Guilty crown season 2 we already seen Guilty crown season 1 to the last episode I'm going to change last episode from when Inori processed into Mana and Mana wake up and see the Shu and ran toward him

Episode 1 Every thing changes

Mana ran toward Shu and tightly huge and say you change your mind now you are ready to marry me. I know that you love me and you know that after I die I not stop loving you but when my soul came in Inori body and I'm alive again I want to control this body but she was monster she not giving me to control the body.

Before sentence complete Shu push away Mana and said in loud voice she is not monster You are a monster.

Mana start crying and say how dare you push me after I die I not stop loving you

In middle Gai come and says to Mana let me talk to him. Mana says okay. Gai says to Shu come with me there I want to talk to you. Gai takes Shu Into a room and says why are you doing this you know that she loves you then why are you not excepting her. Shu says what are you saying Gai how can I marry my own sister. Gai says then what she loves you more than anyone. Shu says she is a devil you know that before lost Christmas what she said I would become devil myself and bring about the Apocalypse and you know that she has a virus Apocalypse and you know that who bring lost Christmas she brings now also she doing that and I hate her I love Inori and now she is in Inori body she change my life into hell how can I marry her

Gai says in angry voice why lost Christmas happen because of you Shu not her many people die because of you because you not except her proposal now also you are doing this I know your life is filled with sadness, pain but you only make your life like this and your life is not only filled with pain Mana life has more pain then you your pain is nothing in front of her pain you changes her life and you life into hell but you can change this if you marry her every thing change she became devil because of you now you have time to change it now you can make her angle she do things that you love she always want is that you will be happy

Shu realize that he was wrong about Mana and says you are write this is all my fault .

Shu walk toward Mana and huge her and says I'm really sorry. Mana smiles and says it's fine

I'm sorry because this chapter is to shot next time I will try to write a long chapter. Okay this is time to say by but before saying that I'm going to give you one suspense . The name of a next chapter Inori is going to come back. By see you next time