Chapter 6; Day of the Finals!

It was now the day of the finals and almost all of the competitors were gathered down on the new field in the new chunin exam stadium. In the center of this field a podium could be seen. The only two missing were Astrid and Sasuke. Suddenly in a whirl of leaves Kakashi appeared with Sasuke who stared at Ino, Kin and Temari with pure lust. Ino shivered as she had visited Sakura over the month they had to train and had seen what Sasuke's violent rape had done to the pink haired girl. Kin glared hatefully at the Uchiha as she would rather die than be intimate with him. Temari sent a sickly sweet smile at the boy promising a quick death if he continued to look at her like that. Gaara also glared at Sasuke not liking the way the Uchiha was glaring at Temari for some reason. Shino, Kankuro and Shikamaru were in the same boat. Suddenly in a whisper of wind Astrid appeared, and she was wearing a bikini making many people blush and for reasons unknown Temari, Ino and Kin feel hot. The fact that her body was glistening from her recent swim made the three females get even hotter. Genma with a heavy blush on his face coughed and said "Now that everyone is here, the Hokage has something to say."

Sarutobi standing up coughed and said "All of you do your best and make your village proud. Now Uchiha if you try to rape anyone I will personally kill you and we have three very important people watching the exams."

He pointing to the V.I.P section of the stands said "I present to you our generous benefactor and the one who built are new stadium. Lady Isabella Kazama, Lady Rachael Kazama and Lady Aurora Kazama."

The curtains cleared and all three deities waived. Sarutobi said "Now Genma begin the finals of the chunin exams."

Genma nodding said the podium will dictate who goes first and what kind of battlefield they will battle in. Everyone slowly looked at the podium that quickly started to flash with different colors and the numbers the contestants had been given. It soon stopped on the numbers six and eight and the color stopped on dark pink. The screen then said "Princess Astrid Kazama versus Temari Subaku as the first match. The battlefield will be the beach and the type of battle will be a Sex Battle."

Astrid hearing this looked at the wide eyed and confused Temari and giggled like a pervert as she was going to have fun fucking the blonde haired elder girl from Suna. Almost everyone else was confused wondering what a Sex Battle was. Isabella with a control in her right hand giggled and said "Time to show everyone your skills baby."

Rachael shaking her head said "I don't know if I really want to see this."

Aurora giggling much like Isabella said "My darling little niece is about to have that girl screaming so loud my angels will hear it in heaven."

Genma coughing said "Everyone off of the field, as we will be able to view safely from the contestants box."

Everyone did so with Kankuro sending a small look at his sister and Astrid sending a hate filled glare at Sasuke.

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Once everyone except Temari and Astrid had left the battlefield almost everyone gained wide eyes when the arena literally changed to a beach, complete with sand and the ocean. Astrid feeling the ocean breeze, started to giggle perversely again. Temari dropping into a battle stance pulled out her fan ready to put Astrid down. She gained wide eyes when something literally snatched her fan away. She turning around gasped spotting a thick vine dragging her fan below the sand. Something then slapped her ass making her squeak and slightly jump into the air. She turning around with a glare gasped spotting yet another vine. Astrid being the one controlling said vines was giggling very loudly as some blood trickled from her nose. Temari hearing said giggling narrowed her eyes at Astrid. She was about to say something when she let out a very loud moan. The reason she had done so was a vine had snaked it's way up her leg and was now rubbing against her panty clad pussy. Astrid still giggling slowly and with swaying hips walked over to Temari. She licking her lips as Temari was moaning like a common whore. Reaching out with her right hand she grabbed Temari's left breast and started to massage it. This made Temari moan even louder. Astrid chuckling said "You're over dressed Temari-hime."

Astrid smirking said "I can fix that easily."

She then turned her hand intangible and removed Temari's purple dress, leaving the sand kunoichi in just her black bra and soaking wet black panties. Astrid smiling created two more vines. These vines quickly made their way up Temari's body until one unhooked Temari's bra, while the other started to gently rub her breast. This made Temari moan once more. Astrid accepting Temari's bra giggled and said "Oh my Temari-hime. Such lovely and firm CC-cups. They aren't as big as mine, but still lovely."

