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That was all anyone could see around them at first if they were to look around. You wouldn't even be able to tell where the walls begin and the flood ended... or was that where the walls ended and the ceiling began?

This is were we find the group of genin labeled "The Rookie 12"

"Ow... What hit me?... Where am I?"

The fist to awaken was Naruto, followed closely by the others as they came to. Before any questions could be made, a clearing of the throat could be heard that caused the twelve to turn to the only other occupant of the space they were in.

He stood at roughly 5' 6" in height, with silver-ish white hair that hung over the right side of his face in three distinct bangs, followed by two fox ears popping out of the top of his head, also silver-ish white while tipped in black fur, looking down you could see a fox tail following the same color scheme. He had Emerald slitted eyes that seemed to shine in amusement. He was wearing black pants that hung wide near the bottom and a sleeveless white spandex muscle shirt that showed off his build. The shirt had a design running down the center that was of two thick black lines zig-zagging down while crossing each time, forming white diamonds shapes repeatedly between them; and looking closer, led to the same pattern only in white running down the sides of his pants legs. On his feet were a white version of the same ninja combat sandals that they themselves wore.

Kiba was the first to react surprisingly, or unsurprisingly given his personality. "Who the heck are you?"

The fox man bowed with a flourish, "My name is Yuki Crewger." he said before straightening himself to continue his introduction, "also known as the White Chaos and the god who rules over the fabric of space in the multiverse."

This got the genin to stiffen as if trying not to cause their immediate deaths. "Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything to you... much..." Oh, he was enjoying this. "I and my siblings decided that the way your futures were going was too much and we decided to take you guys in to read a bunch of stories detailing the happenings in other parallel worlds; to both give you an idea of how things may or may not happen in the future, as well as give you new ideas to train with. Be warned that some of your others may not be... flattering..."

Shino, ever the curious intellectual, was the first to speak up to this. "In what way, if I may ask?"

Yuki acknowledged him with a nod, "You may, for the worst example; Sasuke is a psychotic and deranged individual who cares for nothing but gaining power and would kill his own mother if it put himself close to killing his brother." Sasuke sunk into his thinking/brooding position and began to thing about if he could actually go that far, and finding himself slightly disturbed at how much it made him sound like what his brother did. "Even going so far as to kill some of his classmates in one instance for the sole reason of she wouldn't leave him alone." That got a disturbed look to appear on the other genin's faces as they looked at the brooder.

"Sakura is seen as a brainless fangirl who only got as far as se did due to her grades and was barely any better than a civilian." This got Sakura to look down in shame as some of the others looked at her in disgust, followed by Ino looking down in shame when she realized that she wasn't much better. "And to start is usually seen as having amazing book smarts, to the point of more than likely having photographic memory, but possesses very little to no street smarts or common sense, which while being not really measured at the academy, is vital for Shinobi in general."

"Naruto, despite being the focus for most of them, is either seen as being slow to the point of coming across as mentally disabled, or being so dark inside that missing-nin look like saints in comparison." That got a frown from Naruto while others who pieced what that meant with what they knew of the blonde gained a look of absolute fear at what could have been from that.

"Kiba is seen as a boy so lost in his anger and hormones that he's a borderline rapist." Kiba was torn between being angry at his description and paling at the looks of righteous feminine fury being aimed at him.

"Hinata is seen as either so cripplingly shy that she fades into the background as an unneeded character or is actually such a Yandere that she plots the death of any girl that gets close to Naruto." That got a curious and slightly disturbed look from Naruto at Hinata while she withdrew into her jacket in depression.

"And that's just to name to worse ones. The opposite could also be true, as one female Naruto had been raped at the age of 10 and spent half the academy and most of her ninja career raising her child." That one causes Naruto to blush heavily while others looked at him in surprise, not really seeing him doing that.

Yuki looked over the paler genin in front of him. "That being said, those are the exceptions and not the rule. To make things interesting, my brother will be leading a group consisting of your parents, the ninja council as well as the Hokage, while my sister is doing the same with your sensei as well as a few select others such as Kurenai's friend Anko, and Kiba's sister Hana. All three groups will be reading the same story to maximize ideas and prevent a peer mentality from dissuading plans and ideals."

Yuki then let them down, which brought up the shock that they had previously been floating, and brought in various pieces of furniture, a table full of snacks much to Choji's joy/relief, a television screen to show pictures and videos on.

Yuki then sat down on a floating egg chair that they didn't notice was there until he sat down on it, crossed his legs and pulled out the book as everyone else sat down and got comfy, followed by a bit of silence to allow everyone to let the information given to them sink in.

"Now then, everything that happens in these stories may or may not be true for you guys, or even possible. So keep that in mind and I will try to answer any questions you may have. Now then..." he opened up the book and rested it in his lap to read.

"Lets begin..."

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