Zootopia 2

Chapter 1

In the great city of Zootopia, the place where anyone can be anything, things had been pretty normal since Assistant Mayor Bellwether was exposed and arrested two years ago and predators and prey were closer then ever. That is however, until danger finally returned.

Throughout the city, sirens were going off all over and all throughout the streets animals were rushing into their homes and locking their doors, literally all of them, as loud bikes zoomed by and several big burly animals in motorcycle gear laughed at the chaos around them. Of course one of them accidentally ran into a 'STOP' sign because he was so distracted, his buddies looked back for a second, paused, then resumed laughing once again.

"Priceless…!" One biker remarked.

On the TV's they passed by, Peter Moosebridge and his co-anchor, Fabienne Growley, were currently reporting the news to anyone and everyone watching.

"…A hideous attack on a group of giraffe last night, the latest in a brutal crime wave attributed to the 'Mouser Gang'." Moosebridge said. As he said this, one of the dark clothed miscreants stopped in front of the TV, broke the window and quickly changed the channel.

"Hate this channel…" he muttered to himself before another anchorperson, a beaver, started talking.

"Crime as at a record high in Zootopia," he said. "The city has fallen into chaos, and no one seems to be doing anything about it!"

"Hate it more…" The thug muttered once more before changing the channel to a more kid friendly show, quickly entrancing him. "Ooh!"

While the criminal continued to stare at the tube in an entranced state, all the animals that had locked themselves in their home were all watching the news, listening to different reporters that were all saying similar things.

"With the ZPD stretched dangerously thin, officials ponder what the right course of action should be taken to deal with this crisis."

"Things haven't been this chaotic in Zootopia since the Night Howler epidemic exactly two years ago."

"These are scary times for us all, but one can't help but wonder; who is in charge of this 'Mouser Gang' and what does he or she hope to accomplish with all this random violence? More importantly; who can stop them?

As these various news reports went on and on, at ZPD Headquarters, where police cars were coming and going, the Chief of it, a buffalo named Bogo, was currently in his office and chatting with someone on the phone.

"I told you before Mister Mayor, we simply don't have enough officers to deal with this. We need more recruits and…" Bogo began, sounding tired. "Yes, I know. I know. Well… if you can do it, do it. I won't stop you."

Just then, Benjamin Clawhauser, a cheetah and a ZPD cop who also works as their receptionist, suddenly burst in, clearing out of breath, evident by his huffing and puffing.

"Uh… uh… Chief!" he finally managed to say.

Bogo let out an annoyed sigh. "I'll have to call you back Mister Mayor, something just came up… again," he muttered before hanging up. "What is it, Clawhauser?"

"Well… uh… we just uh…" Clawhauser said, trying to get his thoughts together.

"Well? Spit it out, Clawhauser!" Bogo snapped at him.

"Right! Uh… we just got a call of an armored car from the Zootopia bank attempting to be hijacked by the Mouser Gang right now!" The cheetah revealed.

"Ugh, these rats just won't quit." Bogo said, frustrated. "Who do we got to send in?"

"Well, uh… not many… Oh! But there is still…" Clawhauser started to say.

"No." Bogo interrupted, firmly.

"But… you didn't know what I was gonna say. I haven't even said it yet… right?" Clawhauser inquired.

"We are not sending them." Bogo told him.

"But sir! There's no one else left! These Mouser guys have totally thinned our ranks! The entire headquarters is like a ghost town! And it scares me…" The cheetah gulped, holding his tail tightly and with fear in his voice.

"I know, I know. These are difficult times and we're over extended as it is, but everyone's just gonna have to pick up the slack, until the Mayor can allow us to bring in more recruits." Bogo stated.

"But until then those guys are still gonna steal all that money from the bank! What if they come after the money under my mattress next!?" The cheetah questioned, freaking out a little. "Please, sir!"

Bogo sighed deeply. "Fine… I can't believe I'm saying this but…" he began before turning and reluctantly saying… "Get me Hopps and Wilde."

Clawhauser did just that and as soon as the call was received, two certain anthropomorphic animals slammed open the door to the artillery, a bunny and a fox named Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, the one's who solved the biggest case in Zootopia and were regarded as heroes to all, though Bogo would never admit it.

