There are times when the National Espionage, Rescue and Defense Society seems more like the Avengers Initiative than anything else. Still, NERDS is a society of spies, and Ruby Peet could very well be the best spy of all.

She proves it - tries to anyway - one rainy day in September at the local cemetery. She's there for a funeral, one of her relatives hasn't met and doesn't know. She sneaks away as soon as possible, walking calmly through the graves.

Then she sees him.

It's Jackson Jones, the worst bully at their school. The one with the bad teeth - seriously, it was only a matter of time before he got braces - and all the hair gel. He's talking to a tombstone, and it takes Ruby a moment to realize who the dead person is.

She listens to the conversation.

Then he sees her.

He's over in a flash, one hand on her shoulder, the other curled into a fist. "If you tell anyone, you're dead."

Ruby looks into his tear-filled eyes and mimes zipping her lips.