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Once out of the car Edward lifted Bella back up into his arms, only this time he carried her bridal style with her arms wound around his neck, her fingers gently playing with the locks of his hair. She loved his hair. He kept her in his arms as they travelled in the lift up to their floor, holding her close as he whispered sensually to her, kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. As soon as the doors opened Edward continued straight to their room; he was a man on a mission.

When they entered their bedroom he kicked the door closed behind them. "At last," he sighed.

He set her down gently, holding her as close to his body as possible. "I love this dress on you kitten," he said as he slid his hands down her sides and then moved them around to her back. "It is absolutely sinful but right now I just want it gone." He slid the zip down slowly as he whispered into her ear: "My cock is aching for you."

She moaned at the lustful sound of his voice and the feel of his hands moving down her back. He traced his fingers back up to her shoulders holding her gaze as he slipped her dress from her shoulders.

He took a step back and held her hand as she stepped from the dress, leaving her in only her barely-there pale blue, silk chemise and her shiny silver killer high heels.

He tilted his head to the side as he took in the glorious sight of his sexy wife in the lingerie he'd bought her: "I love putting you in silk; it looks so beautiful on you as it clings to your luscious curves." Still caught in his gaze, she was unable to move even if she'd wanted to. His power over her was complete, she'd do anything for him.

He stepped towards her again. "Undress me kitten," he whispered.

Her hands went to his chest, sliding up to his shoulders and pushing his jacket down his arms. She tossed it over the lounge chair by the fire before turning back to him to loosen his bow tie. Next she undid his cufflinks and slipped them into the pocket of his pants. She undid his shirt buttons slowly and with his shirt pulled free she slid it from his body.

Lowering herself slowly to the floor, she undid his shoes and removed them one at a time followed by his socks. Still kneeling on the floor she reached up to undo his belt and pants before sliding the zip slowly, opening his pants and reaching her hand into his boxes to wrap her fingers around his swollen cock. She looked up into his eyes and licked her lips.

He gave her a crooked grin and shook his head as he lifted her from the floor: "No licking my cream tonight, my naughty little kitten. I plan to pump all my seed into your pussy and won't stop until it is dripping down your thighs."

"Oh god," she moaned.

"Edward," he corrected as he pulled the duvet back and lay her on the bed.

"But right now I am hungry since we left the Ball before I had my dessert. He pushed her chemise up and pressed her legs apart. He gave her a devilish half-smile before taking one long swipe of his tongue along her bare pussy lips; Bella released a deep groan and pushed her fingers into his hair.

He licked and fucked her with his tongue until she came hard, then he shifted to suck and nibble on her clit as he pumped two fingers inside her and drifted his other hand underneath her to gently push a finger into her tight rosebud. She screamed in ecstasy and he licked up her juices hungrily before moving up her body, his dick now dripping with pre-cum. He couldn't hold off any longer he had to have her.

He grabbed a pillow and placed it under her hips to tilt her pelvis up; he lined the head of his cock against her entrance and slowly pushed his way in. She was so tight, he closed his eyes and reveled in the sensation of her tight pussy gripping hold of him.

"Oh Edward," she moaned. "Please… please, fuck me."

He leaned down to kiss her: "Hold on to me, kitten."

Almost incoherent with desire, she reached up and grabbed hold of his arms; she loved his strong muscular body, his tattoos and the lustful look in his deep green eyes. He pulled back until he was almost out of her body before slamming back in; she screamed with pleasure and begged him for more.

Only too happy to oblige, he slid her legs up over his shoulder, grabbed her ass cheeks in his hands and pounded into her over and over again. She was still wearing the killer high heels and that just made him harder for her; the sight was too tempting so he bit her leg just above the ankle as he thrust hard into her again and again. She came so hard she thought she would black out.

"Oh, no you don't," he said as he dropped her legs down, pulled out of her and flipped her over onto all fours. "I'm not done with you yet."

He pushed back into her hard from behind; his thrusts finding an even deeper spot within her. Bella turned her head so she could watch Edward's movements in the mirror giving her a fantastic view of his ass clenching with each powerful thrust.

"Enjoying the view, kitten."

"God yes, I love to watch you."

He pulled her up so that her body was flush with his, grabbing hold of her tits as he continued his punishing pace. "Jesus," he groaned, his thrusts becoming erratic.

"Bella," she corrected as she squeezed her internal muscles to milk him of his orgasm.

