Hi everyone,

This is just to alert you that the sequel for The Aurors, Hollow Ash, now has a first chapter up!

I know I said I wouldn't, but in the end I couldn't get a plot out of my head.

Other news:

I am temporarily abandoning The Colour of Everything due to a certain plot line becoming too close to home. Those of you who read Not From Others will remember that my mum had cancer at the time - sadly this has come back and is terminal. Though I will be drawing on this experience in this story, stupidly writing a plot line where Remus's mum dies of cancer was just a tad on the nose for me.

I finally have a new laptop, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long between chapters! I drowned the previous one in wine thanks to Eurovision.

Always feel free to connect with me on Tumblr/Reddit - I regularly hold writing parties and can usually be counted on to give you a helping hand with your writing :)