The vine that had taken Temari's bra off now moved to her right nipple and gently started to pull on it. The one that had been rubbing her breast moved to the left nipple and started to do the same. Temari threw her head back and moaned louder. Astrid giggling created two more vines that quickly removed Temari's soaked panties. Astrid accepting said article of clothing took a deep whiff and said "Vanilla and Pineapple. What a lovely scent."

Temari would've blushed if the vine hadn't inserted itself into her pussy making her cry out in release. Astrid hearing this release giggled and said "Yes cry out in release my lovely desert flower."

Temari coming down from her orgasmic high gained wide eyes as the vine was still inserted in her pussy, and the other two vines was still playing with her nipples. Astrid grabbing Temari's face looked the girl directly in the eyes and said "We're far from done hime. I'm going to start building your endurance up now, so after Kaa-sama marries us, you can last when we consummate our marriage."

Temari hearing this gained wide eyes and was about to say something when she was forcefully kissed by Astrid and the vine started to slowly move in and out of her pussy. This made her open her mouth and Astrid quickly shoved her tongue down Temari's throat.

In the stands, Tsume Inuzuka had a very heavy blush on her face as she wished she was in Temari's place. Iruka somehow covering the eyes of Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon and fainting from a massive nosebleed was trying his best to protect the minds of the innocent. Anko sitting beside Kurenai had hearts for eyes and said "I think I'm in love."

Kurenai blushing darkly said "That's so hot."

Asuma letting his cigarette drop to the ground had a massive nosebleed and wide eyes. Hiashi Hyuga had slid his hands over Hanabi's eyes not wanting this obscene act to corrupt his daughter. Hanabi having activated her Byakugan to see through her father's hands had a healthy blush on her face. Hinata passed out beside Chouji was mumbling "I need to be punished Astrid-sama. I've been a very naughty girl."

Chouji with a blush on his face said "This is so hot."

Naruko had a healthy blush on her face and was fanning herself trying to cool down. Shikaku Nara closed his eyes and said "Troublesome."

Yoshino Nara looking between her husband and Astrid was trying to figure out if it was worth it to leave the lazy bastard for Astrid. All the evidence so far was pointing to hell yeah. Inochi had a massive nosebleed and was praying to Kami that his daughter wasn't put in one of these battles with the Uchiha. Chouza sitting beside his wife with wide eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing. Ayame had passed out with a massive nosebleed picturing Astrid doing that to her, except with a large wooden paddle. Teuchi was pinching the bridge of his nose to stop himself from shooting off to Kami knows where from a massive nosebleed. Ten-Ten was doing the same as Tsume and Ayame, but wishing that it was Astrid tied down and she had a toy. Gai and Lee were crying at how Astrid's flames of youth was so powerful. Kushina was doing the same as Naruko, but had hearts in her eyes.

In the Kage booth, Sarutobi was pinching the bridge of his nose as his granddaughter in all but blood brought Temari to a mind shattering orgasm, with just her tongue. Jiraiya acting as one of his guards had a bloody nose and was writing down everything he was seeing, knowing that this was going to make him rich. Minato sitting beside Sarutobi was trying to get rid of his damnable blush, knowing that if Kushina caught it on his face he was dead. Orochimaru hidden as the Kazekage licked his lips picturing himself doing that with Kimimaro or Sasuke, or both. Yugao acting as the other guard for Sarutobi was trying to stay focused on her job and think about how her boyfriend had been killed, could feel her panties getting damp and her mind start to fill with images of Astrid ravaging her. One of Orochimaru's guards with a heavy blush on her face said "Fucking shit, that the hottest thing I've ever motherfucking seen and that shithead suna bitch hasn't even brought Astrid to orgasm."

Everyone sweat dropped hearing her vulgar language and Orochimaru cursed himself slightly for making Tayuya one of his visible guards. In the competitors box, Kiba was hooting and hollering at what Astrid was doing. Neji had a heavy blush on his face and trying hard to get rid of it. Ino and Kin both had massive nosebleeds and Kin was mumbling "I've been a bad girl Mistress, punish this filthy slave."

