Dabble in Drabbles 1: That was an accident. Really.

Because Nightshade insisted I put this up here from Tumblr. So, drabbles, very short, poorly coordinated, and varies a lot! I will be posting it little by little, one drabble at a time.

Summary: In which Nino discovers Chat Noir's identity. And that he sucks at driving.

Disclaimer: I own not any of Miraculous Ladybug

*crowd claps, leaves stage*

Was it unbelievable? Yup.

Was it impossible? Not really.

Did he see it coming? Nope.

Should he have seen that coming? Hell yeah.

Nino stared slack jawed at his bestfriend, who grinned nervously at him. "Did you just - you're freaking - DUDE! YOU'RE Chat Noir and you had the nerve to hide it from me?"

"Nino, we don't have time for this!" Adrien, aka Chat Noir who's luck was so bad that he transformed in front of his best friend, peeked out from the alley way they were hiding, only to duck in as a car flew at their direction, missing the wall by a few hairs.

Of course, Nino, who was too busy being ticked off at not knowing the superhero of Paris was his best friend all along, didn't care if they were in the middle of an attack. Oh no, he had a bone to pick with Adrien Agreste.

The DJ grabbed the collar of Adrien's shirt and said, "Listen here, you have a lot of explaining to do, Mr. Bestfriend-has-been-lying-to-me-since-day-one."

"Okay I'm sorry! I will explain everything to you after everything is over! I swear!" Adrien said. "But first, I've got to help Ladybug!"

"Who says you're going alone?" Nino grinned as he let go of the model's shirt and whipped out his phone.

Adrien gaped at him. "You can't come with me! It's too dangerous!"

"Dude, I'm your bestfriend."

"You don't have superpowers." Adrien pointed out.

"And you think a stick can do much against that real-life Cthulhu?." Nino shot back.

Adrien smirked. "Touche. Okay, here's the plan, we have to get nearer to the akuma villain, distract it, and give Ladybug time to finish him off."

"You want to get nearer to that squid monster?!"

"Are you in or not?"

Nino grinned as he adjusted his cap. "You kidding me? Alya's gonna be so jealous."

Adrien rolled his eyes and peeked out. As he observed the wreckage the squid akuma had caused on the road, he spotted an abandoned Porsche with the key still in. Grabbing Nino, he ran towards the vehicle and jumped in.

Nino slid in the shotgun seat and said, "Sweet ride."

"Not mine." Adrien said, revving up the car. Okay…now what?

With one hand on the steering wheel, Adrien shifted the gear to something that wasn't Parking and pressed a pedal.

The car slammed into a lamp post, toppling it over. Both the boys jumped in fright. Nino raised an eyebrow. Adrien smiled apologetically. "That was intentional."

With a deadpan face, Nino buckled up his seat belt.

Okay, this is just like the NFS game, no need to panic, Adrien thought. Except that this is a real car worth millions of Euros.

And with that, Adrien pushed on the accelerate pedal and the car shot off towards the squid.

The screaming from the car could either be the tires changing direction or two boys praying they don't crash.

"Do you even know how to drive this thing?!" Nino shrieked.

Adrien's mouth formed a very Chat-like grin. "Normally, I'd lie and say yes, but considering the fact that I almost flew us into that building, I'm assuming you know the answer."

"Why am I even your friend?!"

"Because I'm clawsome!"


Beads of sweat trickled down his neck as Adrien saw a ramp-like structure directly facing the akuma victim. If he made it out alive, he was pretty sure all his luck for a lifetime had probably been used up.

Adrien said to Nino, who for some miracle was still filming, "When I say jump, jump out of the car!"



Nino barely had time to think before snapping off the seat belt, opened the door and leaped out as the car rode on the ramp, slammed into the head of the squid, and crash into the ground only to burst into a sea of flames.

The squid wobbled around for a bit before being tied up by Ladybug's yo-yo and freed from the akuma. A few seconds later, there was a blinding light and everything in Paris went back to normal.

Adrien dusted off his leather suit and held out a clawed hand to his friend who was still lying, stunned, on the ground.

"Are you boys alright?" Ladybug asked them.

Adrien pulled Nino up his feet and gave a salute to Ladybug. "All peachy purrfect over here, My Lady."

Both Nino and Ladybug simultaneously rolled their eyes before she bid them adieu and leaped out of sight. Adrien sighed as he watched her.

Nino shook his head and mumbled under his breath, "Marinette's got no chance."

"What was that?" Adrien asked.

"Just saying," Nino said smoothly as he punched his friend on the shoulder, "That you owe me an explanation of everything."


"From beginning 'til end. And an exclusive interview from Chat Noir."

"So you're not disappointed that Chat Noir is…this?"

Nino looked offended. "If by this you mean that Chat Noir is awesome, reliable, and the best bestfriend in the whole entire world, I don't know what you're talking about."

Adrien smiled. At the start, he was afraid that Nino would turn away from him if he found out that Paris's dark superhero was just an insecure boy model. But now…

"Lay off the puns though man." Nino said.

A cat-like grin spread over his face. "What? Too pawful for your taste?"


Welp. I just had to get that off my system and out of my notebooks. I'll start a one-shot series with this. I might post 2 or 3 in one day or maybe once a day or maybe once in two days, who knows?

If you've got prompts, don't hesitate to ask me. But all in all, I'll just be looking around for inspiration and writing trash.

See ya'll around!

*crowd claps, leaves stage*