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Marinette barely slept that night.

At first it was because she was too excited and thrilled beyond belief because Adrien was Chat Noir and he had kissed her repeatedly! She kept replaying all their kisses together over and over in her mind and she squirmed delightedly at the thought of kissing him again and spent most of the night humming quietly and breaking into dance every so often. (Tiki seemed to find it highly entertaining). But then a horrible thought occurred to her – what if he doesn't want to kiss her again? - and then she crashed back onto earth with a terrible thump as she realised she had left without confirming they were a couple which could mean no more kisses.

She spent the rest of the night sitting there worrying and fearing that Adrien was going to think she was some clingy, desperate, stalker and that their romance will die a quick and drastic death.

"You worry too much," Tiki chided her, "and let your imagination run away with you. Chat Noir has been in love with you since the very beginning. That's not going to change because he now knows the girl beneath the mask was the girl he had been kissing earlier this week."


"Stop!" Tiki said sternly as she lifted her little arm up in a universal gesture of silence. "Just stop," she said much more softly, "stop worrying all the time and relax. Though don't relax too much," Tiki giggled slyly, "you're late for school again."

It was then when Marinette realised exactly what time her clock was pointing too and that Tiki was most certainly correct. She had only five minutes before class started and as close as she lived to the school she would never make it on time.

"Gah!" Marinette staggered across her bedroom as she hurriedly picked up her books, stuffing them into her back hastily before she flew down her ladder and sped through the flat. "I'm gonna be late! Love you! Bye!" she yelled over her shoulder as she waved in her parents' direction.

"Have a good day!" her mother called after her. "We love you too!"

"Don't let any boys kiss you to-ouch!"

Marinette stifled a giggle as she heard her mother smack her father in the arm. She dived out of the bakery ready to do a hundred mile per an hour dash across the streets towards school when caught sight of a very familiar blonde hair boy waiting for her under a tree. Adrien looked extremely cool standing under the shade casted by the tree, one arm behind his back, and his foot crossed over the other.

Marinette instantly faltered as she felt her heart thump harder and faster than normal, her cheeks heat up, and those familiar butterflies in her stomach that she had always felt when she looked at him. "H-h-hi!" she stuttered as she approached him.

Adrien's confidence vanished as his beautiful green eyes widened and the faintest of blushes appeared on his cheeks. "H-hey," he stammered in reply, "erm, these are for you." He then pulled out his arm to reveal a small bouquet of flowers.

"Tulips!" Marinette exclaimed delightedly as she accepted them. They were a stunning bright yellow that faded into a blush-red at the top. "They're beautiful," she breathed as she inhaled their sweet scent, "thank you." Her smile turned sheepish as she realised they were heading towards the school and nowhere near a vase filled with water. "Though I have no idea where I'll put them."

"That's all right Princess," Adrien suddenly purred in a very Chat Noir like manner. Marinette blinked, still unused to the fact that Adrien had this flirty, arrogant, side to him (but dear God she was totally loving it). "I know where you can put your two lips." He tapped a finger against his own lips for emphasis.

"God," Marinette groaned with an eye roll, she strongly suspected Adrien chose tulips just to make that stupid cheesy pun, "you're dreadful. Absolutely dreadful."

She kissed him anyway.

It was a light, fluttery, peck that lasted about three seconds and was completely and utterly different from all their other kisses… was still just as sweet, and explosive, and amazing as all the others. She grinned as she felt Adrien sigh into it and pulled away very reluctantly.

"So, erm," Adrien flustered, "I kinda realised yesterday that I didn't ask if you would….you know…..bemygirlfriend."

"Yes!" Marinette blurted out instantly. "I mean," she coughed to clear her throat and tried for a very casual and cool answer, "that, erm, would be very nice."

She failed but the radiant beam on Adrien's face told that that he really didn't mind that she was so uncool and stutter-y and flustered. He reached out and tucked a stray lock of Marinette's hair behind hear ear before his fingers trailed against her cheek leaving a burning sensation behind as she felt her breath hitch in her throat. Adrien leaned in and his lips were mere millimetres away from hers when a disgusted groan sent them leaping away from one another.

"Oh God!" Alya moaned looking unnaturally untidy. Marinette suspected she had spent the whole night on Ladyblog again and that was why she was as late as her and Adrien. "You're both so nauseating I can literally feel my breakfast coming back up."

"Alya!" Marinette hissed.