"Fuck," he roared, biting her neck as he came harder and longer than ever before in his life. Slowly he released his grip on her breasts and gently laid her on the bed, following her down and pulling her close to his body. After a few minutes of silence as slowed their breathing, he grinned as he nuzzled her neck: "Well that was one."

True to his word Edward took Bella again and again through the night. After round three Bella went to take a shower before he pulled her back into the bed.

"Edward, please I'm all sweaty and well… sticky," she complained.

"I know and that's how you'll stay; I want my swimmers to have a chance to do their job," he teased. "Count yourself lucky I don't hold your legs up in the air to make sure my boys are going in the right direction."

She laughed and struggled against him to try again to escape the bed but their playful wrestling only stimulated round four, after which Bella didn't care if she was sticky, she fell into a deep sleep anyway.

The next morning Bella woke alone in their large bed, which wasn't unusual as Edward rarely slept the whole night. She, on the other hand slept like the dead after their deliciously exhausting night together.

She rolled out of bed, aching in all the right places and desperate for a hot bath. When she went to the bathroom however, she found a note from Edward - 'No hot baths - give my boys a chance! Love you, kitten.'

She laughed but acquiesced to his ridiculous demand and took a long shower instead of the bath. In fact, she didn't really have time for a long soak anyway since they were going to lunch with the McCarty's at noon and she wanted to spend some time with Elizabeth before they left. She loved that little girl so much and now that the school term had started, Bella preferred to remain in Chicago as much as possible rather than travelling too much for work.

Edward was so pleased with her decision that he set up some offices for her and Claire in his building downtown. So each weekday they would take the limo to drop the girls off at school and then go on to work, together.

Bella was managing her businesses well by holding daily skype meetings with her out of town business managers. She would still have to travel to New York and Seattle occasionally but she was hoping to keep it to a minimum, especially since they were officially trying for a baby.

She was also excited to be working with Edward on some of his local Chicago businesses, the legal ones anyway. In fact, she was even going to be helping out with the McCarty construction deal now that they'd locked it down with the Mayor.

Bella relished the idea of spending more with Rosalie, whom she saw as an excellent role model for balancing career, family, as well as the Cartel business. Edward was delighted, glad to see Bella spend less time with Sue and Leah Black and more time with a Masen-aligned family.

Working in the same building as Edward also meant that Bella was able to learn more about Cartel business although he was still keen to keep her closer to the legal side of things, for her own safety.

After blow-drying her hair and dressing for the day, Bella made her way to the kitchen for breakfast. There she found Mrs Cope and Elizabeth making pancakes.

"Mmm, something smells delicious," she said as she walked up behind Elizabeth who was standing on a chair near the stove 'helping' Mrs Cope cook.

"Morning mommy. We are making blueberry pancakes," Elizabeth said proudly.

"Oh Good," Bella said. "I hope you've made a double batch because I am starving."

"Uh, huh," said Mrs Cope with a small smile on her face. Shelley had noticed that Bella's appetite had changed recently and though no-one had said anything to her, she hoped that maybe there was some good news to be shared.

Bella sat down at the table determined to ignore Mrs Cope's hint that her hunger was something more than just having worked up an appetite overnight. She didn't want to get her hopes up, her doctor had explained that although some women fell pregnant straight away while for others it took some time despite no longer using any form of contraceptive. She had tried to explain this to Edward between rounds 2 and 3 the night before but he didn't seem to care. She smiled thinking of his passionate love-making and the delicious ache she could still feel between her legs.

She shifted her thoughts away from her husband's muscular form to focus on his daughter's smiling face instead.

"Lizzie, don't forget we're having lunch with Mr and Mrs McCarty today," she said.

"I know mommy, I gonna wear my denim dress, blue leggings and the flower hat we buyed in New York."

Last time Bella was in New York she'd taken Lizzie shopping to buy her some lovely new clothes. It was a challenge for Bella to shake off her upbringing and embrace Edward's attitude of allowing Lizzie to wear whatever style clothes she liked. Bella relaxed more when she realized she could get Lizzie to wear dresses if she could wear leggings underneath them. Lizzie also seemed to take a liking to wearing hats with her outfits so they'd had lots of fun finding little hats and cute caps to wear with each outfit.

"We bought in New York." Bella corrected. "Your outfit sounds very nice, I'm sure you'll look lovely. The McCartys will have their new baby with them won't that be nice."

