my fingers at the controlling device. Every time my fingers touch the flat glass panel, it made a little light blue square on the surface. I carefully not let my finger stray away, incase it accidentally switched off the autopilot. There is no need for a failure now. Though I was trained in military since I can walk, this is the first time I'm going to the real battlefield. I'm nervous like hell, but my expression doesn't give any indication of it. I am, after all, the best soldier. Second to my sister Kikyou.

Five minutes until reaching Earth's atmosphere Mayor Kagami's voice broke my trance. I stopped drumming my fingers and readied myself. My hands automatically fasten the seatbelt, turning on the visor and switching the current F-1 setting into E-5 to enter the atmosphere. I gripped the steer as I felt the Earth's gravity starting to pull my Shinma to it. I murmured silently to myself.

"Welcome to your debut, Higurashi Kagome."

Between Moon and Earth

By: Lafine

29xx A.D.

In this time, earth had lost its beauty and it's purpose. Sea was no longer turquoise but a sickening brown. The once blue sky was now red. Greenery was rare to found. There were only sand wherever you look. The old metal buildings, used to be reactors, were the only human's creation that can survive the harsh, unforgiving condition.

It was a time of war between earthling and moon people as human and youkai were now divided into five levels. The first level was human who have psychic power in their blood, a rare species. The second level governed the moon and the third level was civilian. Those peoples lived in moon comfortably where technology grew fast. The fourth and fifth levels consist of youkai and descendant of convicts were outcast who lived on earth. We, moon people, regarded them as trash, dump.

Both sides battle ferociously and constantly for their own reason.

I, Higurashi Kagome, was one of the rare first levels human. It's something to be proud of since there were only a few of us. My older sister, Kikyou was the first too. She was everything I wanted to be. At the age of fourteen, she became the moon's number one soldier. Her power was incredibly strong and she could use it to her convenient. Unlike me, my power was still unstable. However I knew I would master it someday.

I could see the battlefield now. The uranium reactor was standing proudly in the midst of golden sands. I looked around the area to find any opponent but found none. I directed my Shinma to land on the reactor's field without sound with my allies followed.

No Rebellion in sight I said as I scanned the area once again. Better move it now.

The other robots started to enter the building to collect the material as I watch carefully, ready for any sudden attack but it was still opponent less. My riffle was poised as my allies started filling the metal box. It went smoothly and soon Mayor Kagami told us to get back.

I was waiting for the others to launch first since my Shinma didn't need much time for it. As my fingers clicked on the glass panel, I noticed something abnormal on the left side, fifty yards away. In addition those something moved fast.

Watch out, Rebellion from seven o'clock. I yelled through the transmitter. Some of the robots landed again, to back me up while others kept flying away to brought the material to moon.

No longer than I said that, riffles voice could be heard. The Rebelion, using sand-colored robots, some were shooting at the flying robots to take them down and some were heading towards us.

Naturally, the fight broke out. I shot them continuously, bringing two down. My side wasn't doing well either. The fleeing robots dropped down the box that held the material and one of them was falling with trail of smoke behind it. Our ammunitions weren't many. My ammo ran out and I had to resort to hand-in-hand fighting.

I sheathed out my Japanese katana, Shinma's weapon and charged at the Rebellion under the rains of bullets. Do you think I'm suicidal? This couldn't compare to the time when I practiced with my sister. She's a demon in disguise tutor.

I swiftfully avoided the never-ending bullet with grace and closing the space between the Rebellions and me. One of the Rebellions threw aside its riffle and pulled out its sword that was much larger than mine. Frankly it was the first time I see a sword as big as it and I was a bit scared.

However it didn't stop me as we clashed our swords together. My Shinma moved gracefully and my opponent skillfully as we battled each other in a dance. 'Wow, this person is as good as Kikyou,' I mused silently, admiring whoever rode the robot as it came close to cutting Shinma.

Oi, bastard. Don't just running away, damn it. Fight seriously. A guy's sound was heard from the robot. You fight like a bitch.

I was offended but before I made another move, Mayor's Kagami's voice was heard from the receiver.

Higurashi, we have to leave now. Act defeated and went on with the plan. I pray you both come back safely.

Yes, Mayor. Yes, the plan. I was here for the plan, not for collecting the material like those Rebellion thought but it's for another. Remember when I said I idolized my sister? Apparently she was beaten (I keep wondering how), she and her robot, Linear, were captured by the Rebellion. And it's my job to retrieve her from whatever hellhole she dug herself into. Joy.

I sighed. I changed the setting to slower Shinma's movement and switching off the nerve control system. By turning off the system, I couldn't move Shinma easily but I didn't exactly want to felt the pain that would be transmitted to me if Shinma were hacked. My opponent seemed to be an uncouth lad. After my other allies flew away, and some of the Rebellions screaming profanities; my opponent regarded me arrogantly.

Left by your allies, huh. Moon people are all bastard.

At least we don't talk trash like you earthling.

A woman?

Yes, have any problem with it?

Nope, not at all.

With that our fight begun anew again. I felt the difficulty to match the guy's move and was quite desperate to show a good act. He didn't seem to realize it.

Inuyasha, don't dilly dally with it. Just beat it so we can go home. Another Rebellion's voice called and a second of my distraction was enough for Inuyasha to rammed the sword to Shinma's head. 'The General won't like this' as I shut off the program to protect Shinma from any further damage.

Shinma lay perfectly still and two of the Rebellions dragged I and Shinma to wherever their headquarter is. Hopefully Kikyou was there too, I silently prayed. If not, Shinma's sacrifice would be of no use. It's spare part cost a lot.

End chapter one

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