To Ascend

Sophie was trying to keep her breathing regulated. She sat down and tried to look at her reflection in the mirror but she couldn't see much as it was still very early in the morning.

Today was the day she was going to ascend.

She looked around her room desperately searching for something to focus on but her thoughts were disrupted when she heard a small knock coming from her door. She got up and straightened her dress as she went to open the door. There she found Gideon looking adorably ruffled and tired as if he hadn't slept at all last night. He probably hadn't.

Sophie opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing knocking on her door in such an early hour but didn't manage to get a single syllable out because Gideon had cupped her face gently (as always he treated her like fine china) and kissed her sweetly. Sophie put her hands up in surprise but quickly wrapped them around Gideon's neck.

They must have stayed like that for a solid minute even though for Sophie it felt as if they had been standing there for eternity. It was Sophie who had retreated from the kiss (even though she didn't want to) in order to breathe again. She let out a sigh and smiled.

"Now what would the others think if they had seen us in this position at this hour?" she asked smiling even wider now

Gideon smiled as well.

"They would have seen how much I loved you" he replied calmly.

Sophie pecked him on his cheek. "Now what are you doing here?"

"I couldn't sleep" he replied sheepishly

"I didn't sleep much either" she admitted as she looked down as if she was guilty of doing something wrong

That caught Gideon's attention and he gently picked up her hand and looked directly in her eyes and said "Sophie dearest I have no doubt that you will ascend and I am certain that you will be an amazing shadowhunter"

"You have nothing to worry about" he continued and then he raised her hand to his mouth and kissed it.

Sophie smiled at his gesture and found herself feeling calmer than before.

"You have passed all the tests of becoming a shadowhunter and you will ascend Sophie and I will be there cheering the loudest I promise you" He assured her.

Sophie felt tears threatening to spill from her eyes; she had never had a man love her this much. She never thought she ever would find someone to love her at all.

She untangled her hand from his and slowly caressed his face.

"I have no doubt that you will. I love you Gideon"

"And I love you" he replied. He was leaning in to kiss her once more but they both jumped apart when they heard someone coming down the hall. It would be very improper to see an unmarried couple in such a state.

"I'll see you later dearest" Gideon replied and he kissed her forehead and hurriedly left to go back to his room.

Sophie closed her door as quickly and quietly as she could and rushed to sit back down on her bed. She heard a knock coming from her door once more but instead of Gideon it was Charlotte who was knocking.

"Come in" answered Sophie.

Her bedroom door opened slightly and Charlotte's head popped from behind it. "Today's the day" Charlotte announced happily

Sophie's breathing had once again become ragged but this time she also had her sweaty palms as a problem as well. Her heart felt as if it was going to burst out of her chest Gideon's reassuring words forgotten.

Her named was called out and she went in front of Charlotte who was going to be making the ceremony. She asked Sophie to drink from the mortal cup and she did. Sophie felt as if her blood had been replaced with fire and that her entire body had been set to flame but it didn't hurt it just felt…new. As if she had been reborn. After drinking from the mortal cup and as she arose she heard all her friends cheering for her especially Gideon.

Gideon went next to her and kissed her on her lips. The kiss was probably intended to last longer but Sophie quickly stopped the kiss embarrassed that her friends could see them.

"Gideon" she scolded him though he didn't believe that she was actually angry with him because of the smile on her face.

He kissed her cheek and then whispered in her ear "We've got a wedding to start planning"

(That earned him another kiss)

I decided to write this because there's an alarming few amounts of Sophideon fanfics. Thanks to my best friend who gave me the idea and helped me to improve it.