Lizzie scrunched up her nose. "Babies stink," she said as she jumped down from the chair and came over to the table to take her seat next to Bella.

Mrs Cope laughed: "Yes, sometimes they do. But they're also very cute and lovely to cuddle."

"If you say so," Lizzie said, but she didn't sound convinced.

"Henry is a lovely little baby, Lizzie," Bella said. "I think you'll like him when you see him; he smiles all the time."

Shelley snorted: "I'd hardly call him little, Bella. He was over ten pounds as a newborn! A natural birth too, so I hear - poor Rosalie."

Bella paled a little thinking of trying to push out such a large baby from her body. She gave an involuntary shiver at the thought of it.

"How big was I when I was born Gamma C?" Lizzie asked. Bella listened intently for the answer hoping it was nowhere near 10 pounds. Shelley laughed and tousled Lizzie's hair: "Oh you were a tiny six pounds, little one. Light as a feather and quiet as a lamb. Such a good baby."

Bella let out a breath of relief. Her heart warmed to see the look of love Mrs Cope gave Elizabeth; it was Shelley who looked after that little girl practically from birth, since her flaky mother had no interest. Bella found it hard to believe that anyone could be so cold as to ignore their own child but thank goodness Edward had Shelley there to help him. They'd done a great job together.

Bella, Mrs Cope and Lizzie tucked into their food, laughing and sharing stories of LIzzie as a baby. Bella loved it and grew even more excited at the thought of bringing another child into such a loving home.

As they were cleaning the kitchen, Jane burst into the room picked up Lizzie and shouted "Code Red".

Bella stood still shocked for the beat of a moment before remembering what had to be done. They'd all done this drill time and time again. So she took Shelley's hand and followed Jane who had Lizzie held tight to her chest. Two more guards joined them, one at the front and one at the rear. They were heavily armed and Bella knew from the looks on their faces that this was no drill.

Code Red meant intruder; armed intruder. Someone was here to harm them.

Shelley undid the zip of the front pocket of her apron and pulled out a Glock 43 9mm and released the safety: "Don't worry Bella I am a crack shot." They were heading for the safe room and Bella prayed they reached it before the intruder reached them.

When she saw the frightened look in her daughter's eyes Bella immediately reached out for Lizzie: "Give her to me Jane, I'll look after her; we need your defensive skills right now." Jane released Lizzie to Bella's care and immediately pulled her weapon and took point, leading them towards the safe room.

As they entered the final passageway all the lights went out and the sound of gun shots filled the air. Lizzie screamed with fear. It was chaos. Their way was blocked. Mrs Cope pushed Bella to one side and shot three times before taking a hit herself and falling to the ground. Bella wanted to help her but she knew she had to protect Lizzie above all else. She bent down and took the gun from Shelley's hand, relieved to see her friend was still breathing though she was unconscious.

She stood again and looked for her options. She couldn't go forward as there were multiple intruders ahead being held off by Jane who was shouting orders to her crew and talking to someone on her phone. Bella became aware that her phone was ringing in her pocket; it was 'suga suga', her ringtone for Edward but should couldn't stop to answer it. She had to get Lizzie out of the firing line.

She withdrew down the passage holding LIzzie to her chest as tightly as she could. Bella tried to think of another way to the safe room but with all the noise and chaos she just couldn't think straight. As she turned to head back towards the kitchen she felt a piercing pain in her side; she'd been hit but she couldn't stop, all she could think of was protecting Lizzie.

She turned and fired several shots back down the hallway even though she couldn't really see anyone; she was just trying to provide them some cover.

She entered Edward's library, this was a room she and Lizzie knew well. Although she desperately wanted to close the door behind her, she left it open as she knew it had to appear as she had found it, so as not to give away that they'd entered the room. She made her way to the far corner next to a tall bookcase and squatted on the floor standing Lizzie in her front of her.

"Shh, baby girl. We'll be fine, your Daddy is coming to get us and he will find us. You know that don't you." She desperately tried to get strong eye contact with her daughter to show her that she believed Edward would come for them.

Lizzie nodded: "My Daddy will gut them like a fish for scaring us."

Bella chuckled: "Yes he will. So we just have to hide until he comes to get us, okay."

Lizzie let out a small hiccup sob and then wiped away her tears: "I'm the best at hiding, aren't I Mummy."

