Title: I Didn't Ask for This!

Author: Ayano27

Timeline: Post-Rainbow Arc

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn belongs to Amano Akira

Summary: [A Rewrite of A Trip to Italy with Class 3A!] Tsuna just wanted a normal life. He didn't ask to be the heir to the most prestigious mafia famiglia in the world, he didn't ask to get a spartan tutor from hell, and he was sure he never asked for a school field trip to Italy of all places! DAMN IT REBORN!

Chapter 2: I Didn't Ask for an Impromptu Show Off!

Two days passed too fast for Tsuna's liking. Tomorrow was the day they had to return the blasted waiver and receive their passports and visas. Of course, those who couldn't get their parents to sign their passports were not going to get their passports and visas, but Tsuna doubt that any parents would deny their child a free trip to Italy.

God, why must his mom agreed so readily to sign the waiver? Why couldn't she just say no?

Oh right, Nana was also going to go to Italy to meet his father.

(At least it was tomorrow, not today. Tsuna could still pretend that they weren't going to go to Italy.)

(Tsuna ignored the fact that they were learning Italian right now.)

Sighing, he tried to focus his attention to Dino who was currently teaching in front, though he was failing miserably at that.

Just like what Reborn had said a few days ago, their English lessons were replaced with Italian lessons. The other classes also had their English lessons replaced with the language the country destination of their class trip used (unless it was an English speaking country), so really, no unfair treatment.

Reborn, Nono, and his dad had really planned this all carefully. Treating all the schools into a trip out of the country to lessen the suspicion of other mafia famiglias… Enemy famiglia would never think that Nono would bring his heir to Italy for the danger, and would likely go to the most unlikely country, thinking that Nono sent him there, though in truth Tsuna would be right under their noses…

Clever, but really risky. Risky for Tsuna that is. Tsuna didn't want his classmates to find out about him being heir. Nope, not at all, thank you!

(Tsuna had a feeling that one of the reason why Reborn, Nono, and Iemitsu brought his class to Italy of all places, besides protecting him and throwing off his scent off the enemies' noses, was actually to do exactly that.)

Huh, the Vongola must have spent so much money for this whole thing… not that it would cause even a dent on their money, Tsuna was sure.

'As long as I don't have to do paperwork for anything relating to this trip…' He thought, sighing once again. 'I've had enough with the paperwork caused by my guardians.'

"… na! Tsuna!" Dino's voice called, pulling him from his own thoughts. Tsuna looked up to see Dino looking at him in concerned. He hadn't even realized Dino had come to his table. He glanced behind Dino, to see students' papers and books strewn all over because of Dino's clumsiness making an appearance when he was approaching Tsuna's table.

Wow, Tsuna must have been really deep in his thoughts not to realize all the commotion his big brother figure had created in the short distance between the board to his table.

"Dino-sa- err, Dino-sensei? Are you alright?" Tsuna stumbled at Dino's name. He had been so used to calling Dino with '-san' that he needed to remind himself that they were in school right now and the appropriate suffix to call a teacher was '-sensei', not '-san'.

"I should be the one asking you that. Did Reborn force you to stay up all night, last night?" the blond asked with an eyebrow raised and a hand on his right hip.

"Yeah. Sorry, Dino-sensei." Tsuna grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head lightly.

"Oi, haneuma, let juudaime do whatever he wants! He's tired!" Gokudera demanded, glaring at the blond. "Juudame, please ignore haneuma! I'll stop him if he bothers you again!" there came the loyal puppy look.

"I'm not going to ask Tsuna to pay attention, don't worry. Tsuna already knows what I'm teaching after all." Dino replied, shrugging.

"Ano, sensei! I don't think Dame-Tsuna would know any Italian." Kaneda Osamu sneered, giving Tsuna the stinky eyes. "And why are you acting so familiar with Dame-Tsuna anyway, sensei? Surely he is not worth your time!" Osamu's jeering was followed by agreements from most of the students, who also shot Tsuna a mocking stare.

Dino's eyes narrowed at that, but he forced himself to calm down, seeing as these students didn't know any better and that they were civilians. "I am familiar with him because he is my little brother, and as his big brother, I do, in fact, know that Tsuna knows what we are learning right now."

Several gasps were heard. "No way! Dame-Tsuna is Dino-sensei's younger brother? You don't look anything alike!" one of Dino's fan girls exclaimed in disbelief. "I won't believe it till Dame-Tsuna proves that he can speak Italian fluently with a native!"

"Not to mention that Sawada's Japanese." Another student, one more cold headed and wasn't exactly Tsuna's bully, pointed out. "Dino-sensei, on the other hand, is obviously an Italian, born and bred."

"Tsuna's half-Italian from his father's side(1). He just takes more after his maman." Dino replied. "And sure, Tsuna can prove it. Can you, Tsuna?"

Tsuna gulped. He'd love to pretend that he couldn't speak Italian, to pretend that he was really dame, but if Reborn caught wind of him not speaking Italian fluently, Reborn would kill him. He had no other choice. So reluctantly, he stood up and faced Dino.

"Okay, so we are going to show you all how to introduce yourself in Italian as well as holding a simple, every day conversation." Dino started. "Buon giorno. Mi chiamo Dino. Come ti chiami?" A few girls squealed hearing Dino speak Italian.

"Buon Giorno Signore Dino, mi chiamo Tsuna." Tsuna answered fluently. The Vongola family had discovered that Tsuna, despite being dame, was actually very talented in the art of language. He was able to master a foreign language to fluency in a short time under proper guidance(2). Tsuna had mastered Italian (and the other languages Reborn taught him after that) like a duck to water. "Come stai?"

"Sto bene, Tsuna. Come vanno le cose?" Dino asked back, inwardly smirking as he saw the students' dumbfounded look at Tsuna's ability to speak Italian as fluent as natives like Dino.

"Bene, grazie." Tsuna replied, sighing at the end. "Are we done, Dino-sensei?" switching back to Japanese, wanting for this impromptu showing off Dino had arranged to end.

"Sí." Dino smiled. "You can sit now, Tsuna." The blond told the brunet. He then turned towards the whole class. "As you can see, Tsuna is as fluent as I am in Italian." Dino started.

"As expected of juudaime!" Gokudera put on a smug look.

"Ahaha, cool Tsuna!" Yamamoto gave a thumbs up.

"Also, one more thing, guys. I do not tolerate any bullying in my class, so if I catch any of you call Tsuna 'dame' again, or even bully any of your classmates, you will face consequences. Is that clear?"

The students all nodded quietly, still too stunned to say anything else.

"Okay, now guys! Let's get back to our lesson!"

Tsuna couldn't wait till this all was over.

To Be Continued

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Add. Note:

Technically, Tsuna would be 1/32 (or something) Italian by blood, however, the mafia only allows Italian to be Mafiosi, especially bosses like Iemitsu, so legally, Iemitsu should be Italian.

Headcanon time! My headcanon is that despite being dame, Tsuna's good in foreign languages. I mean, not everyone can just come up with move names in foreign language on the spot! (I mean, he named X-Burner, Mantello di Vongola Primo, and the likes on the spot, midst battle. While they are really simple Italian, but how would you explain that Tsuna can just come up with it out of the blue if he had not known any Italian and English vocabularies and simple grammar beforehand? But that's just me…)

Italian Coversation

"Good morning, my name is Dino. What's your name?"

"Good morning, Mr. Dino, My name is Tsuna."

"How are you?"

"I'm fine."

"How are things?"

"Fine, thanks."