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Second off, pertaining to the fic itself:

These first few chapters are more of a setup, and have not so much to do with the meat of this story. My writing ability fluctuates.

In addition, there is quite a bit of blood and gore, as well as minor cursing. Anything sexual it at a minimum, unless I say otherwise.

While I personally am not writing this as a ship whatsoever (unless we're talking about friendship), some people may find Sarah's relationship with Wamma to be a little too close. It's not anything physical, I promise, unless we're referring to the Dromes.'

This is a very slight AU. Basically, some Creatures are still alive/still experiencing some things when in this point of the timeline (Some point during Season 3), it would have already been solved. It's very minor, and you should only really catch it if you pay close attention to when certain cards were released. I should also note that parasites work slightly differently-but it's the regular fanon interpretation, so don't worry too much.

"Yo, MajorT!" The crow-haired human slowly lifted his eyes from his scanner, as he readjusted himself to allow his back to rest on the futuristic chair. He knew had better get relaxed-Tom could hear his overweight Mipedian player friend from a mile away. "Hey, Peyton." Tom replied, with just a hint of flatness, still a little tired. It was still morning when he ported into Chaotic, after all.

Peyton leaned in disturbingly close to his friend's face-Tom could even smell the nachos in Peyton's breath. Raising his arms in sort of an awkward defense, Tom leaned so far back in his chair, his back might as well have broke. "Uh, Peyton, calm down! Did you win a match? Find some great food?" Peyton was visibly shaking and had the grin of a Cheshire cat.

"You know about Danian Parasites, right, dude?" Peyton asked in a fairly overdramatic fashion, which was puzzling. That question possessed an obvious answer. Tom had a few run-ins with Danian assimilation before, one far too first-hand to his liking. The ringing in his head, the movement of what was practically his own skeleton; The OverWorld fan could sympathize the Creature he was playing as in the Drome, Raznus. Tom could only wonder about what Peyton was leading to; knowing Peyton, it was probably about some 'ultra-rare' scan. Tom simply nodded in response.

"They've got 'em." Peyton stated, Tom clearly not catching on. "The Mipedians got a whole code, bro. A whole new way to prevent Parasitic destruction." Tom's left eyebrow arched to all-new heights, arms folded. "You mean a cure?" The archway the placed itself on Tom's brow refused to become any less sturdy as Peyton shook his head. "Not exactly. Word hit the palace that something's going on with Danians, but no one's spilling the juice. But! Iiii was able to do a little bartering. Check this out." Peyton slapped his Scanner on the table, the screen glowing, as if beckoning Tom's glance.

"…It's a plant." Tom stated bluntly, staring at the Scanned card's image. "Like a tomato plant. What's this got to-" Peyton cut Tom off, being dramatic as usual, doing a long "WHRK! SSSSSSSSSsssssssshhhhh. This, my friend, is something my man Sobtjek is experimenting with. He won't tell me about it, but, for sure, bro, this repels Parasites. It's probably got to do with-"

He paused. "Oh, sorry, bro."

Tom sighed, his already dull look evolving into a very depressed bonanza, written all over his face. "It's been 2 days, and I still haven't heard back from either of them. Do you-" Peyton smiled, his infectious attitude relieving Tom's worries. "Don't worry about it, my man. Sar-bear's told me everything's chill with her, and Mister Underworld said the same, right? Just relax." Tom smiled weakly.

"Thanks, Peyton." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his own Scanner, its case a dark blue. "I just wish they'd call us or something."