Jude was especially pleased that they would also be getting a piece of the action after sitting around doing nothing for so long she practically screamed 'finally!' when she got the call. She gazed at all gear and weapons inside while her partner Nick looked at cool as a cucumber.

"Alright, you heard what the chief said; there's an armored car being robbed and he need's us to stop it, let's gear up Wilde." Judy declared.

"You're the boss Cottontail." Nick said with his signature smirk as they both entered.

Both of them quickly got what they needed. Both snapped on their belts, polished their badges and loaded their air-powered elephant tranquillizers and placed them in their hoisters.

Judy was the first one to get set and leapt out of the artillery room, ready to get started.

"Alright! Let's go save an armored car!" she declared, excitedly. She waited but soon realized that her partner was not with her yet, meaning he wasn't fully ready yet. "Nick?"

The rabbit looked into the room again and heard the sounds of struggling, as if Nick was having trouble with something. She sighed deeply, soundly impatiently.

"Come on, Nick! Let's go! The bad guys are getting away!" Judy called out.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Nick said, as he stumbled out while finally snapping on a bulletproof vest and buttoning up his shirt at the same time.

"Honestly Nick, the one time Bogo finally wants us to do something and you decide to just take your time getting ready!" Judy scolded.

"Ok, ok, calm down Carrots." Nick urged her. "No need to pop a gasket…"

"I just wish you'd take all this a little more seriously…" Judy sighed.

"This is me taking it seriously Hopps." Nick insisted. "What? You wake up on the wrong side of the carrot patch this morning."

"Sorry, it's just that I've been…" Judy began.

"Feeling cooped up?"

"Yeah… a major crime wave has been going on for weeks and Chief Bogo only wants us to stay put."

"Until now that is." Nick added. "You know I think he's actually starting to warm up to us."

"You think so?" Judy inquired.

"Not at all." Nick admitted.

"Yeah, figures…" Judy smiled as she rolled her eyes and shook her head as they began to make their way down the hall.

"Hey, race ya to the car?" Nick inquired.

"Oh, we're not taking the car." Judy informed.


"Yeah, Chief Bogo said we could use the department's new crime stopping vehicle, as long as we don't get a scratch on it though…"

"Cool, so… what is it?"

They soon arrived in the parking where they kept most of the Police Car's parked, Nick had seen it several times and these days it was mainly empty but he was stunned when he gazed inside after Judy pulled up the door.

"That," she declared, gesturing to a large truck like vehicle that resembled a fire truck but was white, had red and blue accents, police sirens and instead of a ladder on top their was a large movable claw, making it also similar to a grapple truck.

"Whoa…" Nick said, in amazement.

"I know, right?" Judy agreed, excited. "Fresh out of development. The latest tool in catching bad guys and fighting crime!"

"Well, the tech guys sure had their work cut out for them." Nick remarked as they approached it.

"Got that right." Judy nodded.

"So… who's driving?" Nick inquired.

"Me! I got dibs!" Judy announced as she raced ahead.

Nick groaned a bit. "Oh great… we're doomed."

The bunny quickly jumped to open the door and once it was she hopped inside and onto the driver's seat, while Nick took a seat next to her. Once both the doors were closed the front seat seemed to adjust itself for Judy, it raised her seat up, along with Nick's so that they could see and raised the pedals so that she could reach them.

"Wow… nice features." Nick admitted, impressive.

Judy key put the key in the ignition and turned it and the engine roared to life, loudly. The two partners looked excited by this and turned to each other.

"Dare I?" The rabbit inquired while the fox put on his shades and faced the road up ahead.

"Do it," he responded.

Judy smiled and slammed on the gas pedal and the wheels quickly began screeching as they started to drive out of the parking lot, through the pulled up door and onto the streets of Zootopia, where night had now fallen, and took off down it to where the armored car was being hijacked, whooping and laughing the whole way.

"This thing is so fast!" Judy cried, sounding exhilarated.

"Oh yeah! Look out Zootopia for We. Are. Back!" Nick declared as they continued to drive off.

Around the same time, as the aforementioned armored car drove down the road, with a panicked sheep driving it, several vehicles followed it close behind, the drivers were a mongoose, a bear, a hippo and a tiger. The bear crook got ahead it and drove directly in front it while the mongoose stayed close to it's back and also one on each side. The tiger and hippo crooks on the sides soon ditched their rides and stuck themselves to it.

