It's funny what you remember when your world is veiled in darkness, thought the blue banded turtle. For him it was the words Master Splinter had spoken long ago: "I made you leader because you asked."

Who would ever ask for a situation such as what he was stuck in now? Confined inside his own mind unable to process anything that he supposed was happening in the real world. It was a fate he would not wish upon any soul- not even the Shredder, despite what he did to Leo.

The last thing he could remember was the shadow of the enemy falling over him followed by a sharp whistle of the blades falling down, and then came the searing pain from the monster's gauntlet. There had been darkness yet then there was a voice, a threat. The sound of glass breaking and a sensation of water. Then… Nothing.

Was this what death is like? An empty void in which to fill with thoughts on the past or was this merely a waiting room to see where about his soul would go to beyond the void?

Or was he even dead?

In this place nothing was for certain- that was- until a collection of sensations burst forth once more.

The splash of a possible rain drop, a cool ripple from what felt like water and a disheartened sigh.

That was the point the pain exploded back and the warrior Leonardo fell once more into darkness.

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