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We've been flying across the desert for one hour. The sand was glittering like gold under the sun. So far I only spotted an oasis. Its water was blue and palm trees were surrounding the lake. It's beautiful.

And boring.

I'm tempted to connect with one of the Rebellion and asked where is the headquarter. But my teachers always said that patience is virtue. Therefore, I waited.

The outside heat was starting to seep into Shinma since the air conditioning didn't work. No thanks to Inuyasha. My hands started to sweat and I released my gloves. The tight uniform was made to hold out to Earth's harsh condition but I couldn't stand the heat.

The uniform was tight one-piece suit with long sleeves and short skirt. To complete it, I wear high heel boot. Don't underestimated high heels. If you was used to it, it could become a dangerous weapon. Your kick would have more force and if your heel was pointed, you could stab people with it.

But it was hot. Hot, hot, hot. Unbearably hot.

I wiped my sweats with my sleeve and leaned back to my seat. I surveyed the area from my monitor. Still sand everywhere.

But suddenly, the sand was opened. A huge metal board lifted up and I saw a big hangar under it.

So the Earth's headquarter was underground? Cool.

Between Moon and Earth

By: Lafine

Did you ever fell really, really angry you want to decapitate or doing something equally horrible to ensure a gory death of someone? I did.

          "Moon bitch, walk faster will ya." Inuyasha, the one who jammed his sword to Shinma's head and the one who escorted me to his commander, was the subject of my evil thought. With gorgeous long silver hair and entrancing golden eyes, Inuyasha could become a model for some magazine. But his potty mouth wouldn't make him popular.

          "I have a name, fifth-level hanyou." I spat the last sentence with venom. "And it's not moon bitch."

Inuyasha turned around and glared at me. He growled. "Don't call me that."

          "I will call you every name I like if you keep calling me with profanity. My name is Higurashi Kagome. Ka-go-me."

          "Higurashi?" For a moment Inuyasha's face softened but it was hard again when I blinked. Weird. "Keh, another incompetent soldier."

I swing my leg to his face since my hands being handcuffed, feeling insulted for the second time. Unfortunately he could catch my leg before it connected with his face. He gave me an amused grin.

          "Feisty, aren't we? Very different with your sister."

          "More like 'sensuous, aren't we?'" Another man winked at Inuyasha who immediately released his hold on my ankle. He walked up beside Inuyasha. He has the same build as Inuyasha, his black hair was tied into a short ponytail and he has purple eyes. "She's Kikyou sister?"

Inuyasha snorted. "What else could she be? Same family name, same look but Kikyou was prettier."


          "What do you want, Miroku?" Inuyasha ignored me. "I have to bring her to Sesshoumaru."

          "Nothing, I just want to see the pilot of the interesting robot." Miroku smiled charmingly. The charm however was lost to me. "Since I already seen her, I'll be going now."

Miroku turned to walk away but not before his hand rubbed my uniform clad butt. I froze. The school never taught me anything about this. What should I do? I want to smack the guy senseless but is it the right thing to do?

Thankfully, Inuyasha took care of it. He grabbed Miroku's wrist and twisted it. Miroku smiled innocently to him.

          "Miroku." Inuyasha started. "Will you stop grabbing every women you see?!"

          "My, my Inuyasha. I was just showing my appreciation."

They kept talking about Miroku's pervertness (is that even a word?) for ten minutes, giving me a chance to calm down and looked around to mapped the headquarter structure. Well, at least I won't be lost on my way to the hangar.

This headquarter was small, if compared with the one at moon. I guess this building was built around fifty years ago. Smell odd. People and youkai alike were bustling at the hangar but on my way to the commander's office, I noticed there weren't many people around here.

          "Are you done staring like an idiot?" Inuyasha's irritated voice snapped me back. Miroku was long gone and Inuyasha was leaning on the steel wall. "You could never run away from here so it's useless to remember the way to the hangar."

Wow, he could guess what's in my mind. Give him applause.

          "Hey, where's my sister?" I asked. He and Miroku had concluded my suspicion. They knew Kikyou.

Inuyasha gave me a very solemn look. That was not a good thing.

          "She's dead."

My reaction was simple. I stared wide eyes at him and screamed "WHAT?!"


          "So your name is Higurashi Kagome?"


          "Any relation to Higurashi Kikyou?"

          "She's my senior."

          "That robot of yours, who made it?"


          "What's your position in the army?"




          "… You know, we have this machine to do the interrogation for us and it will hurts you a lot in the process so why don't you answer the question now?"

Sesshoumaru, the commander, sighed when I refuse to bit at his bait. I was sitting in front of him with a table between us. He also had the unnaturally long, neat silver hair and entrancing golden eyes but his was colder than Inuyasha. They must be brothers.

          "What happened to Kikyou?"

Sesshoumaru raised a fine eyebrow and I could almost feel (in sixth sense) Inuyasha who leaned beside the door emitted dark aura.

          "The answer of that question will be more explicit if you ask Inuyasha." I took a glance at the crude pilot. The look on his face clearly said 'I won't tell you so don't bother.' I fixed my attention back to Sesshoumaru.

          "I don't mind the inexplicit answer."

Sesshoumaru pondered for a while and gave me the intense stare. Aiya, his glare resembled my father's glare. I found my resolution to stay tough started to crumble.

          "I suppose it will be better if you know." Yes, he stopped staring at me with those glare. "For you won't get out from here anyway." 

I dare the entire earthling that I could escape from this place in matter of hours.

          "She was shot down at South Canyon. We sent rescuer and we could find the robot. However when they approached it, the robot exploded."

I stared at the ground. My unbeatable sister died. I couldn't believe it when Inuyasha told me. It seemed that he didn't want to trust it either. But Sesshoumaru told it with a matter-of-fact tone that I couldn't argue with. However something was nagging inside me.

          "Why did you send the rescue party? Kikyou was moon's soldier."

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha looked surprise.

          "Didn't you know? Higurashi Kikyou was on Rebellion's side."

I fainted.


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