Kankuro was disgusted that he was turned on watching sister basically get fucked senseless. Shikamaru sighing like his father said "I stand corrected. This is troublesome to the 6th power."

Shino pushing up his shades could hear his bugs buzzing at what was happening. Gaara very confused was wondering what Astrid was doing to his sister, while inside of his head Shukaku was giggling like Jiraiya. Sasuke licked his lips as Astrid brought Temari to her 7th consecutive orgasm.

Astrid having used her own hand for Temari's last orgasm licked her two fingers clean and said "Oh yes you're simply scrumptious."

Temari in a world of pleasure didn't even notice when the vines lifted her up and turned her around. Astrid removing the bottom part of her bikini said "I would love to do this all day, but the show must go on my lovely and delicious Temari-hime."

She closing her eyes tapped into the DNA of Wasp Queen and moaned when her clit slowly grew out of her and turned into a 13 inch long, 3 inch wide dick, dripping with a thick white substance. Astrid now having her she-cock smiled and said "So I must finish our little Sex Battle. At first I was going to do so by letting you leave not pregnant but so addicted to the honey that my pussy naturally produces, but I changed my mind."

She lining her prick with Temari's wet slit smiled and said "I'm going to knock you up Temari-hime and then I'm gonna bite you and make you my 1st wife."

She then slowly sliding herself inside of Temari's folds groaned and said "I hope we're each other's first."

She then pushing more of her prick inside of Temari, smiled hitting a barrier. She leaning forward said "This is going to be the only pain you're gonna feel in this match as I have to break your hymen."

She then in one swift movement did just as she said and broke Temari's hymen making Temari scream out in pain as she was brought crashing down from her pleasure high. Her eyes widened feeling something massive inside of her. She slowly turning her head to look gained wide eyes as Astrid was naked from the bottom down and whatever was inside of her was connected to Astrid. Astrid knowing that Temari was off of her high, leaned forward and kissed the tears Temari was unconsciously shedding. Astrid said "It's okay Temari-hime, I'll let you adjust to my size before I go any further."

Temari closing her eyes waited until it didn't hurt anymore before slowly nodding. Astrid spotting this slowly pumped more of her prick into Temari, pausing after each pump to allow Temari to adjust. Astrid almost all the way in blinked when Temari growled and said "Stop teasing me Astrid and fuck me already."

Astrid smiling softly said "Your wish is my command my lovely desert rose."

She then drew her hips back and then slammed herself all the way in Temari making said suna kunoichi cry out with a new more powerful orgasm. Temari smiled goofy as she was once again in her world of pleasure. Astrid giggling at this placed her hands on Temari's hip and drew her own hips back until only the tip of her she-cock was still inside of Temari. She slamming back in felt the tip of her she-cock brush up against Temari's womb making said person orgasm again. Astrid giggling applied some chakra to her hips and dick. Not just any chakra mind you, but a combination of ice, fire and lightning chakra. So when she drew her hips back a smirked formed on her face already knowing what was about to happen. When she slammed back in Temari screamed so loud, it was possible to hear her in Kumo. Astrid laughing repeated this process, picking up speed, until her hips was literally a blur to everyone watching. Temari the one being fucked was on cloud nine, as whatever Astrid, no her one true love was doing was giving her constant mini-orgasms and Temari could feel a major one building. Astrid feeling herself getting close shut her eyes tightly and said "I'm getting close my lovely Temari-hime."

Temari somehow hearing this groaned out "Do it baby cum inside me and mark me as yours. Fill me up with your potent seed and give me your babies."

This dirty talk made Astrid groan, but she managed to say "I can't Temari-chan not until you tell me you love me and accept being my first wife."

Temari now feeling her big orgasm approaching fast moaned and said "I Temari Subaku, hereby declare for ALL to hear that I am completely in love with Astrid Kazama and happily accept being her first wife. It is my honor to be given the privilege of becoming her first wife. Now fucking fill me up with your seed Love as I refused to have this final orgasm before I pass out without at least making you cum at least once."

