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Chapter 1

Lucifer stared down at the woman who lies at his feet. He hadn't seen her in centuries. In fact, he didn't think he would ever see her again. There were so many different ways he had imagined seeing her again; but this was not one of them. How had this happened? He was not prepared for this. Her dark brown hair sprawled around her head like a halo which, of course, was considerably ironic given the circumstances. Considering what she was. He could feel Amenadiel's dark eyes as he glared at him.

"Look what you've done, Luci." Amenadiel's words ignited the rage beneath Lucifer's skin.

"What I've done?" Lucifer demanded, "I'm not the one who…."

"Are you not? She did this for you Luci! Was it worth it?"

She had done this for him? Why? Why would she condemn herself so? This is not what he wanted for her. She deserved better than this. Why was this being allowed? When Amenadiel moved to lift the young woman from the floor, Lucifer placed himself between them. Lucifer's eyes split open revealing the demon eyes that lay hidden beneath. "Touch her brother and you will regret it!"

Amenadiel laughed, "Go for it, brother! Father is already growing impatient with your charades. Why don't you just add something else to the mix? I am ready for a war, Lucifer. The question is, are you?"

"Amenadiel." Lucifer turned to see Gabriel walking towards them. Being on the verge of devouring Amenadiel with his rage his irritation with his other brother grew. "Father, desires your presence, Amenadiel."

Amenadiel nodded slowly, and walked past Lucifer, as the fallen angel balled up a fist. The moment Amenadiel was out of sight, Lucifer lowered himself to the floor beside the young woman who still remains motionless on his club room floor.

Lucifer brushed a few strands of her dark hair out of her face, as he gingerly touched her cheek. His voice was a gentle whisper as he spoke to her, "Hey."

When her head lulled to one side he swallowed hard, he knew she wasn't dead. It was impossible, she like him was immortal. That however didn't stop the alarm that was slowly growing within him.
"What is wrong with her, Gabriel?"

"That is something, I cannot answer."

"Can you at least tell me why she is here?" Lucifer was growing very impatient with this whole situation.

Gabriel let out a small laugh, "You have to ask? She wanted to see you. Regardless of everyone else's warnings. Michael and I both told her that coming here was a bad idea. But, you know her she wouldn't listen."

Lucifer could only look down at the young woman, who still remained slumbering in spite of his efforts to wake her up.

"She loves you, Lucifer." Gabriel said as Lucifer lifted the young woman into his arms, she was a light carry.

"I know she does."

"No." Gabriel said, irritation shown in his voice as Lucifer glared up at him. "I don't believe you do. Luci she cares for you nearly as much as our Father does. When everyone, but Father, thought you were a lost cause she stood by you. Even now she still fights for you!"

"And yet, when Father casted me out she abandoned me!"

"She's here now, Luci." Gabriel said softly.

"The question is why?" Lucifer said looking back down at her sleeping face.

"That is up to you to find out." With that Gabriel turned and walked away.

Lucifer stared down at the girl and carried her over to the black leather couch. He set next to her and continued to stroke her cheek.

"Who the hell is that?" Mazi asked as she entered the club, getting the sinking feeling she had somehow missed an angelic visit.

"This, Mazi," Lucifer said looking up meeting the demon's gaze, "is Lux."

I hope this turned out ok. I haven't written anything in a long time. I got to thinking why would Lucifer name his club something that means Light. Maybe he was just being facetious, but I got to thinking. Maybe he got the name from someone. Someone he cares about. Maybe, Lux was a love or perhaps a daughter? I haven't decided yet but regardless of who she is I will probably write another version just to make her the other. lol. I hope you guys enjoy the story. Please review and have a great day!