A Trip To The Silent Brothers

The corset wouldn't fit.

"I think this is as tight as I can do it Sophie" Bridget's Irish accented voice said.

Sophie let out a sigh of annoyance, she knew she shouldn't have had that extra piece of cake last night but she had been so hungry and Bridget's cooking had somehow improved and tasted too good to pass up the opportunity.

A knock on the door stopped her train of thought.

"Who is it?" Sophie asked.

"it's me Tessa. May I come in?"

"Yes of course Tessa come in"

Sophie heard the squeaking door open and then shut with a soft thump.

"is everything all right here?" Tessa asked.

"It appears that I've gained some weight" sighed Sophie.

"You've had quite the appetite lately" remarked Bridget.

"Not to mention you've been awfully sick in the morning" added Tessa

"What are you two insinuating?" questioned Sophie clearly not understand what they were saying.

Tessa smiled. "Sophie...when's the last time you bled?"

Sophie gasped. 'No' she thought 'it can't be.' "But me and Gideon have only been married for three months." she protested "surely it's just too much cake that's all"

Tessa and Bridget have each other a look. "How about we go to the silent brothers just to be sure?" inquired Tessa.

"Yes, Miss Gray that is a brilliant idea I shall tell Cyril to prepare the carriage to take you immediately" Bridget announced not giving Sophie a chance to protest. Before she knew it she was whisked away into the carriage and to the Silent Brothers.

Gideon walked around the Institute searching for his beloved. He had just finished training with Will and wanted to see her. He wondered where could she have possibly gone? He wondered. He has asked Bridget if she knew where he could find her but all he got was a smile a sly one might he add and a "she went out". He somehow ended up in front of their room so he went inside and flipped down onto their bed. Surely, she'll come back to the room at some point so he would just wait for her there, unfortunately the tiredness of the training and the softness of the bed caught up to him and before he knew it he was gently snoring.

He woke up to the sensation of someone dragging their fingers through his hair. He opened his eyes and saw his Sophie above him. He gave her a lopsided smile as a greeting. As he rose to be in a sitting position he noticed there were dried streaks of tears down her face and her eyes were red as well as slightly swollen "Sophie where you crying?" He asked firmly.

"Oh, my love" she answered "Yes. Yes, I was"

"Why were you doing such?" He asked again

She looked away from him and stated stared at the empty space next to their bed. She turned around and smiled. "Do not worry. I was crying out of happiness not of sadness"

Gideon's tone shifted when he heard that" then you must tell me what it was that brought you so much joy"

She took his hand and raised it to her face. She turned it around so that his palm was facing her and have him a gentle peck. Gideon's eyes stared at her with confusion and a bit of amusement. He then pressed his hand against her abdomen. "We're going to have aa child Gideon. "

Gideon's face lit up and he grabbed a hold of her pulling her up and spinning her around. "Sophie!" He exclaimed "That's fantastic amazing I love you. Goodness I'm going to become a father!" He hugged her so tightly that it slightly hurt. When he pulled away there were tears forming in his eyes. Sophie reached up and wiped them away "Don't cry my love. We're going to have the baby to do that."

He pressed a long were kiss on her forehead making her giggle.

"I can't wait"