Chapter 20

A week after Bart returned to his old world and Mouser was arrested, the city had returned to it's peaceful state once again and crime had gone down significantly, though Bogo reminded the rest of the ZPD that work still needed to be done and crime and corruption would return. While most thought he was being pessimistic, as usual, deep down they knew he was right.

As for Judy and Nick, the two had become a happy couple and were awarded the key to Zootopia by the mayor himself. The city praised them both as heroes and many were inspired to be more then what they were because of the two.

Of course… they knew they still had to do Mr. Big's little errand, or else they'd be put on ice… Knowing that not even the fact that Judy was Little Judy's godmother wouldn't save them if they refused, the two begrudgingly took Mr. Big's package and made their way to Sahara Square… which was in the middle of a scorching sandstorm…

As the harsh and sand filled winds blew in their faces, the fox and the rabbit continued to try and trudge their way through the dune, leaving behind a long trail of footprints behind them as they walked,

"Man… of all the times for this place to have a sandstorm…" Nick grumbled as he continued to keep the sand out of his eyes. "What did it have to be today…?"

"Come on honey, just remember your police academy training and keep moving." Judy told him. "And no complaining, it doesn't help."

"Yes, dear…" Nick sighed, tiredly. "Oh… what a way to spend a first date, huh?"

"Well, there are worse ways to spend a Saturday." Judy pointed out.

"Yeah? Like what?" The fox questioned in disbelief.

Judy paused and began to think hard for a moment before answering. "Well… none come to mind right now but…"

"Yeah, that figures…" Nick muttered, flatly.

"Well, don't worry, next week I'll make sure we spend the night at a very fancy restaurant." Judy promised. "Clawhauser recommended it."

Nick chuckled. "Of course…"

"So? You interested?" Judy inquired in a cute manner.

"You buying?" The fox smirked.

"Har-har." Judy laughed sarcastically.

"Just kidding, I'll pay for it." Nick assured her.

"My hero." Judy gushed, dramatically.

"Heh, heh, boy if Bart could see me now…" Nick remarked.

Hearing Bart's name made Judy stop and stand still in the sand as she thought about her friend. She reached into her pocket, took out a folded piece of paper and unfolded it to show that it was a newspaper page that came out around the time Bart first made his presence known. And sure enough, the human was right on the page looking surprised, Judy smiled at the picture and then gazed up at the sky while the sandstorm began to settle down.

"Till we meet again, Bart…" Judy muttered to herself softly. She continued to stare up at the sky with a peaceful smile until a familiar voice snapped her out of it.

"Carrots! Come on, we're gonna be late!" She heard Nick call out.

"Oh! Coming!" The bunny replied as she rushed over to him and started walking by his side, then before long the two began to hold paws as they kept on walking while the sun continued to shine overhead of them.

At that very same time, back on Earth in an empty part of a city in Mexico called Tijuana, two muscular looking guys with tattoos on their bodies were each loading something into a truck one at a time.

If one could look closely, one could see that the things they were loading were cages and not empty cages, these cages each had a poor, whimpering dog inside, each of them trying to get out but to no avail. Plus, despite all their whimpering and begging, the two muscular guys did not seem phased by their sadness at all as they slammed the door on them without a second thought.

"Alright, all loaded up." The first thug said, pleased.

"Amigo, are you sure these dogs will be ready for the fights? They look pretty scrawny. Probably won't last five minutes against some of the pit bulls." The other one pointed out.

"Not after we're done with them." The lead thug said, smiling evilly. "Trust me, they'll be ready for the fights and we'll be making a ton of dough!"

"Sounds good." His partner said, sounding pleased.

"Hold it!" Someone yelled in a sing-song voice, catching the two thugs attention. They turned and saw someone standing on top of a building nearby them.

"Who the heck are you?" The main thug demanded.

As the shined more in their direction, more of the shadowed stranger could be seen, revealing himself to be none other then Bart Torres himself, still clad in red, wearing a backpack and also still wearing the 'Junior ZPD Officer' sticker proudly on his jacket. He grinned at the two muscular men.

"Hola gents, the name's Bart Torres, newly fledged courier at your service and don't you know that dog fights are illegal? And forcing poor dogs to fight in them is just wrong?" Bart questioned. "For the future, if your gonna commit a crime; do something no one has done before, chances are it's not illegal."

"Like we care about the law!" The first thug retorted.

"Yeah, this is business. So move it or lose it, gringo." The other one added, threateningly.

"Sorry, no can do, anybody hurting innocent animals when I'm around has to deal with me." Bart stated. "Now let them go before I make you let them go."

"You think we're scared of you? Your just a little kid." The lead thug scoffed.

"No… but he is." Bart quickly said as he gestured to another direction.

The thugs glanced that way but saw nothing around and when they looked back, they saw that Bart was gone.

"Hey! Where'd he go!?" The second thug exclaimed as they looked around for him, only for the spiky blond haired young adult to appear behind them.

"Gotcha!" Bart declared with a laugh as he pantsed the two of them, making them cry out in alarm.

"Why you…!" The now angry main thug began to roar as he raised his fist until he saw that his and his partner's were tied together via one of their belts. "Huh?"

"Hey! What gives?" The other one questioned.

"Just swiped both your belts when you weren't looking." Bart explained. "Also had some time to kill so I called the police and let them know you were here and what you were doing. Surprised? Oh, and while I'm at it."

Bart quickly held up the other belt and tied the two thug's remaining hands together as well.

"Hey!" One of them cried.

"Sorry guys, I'd love to keep this up but I gotta be gone before the cops show and I gotta make a delivery too so… see ya!" Bart waved before he took off down the street.

"Hey! Come back here!" The main thug yelled.

"Forget him! Let's get out of here!" His partner cried.

"Right!" The first one nodded as they attempted to run but because their pants were still wrapped around their ankles they ended up tripping and falling right over onto their faces. They groaned in pain while police sirens were heard from afar and soon enough police cruisers pulled up behind them.

While the two thugs were being arrested and questioned about their dogfighting activities Bart was knocking on the door to someone's house with a package in hand. Soon enough, a nice looking old lady answered the door.

"Package for Mrs. Espinosa." Bart announced as he held out the wrapped up box.

"Oh, excellente! My tunes!" Mrs. Espinosa said, clapping her hands and looking pleased. "Gracias, miho."

Bart nodded gratefully before handing her the box and then took out a clipboard and a pen. "Sign please," he requested. Mrs. Espinosa took the sign and signed a piece of paper on the clipboard. "Thanks! I mean… Gracias."

"De nada, hombre joven." Mrs. Espinosa nodded with a smile before turning and closing the door.

Bart turned and walked down the steps before gazing at his ZPD sticker. "Judy… Nick… I wish you could see me now guys…" he muttered quietly before looking up at the sky. "You guys have dedicated your lives to making the world a better place and helping other animals and that's just what I'm gonna do!"

The spiky haired eighteen-year old then began to walk down the dusty road until he reached the sidewalk. He then began to happily rush down the sidewalk as the bright sun shined it's bright light down toward him. As he soon reached some Mexican kids playing some soccer up ahead of him and joined in for a bit before he continued running, even doing a triple front flip while he laughed and continued to run down the sidewalk.

"Yeah!" he cried, triumphantly happy to have gained a second chance.


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