"Hey," Alya nudged Marinette as she stepped to the other side of her, "don't get all self-conscious I was only teasing. It's great to see you're finally together. Story for the ages," she smirked, "I can't wait to tell it to my future godchildren about how Auntie Alya got Mummy and Daddy together with a dare and how romantic it was."

Marinette blushed as she wished with all her might for the ground to open up and swallow her whole.

"There was nothing romantic about being ambushed in front of all the boys in the locker room," Adrien grumbled with bright pink cheeks, "Oh God," his eyes widened with horrified realisation, "our first kiss was in a locker room with a sweaty, naked, Kim watching."

Marinette gagged at that as her imagination provided her with a mental image she never wanted in her life.

"Oh," Alya wrinkled her nose in disgust, "Ew."

"Don't worry it wasn't our first kiss," Marinette murmured as quietly and reassuringly as possible, "though what was wasn't very romantic either. Kim was there too."

"Wait," Adrien halted to a stop and whipped round to look at her, "what?!"

As Marinette really didn't want to get into detail about their first kiss which occurred in battle while Adrien was under a spell especially with Alya ear-wigging (because that would definitely lead to awkward questions and Alya interrogating the hell out of them) and the fact there was only a minute before school started, Marinette quickly whipped round to face Alya instead. "Don't think you gotten away with it because it all worked out Alya!" she scowled as she poked her best friend, hard, with her finger nail. "I will get my revenge. Revenge Alya!" she stressed dramatically. "I will get it! And it'll be when you least expect it!"

"Ha!" Alya snorted. "I'd like to see you try."

It took four months, two weeks, and three days until the Girl's PE instructor was ill again. And once again they were in a classroom alone expected to fill out a worksheet quietly for the next hour. And, of course, once again they had googled the answers and were once again playing Truth or Dare.

There had been a lot of outrageous dares already as well as some embarrassing truths though much to everyone's frustration no one was able to get anything out of Marinette about her relationship with Adrien (or get her to do the penalty) as she coyly side-stepped everything with a vague, confident, 'A Lady never kisses and tells' which was beginning to drive everyone mad. Chloe especially (everyone has lost count how many magazines she had bitten to suppress her screams of rage in the last four months). "Alya," Marinette said sweetly after Alix irritably declared Marinette's turn a bust and they should move on, "truth or dare?"

Alya, ignorant to the evil undertone of Marinette's sweet voice, arrogantly flipped her hair. "Dare," she said patronisingly, "of course."

She regretted it instantly when an evil smirk flickered across Marinette's face and her blue eyes lit up with something so very un-Marinette. "Excellent," Marinette cooed dangerously, "I dare you to-"


When the boys' locker room door slammed open so loudly that the thump echoed throughout the room all the boys leaped and turned to look at the doorway. The reaction to seeing Alya standing there with a determined look on her face was instantaneous; they all jumped out of their skins, Nino let out a strangled, high-pitched scream as he tried to cover himself with his towel, Nathanael threw himself to the floor, Max clutched his trousers to his chest, Kim clutched a bang to his crotch, Ivan looked startled, and Adrien…..well Adrien just face-palmed.

"OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL?!" Kim bellowed furiously as his cheeks turned a deep red. "SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WITH YOU GIRLS?!"

"Why are you all so incapable of understanding the meaning of BOYS' locker room?!" Max wailed. "Who's next? Juleka and Rose?! Mylene? Sabrina? Oh God, please don't let it be Chloe!"

Alya ignored them all as she stormed right into the boys' locker room and directly towards Nino who was cowering against the lockers looking absolutely terrified. "Erm, hey, A-A-Alya," he squeaked nervously, "did you need some-hmmph!"

Alya pushed Nino back, her hands pressed against his naked collarbone, and swooped in immediately for a kiss. It was a quick, deep, and passionate kiss that caused both Alya and Nino to gasp for breath when she finally pulled away.

Alya inhaled deeply and calmly regained her composure while Nino stood there looking utterly dumbstruck and struggling to actually breath. "That was all," Alya shrugged as she released Nino completely. She inclined her head towards the other boys, "Good day gentlemen though in most of your cases," she shot a withering look in Kim's direction, "I use that term very loosely."

And with that, she marched out of the boys' locker room with her head held up proudly.

Nino began to sink to the floor slowly…..

"Oi Nino!" Adrien cried out worriedly. Had he looked that terrified and fragile and dead when Marinette had done this to him?! "Are you all right?!"


"OH MY GOD!" Alya heard Kim bellow just as the locker door slammed shut behind her. "ALYA BROKE NINO!"