Bella softly stroked Lizzie's head and kissed her cheek softly: "Yes petal, you are the best at hiding. Remember when we played hide and seek with Claire and Anita and I couldn't find you at all?"

Lizzie nodded and smiled.

"Well baby, I want you to go to that hiding spot again now and stay there until Daddy or Mummy call you out. I will stay here hidden behind the couch."

There was another round of gunshots and a scuffling in the hallway so Bella hurriedly reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She put it on silent and gave it to Lizzie: "When you get in your hiding place, call Daddy. You know how to do that right?"

Another nod from Lizzie.

"Only talk to Daddy, if anyone else answers hang up and turn off the phone. Understand?"

"Yes Mummy."

"Good girl, now go."

"But what about you Mummy? I don't want the bad ones to get you."

Bella smiled and kissed her forehead: "I am fine baby, I have this gun and I will shoot anyone who comes in this room unless it is your Daddy or Jane. Now go and stay there, no matter what you hear."

Lizzie ran to one of the bookcases and crouching down she slid open a small hatch door which you would never believe was there unless you hadn't seen her open it. She climbed in and slid it closed.

Bella ran back to the long couch in the corner of the room where Edward often lay down to read and she squatted down on the ground behind it. She had a good view of the open door but was able to keep herself out of sight. She checked the gun and tried to remember all she knew about shooting a weapon; she got herself into the best position she could manage, ready to shoot any fucker who tried to come anywhere near her daughter.

The burning in her side was becoming more and more pronounced; she was determined to ignore it until this was all over. She heard more shouting and more gunshots but then things became deathly quiet.

The sound of doors being opened up and down the hall with no voices to be heard, fed her fear that the wrong ones had come out on top of the battle in the other part of the house. Surely if it were Jane or Edward searching the rooms they would be calling out to her.

Bella's heart was beating out of her chest as she realised that whomever it was, they were getting closer and closer to this room. She adjusted herself again to make sure she could get a clear shot at the door.

Torn between shooting the minute they showed their face at the door and staying quiet so they didn't find her at all, she tried hard to calm her breathing and slow her heart rate. She needed to think clearly and act decisively. Once again she channelled her husband's example of stillness and strength and stoically resolved to act as she needed to protect her daughter.

The footsteps sounded closer and she saw a movement at the door.

It was Alec.

Alec who was one of Edward's closest men. His best undercover security. Was that why he was silent or was he part of the attack? Was he the rat?

She hesitated.

She waited.

What should she do?

Noise could be heard from down the hall; someone else was coming. She tried to watch the door as well as keeping an eye on Alec who silently crouched down against the wall just inside the room to the side of the doorway. What was he doing?

Her breathing picked up as she waited to see who was coming down the hall.

With her focus on the door she hadn't noticed Alec's eyes scanning the room until she looked back to check on him again. It was then she realised that he was staring right at her.

He raised one of his fingers to his mouth to warn her to be quiet and she breathed a sigh of relief that Alec must be one of the good guys and not the rat. They both turned the focus back to the door and both had their guns at the ready.

Bella wiped the sweat from her eyes. Her body was straining to cope with the fear driven adrenalin and her gunshot wound. She could not faint she had to protect Lizzie.

Soft footsteps could be heard just outside the door; Bella readied herself to shoot and she could see that Alec too was poised to act as soon as the enemy showed their face.

A gun was the first thing she saw and then he was there. It was Laurent, Emmett's right hand man.

Bella was stunned.

Could Emmett have betrayed Edward? She couldn't believe that.

Was Laurent acting on his own? There was no time to think. Laurent broke from his stealthy approach and instead suddenly burst into the room shooting in all directions.

Bella could hear Lizzie scream but she knew she wasn't hit as she was on the other side of the room. She turned back to see Alec spread out on the floor.

Laurent stood, walked over to Alec and shot him again once in the head; Alec was dead and she was now alone with Laurent.

He took his gun and then turned to look around the room, knowing Bella must have been there somewhere: "Mrs Masen, it's time to come out of hiding. I've killed the attacker. You're safe now."

What? Was Alec the rat and Laurent her saviour or was Alec innocent and Laurent was the rat? Her sight was becoming fuzzy and she was losing focus; she couldn't think straight. She knew if she took a shot she would probably miss him, and she would then give her position away but if she didn't shoot immediately she might pass out and then he might get to Lizzie.

She wiped the sweat from her eyes again trying to clear her sight so she could take the shot.