When the last word left her mouth, Astrid leaned forward and bit down hard on Temari's neck as an explosive mind shattering orgasm hit the both of them. Astrid feeling her dick emptying it's contents directly into Temari's womb was extremely happy to have her first wife. Temari on the other hand as she was passing out from her most powerful orgasm so far smiled and thought "I'm gonna be a mother and I have never been happier."

Astrid removing herself from Temari smiled as none of her seed leaked out and on Temari's neck was the Kazama clan symbol. She making her she-cock vanish slid her panties back on and made the vines dress Temari. Once both of them was dressed she watched as the beach vanished and was replaced with the basic battle arena. She lifting Temari up in her arms, watched as Genma walked out and said "Winner by making Temari Subaku both pass out and orgasm an outstanding 20 times Princess Astrid Kazama."

She eye smiling at the shocked crowd said "Aw only 20, damn I was shooting for 40."

Eyes nearly popped out of skulls hearing her say this and a lot of people started choking on air. She giggling vanished in the howl of a wolf and appeared in her home. Laying Temari down in a bed she teleported to the competitors box, just as Neji and Sasuke was placed in a Death Battle.

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Snorting she wondered who was going to win. She then blinked getting the memories of her shadow clones. Smirking darkly she couldn't help but chuckle. As she was getting out of her pool she had felt multiple chakra signatures outside of Konoha, none that she recognized, so she had created four clones to check it out. Turns out Oto and Suna had planned on invading Konoha. Her clones had ended those plans as they had slaughtered both forces and even obliterated the summoning circles. She shifting her eyes to the Kage box knew that the person pretending to the be the Kazekage would be in for a rude surprise. She blinked when Sasuke was declared the winner. Scowling she watched the replay of Sasuke stabbing Neji in the heart with what she knew to be the Chidori. Shaking her head she pitied Kakashi for about two seconds as the man was going to get chewed out, chewed up and spat out. She then stopped and glared at the arrogant Uchiha who thought that he was hot shit. It was then Kin vs Kankuro in a normal battled but the puppet fucker quit. Next up it was Kiba vs Gaara, but Astrid quickly used hypnosis on Kiba and Akamaru to make them forfeit. So that left three people left. Scratch that Shikamaru just quit. Now it was Ino vs Shino. In a regular match. Shino drained all of the chakra from Ino so he won. It was now time for the second round of the chunin exams. All of the winners in the first round walked out onto the field. Genma congratulation the five of them for progressing reminded them of what was about to happen, with Astrid still dressed in her bikini. The podium stopped on 6 and 10 and glowed black. The screen then read "Princess Astrid Kazama versus Sasuke Uchiha. Battlefield Plains of Hell, Type of battle Death Battle."

Everyone hearing this gained wide eyes and Orochimaru started to get nervous. The other three and Genma left the battlefield and it quickly shifted a desolated and blazing battlefield with the sound of tortured souls screaming in the background. Sasuke with an arrogant smirk on his face said "Give up dobe and I promise to not make our glorious sex to painful."

Astrid giving the Uchiha a blank stare snapped her fingers and everyone gained wide eyes when her bikini transformed into scaled armor. She still giving the wide eyed Uchiha a blank stare said "I'm going to do the world a favor and wipe your serial rapist ass from existence. No I'm not just going to kill you. I'm going to kill you and make it so that every single Sasuke Uchiha throughout the dimensions dies, and their souls are burned at the stake, thus eliminating any chance of you coming back to life, ever."

People hearing this gained wide eyes and most of the civilian council along with Orochimaru started to pray that Sasuke defeated her. These people were foolish as Aurora, Rachael and Isabelle could hear their prayers and flat out denied them. Sasuke snorting said "You couldn't defeat me in your wildest dreams dobe."

