Jack helped Sam as much as he could for the next few hours. He was constantly fussing around here, making sure she was comfortable and not in too much pain. After three hours of it, Sam had had enough. She had tried distracting him with tasks like fetching drinks and snacks, different bits of equipment and the like just so he would stop staring at her. He just sat quietly and stared, and that was unnerving enough.

"Do you watch me like this when I end up flat out at the SGC?" Hoping he would either stop staring now she had mentioned it.

"Pretty much, he never leaves your side unless he's ordered to. Normally by Janet, I might add." Daniel added as he stood leaning in the doorway.

"Shut up, Daniel. But yeah, he's right. I do normal hover around when you end up in the infirmary. You can't say anything though, you do the same when the roles are reversed." Smirking when he let that tidbit of info slip.

"Fine, I do, but you're normal asleep, unconscious, or whatever. I don't openly watch you." Hearing Daniel turn his laugh into a cough.

She shot Daniel a dirty look before turning back to Jack. He was sat smiling, knowing he was probably just as guilty of the watching part. Turning back to Daniel she continued to glare at him as she spoke.

"How can we help you, Daniel? Or did you just come here to see how much you could wind me up?" Staring at Daniel as if he had just committed murder.

"I was coming to see if you wanted something to read? I found a few books about the Mayan culture. They may help us both learn about the past occupants and the device of course. Plus I have this." Holding the books up and a couple of bowls.

"Yeah, just put them with the other books there please." Pointing to a small pile just out of her reach on her left-hand side.

"You guys need anything else? I might take a walk and then turn in, or maybe get some reading done." Moving back to the doorway after handing Jack the bowls.

"No thanks Daniel, think we're covered in here," Sam answered since Jack was eyeing the new books on the pile with suspicion.

"Okay, if you need me just shout." Turning away to leave Jack and Sam alone again.

"Here, and don't ask, we probably don't want to know." Passing Sam one of the bowls and digging a spoon out his pack at the same time." You got your," but stopped when he saw Sam had found her spoon and was now stirring the food in the bowl.

"Smells like chicken, probably tastes like cheese," Sam said dryly as she picked up a small amount of the lumpy substance and brought it to her lips. Jack had already taken a bite and was currently chewing, his face contorted as if he was thinking about something deep and meaningful.

"Tastes like that stuff you cooked last week, you know, that stew thing you made." Taking another bite before looking at Sam.

"Yeah, what I made was mac and cheese. I take it whoever makes these things never have to live on them." Convincing herself to take another mouthful.

Jack made quick work of his dinner, the food was food, and field rations were field rations. It was something your taste buds became accustomed to. He sat and waited for Sam to finish before taking the bowls and spoons to rinse them. When he came back, Sam was digging through her pack looking for something. When she finally found what she was looking for, she sat back up, t-shirt in hand.

"I'll use the facility's while you change," Jack commented when he saw what Sam had planned.

Sam just nodded her head and watched Jack dart out through the doorway. Sam changed quickly, she was suddenly very tired, the day's events finally catching up to her. She was just settling down in her sleeping bag when Jack came back in, one hand stuffed in his pocket as he quickly surveyed Sam to make sure she descent.

"You sure you're okay? Don't need anything?" Sitting down and digging out sweatpants as he spoke.

"No, just sleep. I can't believe I ended up with a sprained ankle." Moving her pack so it was comfortable under her head.

"Could have been worse." Facing Sam as he changed his clothes and lay on his sleeping bag.

"No fair, you can leave the room while I change. I just have to watch while you do it. How is that even considered clothing anyway?" Sulking as she let her eyes roam over Jack's upper body.

"Yeah well, I can walk and you can't." A smile slowly spreading across his face as he watched Sam's eyes travel over his barely covered chest. "This covers the important parts in case of attack, plus it's warm in here." Looking down as his threadbare vest. "Now settle down and I'll tell you a story about a dashing knight, his trusty sidekicks, and a damsel who had brains and brawn to match." Getting up and managing to put out a couple of the wall torches so the room grew dark enough to show it was indeed night-time.

"Once upon a time there was a fair maiden who was beautiful, strong and exceptionally talented and bright. One day the fair maidens father got himself into a bit of trouble and the only person who could help him was the maiden herself. So, she did what anyone would do, she managed to round up a team of men, a ship, and she set sail to rescue her dad. The ride there was easy going, apart from a pushy, cocky, weird little man who had come along for the ride. He kept pestering the fair maiden and making her upset. When the knight if you will, who was the leader of the team of men brought along saw what the man was doing to the maiden he instantly stepped in to protect and shield her. He hated seeing the maiden upset and hurting, yet he knew he couldn't really do much, other than always be by her side to help and protect her as best as he could." Pausing as he looked over to see Sam's big blue eyes locked on him, the memories of the tale he was telling swirling around the pools of bright blue.

"When they reached the place the maiden's father was being held prisoners, she insisted she go long, she was a valuable asset and she had information that needed to facilitate her father's release. The knight and his men agreed, they didn't really have much of a choice. So they went in and tried to free the maiden's father and not get killed in the process. They did manage to rescue the maidens father but it had nearly cost them life. You see, after meeting up with the maiden's father, they have captured themselves, tortured, made to drink some really nasty drink that made them think it was the 60's again, and generally battered and bruised. Throw in a thought dead lord, another lord who was very much alive, and the party's complete. Wait, did I mention that the pushy guy's teammates from his hometown were more than happy to wipe out everyone without even trying to save them. It was quite an adventure when all was said and done. Everyone made it out alive, made it home safely, and got a holiday thrown in for their time spent away. I think that covers my bedtime story. Did I miss anything?" Lying down on his sleeping bag so he was face to face with Sam.

"The pain, blood of Sokar, and system lords bits were glossed over but yeah, that about covers it. It's making what our minds are capable of doing seem even more amazing. Not one of us broke, not even Daniel. We have training, even Martouf had had some, but Daniel, Daniel did what he did without any previous training or warning. My opinion of him changed that day, definitely for the better. We got put through the mill a few times back then didn't we?" Reaching over and laying her hand on Jack's chest next to his heart.

"We were you more so. Between the Tok'ra, both dead and alive, dad, and what we did, you seemed to always come off the worst." Taking the hand next to his chest and kissing it.

"It was always tough, no matter who was in trouble. I saw you guys as friends by then, closer than friends, more like family." Yawning as she spoke. "Jack, do you mind if we snuggle? I just need," but the rest of her sentence was cut off when Jack kissed her as he shuffled over to lie beside her.

When he was lying beside her, bedroll and all, he lifted his arm up and whispered 'C'mere', as he worked his hand into her sleeping bag and over her waist so he could hold her close. Kissing her forehead, he felt her breath catch the bare skin on his right shoulder. Now she was this close a sleeveless threadbare vest top was probably not such a good idea.

"Better?" Feeling her grow heavy against him as sleep took over.

"Mhhhh, thanks. Can you tell a happier bedtime story tomorrow, please? That was sad and depressing, I miss dad." Giving in and letting sleep keep her tired eyes shut.

"For you, anything." Kissing her forehead one last before he joined her in slumber.