Hey guys, this is gonna be a sort of epilogue. My life is about to get really busy. I work from 8-1, then go to school from 1:30 to 9. I'm gonna have zero time to write, which really sucks because I have so many ideas! I will write as I can, when work is slow.

*Two months later*

Dean was doing better. Not completely, he still had days where he turned to the blade instead of Jo's loving arms. But she was always there to pick up his broken pieces and nurse his wounds. Sammy was doing better too. His brother was an amazing support.

Ellen had found out about Dean and Jo, and responded as expected.

"Dean Winchester, if you hurt my little girl, I will tan your hide and make a pool table outta you."

But after a brief adjustment period, She became accustomed to the idea. She loved John's boys like sons, why not?

Although the Apocalypse still loomed over their heads, there was a small pocket of sunshine called family.

Sorry, I know it's really short and it sucks. I'll probably add more later. Keep following me though, I have some really good ideas I'm working on! Ideas include:

SO MUCH MEGSTIEL. (Will probably include self-harm)

A 'What if Sam found out about Dean's suicide attempt" (SPOILERS FOR 11.17)

Deadpool/SPN crossover (Will be rated M because it's fucking Deadpool.

Some Leverage hurt/comfort fics. (Will definitely include self harm)

Stay safe, my loves. Reach out if you need help. I'm always here, I'll give you my phone number if you need to talk.