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Chapter 1; Discovery!

A 12 year old blonde haired boy was stumbling through a dark forest as a terrible storm raged on above. This boy was dressed in a bloody orange and blue jacket that was missing the entire right side, revealing his blood stained black shirt. His wet orange pants had splashes of blood on them. One of his blue eyes was closed shut and claw or bite marks could be seen on it. His other blue eye was getting very heavy as he wasn't healing like he normally would. On his forehead with a little blood staining the cloth was his headband. This boy is Uzumaki Naruto and right now he was lost in the forest of death during the 2nd part of the chunin exams. He had originally been with his team, one Haruno Sakura, the girl he somehow had a heavy crush on, and Uchiha Sasuke, his rival and sometimes friend. The three of them had after passing the 1st exam due to Naruto's unwavering confidence entered the forest after gaining the heaven scroll. They had after defeating an attempt by the team fro Ame been moving through the forest when they were hit by a powerful wind. Naruto had gotten hit by the wind and been blown away. When he recovered he had to dodge a huge snake trying to swallow him hole. He had done so, but the snake followed him and managed to eat him anyway. Lucky for him he knew the shadow clone jutsu and had spammed enough clones to make the snake explode from the inside. He had then after shaking off the snake guts hurried towards his teammate.

He had then stopped Sasuke from giving some freaky grass kunoichi their heaven scroll and had fought with all of his might against the freak, but the bitch had did some funny handsigns and slammed her hand down on his seal blocking access to not only most of his chakra but the power of his prisoner Kyuubi. Naruto didn't know what happened next as he had blacked out, but when he woke up he was pinned to a tree by a kunai. He knew exactly who the kunai belonged to as it has the initials S.H on it. He had after removing the kunai had tried to once again track down his team, but then he came across a very angry and hungry spider, that was big enough to make the snake he had been eaten by earlier look like a small fry. He had been attacked by the spider and it had managed to spit some of it's venom into his right eye. He had screamed, but had managed to just kill the spider. But now his right eye was blind and he had shut it to keep it safe. He had then stumbled a little and it was just his luck to run into a hungry puma. Naruto had fought this hungry predator off, but had dislocated his right arm in the process. The damn thing had then scratched around the right eye, making it twice that it had been attacked. He had gutted the puma when it did this though and had continued on his way. Naruto had cursed like a sailor stumbling onto a feeding bear. It had roared and attacked him, but it was already injured from whatever it was eating, so Naruto was able to kill the bear with ease. He had then discovered that the bear was eating the mangled and mutilated remains of two grass ninja. Naruto had lost his breakfast right there, but had searched the bodies for the scroll and had cheered softly finding two pair of scrolls. He had then moved on his way and when he thought his luck was changing this storm appeared.

Naruto tripping over a root, struggled to his feet and continued on. He seconds later tripped over another rock and coughed up a little blood. He cursing knew he need to find shelter from the storm. He looking around was about to groan when his eyes suddenly spotted an unnatural look to some bushes. He moving to them started to gently remove the bushes. He cheered softly finding the entrance to some temple or something like that. He gently pushing open the doors, walked inside and gasped at how elegant and beautiful the place looked. Shaking his head he turned around and shut the doors. He knowing that he was bleeding and predators were most likely following or would soon follow his trail, knew he had to barricade the entrance. He then spotting steel blocks, put then in place and then stacked some of the heavy rocks at the door. He followed this by pushing some of the larger statues to the door. He stepping back nodded as this would keep any predators back. He then heard the unmistakable howl of a pack of wolves. He was now certain that barricading the entrance was a very good idea. He then started to explore the place, finding that it started off above the ground and very dark, but would go lower and get lighter.

He following this path, soon found himself in what he guessed was the altar room or maybe a room for sacrifices. He got this idea from the blood staining several walls. He walking over to said altar found an box. Opening it his eye widened spotting the lost mask of Shi-No-Kami and the necklace of Yami. He now understood what that blood on the wall was for. These artifacts were ancient and powerful and it was only logical for anyone who found them to try and use them. Naruto thankfully wasn't like this. He was about to close the box when suddenly a violent fit of coughing overcame him. This made him accidentally cough up a decent amount of his blood onto the two objects. When the coughing stopped he stumbled back and was leaning against a pillar. His vision was quickly fading and sleep was sounding really good right now. He sliding down the pillar slowly closed his eyes and mumbled out "It'll only be for a little while until this storm let's up." He then closed his eyes and was soon sleeping, never noticing how the two objects in the box were glowing with a bright light, or how the entire room was starting to become new.