Just then Lizzie slid the hatch open bursting out and running to her mother; she was too frightened to stay hidden any longer: "Mummy, Mummy. I'm scared."

The gun fell from Bella's hand when she wrapped her arms around her sobbing daughter. Laurent paced towards them: "Ah, there you are."

He raised his gun towards them; Bella curled around Lizzie to try to keep her from harm.

The last things Bella heard was one gunshot, the sound of Laurent's body falling next to her with a heavy thud and Lizzie's screams in her ears.

Then she passed out.

Edward stood for a moment his gun still aimed at Laurent whom he'd just taken out with one bullet to his brain.

He then walked into the room with Jane standing by his side; she'd been shot, twice, but was still on alert. Together they scanned the room. Seth appeared at the door a few moments after shouting to them that it was all clear. He knew better than to enter the room without letting Edward know it was him. Edward's speed and aim were lethal.

They moved around the library checking that no one else was in there before moving over to find Bella curled into a ball as though she was wrapped around something. Edward could hear a muffled cry and looked to Jane to help him move Bella carefully. When they managed to uncurl her grip they found she was wrapped around Elizabeth who was sobbing and covered in blood.

Edward seized his daughter and frantically checked her for damage: "Are you alright Petal? Are you hurt?"

"No, Daddy, I'm fine… it's Mummy...they shot her."

Edward held Lizzie close to his chest and turned to Jane who was checking over Bella. His voice was cold as steel: "Is she alive?" He was bracing himself for the worst.

"Yes boss, she's alive. Looks like the bullet went straight through but looks like she's lost a lot of blood."

Seth was on the phone giving an update on the number and condition of the wounded to the Masen doctor who was already on her way with her team. He then went to get his team's medic who was triaging the wounded ready for when the doctor arrived.

Jane went to check on Alec but he was gone.

Seth was soon back with the medic who quickly cleaned Bella's wound and placed clean gauze over it. Taking one of Edward's hand he pushed down over the bandage: "Keep pressure on this to help slow the bleeding until the doc arrives. I need to go work on the others."

Jane, Seith and Ian, the medic, quickly disappeared down the hall, leaving Edward sitting on the floor next to Bella with his hand pressed down on her wound and his other arm wrapped around his daughter. He was whispering quiet words of comfort and love to Lizzie as she sobbed against his chest: "I'm sorry, Daddy."

"What are you sorry for petal?"

"Mommy told me to hide and stay there until you came for me but I couldn't hide anymore… I was too scared and wanted to be with Mommy."

"It's okay petal, you were very brave to hide as long as you did," he said and kissed her gently on the top of her head.

"No, it's not okay. Mommy dropped her gun because she had to hold me and then Laurent found us. Mommy rolled over me to keep Laurent away from me. I hate him," she said.

"I know baby. I hate him too."

Bella stirred and gave out a small moan. Edward called to her: "Wake up Isabella. I'm here now, love; come on kitten, wake up for me."

Her eyes fluttered a little but she only gave another moan before sinking back again.

"Doctor Gerandy is coming in boss," Seth called from the door. Almost immediately the doctor came in with one of her team.

"Mr Masen, you'll need to back now so we can take care of your wife," she said taking control of the room. Edward leaned back against the couch and tilted Lizzie so she couldn't see Laurent's dead body which was still splayed on the floor near them.

After a few minutes, Edward had to ask: "How is she Sarah?"

"She'll be fine," she replied. "The bullet didn't hit anything vital as it passed through her; the medic's done a good job cleaning it and the bleeding has slowed. We've activated my clinic room in the security wing and we'll move her there once I get word they're ready. She'll be fine Mr Masen."

"How is Shelley," he asked.

"She's fine, it was a superficial wound to her arm but she hit her head as she fell and that's what knocked her out. She's furious though and keeps complaining that her gun is missing."

One of Sarah's staff came and spoke to her quietly. The doctor then turned back to Edward: "We're going to move Mrs Masen now. Is there anything else I should know?"

He frowned: "She could be pregnant?"

"Okay, thanks for letting me know. We'll take good care of her Mr Masen."

Edward watched as the doctor and her team lifted Bella to a gurney and rolled her carefully from the room. He looked down at his daughter who clung to his chest and then his gaze moved back to Laurent's body; his thoughts already turning to revenge.

Aro Volturi and William Black would soon feel his wrath.

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