One climbed to the roof while the other stayed on the side, both then took out a wielding torch and began cutting circles in the hull, preparing to get inside.

"Keep driving if you value your life, sheep!" The bear shaped criminal up front yelled out. The sheep fearfully nodded.

"Oh yeah, easy money boys." The mongoose driving behind the car said, pleased. "The boss will be…"

Just then, a loud horn was heard from behind them, surprising them all.

The thieves all turned and saw bright headlights shining at them. The owner of said lights eventually got closer and closer until Judy, Nick and their new Police Truck were finally revealed to them and slowly catching up as well.

"Ok, the thieves are on the car" Judy reported as she looked ahead while driving the vehicle even closer to them. "They're trying to get in!"

"Ok, now what?" Nick asked.

"Hit the button!" Judy told him.

Nick glanced at the dashboard and was stunned by how many colorful buttons their were. "Uh… what button? There's like… a million buttons here!"

Judy pointed to one. "That one!"

"Which one!? I don't see it!" The fox stated, stressed.

"Take off your sunglasses!" Judy told him.

"I really doubt that's gonna make much of a difference." Her partner stated, flatly.

"Didn't you even read the manual before we left?" The rabbit questioned, with a raised brow.

Nick paused. "There's a manual!?"

Judy sighed in annoyance and pressed one of them. The claw on the roof quickly moved forward toward the truck and quickly grabbed the hippo trying to get into the armored truck, squeezing him and making him squeak slightly in the process.

"Ooh! Nice! Got 'em! Now what?" The fox inquired.

"Glad you asked." Judy smiled as she pressed another button on the large dashboard and the claw quickly swerved around, carrying the screaming criminal along with it before stopping in the back of the truck where a hatch opened up and dropped him inside.

"Yes! Bad guy; apprehended!" Judy said, pleased.

"Cool, but what about the other guys? And how the heck do we get closer without bumping the truck?" Nick questioned.

"With this." Judy revealed as she pressed another button and a little port opened up on the front of the new police vehicle which shot out a small hook that grabbed onto the armored truck before pulling it in close. The mongoose behind the armored car quickly moved to the side before they could hit 'em.

Nick was stunned. "Wow. This thing has everything… wonder if it has a cup holder…" he muttered as he gazed around for one.

"Nick! Focus!" Judy reminded.

"Right! Right! Criminals. Bad guys. Gotta stop 'em. On it!" Nick said as he rolled down the window next to him and began to climb out.

"Nick! What are you doing!?" Judy questioned, alarmed.

The fox looked back to her. "What's it look like? I'm going to stop the bad guys," he said, putting on a confident smile. "Don't worry, I got this."

"But…" Judy tried to say before Nick leapt toward the armored car and landed on the back of it, just barely managing to hold on. His claws scrapped against the roof of it as he slid back a bit. "Nick!"

"Relax! I got this!" Nick called out to her as his legs started kicking while he tried to pull himself up onto the roof. Then, the masked tiger aimed his weapon at him.

"I don't think so, fox!" he snarled. But before he could fire Nick managed to swing to side a bit and kick his gun out of his paw with his swinging feet.

"Ha!" The former con-artist declared before he soon found himself hanging onto the armored car with only one paw. "Whoa!"

The mongoose laughed before also aimed his gun at him. "Have a nice afterlife copper!" he declared. But before he could fire the claw on top of the Police Truck swung to the side, hit him and sent him flying back. Everyone turned and saw that he was just flung right into a garbage can, which wobbled on impact.

Nick whooped. "Hole in one!"

The tiger criminal growled. "Why you…!" he began before a tranq dart hit him right between the eyes and knocked him right out. He would have fallen off the car and hit the ground if Judy hadn't grabbed him with the claw and tossed him into the truck's holding area.

"Yeah, yeah, heard it before guy." Nick said, casually. "Ok, carrots! One left!"

"Good!" Judy called out. "I just called for back up! Chief Bogo said that he'll cut him off and…"

"No need, I got this!" Nick declared as he finally managed to climb on top of the armored car.

