Author: The Wanlorn Title: Masks 1.5/1.5 Summary: They meet by accident and talk. Romancy/Angsty S/V. Rating: PG13 for Adult Language Spoilers: 'The Getaway' Distribution: Ask, and ye shall receive. Take, and ye shall die. Disclaimer: Everything, save the plot, belongs to JJ Abrams. Oh, yeah, and the poem at the end is mine, too.


"I don't love her, I love you," he whispered.

Her back stiffened, and she stopped moving. "What?" It was nothing more than a hoarse whisper.

He swiftly crossed the warehouse floor and grabbed her shoulder, whirling her around. Forgoing the use of words, he crushed his mouth to hers. He was ready to pull back at the slightest sign of rejection from her. But she opened eagerly to him, like a blossom opening to the sun. The warm, moist cavern of her mouth welcomed his questing tongue. She tasted like chocolate and summertime, a wonderful combination. Their tongues danced a complicated tango with each other. He pulled her closer to his body.

She hungrily ate up his mouth, exploring deep into the crevices. Her body burned with fire everywhere that it was touching his. His mouth was minty, like mouthwash. She broke away slightly, just to take a quick breath, but he pulled back and let her go.

"I love *you*. I *need* you in my life. She's no substitute, no matter how hard I try." His eyes were uncertain. He didn't know what to do if she rejected him again. Probably go find a hole to crawl in and cry for a while.

She stepped back against his body, molding herself to him. Her arms went around him, and she lay her head on his shoulder. Happily, she felt his arms creep around her back and lock there, hugging her close against him. Finally, there was a place where she could be herself. No secrets, no lies, no hiding behind one of her many masks. Here, in the warehouse with him, she was Sydney.

Many masks will hide my face,

Some of metal, some of lace.

Depending on the one I wear,

That is how your fate will fare.

Masks of bronze, iron, steel

Hide my face so I can't feel.

Paper, cotton, velvet, felt

Will let some emotion out.

*Fin (really)*

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