Astrid ignoring this was waiting for the bell to tone starting the match. Sure enough the loud toning of the bell could be heard. Before Sasuke could even move Astrid vanished and he was forced to his knees from a devastating punch. He was then kicked and was soaring towards the flames. Sasuke flipping growled and dashed toward Astrid, but ended up catching a kunai in his kidney, literally. He screamed, and tried to remove the kunai. He was then kicked directly in the dick making him scream in a very high pitch and almost every male flinch. Astrid then slammed a fist into his stomach, making him cough up blood. He was then backhanded hard. He bouncing several times got up and growled. He quickly activated his sharingan and said "It's over for you now dobe. I'm gonna rape you then I'll kill you slowly."

He then charged towards her and wasn't expecting to fly right through her. He was then brought to his knees. He looking to his left and right gained wide eyes as a Astrid clone quickly made him stay on his knees with his arms spread. Astrid then came barreling towards him, jumped slightly and landed a missile dropkick to his chest. Sasuke screamed as it felt like his chest just exploded. He was then kicked clean across the field rolling dangerously to the flames. He struggling to his feet was holding his still screaming chest. He glaring up at Astrid quickly did the seals for the Chidori. He having it in his hands said "I'm gonna kill you now dobe!"

He then dashed towards Astrid with the Chidori and slammed it into Astrid, who gasped and said "Oh no my only weakness."

She then dispelled in a poof of smoke and he was punched in the face breaking his nose. Astrid standing in front of Sasuke said "Idiot I'm wearing armor that was made from a dragon."

She then head butting him watched as he stumbled back holding his broken nose. She gaining an evil smirk on her face asked "Do you wanna see a true lighting attack?"

Sasuke sneering said "Whatever dobe."

She chuckling with a dark glee said "I'll take that as a yes."

She lifting up her right hand sent a huge surge of chakra into the sky. Everyone except for Rachael wondered why she had done that. Suddenly the sky above Hell darkened. No rain fell, but it darkened. Astrid chuckling vanished once again and Sasuke screamed as he stabbed in the middle of both of his hands, both of his feet, both sides of his neck, and something metallic was shoved into his stomach. Astrid appearing with a dark and slightly demonic look in her eyes said "Touch the place were I stabbed you Uchiha."

Sasuke narrowing his eyes doing so and gained wide eyes feeling a metal bar sticking out of his neck. He quickly ripping off of his shirt gained wide eyes spotting the huge chunk of metal sticking out of his stomach. He lifting his hands up could see the metal in each of his hands and looking down could see the metal rods sticking out of his feet. Astrid then vanished again and Sasuke's mouth was forced open and held so by several vines. Astrid appearing in front of him with a large bottle of something that looked like metal, poured the contents down Sasuke's throat and forced him to swallow. She laughing walked several feet away from Sasuke and clapped her hands together. She glowing with a demonic aura and having an insane smile on her face said "Get ready to die bastard."

She then screamed and said "Black Lightning style; Onslaught of the Princess of Demons Jutsu!"

Everyone gained wide eyes when from the sky thousands of lightning bolts came screaming from the sky heading directly for Sasuke. The attack landed and Sasuke Uchiha's screams could be heard around the entire world. Hell they were so loud they could be heard in the afterlife. It also made a blinding light strike the stadium and Konoha. When the light died down Orochimaru tentatively opened his eyes and literally shit several bricks. He was quickly followed by the civilian council, the elders, Kakashi, Genma, Shikamaru, Kiba, Kankuro, Kin, hell basically everyone, except for Rachael, Isabella and Aurora, though two of those three were shell shocked. Where once Sasuke Uchiha stood, a 20 foot deep black crater could be seen, and it was still smoking. Sarutobi spoke for everyone when he asked "Holy motherfucking son a bitch. What in the nine circles of fucking hell was that shit?"

Astrid giggling said "I wiped his ass out from all of existence and the plague known as Sasuke Uchiha shall never rear it's ugly head again."

Shino and Kin hearing this quickly said "I quit."

Genma hearing this didn't really the blame the two, as he would quit if he had just seen something like that. Gaara actually trembling in fear said "Not only is mother afraid, but I am too."

Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon with stars in their eyes said "Onee-chan/Boss is awesome."

Iruka could only nod and pray to Kami that Astrid never taught either of the three kids that jutsu.