"Nick, wait!" Judy protested but the fox continued to walk as steadily as he could across the roof of the moving armored car. Eventually reached the other side and bent down to the front window so that the scared sheep could see him. He even knocked a bit. "Hey, excuse me? Mister armored car driver? Hi. Officer Wilde here, could you do us a favor? Get. Out!"

The sheep squealed as he hopped out of the truck, which Judy noticed and quickly grew more and more concerned, especially when the car began to swerve around due to having no driver. Acting on impulse, Judy pressed another button that caused the hook that connected truck with the car to generate a small charge that seemed to turn off the engine and cause it to stop. The sudden stop caused Nick to be flung right off the roof of the armored car.

"WHOA!" Nick yelled as he flew off.

"NICK!" Judy cried.

But instead of hitting the pavement like he thought, the fox instead landed on the back of the bear thug's motorcycle, making him swerve left to right a bit before Nick used his claws to pop some holes in his back tire which slowly brought the cycle to a stop before the Police Truck stopped behind them.

"Hey there, big guy! Now as much as it pains me to say this, and it really does… I gotta take you to jail. Know why?" Nick asked before slapping a pair of handcuffs on the bear. "Because you are so under arrest here."

The bear growled in annoyance at time while the Police Truck came around the armored car, flashing it's lights and blaring it's siren.

Pretty soon, the two partners got the four criminals back to ZPD headquarters where they would not doubt be locked away for their actions and although the Mouser Gang was still active, they all seemed to have gone back into hiding for now, but everyone knew that they'd be back.

At the moment, Nick and Judy were both exiting the building, with Nick licking a pawsicle and looking happy as a calm while Judy looked annoyed.

"Ok, bad guys locked up, the armored car was recovered, minimal property damage and not a single scratch on the new ride, today was a good night." Nick smiled, pleased as he began to walk away. Judy watched him go for a second before she rushed over to him though, still looking somewhat upset with him.

"Hold on, what was that back there? During the chase" Judy questioned.

"What was what?" The fox asked, confused.

"You know what I mean! You didn't need to be so reckless but you did it anyway!" The bunny reminded him.

"So? Got the job done, didn't we?" Nick pointed out.

"That's not the point! You could have gotten hurt out there, Nick!" Judy scolded him.

"But I didn't!" Nick stated.

"Not my point! Why weren't you taking that situation seriously back there?" Judy demanded. "Why didn't you listen to me?"

"When do I listen to you?" Nick quipped.

"This isn't a joke, Nick!" Judy told him, aggravated.

"Look, it doesn't matter how we got the job done as long as it got done. Besides, no one got hurt." Nick said.

"You could have." Judy countered.

"Aw, you do care." Nick teased.

"Enough!" Judy snapped, stunning Nick. She sighed. "Look; I think… I think we just need a timeout. And you need to start thinking about what you did wrong and start taking what we do seriously, until then I am not speaking to you."

"But…" Nicky started.

"No buts. Time out starts now. Yeah, right now." Judy stated, she paused briefly before beginning to walk away. "Have a good night."

"A timeout? What are we in grade five?" Nick questioned, baffled while Judy kept on walking. "Judy, come on! Judy!"

The rabbit continued to pretend like she didn't hear him, even though he knew that she did and Nick watched as she held up her paw to catch a cab's attention and got in the first one that noticed her before it took off.

The fox sighed a deep sigh, almost overwhelmed by the events of the day. "Great…" he muttered, tiredly. "Well… least things can't get any worse."

As Nick made his way back to the super police vehicle to drive back to his own home, he failed to notice something happening behind him; a bright flash of light had just gone off in a far off alley way. It went off for a few seconds before finally it faded.

At first nothing happened after that, but soon enough something or someone finally did come out of the alley and stumbled out onto the middle of the street, like he had just gotten off the fastest ride ever made. He wore a red hoodie that covered most of his face, cargo pants and red and white running shoes. He also panted a bit as he tried to assess his current surroundings.

"Ugh… where…?" The stranger muttered as he continued to stumble before lifting his head a bit along with his hood and revealing his brown eyes, spiky blond hair and the lack of fur on his face and hands. His name was Bart Torres, an eighteen-year old human boy. "Where am I?"

Haley Joel Osment as Bart Torres