In a obsidian palace in the place known as Limbo or purgatory two women could be seen walking through a simple gorgeous garden holding hands. The first woman was approximately 6 feet 8 inches tall, with long spiky white hair. This hair was parted down the middle revealing her heart shaped face. Her eyes golden eyes were shining with love. From the middle of her forehead a pair of thick horns could be seen. She had large D-cup breast that seemed to make the top half of her kimono stretch. Said kimono was dark gray and had the many different symbols for death on it. Her skin was pale and shined in the misty light. The other woman had short shoulder-length curly teal hair. Her face was heart shaped like the other woman's, but unlike the first woman she had four snow white eyes, all with slitted sclera and red pupils. They were shining with love just like the first woman's. She had large EE-cup breast that her kimono seemed to be able to hold back just fine. This woman had dark orange skin, making her eyes and hair stand out. The kimono she had on looked brand new and expensive. This woman was no midget either as she towered over the first woman at 8 feet even. These two women are Rachael West and Isabella West, known to the mortals as Shi-No-Kami and Yami.

The two had been married for 3 centuries now and their sister Kami was so happy for them. Yes they were sisters, but true love conquered all for them. The palace they were in was Castle Abyss and their home. Rachael was about to say something when suddenly her body started to tingle. The same thing then happened to Isabella. Both women knew that this could mean only one thing. They rushing inside and finding the true mask and necklace picked the objects up and gasped spotting Naruto. Rachael using Naruto's blood on the mask in the temple went through his memories, all of them. Isabella was doing the same as her wife. When both women finished, the Kyuubi, Madara and Hashirama would all be cowering out how much killing intent they were putting out. Rachael with glowing eyes said "Those fucking bastards!"

Isabella planning on summoning every demon she could get her hands on said "Those ingrates."

Rachael looking at the memory of Naruto's parents leaving him in the village, along with him having no memories of his godparents, suddenly got a brilliant idea. She turning to her wife with a smirk asked "Darling how would you feel about a child of our own?"

Isabella blinking turned to Rachael and was obviously confused, until she caught on to what her wife was getting at. Smirking she said "I'd be simply delighted to have a child of our own."

Rachael chuckling said "Well then let's go make Naruto-kun our child."

Isabella holding up her hand said "Only if I can turn him into our darling little princess."

Rachael giggling said "I was already planning on letting you do so, though he or should I say she may be upset when she wakes up."

Isabella snorting said "She'll be to happy at having actual loving parents to care."

She then walking into the bathroom opened up her cabinet. She looking at her shelves was wondering how to turn Naruto into a girl. Rachael walking into the door with a smirk said "Most of those will kill him."

Isabella nodding reached for the Pokegirl shelf when Rachael said "If you're turning him into a pokegirl make him a brand new pokegirl."

Isabella hearing this blinked but nodded. She grabbing at least one syringe containing DNA of every pokegirl, put them in her bag. Rachael then walking into the room grabbed the Vampire, Lycan, and Demon Lord syringes. She dropping them into Isabella's bag kissed the curious woman on the cheek and said "If we're turning him into a her, might as well give our little princess something to make her badass."

Isabella hearing this smiled and nodded. Both women then vanished.

Appearing in the temple, Rachael lifted Naruto up. Isabella waiving her hand made a medical table appear. Rachael laying Naruto on the table removed the horrendous orange and blue jacket and pants. She then did the same to his orange covered underwear and black shirt. Both women scowled spotting the many scars they knew was going to be covering his body. Isabella placing her purse on a gurney said "First thing we need to do is get rid of that venom wrecking his internal organs."

Rachael nodding pulled out a needle containing the antidote for the venom wrecking Naruto. She plunging it into his heart deposited the contents into his body. Isabella smiled when the venom was quickly sweated out. She then reaching into the purse pulled out the pokegirl needles. She laying out on another gurney picked up the Rawcunt needle first. She then inserting it into Naruto said "First Rawcunt to make her conscious about her looks."

She then grabbing the Atmuff and Amachamp needles inserted them and said "To give her better fighting skills."

She then grabbing the Alaka-Wham needle inserted it and said "Got to boost those brains up."

Rachael then watched as her wife slowly and methodically inserted all of the other pokegirl needles into Naruto's body. Isabella once they had all drained into him said "Now you add your three needles."

Rachael nodding grabbed the three syringes and inserted them into Naruto. Isabella placing her hand on him said "Now a good portion of our chakra."

She then literally cloaked Naruto's body with her bright pink chakra. Rachael giggling at her wife's whimsical chakra color placed her hand on Naruto's body and then cloaked him again, this time with her black chakra. Isabella said "Finally we add our own DNA and the DNA of the animal we think represents Naruto the best."

Rachael nodding pulled out the DNA of a Megalodon. She placing a little of her golden blood at the tip of the needle inserted it into Naruto. Isabella spotting this, rolled her eyes and pulled out the teeth of a Hyena. She covering these teeth in her pink blood laid it on Naruto's body. Both women smiled when the DNA and items faded into Naruto's body and a thick cocoon of energy appeared around Naruto. Isabella summoning a chair said "Now we wait."

Rachael summoning her own chair pulled out the magazine she had been reading for the past century

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